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CARDIGAN SillItE. MR. PRYSE PRYSE AND TIIE BALLOT. Since our allusion last week to the rather rare circum- stances connected with Mr. Pryse's accession to the ranks of real electoral reform, we have received the following remarks upon the subject, FROM A CORRESPONDENT. Mr. Prvse, the member for the Cardiganshire Boroughs 1 told his constituents at Aberystwith, at the close of 1, st election, I have never,yet voted for the Ballot, but I have seen so much coercion and intimidation practised at this contest, that I have determined, that should the question come before parliament, ,vhile I have the honour of being your representative, I shall certainly vote for it." (Tremendous applause.) That question hrts come lwfore parliament, and Mr. Pryse has voted for it. He did it, we understand, at considerable personal inconvenience; but he has done it, and his Cardiganshire constituents must be satisfied that he has redeemed :iis pledge. This is the more honourable on the part of M r. Pryse, because it is entirely voluntarily; he was never asked to do it. He is in parliament wholly untrammelled and unpledged his principles are so thoroughly known and confided in, that during the quarter of a century that lie has repre- sented the Cardiganshire boroughs, no one of his consti- tuents ever asked him, why did you do this, or why don't you do that ? The accession of such a man as Mr. Pryse to the ballot, is an event in every point of view to be re- joiced at; he is thoroughly independent; he is no trailing politician; he is no hanke: er after place he does not go to parliament for what lie can get; and therefore we must believe, that in voting for the first time for the bal- lot, it is the slow, but purely unbiassed and disinterested result of his sure conviction. In another respect, his accession is not less valuable. One of the great objections against the ballot is, that it will destroy local influence. Now is it creditable that a man of Mr. Pryse's extensive property, and still more extensive influence, would vote for the Ballot it it had any tendency to destroy a single particle of the fair and legitimate influence that he now exercises oil a good landlord, a kind neighbour, and a fast and unlfinching friend; -No! tio It is the hard and grinding landiorù-it is the proud and tyrannical neighbour—it is the hollow faithless friend that has to dread the Ballot Box, and well he may, and well be ought. I r. r ryse has no occasion to advocate for his own se- curity, Ballot or no Ballot, his seat is safe but that his constituents are not safe without the Ballot, appears from 1 the intimidation and coercion practised by the Tories at I thp fisf election. To rrpro^enfalive^ Tirh as Mr. Pry~r\ 1 the can do no harm, while i.' must do good to an honest voter by shielding him Voin the consequences of I giving a conscientious vote. For instan -c -if the Ballot had been in praclIse Juril, the last election, Mr. Pryse would have been equally returned, only by a larger ma- jority but it would not then have happened that some of his constituents have been turned out of their farm-—not because they themselves voted foi him, but because their brothers (!) did!! Last Monday the Rose and Ellen, a schooner built at Cardigan, bv Mr. John Jones, was launched. A dinner at the Angel was given on the occasion. Thos. George, Esq., Solicitor, was chairman, and the Rev. D. Davies, vice. MR. WALLACE'S RF.SOLUTIONS LAST WEEK.—Mr. Pryse was in the minority of 49 who voted in support of these resolutions. Only eight Liberals voted in the ma- jority 01 17.J., the rest were the Tory officials and hacks. THE INCOME TAx.-At a meeting held at the Town- hall, Aberystwith, on Saturday last, Pryse Pryse, Esq., ot Lodge Park, in the Chair, the following gentlemen were appointed commissioners, under the new Income- ?? -?'?—<w/Mt.??<< /?r ?Mc/t/ — H Mildred eneu'r Glyn.