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TRADE REPORTS. ¡ CARDIFF. I EXCHANGE, Tuesday. There was a jIood muster of members on Change to.(lav, but the coal market exliibited no new feature. For steam coal there was a moderate demand at last price*, and there was no ohange in the position of the house coal trade, '1'he patent fuel market was firm, and there was an average inquiry for coke. Pit- wood stocks are at present low-er than usual, and', 2, there is not a large quantity of timber expected, importers were demanding for /prompt delivery 17s 6d, an "dvalw,> of about Is a ton on the price* ruling- a wefk ago. The iron ore inark??t remained ,t(??y. and finished iron and ,«ttel prices were maintained. Current prices -Be,t ,Üoam ooall0. to 108 ód, secon<!s 9s 9d, ?nd drys 3s 9d to 9* 3d; best Monmouth- "I?i,e 8? 6d, sceonds 7s 9d to 8,, b<jst small 5s to 5s 3d, seconds 4s 3d to 4s 6d, and drys 4s per ton f.o.b.: patent fuel 108 3d to 10s 9d f.o,b.. less 2 per cent., cash 30 days; best house coal 10s 6d to lis; No. 3 Rhondda largfc 10^. brush 8f, and wlalJ 6. 6d to ós 9d: No. 2 Rhondda 7s 6.1 to 8s, through and through 6s 3d, small 4s 3d to 4s 6d; coke— special foundry 19 to 190 3d, foundry 15s to 16s, and furnace 12s to 13, per ton f.o.b.; pit. wood 17. 6d per ton ex r-hifl); iron ore-Rubio lis 9d, 'i.'afna lis 3d. and Garruoha 10s 9d to 11, per to. (-.i.f. Cardiff. The outward freight was unusually active. Orders for steam ton. ii-agl, narrk u'nrly for the Mediterranean and Egyptian ports were plentiful, and the rates pa.;d for l'ort S,id. Constantinople, and Venice advanced appreciably, the market for these directions c'o-ing ivi-i, firm, with a decided upward tendency. There was a ood demand for French and coasting tonnage, but west- ward the inquiry was weak. COAL SHIPMENTS AT CARDIFF. Compared with tho corresponding week in 1894, there v/as an increased shipment of coal at Cardiff during last week of 20.000 tons, andat Penarth 16,000 tons, while the shipment at Barry under the comparison have over 20,000 tons, SWANSEA The quotation. EXCHANGE, Tuesday. The quotations in pig iron have done l?ttle more than maintain their position during the week, and show a slight improvement, notwith. standing that the stoeks are rapidly increasing. The h0111e consumption is being, so far, fairly maintained, but with 3J sUg-ht failing off in th ¡;hipment. whieh "pill continue n the seaaon of the vear comes nearer to a close. All the works in finished iron and steel are engaged upon the execution and delivery of old contracts, but there are no fresh opera- tions to be reported, and there appears to be a lull in pressing further work. The ship- ments of tin-plates show an improvement, and are in excess of the receipts from, works. | There were several buyers in attendance to-day, but the business done is reported' to be of a limited character, as the prices offered still continue to be below any possible cost, and when the existing -contracts are completed several of the works contemplate stopping, unlew they can get something near the advance necessary to "over the increase in the prices of the rav material. Copper seems to have slightly recovered, while blok tin is weaker. The -.1 trade ,Pp?.ri to be extremely quiet, and the demand for manufacturing coal has been very much decreased. pl' Iron.—Glasgow warrants, 46, 8d, ca*H buyers; -,Igl, -N.- 3 38s, prompt, other numbers in proportion; hematite war- rants, 4-7s 7 £ d, for mixed numbers, f.o.b. Cum. ?d.1, to brand; Aliidl??,b.-gh hematite, 4? 8d. WeMt Bars, B5 10s to 95 12. 6d; angles, &c., at usual extras, f.o.t. at works. "Ieet iron.— £ 6 10s to £ 6 15s f.o.t. at works. St-I Rails.—Heavy sections, £4- 10s to £4 158; light ditto, £ 4* 15s to B5 10s, f.0.t.; sleeperš, angles, channels, &c.? according to section and specification. Steel ;r6 10,? to  Steel sheets, £ 6 10s to £ 6 15. with the u8ual extras for the higher gauges. Bessemer Steel.—Tin-plate bars, £ 4 58 to £ 4 10s. Sremena Tin.p?te B?rs—B?t, jE4 7a 6d to £ 4 12- 6d-.11 deli,?d in the di.trit, net cash. Tin-plates.—Makers' quotations for Bessemer steel coke, 10s to 1û-< 3d; Siemens (coke finish), 10s 3d to 10, 6d; ternes. per double box. 28 by 20 C, 19< 3d. 198 9d, to 22s 6d: best char- coal, 13s to H8 d, according to finisji of brand; wasters. 6d to Is per box le*s than primes. Odd sizes, usual extras. All delivered in Prince of Wales Dock, SW3Jlseo:, cash, less 3 and 1 per cent. Copper.—Chili bars, £43 8" 9d to 243 10s. Block tin, £64 2.. 6d to £ 64 5s. Smlter, ti4 17s 6d to L15, per telegram received on t'hange. Lead.—English, Ell 15s to £12; Spanish. £11 12.< bel to Bll 15s. Anthracite CoaL-Best big- vein, selected for malting purposes, lis to 12s; second quality ditto, 10s to 10s 6d; ordinary large, according to quality and selection, 8s 9d to 9. 6d; small rubbly culm., per ton, 38 6d to 3. 9d—all de- livered 1.(J,b, Swansea, cash in 30 day, less 2! per cent. Steam Coal.—Large. 9. to 98 6d; second qua-lity ditto, 8, to 98; bunkers,, according to quality 7.. to 9s; small, 4s 3d to 4s 9d per ton, delivered1 to.b. Swansea, 010.1130 days, less 2* per cent.. Bituminous Coal.-No. 3 Rhondda large, 10s to 10s 3d; through ooal. 8s 3d to 8s 9d; i small, 6s 3d to 6s 6d; No. 2 Rhondda large, 8s 9d to 98 6d; through ditto. 7. to 7s 6d; sm,il ditto, 5& to 58 6d, per ton, delivered f o.b. 8?-, --?h 30 day., less 2, Per cent. i to Cït:'6des:0¥:ri,b:o 17s; furnaoe, 12s to 12o 6d, per ton, f.o. b Swar?m, m8h 30 days, le«a 2i per ClJt. Patent fue, 10s 3d to 10s M. Iron Ore.—Tafna (per Naylor, B?n. ?ii Co.), Us 7?d; Rubio, 11?? I%d to 128, ?er ton ex ship; cash 30 days. Pitwood, 18s per top into trucks, net, cash 30 days. Middleeborough, Tuesday.—There was a more active market and a better tone. The prices of plates, angles, and bars were easier, not- withstanding that moet firms are well supplied with work, but Scotch oompetition is very strong. Makers of Cleveland pig quote 38. for this year's delivery of No. 3, but merchant* will do business at 37s 9d, and buyers will give that for next month's delivery, but will pay only about 37s 7d for this month; No. 4 foundry 36s 6d, grey forge 35s 9d, and white 36s. Hematite pigs somewhat dearer, mixed -.b.- heinsr advaed to 46. 6d even by .r- d-t.. Itil. very strong .A jB?Se ??t :tt: steel ship plat. ,t-I 81 ::rl:: B4 15s, and common iron b- £ 4 17s 6d-iÙl 1686 2! per cent, and at works.