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FINANCIAL. íFWj}¡ the Pkes.s I LONDON, TUESDAY. Money continues fairly abundant, and rates relUiliU at i per ent. owr the night, or 1 per cent, over the settlement. Foitnightly loans to the Stock Kxchange were renewed at J 10 1 jfcr oeat., or rathv-r eaeier than laat \ime. I The Discount Market was rery quiet, and fir.st-cla.ss acceptances were quoted ea,y at ii to 1$ptr cent. Tin* being the first day of the uaual foi-S Di!ly member* Itave been chietty ngaged .n the ar1angen)nt of the account, but uo difficulty whatever was experienced in the carry-over, money being plentiful and rates generally light. :Market. have again been bfciong, on the ckwing of bear accounts MIU I or trier investment purchases, whilv the satisfactory prvgiess 00 far of the settlement, which 19 remarkable by tht..),b-<-noe<t{ the anxiety fvll at tho lust account, the further im- proved tone recorded on tho Paris Bourse, and titt generally more favourable impression rejrar-i affairs in rh" Kaot, have all tended to give » dist.uotiy healthier tone to the markets. The Market for Home Government Securi- ties was again good, on the continued ease in the Money Marnet and expected further large gold influxes to the Bank shortly. Conob have fUïtlur advanced l to i, o 106? for both Mo?e?- and "?Acco??t° Indi" Sccck.s :o>e £ to 1; Kispre Paper J better, o.. the improvement in Indian exchanges; Colonial Inscribed Stocks steady. The Foreign Market ntark s a general ad. vance, dive to buvizii orders from tlw Conti- nent and re.puro11a1-ie:3 here. Turkish Tribute Loan.? advanced 1 r-o 2 £ most of the Groupt! 3-16 to Bulgarians 1 to 2, Greek Fives 2, Hungarian Fours l, Portuguese and Spanish i, Egyptian XJniti.d and Pr,4 T ?" At')?i'ne Funding ?.dittol8.S6I.<fdu!?- l to Costa Rica..î, Cruguays and Iexieau Sixes i, Peru Prcfaiidi Debentures and 4 respective?' ?M) Chinese Loans 1, Silver at 114 -and Gold at 106. The Home Railway Market waa again buoyant. Great Easterns advanced 1, on the- large traffic HKrMMp of £85; Great Northern v as 2 to 1 higher, South Eastern Dofenoo 11, North Westerns 1, Caledonians a to è. North Biitish i to ¡, Brighton Deferred acid uioct other line3 i to 2. American Railways wer trong1 .in sympathy with the ;!enral improvement in other depart- ments, and were also a&siste d by Ijettev prices from New York, mojyt lines marking an advance 011 th.. day of from 4 to J. Canadian Pivcirics rose 2. but Grand Truaks were somewhat unsettled, Guaranteed and Firet Pref mark ing a rise of i and the Second Pref 4. while the Third ditto has fractionally de- cli_ ned; Mexican Rails dell, 8ccolld Pref mark- ing a fall of 1; Mexican Ccutral Bonds ro^o 2, and Buenos Ayres Great Southern and Central Argentines- 1. f 11 Ruck Shares. OttomlIs have advanced 5.16, and LniOl. of London and Natioual South Afrit;* Republic Union of Australia i lower. Miscellaneous Shares neglected. Allsopp Ordinary advanced 2; Suez Canal j lower. Mining Market good, on re-pur<?h""t>< on both home aud French account. Prices, how- ever, in some cases closed below best, on a fev, >ales. Chartered* and Barnato Bank un- < hanged on the day, he latter at 1 13-16; Rand :Mifol" after advancing :I, closed £ lower than last niht: Consolidated Goldtields Deferred ai, closed at. a fractional decline: Modderfon tein advanced 1^ to 9i East Durban f{O(:depoort i. De Beers a1Jd Jagers- fontein S. Wemmers L;»uglaagt9S i to 5i. other ri.fa ranging from 1-16 to 1: GoldtielcU Uctp quoted 8. South African Gold Trust 8, Reitfontein 4, Lady Lcch 1 13-16, Mainland Consols 2, Hannah's Baownhill b. M est Australian Conceusk>ns 1|, Geldenhnis Deep 61. Primrose frjr. Randfoivtein 2:1, Briton's rhitd 1 ♦ weaker at 1: Wealth of Nations quoted i prem., Sutherland Reefs 7s. W., Guelph 5s. bd.. Kl,rkid(,p 14rl, 6u., I isbon Berlyu 6s. 6,1., Balkw Land 7s. 3d. Fifty-six thousand pounds in coin was pur- chased by the Bank to-day. In the Silver Market a moderate business has been done in bar. al 30Jd. per ounce, again øhowi: no change. Indian exchanges firmer, at Is. 1 23.3?.d" Hon Koriif 2s. 2!d,. diwJ fow' months 2s. 2fl., N.M)R)tai 3" Old" ditto four months 3,. O?d? lokohanva four month, '2s. 2.1ed. On Ciiange long bill. on Franco were in good demand, the rat., Inoying 1Ig-ainsil this wVn.try; Italian currwiey considerably re- x>\>red in value, due to thp improved apeet in .h ,? financial position, as$sfiown by their Budget; Hp.sh currvncy depreciated slightly; rouble quoted 25/j—J. l'1te trold promium at Buenos Ayres ):a3 oei'Uner from 233v30 per cent, to 232 per (.-at. Rio exchange higher at 9àd, The Paris Bourse has been firm. South A f,1,:1 Lsues higher. Exchange on London weaker at 25f. 22. pri- ?N discount qnoted 1; per cent. in Boti?? c¡ut; ?' ?e pr; Vienna weak. The ditMtors of the ?n<?an and General In'l \'eshnnt T,.6t have 1,,I.d an interim ùivi. dend at t'w rate of 5 per ?e,?. JWr annum on the Preferred Stock for the six months to tbt, 31st of October. The New ZM?nA Lo?n and Merc?ntUe Agency Company (Limited) hav" received the following telegram, "ri"g t.-d.?'. date, from their Christchurch b,h ,gardi?,g the New Zealand wool ,1. whieh opened there on the 22ml inst. :—,4 Market for superior greasy merino and fine greasy oross-bred is d. to 1e!, i.v*r lb higher, and coarse gr-asy crcwe-bved Id. to lid. per lb. higher than at the okxse oé 1894-95 season ir March 1-t." Grand Trunk Railway of Canada week's ior"£fl,, receip, £109 increase; Chig. Grand Trunk. JS950 increase; Detroit Grand Haven. £ 10 increase, showing a total increase of £ 1,069. Tlif trafiin recoipts of th* Suea Canal for yes- terday amounted to 350.000f.. or 190,000f. more than on tlie corresponding day last yw.


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