— I'rvse Pryse, of Lodge Park, William W. D. Williams, of Cwm- cynvelm, n. W. Parry, of Llydiade, It. n. Powell, Aber- ystwith Matt. D ivies, of Tanybwlch, Thomas 0. Mor- gan, of Aberystwith, Esquires.—Commissioners to supply] rayaitetrit.-— W. G. Gilberston, of Cefeiiwvii, Gei)r.,ze, tnes, of (;I Jc)llli P. Pryse, of Gogerddan, J. M, D?ivi", 01 l?t. -e,i D. D?vies. of Cri,ie,ick Richardcs. P?r?t.u?.Juttn T. Morgan, of Tviillidiarr, hsq?nr? —?'oMtwi?to/tf? for (i'<'n?r<? ?K??.?.—Mut)- dredot liar.—<i W. Parry, ot Llidiade, J. B. LI. P)-i).?ps. ,S' :Davies, of Tanybwlch, John Hughes, ..tAUtt?yd Le?ts M?rrice.ot'Abc.'iioi?Y". Atban L?vi.s Gwynne, Monachdy, Iv,quires the Rev. J. W. Morris, ?' ?'?"?'?'?'?'??'?M to supply vacancies.— Alba" I homa.s Davies, of Tvlvn, W. E. Richardes, of Hrvnre.thm. F. D. Sntnd?-s. of l'vmawr, James ))?K-s, of rocsrhyd?.dcd. !?w,s pt,?,? ofPenuch. Evan M?r?tu, of Perthygwenen, Esquires; and the t?v. Lewis Ev.lns, 1.. I I. I, I I' oi ,,1,11101.,u.gei..Mr. h. It Koberts, of- the fiz-jik of Messrs. Hughes and Roberts', solicitors, was appointed clerk ot* the commissioners, for both Hundreds; and a meeting will t ik,, place at Aberystwith, 011 the 23d of August, and at Llaniiar, oil the 24th of, August next, to enable the commissioners and assessors to qualify under the Act. very fine middle 1 "Mophradite," ot 180 tons burthen, named the "Catherine Hodges," was launched on Saturday last, from the si IP- W IY of I essrs. Roberts and SOli, builders. and the pro. perty of Rees L^v.is and Co. She is built of the best materials, standing A. I., 12 years, built uiiderilie inspec- tion of Lloyd's agent, and will be commanded Ly Ni r. Rees Lewis. Also on th evening of the 11th instant, a tine clipper schooner, named Jat.e àlld oIJliÚ7f," of 120 tons burthen, was launched from the adjoining slipway of M essrs. Koberts and Son, builders—she is the property of tlw Messrs. Roberts, Thomas and Co., apd built under the immediate inspection of Lloyd's agent, and will be commanded by Captain Thomas," late of the Friends." of this port. The above vessels were launched with their masts, yards, and rigging all standing. The evening being very tiflP, a large number of the visitors were pre1 sent. The" Jane and Ifi.,ry" had the honour of being named by Augustin, second son of Col. Durant, of Ton-r Castle, Shropshire, all the family being present, and s eming highly to enjoy the pleasure ofth launch. CORONER'S INQUEST.-—A Coroner's Inquest, on the bodv of John Evans, a miner, aged 21-, was held 011 Fri- day last, before Dr. Richard W Uiiams, at Darren-fach, a %'V"Iliaiiis ?' lie evik i eiice, it al)- few miles from Aoerysuvith. From the evidence, it ap- peared that the deceased, on the Tuesday preceding the inquest, whilst working at the Darren Mines, fell down in all underground shalt, of 9 fathoms, perpendicular height, and received considerable injury. Mr. Evans, the surgeon, was immediately fetched and rendered the poor man every needful assistance, but he lingered till ''e"t day, %vite,i he died. The evidence before the jury was to the above effect; and it appearing quite evident that the death was occasioned solely by the ibove acci- dent, the jury, under the direction of the coroner, re- turned a verdict of" Accidental Death. A few days since, a crab was caught near the Allwen, Aberystwith, of the enormous weight of ciyhl pounds. 1 he claws arc of the size ot a child's arm. The cistern recen'ty ordered to be constricted on the Penglaise property, with all its apparatus of pipes, being now complete, Aberystwith was on Tuesday last supplied with water from that source. The water is excellent. No recent measure of the Commissioners under the Im- provement Act, has given so niuch satisfaction as this last; as the town, by the two cisterns, will have an abundant supply of the purest water, which no leiigi.li of dry weather can materially effect.



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