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CARDIGANSHIRE: I CARDIGAN.—On Monday last Cardigan was honoured "With one of the most splendid processions that ever pa- raded its streets: it was the public entry of Pryse Pryse, ?sq. the worthy representative of that and its contribu- tory boroughs, into the town; and notwithstanding Mr. Pryse arrived on the Friday evening previously at rather *1, ? ate hour, yet when his arrival was announced by ,i °J;St- Mary's ringing merry peals, a band of inusic, and l?ll-,?r,,Is of the inhabitants paraded the conii"S wit-'1 loud huzzas the presence of their S i r f V-\ w old, faIthful, nd tried friend once more amongst them; Sunday intervened, yet the public Ming towards Mr. Pryse, did not in the least abate or diminish, for early on Sunday morning, the town appeared full of bustle and actnity colours were seen Hying from the mast-heads of the vessels in the harbour, and banners and flags were seen preparing to join the procession, which, by 9 o'clock, had been formed, and proceeded as far as Rhyd-y-tuwch Turnpike Gate, where it was met by Mr. Pryse on his wry from Coedmore. After giving him and his friends several hearty cheers, which made the welkin ring again, t'.e procession returned to town. When the procession had reached the cross, the cheering became "loud and long," and such was the density of the throng, that it was a long time before they turned down St. Mary-street, and after reaching the Angel Hotel, the whole street appeared a living mass of people, whom .Mr. Pryse briefly addressed from the window of the spacious and splendid long room of that Hotel. ABEK>'ST>VITII. — ELECTION FOR THE CARDIGAN- SHIRE BOROL'^HS.—Matters are coming to a crisis. The polling it is s'ud will take plaeejiere on Monday, and the nomination, to-morrow at Cardigan. Mr. Pryse's canvass ic getting on i^PStsuccessfully. The whole town is in astate of enthusiab.it 111 favour of our old neighbour. 'The one paramount, overwhelming feeling is the injustice -ofturning out along tried representative to make room ior a thorough stranger. This is intelligible to all -capacities. However iiicapab; of fathoming the meaning of political creeds, the bushiest intellect can venture the question" Will you turn c-?t Mr. "ryse> °j  7 'jer.dùan, to make room for a thoro?e", stranger. This is the question constantly out to the (^, ect|ors,. the answer is every wh ere a Joud indignant "??. e .rejoice at it fur the honour of our national character". ARRIVALS AT THE GOGERDDAN ARMS HCTTJL, ABFRYSTWITu.Pryse Pryse, Esq., M.P., Mr. and M.L. Theodore Movlliet. Air. end Mrs. Wheeler and family, Mr. :and Mrs. Ashwaod, Mr. li. O. Jenkins, Mr. Howells, Mr. I I1. Derry, Mr. Pitt, Mr. and Mrs. R. Norton, Mrs. .Jeremy, Miss Daniel, Mrs. Scott, Miss Baskerville and party, Mr. Davies, Mr. Henry Hamilton Cafe, Mr. Gill, Mr. Thomas Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Pugk, ABERYSTWITH INFIRMARY, JUXE on .the books, 38 in-door patients, 8 out-door patients, 30. j JPhvsician, Dr. Richard Williams; Surgeon, J- R. Fhilipps; ^visitor, J. Miller, Esq.



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