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Our obituary this day contains a notice of the demise of Pryse Pryse, Esq., Gogerddan, member in the Com- mons House of Parliament, for the United Boroughs of Cardigan, Aberystwith, Lampeter, and Adpar. To say that the deceased gentleman was universally beloved and lamented, would be to use the tamest common-place language of the day fur if to live honestly, with strict integrity, with undeviating straight-forwardness and fearless independence,—to be at once a good father, a kind neighbour, an excellent landlord, a courteous and affable philar.truphist, and a sturdy stickler for the liberty of his fellow countrymen; could earn the love and esteem of his friends, the admiration of his neighbours and constituents, and the approbation of his God, then has the lamented Mr. Pryse Pryse wreathed for himself a coronal more lasting than any of earthly form or mould. He was for 30 years the representative of the Cardigan Boroughs, and during that period, undeviatingly advo- cated Liberal principles-the principles ol Progress. On all the great questions of Reform during the last quarter of a century, Mr. Pryse was ever found voting on the popular side, and his unswerving integrity and uprightness of principles, if it could not gain the sym- pathy and esteem of h,s political opponents, at least bespoke their earnest admiration in favour of his honesty and ardour. The void occasioned by the loss of such a man, will not speedily be filled. The social and :political circle have alike been broken. The question then protrudes itself;—How can re- paration best be effected? We reply by the appoint- ment of a fitting successor to the Parliamentary honours of Mr. Pryse. His eldest son has declined competing for the vacant post, and rumour has already become busy with the names of many probable candi- dates. Doubtless there will be several gentlemen ready to call for the most sweet voices" of the electors, and it will bespeak a nice discrimination on the part of the latter in deciding on their choice. We are given to understand that the general feeling at Aberystwyth is in favour of that true patriot Mr. William Williams, late M P. for Coventry, and we be- lieve the electors would confer more honor on them- selves than on that gentleman if they selected him as their representative. Other gentlemen, including Mr. W. H.Lewis, of Clynfiew, and Mr. Miles Harford, of Bristol, who was defeated by Mr Pryse, at the last contested election, have also been spoken of as can- didates in the Conservative interest. Time alone can banish rumour by substituting fact, and before our next impression, doubtless substantial candidates will have presented themselves.