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ASSOCIATION. ENGLAND V. SCOTLAND. At Celtic Park, Glasgow, tbere was played the twenty-ninth, annual contest under Association rul between representative teams of England and Scotland. Fortunately, the conditions which prevailed were.all in favotU of a satisfactory decision of the game. The weather, if not particularly bright, was fine, while the north-east breeze came practically o. the ground, but was not particularly strong. The titit? ?f the turf, t?. looked U) I trth;fdee' c is of all grounds the best adapted for tho accommo- dation of a large crowd, and its capacity wae tested to the utmost on this occasion. From noon, although the kick-off was not to take phuie until half-past three, thousands poured through the gates, until by three o'clock there were probably, 50,000 people present. The number may have boen far greater. In order to relieve the tedlum of waiting, a braes band and a set of pipers perfonued at int()rn1J. ?v?ile when those were not active the company amused themselves by singing patriotic songs, while finally came "God Save the Qun," the whole vast assemblage rising and joining. A doubt had been expressed a- to Ncedharu and Crabtree being able to play for England, but they hath reported themselves fit, the teams thus taking the field a originally chossn. Great pleasure was evinced at the announce- ment that Lord Roseberj an old jiatron of the Sc"tti:h Football Association, wowd r ttend the match. Not only "as the pavilion decked in primrose and pink, but as a compli- ment. to him it was decided that the Scots team should also WOlr his colours, as we believe tbey did in the international against England in 188!. Shortly before half-past three loud cheering announced the arrival of Lord Rcse- bery, th ex-Premier being mot. warmly greeted with "He's a jolly good fellow" from the crowd, while the bond followed with "Scots wha hae." The next minute the Scotsmen '11 their primrose and pink hoops were led into tlbe field by Robertson, G. 0, Smith with the Englishmen in white soon foil lowing. Smith won the toss, and pl-.yed with the wind slightly in h8 favour. Scotland kicked off. For a few seconds play was in the centre, then Campbell worked down,' but A. Smith tailed to take his pass. However,' frmu a throw in the ball was given to M'Cotl and within the first minute the Scottish centre with a hard shot placed out of Robinson's reach, and scored for Scot.1a.nd. 8,thnd continued to press. Bell centreing well, but Crabtree headed back, and then Rr\i9be\ lwt in. Still play went in favour of Scotland, and' following further pressure. Walker worked through, and Robinson running out Bell dashed in and easily put the bal! in the let, scoring the seconel point for Scotland. In this work Oakley was d:tma.1. ,n:d thc game waR stopped for five minutes, bnt, luckily, the English back was "b.. tf) resume. A. Smith next centred, but Walker missed his kick, but the ball was shot over at last. The Englishmen worked dewn, and G. O. Smith made Rennie give away a corner, but the pressure on the Scot-tif-h goal was soon clwired. Tho crowd broke in but were driven hnck. England did betteT after this. hut. Chadwick kicked over the next, minute. Robinson saved a splendid shot from M'(' -11. Tiie English for- wards did not- get together, but Nectiham played up gallantly, and from one grnnd C>"lJtrc by Plant the &-ott-ish goal wa in great jeopardy, but A. Smith smartly cleared. M'Coll next dribbled down, passing out. to A. Smith, the latter centering to BPI I. who wa, off-side Pia., continued tremendously faM. Bloomer forcing a corner, but Chadwick kicked over. Ha-lf an hour from the start thp Spottish left worked down. and M'Coll "lored a third goal wit,h a strong shot. The Scottish halves wortad splendidly, and completely broke up any combination ny England, but af, last Athergmith dribbled down, and, Dnimmond only half clearing, Hlocmer rushed up and scored for Engbuid, Rennie having no chance to save. Soon after- ward-, Scotland were dangerous, when off-side saved England. The home side maintained the upper hand until just before the interval. England f.?"ld an unproductive comer, and then rcc¡¡, receiving from E??' ?