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CARDIGANSHIRE. I A meeting of the Commissioners under the Aberyst- wyth Improvement Act took place at the Town-Hall, on Tuesday last, John Evans, Esq., Mayor, in the Chair. Amongst the Commissioners present, we ob- served Thomas Jones, Esq., (late Mayor) Capt. W Powell, R. O. Powell, Esq., Edward Locke, Esq., Ed. Evans, Esq., Pierce Evans, Esq., collector of customs, John Teale, Esq., Capt. Richard Watkins. In the course of the meeting the chairman read a letter which had been forwarded to him through the medium of Mr. Marshall, Belle Vue, on the subject of establishing a Steam Packet, at Aberystwyth. As the subject is of great importance to the town and neighbourhood, we shall offer no apology for publishing the letter ver- batim, premising that it is dated at Rhyl, North Wales, April 5, 1843. I shall have a steamer to spare after the 20th of this month, for which I shall want to find a station or a charter. Do you think Aberystwyth will pay a steamer to and from Liverpool once or twice a week during the summer months, with goods and passengers. I am dis- posed to try it, provided you give me a favorable opinion. Understand me—the station cannot pay unless the vessel is tolerably certain of a full cargo both ways at fair and reasonable rates of freights. I should think the Drapers and Grocers of Aberystwyth, and that district, would be greatly benefited and glad to fill a steamer, as their pre- sent mode of communication must be slow and expensive. But the first thing to ascertain is whether there is suf- ficient trade and intercourse to support a steamer, and next whether the people will throw the trade into the hands of Steam Boat towners and cordially support it. If they are wise they will do so, for judging of the results of steam communication to other places there is no doubt it will make the place—perhaps double it-in short it must benefit property and all connected with the neighbourhood even though it may not pay the steam boat. Signed. J. TARLUTON." The reading of the above letter by his worship the Mayor was attended to by the meeting with marked attention and the further consideration of it was post- poned until the next meeting. CILGERRAN.—We understand that this romantic lit- tle village has long felt the want of a good comfortable Inn; families visiting the ruins of its ancient castle, having enjoyed by an aquatic excursion some of the finest scenery in the world along the banks of the Tivy, have been obliged to return without having the least refreshment. The want of accommodation also has no doubt prevented the tourist and the angler from staying in the neighbourhood as long as they could wish how- ever, we are now happy to direct the attention of our readers to our advertising columns with the hope that the Red Lion will meet that patronage and support which the landlady is so well entitled to. We can speak from exnerience that, tl,, Tnn i" 1't1" fnrnisWI tho DEATH OF MAJOR EVANS. "e lamcnt to learn that Major Evans, of Ilighmead, ,o iiorc. The deceased geatlcman was estimable in all the relations of life, but looking only to the political position he held in the county (which is more particularly our province) we feel all the sorrow incident to the loss of a firm, unflinching and consistent friend to those prin- ciples of civil and religious liberty of which we ourselves are the humble advocates. We have received no authenticated details of Major Evans's lamented demise and therefore refrain from doing more than to offer this poor tribute to the memory of a man whom we believe to have deserved well of his country, as having stood in the foremost ranks of the Liberals in this locality. The Aberystwith Turnpike Tolls were let last Monday without that publicity, which as it seems to us it is usual and proper to give previous to an auction. In our next number this "little" matter may be noticed. A clerical meeting of the upper district of Cardigan- shire, took place at St. Michael's Church, Aberystwyth, on Wednesday last. We have never witnessed a meeting of this nature better attended-the church being crowded both morning and evening.




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