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COtXTRY ic w 44 A brutal murder was committed on Friday evening* in a street called Blue-gate-fields, High-street, Shadwell, by two women named Mary Long, and Hannah Covington, on a gentleman aged sixty, named Thomas Briggs. The mother of Long had been a tenant of the deceased, who, a few months ago, distrained upon her for rent, after she had removed from his house. The daughter had frequently declared she would be revenged, and oil Friday evening the and Covington attacked him. when leaving the house of one of his tenants, with such ferocity that he died in a few minutes afterwards. The prisoners have been re- manded. ATTEMPT TO MURDF.R.— At Manchester, John Lovet, in the employment of Nfr. Ormrod, an ironfounder,was charged with shooting with intent to kill. As Mr. Newsham, who is a lodge-keeper in the service of Mr. Ormrod, Was going to Mr. Lawton's, in the London road, for some beer, on Monday night, he was shot by the prisoner under the left ear. Sergeant Fletcher saw Newsham lying down, and crying 0 God, I am murder- ed." He went in pursuit of the assailant, whom lie asked what could have induced him to be guilty of such conduct, and he said, Hew a two-faced and I am satisfied." A pistol, ten uaiis, and a ouantify ot powder and percus- sion caps were found in the prisoner's possession. The prisoner was remanded. The ball has been extracted, and the patient will recover. DREADFUI, MURDER AT HUDDERSFIF.LD.—On Satur- day night last, as Mr. Benjamin Whittel, jun., fancy manufacturer, of Stainland, near Halifax, was walking home from the Littleborough railway station, on his re- turn from Manchester market, he was shot dead through the head, about half-past ten o'clock, near the Barksland toll-gate, by some villain or villains, who robbed him of about 932. Suspicion has fallen on an individual with whom the unfortunate man was seen in company when passing through the toll-gate, who cannot now be found. The police, however, are on the look out. Mr. Whittel Was only recently niarried.- I-ork Courant. Fire and loss of !ife at Maiden Frewton, near Dorches- ter, on Sunday forenoon Inst. Fourteen houses were totally consumed, the dwellings of 2U families. Unfor- tunately one person perished in the flames. She was a femalt- 45 years of age, the wife of a labourer. A WFULC A L A NI IT Y.ItOT If ERHA',I, JULY 3.—An awful catastrophe which has occurred this afternoon, in the boat-yard of Mr. Chambers. A vessel was launched at about three o'clock, at4, -shocking to relate. she upset; the number underneath cannot at present be ascertained. There are about twenty got out drowned, and how many iiiore fli 2, Almighty Disposer of human events alone can tell. At the time I write this, they are carrying them past my house in almost every shape, some dead, and ulilers in a state of insensibility. Thirty-two are taken out. The vessel was launched side-way.-Anothe.r correspondent of the Stin from 'Sheffield, says:—" I have juKt time to write you to state that a dreadful accident occurred this afternoon at Rotherham, near Sheffield. In launchiug a new boat from the stocks with upwards of 1*0 people on board, she fell over, and went kc-el up, forcing the whole into the water. Upwards of ;'0 bodies have already been taken out, and at the time I write the seven o'clock train is just in, and from the most authentic source I learn that they were fishing up bodies at the rate of one every three or four minutes. Rotherh am is a market town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, about six miles north-east ot'Sheffield." MURDER.—At Wetlev YiOttr, near Wolverhampton, a tnurcit-r ha" been committed. The victim wa- a poor man, .upwards of 60 years of age, of the name of William Hewitt, His body was discovered oil Sunday moraine week in a stone-pit on the moor, about :200 yards from the road.,ide, There were several severe wounds upon different parts of the head, evidently inflicted with some Munt instrument, from which a quantity of blood had flowed. ELECTION- RIOT AT LIVERPOOL AND FIVE PERSONS SHOT,- We regret to state that at Liverpool, after the nomination hml concluded, a desperate party fight took place, and attacks were made upon houses, inns. tkc. A UH)[) attacked the house of a Mr Casement, broke his windows amt seriously injuied his daughter with a brick bat. Upon this he fired two pistols loaded with slugs into the crowd and severely wounded four men and one woman. Mr. Casement was taken ioto custody to await the result. MURDER AT KN-AI;Lr.RBoRourH.-On Sat,irclfty ,-eek, Mr. Joseph Cocker, landlord of the White Hart public- house. was murdered by some personi who used the house; John Burlinson, Henry Nutter, and Charles Gill, who robbed his house of a quantity of silver. At first the murderers fled from the town, but returned again, and were directly taken prisoners when they confessed the fact and the manner of their crime. At an inquest since held, a verdict of" Wiiful Murder" was found against Burlinson as principal, and Nutter and Gill as accessories. DARING ATTEMPT AT MURDER AND HIGHWAY ROBBERY.—A young pian named Benjamin Nicholls, servant to Mr. Brittain, grocer, of Newport, Shropshire, was proceeding on horseback to the Donington-wood Iron- works. on Saturday morning week, with 15t. in copper, and in silver. for the purpose of paying the workmen's wftires, when he was waylaid oy a farmer servant of Mr. lirittawi, named Thomas Simms, who attempted to murder the young man by striking him on the head with n ham- mer. Nicholls was struck senseless, and the saddle bags, in which was the money, fell to the ground, but the horse "frightened by the attack and released from the heavy "weight of corn. bounded forward, and carried the intented victim out of the reach of his assailant. On recovering his cnoseiousuess he gave au alarm, and Simms was soon afterwards apprehended, as well as his wife, who, strange to say, was lurking close to the spot, at the time of the at- tack, for the purpose, no doubt, of assisting in the removal of the proceeds of his villiany. The money was found concealed in a drain, and Simms and his wife have been committed to Shrewsbury gaol for trial at the assizes. in in ■■■ mil, ———


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