<tr? Got- land's fourth goal r: m close in On resuming Robinson saved from M'Coll and Belt, in turn, in the first two minutes. All round the g'-ound the crowd had broken in but they kept, outside the cinder path, flome1. yards from the toTjch-Iines. Wi/son and Need- ham forced corners for Euglaud, but nothing came of them. F n P, I c c o r e. G, ?,1,, Scotland .?'?;?'? Earland .I. ?ll I j PONTAEDAWE V. BARRY UNIONISTS This return match was played in wet weather at Pontardawe, before a small atten- danoe. Barry won the toss, and kicked off ?ithth. -i-d and slant in their favour. The j open'ng stages of the game were fast but ■ painfully ragged. Barry had several chances to BCQre, but the hom«ter? drove them off. Once the Barry forwards looked like ?ring, till th,? left winger I- out t ?. wide, and .tl?d the opportunity. The fault of both -id.. the absence of combination. Barry were evidently the better team, and the home- sters at the .1_ of the first half were palpably di-t-led. H&!f.?me, no score. WMh the commencement of the second half the visitors woke up quite as much as the homesters went to pieoes, and soon after began scoring, Mitchell and King doing the needful. They seemed to have sprung suddenly into form. King added a third goal, after a bout of pretty work, from the opposite quarter of the field, and then the pace slackened down. The home team played up pluckily towards the end, and Elias, who had done well through- out, shot their only goal just before time was sounded. I Fin?MoM. Goals. Barry uui.??ist 3 rYa:.==: f HEREFORD SEXIOR CUP. EBBW VALE V. RHAYADER. J   ?w V ALF I xuib ma u n. look place at Heoretord, being conveniently mid-way between the town, Each side was stroiigly represented. Mr. Sam phreY3 was the mf?er?. TeamsEbbw Vale: Goal, Thomas; backs. WiSctgoo? an? jol?) son haif-ba<?ke, Penman, Edwards, and Olive.- • forwards. Carlisle. Ta,gg, Wright. Thompson, and IxuigiCy. Rhayader: Goal, Proeser; backs, Powell and Marston; half-backs, J. Wil- son, C. Wilson, and Franks; fomarde., Pro- theroe, C-d??, Eaet. Evacs. and Breeze. ,) =ilgPit;i oombir^ion, Ebbw Vale t?(,"taxt. Pr..?, -,?d in did tyl.. 'I "'Y '-d 'ft-" goal. A 6plendid openmg for Rb.y.d?r vrv.fi missed by Coo:le, and after t,?. (?.-M for Ebbw Vale there was an even game, Ebb" V now P-t?-7d severely, and Thompson, rWi. nUlg clean through, soared i. Eplendld style from near the hail-way line. Ebbw Vaio mainta.i.ned the pressure, -d now had the %venth corner. Carlisle put In a "rand shot, but it --t P,10?g the b,r. Half-time aeon:- Ebbw Vale. one goal; Riny"?, nil. The .?ond -If was -?,d in vig?_ style. Rhaya.der 800n forced a corner kick but the Ebbw Vale defenoe w^s sound. Thomas was next tested for tbe first time, and a minute later saved well. Rhayader were having the better of matters now, and Prothero had hard IiDe, after tricking several of hie op)xmen:ë Breezo next distinguished himself, whilst Oliver Wail prominent in defence. The Rhayadei goal naiTOwly escaped downfall, Ebbw Vale forcing two corners in quick 8uooeision. Car- l:sle was fouled within the twelve yards mark and Thomon f?red from the ensuing penaltv L?n IPY was responsible for a th4rd goal Wright putting on the finishing tonb 0-d, h.4 h? d luck in not scorin. Rha.??a er were now clearly o'1t-cl_d., and I'ro8ser mad: some lucky dC<1rancee. No furthor goals were ecored, and Ebbw Vale ran out .-icten. t' b b Final soore. Goals. Ebbw Vale I. 3 Rhayader 0 SOUTH WALES LEAGUE. i ROGERSTONE V ABERDARE. This important return match wa# played at Rcg?al?to'e in bright weather. Ihe f".t f.- ture, a" Abe,d.,?. r?e?,.Itd UI a wen for thai .i,i,? by t go. to one. The t. L- mei r; rr!S tr. "l'rd: 1\IIÎ1o:1'1 atone by t, g?ifi to nil. Great interest wa* centred in this enoounter owing to ltJ¡;erston<; being runners-up to Aberdare in the league, with the latter four point. ahead before thit -i,h and one more engagement to .-t. Th;w a ¡;'e n¿¿d 'W,f¡':h;>o I I the players entered the enciosure. Teams: — | Rogiistone- Goal. Ü, Hampton; backs, itodley, i Williams and A. James; hail-bucks, J. Hey ward J. Liitlehaies. and Pic-ken; forwards. Newton, J. Jones, JI, Hassall, W. Jones. anJ W. EYan. Aberdare: G:>al. Cook; b-k,, A. Davis and H. Jones; hull-backs, sihentcn. W. J. Jo-. and Parker; fOMards, Culdicjt, A. Jones. J. Th.a?, H. Wilhnms, and Babb. Referee, Mr. Tinn, Cardiff. j | Aberdare l?ick?d off. The opening play was [ remarkable for the rushing tacOcs displayed by the visitor*, ,h.. combination was fry good. The Roger?tone back an 'd cu?t?di?iii iitl b[8e tr<>n\j íI;'iIlg,lh wi iid. Once Caluicott nearly scored from a splendid centre. At Ungth Rogerstone started in quite their best style, and eouie beautiful work was done bv th,?ir forwards. Jimmy Jones, Eyans. ,3d Newton "r, in clínk.ng f" Cook stopped a shot from ?h? I..t- J:éd, but kcdgt 'l:,l:,t ;dnecn I upon th tllue3 in tlw course of a Cloe attack that followed. Eventually Hugh Jonez brought relief, and the other eiid was visited but Bert .T"mœ and Litdchates d, back the ilwadcrs. Evane sh,?t superbly. C? i: w- iist tipping over th, b" r. From the I .ejr:sIh:Ia '!tot ttm; 'dme1Tii ;\e h??l,. headed into the net. amid great ?cit?e- I11Pnt Half-time score:— Goals. I I Rogerstone 1 A'b?d?re. *'?'???,?.. 0 jJ Att?, the in ter"al the wind dropped con- idcra.b!y. RogerMone re-started, but Aber- dare proceeded tu force the pace in th? sa? manner thi,?y did at the opening of the first h'1f. and the Hogcr:-topc goal th scene )f many waMn ,tt??,?k-, but Hampton, th goal- hpcr, L,ltl"lnle3. g?,? a di'pl:w of d,f,?,? whkh proved too ?ound to be be:n. Ew'ntually Pc,??,, oent the bal out ti) his forwards. The riglit wing beut Archie Davies. pnd the lt'.Ik concentrated oppose tbe AbL?rdai? p??ts. Cook f,au??,-d amuse- ment b?, being mothcrH: after running t.wnt; 'rd out. b, three Rogcrstl¡n meu. C i.? h t td., the nig ?rj?,d g 1. b,?,? the cei -re half cleared, I dI.Hhf.,al;nJC:I1 J, cI;r! I were some more ex(iting incidents near the Aberdare goal, but th, (lcLnc was good, and th, Lhl-r end was ;Fit:,d. Hampton distin- guipheri himself by his splendid g > -J-keeping, and Aberdare wcre dr.ven out for th? !3,%t ti e, the "hi?.tl, th,. end:; g ?, m -t inter- I r<¡D" and stubborn game, leaving R-9?r- stone with a deserved victory. | Final score: Goals. 1 ;:t:ual 8r. unr. I I Aberdare 0 ABKRYSTWITH V. CARNARVON. Ahcr:;8twjth inet Carnarvon Ironopolis at Towyn on Saturday to re-nlay the seroi..flndl I tic for th, Welsh t?niar <?t)? AfF?'' f" I" game Aberystwith I.ft the field victors by throe goals to nil. OTHER MATCHES Denote home team District Roe", 2 goals; Rplott Junior*. 1 roal Riverside. I goals; Clare Stars, nil. j Vinoente. j goal; Coirnthian lfeconds. 1 rR^Bov~PT^oaT^eyan?' 4 ?''?''= 1tfrn Old 13,)". ? 7').)' 'Pnrth'BeM?B. 3 ?o?is? C?'omtr. 1 ¡oal" SOt''l'H A""n lIf(l\fOCTR'iHffiE AND MONMOUTH^HTRET J1 MOR CI P UE.-H.VAL ROUND. ROGHUSTUKK I:MKI:\TS V. AtJKJKJ?TOaH. iti?<*acot":t:r. the Bnn) for the Sonth W?iM and '4,.ni? uth?hirt? Jnniw f?p. t?h pl-. at theju?tcp Fj,]? B. ?n Ih",e w? largo numb?- cf 8-t:l!.oC:' Mr. J. Wn-?Hf'd.  "eted :? ref. Af.or a stiff contest Rc"gÙs'one succeeded in beating th" Crdifr team by two g',(tL to (He PRESENTATION OF CLP AND MEDALS. conclusion of the game Mr. W. Minn* presi• dj ent of the Barry I nionjit Cluh, pre- sented the captain of the victorious team with the cup and twelve medals. The game was a TRD' poor on, and WM rcm?rkab? for the number of fr<.?. Of tJi? two teams Mackinto?? wa.s the hl!f"ol "I' goal, pr.-)Tt? to be a tcwe of strength. Lc?M. the centre forward, was the best of the Rogeretone men. CARDIFF SOtfOOT.-j LEAGUE. FINAL TI". Higher Grade, 1 goal; Severn-road, nil. EXGLIEH LEAGCE. DIVISION I. Derby C?nty, two gal.; F,-rton, one Mal. Nott? Co?t. thr goals; Sunderland, or.e v, th- g,?a-c; Sunderiamd, ore Newcastle United, three goals; Notte Forest, one goal. Manchester City, one goal; Stoke, nil. Aston Villa, three goals; Preston North End. ODP goal. Blackburn Rovers, two goals; Wolverhampton Wanderers, one goal. Sheffield United, four goals; Glosop. nil. Bury, one goal; West Bromwich Albion, nil. Burnley, one poe.1; Liverpool, nil. DIVISION II. Grimsby, six goa'.s; Burton Swifts, nÙ. Bolton Wanderers, three goali; Midd,es. bor.urh. il. I Buf:'nn;;l!e, one goal; N-.?tn Heath, nil. Woolwich Arsenal, the gO:L"; New Brighton, nil. Chesterfield, three goals; Gainsborough, one goal. on,, Wals3il. one goal: nil. Sh?Bie!d WeduP5day, one goal; Luton, nil. Barnsley, one goal; Small Heath, one goal. ABERAMAN V. LLWYNTPIA A. At Llwynypia today (Monday). h,ck-off t 3.53 p.m. A: Back. D. Bowen; three-quarter backs, I. Jones. J. Mills, W. Jones, and W. James: half-backs. W. loneB and J. Davies; forwards. Charles David, J. Davtee. T. Jenkins. J. Bowen. T Parry, ,T. Ulstram, W. Isitt. D. Williams, and Dan Lewis.