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j BAKKY POULTRY SHOW. I I BARRY POULTRY HOW. I FIRST ANNUAL EXHIBITION. I THE PRIZE LIST. 'Hie ftrst annual show of tiie Barry Voultry, rigvoti. and Caw Bird 8ol'idy was held on W?h!t'dayatthf?)?rkt't-haH. C'udoxton, and proved in every respect an uncompromising suittc.^s. 'i'he large hall had been admirably arranged for tlw occasion by tIJI committee and ottiivrs for the reception of exhibits, which coinpri>ed birds of the nest pos^ibk strains from all parts of the United Kingdom, tha entrit> numbering nearly 2.000, and the 8um of £ 300 was offered in prizes, covering the range uf nearly 900 awards. This was the first sltow of the kind held in the Barry dis- trid. The judges "'He 3.< follow:—Game and game bantam*. Mr. J. Lewis, Tarporley; all other varieties, M?J. W. ljudlow, "Birming- ham pigeons, the Rev. W. F. Lumley; cage birds. Mr. (' A. House, editor of "Fur ?d F(-fither," London: and table poultry. Major- general Lee, Mrs. U. 'I'. Al,?dZ,? (Bryn- eith.-n), and Mr..T. W. Ludlow. The prize list was as follows:- POULTRY-OPEN CLASSES. Clasb 1.— Modern game, blMk.red <oek, 1st. Mr C. W. iirierley, Hen'ford: 2na, Mr 0,.rge Hudson, ,eftielu; 3rd, Mr R. Drewr, 8.thp.?t; 4tl?, M?..?.? Nicholas and Kooko. Bridgwater. Nr"2'h:ri¿;,te;t Mr B. Brewer; 2.d, Mr C. W. Brierley; 3rd, Mr E. P. Hughes, J"e.tr, 4th, Mr T. ?ughoh, Neath. ZI 8s 3.-Cock, other variety, 1st and 2nd, Mr C. W. BrIerley; 3rd, Mr T. Davies, Oxon; 4th, Mr J. Weaver, Peniuth. Class 4.—Black-red ben, lot, Mr C. W. Brierley; 2nd, Mr T. H. Edwurds; 3rd, )1eBrs Harrisou and Bi???.; 4th ,MrR.Bw. o Ciass 5-lIrown.red hen lat, Mr C. W. Brierley; 2nd, Mr R. Brewer; 3rd, Mr E. P. Hughes; 4th, Mr U. M. Boud. Cl.???,-A..th,,r .,ity, go. lot, 3 rd, and p, Mr C. ?,. Brierley; 2nd, Mr B, Br??w?)r; 4th, Messrs Harrison and BIKO. cH-s 7. Cock, any -ri.ty l.t 3' C. W. Brierley 2uu, >Xessrs J. aud T. Taylor, Bamsley; J:ïl: Ú.J'&Nthd ¡fh,T;iloó: .ru;; Cluss 6.~Hen, any varietv: lst, Mr G Bosser; 2nd, Mr C. W. Brierley Jrd, Messrs J. aud T. Taylor 4th, Mr 0. M. Boud. Class 9.— Cock, old English game 1st, Mr L. P. C. AtJc" Cbeddle; 2nd, Air R de C. Peele, Ludlow 3rd, Miss JJ. Dalbt..u, Bcdditeh. Claas 10.—Hen,old Mjf!:hl:l; 1st, Mr L. P. C. -tl.y; 2nd, M?. B d. C. Pet'lo; 3rd, Mr L. P. C. Astley. Class n.-L'nk, In.Lau ^uiue: Isi, .Mr H. J'avnter, C.Ili,.gt? 2nd, Vtr w. 4",1, CoUington 3,ii. Mr ti. A Jains, Cttt-lifJ: 4,1?. M.. W. Nl,, ll,,r, Cla.-s 12.— lien, ditto: 1." 31, tt CI"r, Carditt 2i'd. Alt Br('ut JnJ. Mr C. tOnc, c'ardiif; 4th iiv Kiieii. Class 13 —Malay cc>ek Iht, ilr r. Clement Cow. hfldt{I': 'IHI.h'I' ( b.ud ¡' ,m¡rant. Kxnnuith; 3nl. \11' C. II Tucker, Cardiff; 4th, Messrs M. and U: Ilosk.us, S\viu>ea. \,1" 14. -M.iUy hen: ht, Mr T. Ganiage, Swan- sea 3rd. Messrs M. "lid (J. Iioskms. i'lass 15.—Blaek red game, bantam cock 1st amI 2nd, Mr Edwin Walton, !tlauchc.;tcr; 3rd, Lady Alingtoti, Wlmborue.. Chltó lb-Brown red g-ame bantam cock: 1st, Mr L. P. C. Asiley 2nd, Mr Kdwin Walton Jrd. Lady Alingtou. Cluss 17.—Other variety gulle bantam cook 1st and spcrial, Mr Edwin WaU-on; 2nd, 'A' B. Brewer; 3rd, Ir Edwin Walton; 4ti?, Messrs Pendie- bury iuid Wilham", Cal'dit! lot atid C'la?s 18-Bia('k.red game bantam hen: lat and 2nd" .?r Edwin W,?it,,? 3rd, Mr J. E. U?. 4t, Mr J. Davies, Aberdare (,1.\1: 19.—Brown-red galle bantam hen: let, Lady Alillgtl1l\. 2nd, 11, Kdwin Walton 3rd, r L. P. C. A?tle> 4th, Mr (i. M. Bjnd Class -Otiicr variety game bantam heu 1st and 2nd, Mr lw:li WaJtou, 3rd, Mr B. Brewer; 4tb, Mr G. M BUIUl Class 21-—Modern game bantam it ,y ?ri,ty: 1st, Mr C. B. KM kin, ?!,I, it Mr Edwin "'1tI: ;C3: \JjJI., 'II'1I,(UbOrI;.d4t' M?.. Pendlebury and \V1I1iu.0I::i. Cluss 22.—Modern game hmtam heu, any variety: h. Mr Edwin Walton; 2nd, Messrs Pendleuury aud Williams; 3rd, Mr U. M. Bond; 4th, Mr J.1?,? Evans. Cla>s 23.—PlarU or white rosecoinb Iwntam cock: 1st awl lIl), Mr Edwin Walton 3rd, Mr A. W. CotteJI, Sew Swindon 4th, Mr il lfopkl11s, Llandilo. Cla:oo 24.—Pitto ht-II: 1st antI 2nd, Mr Edwin Wal- ton; 3rd, Nir U. E. Cresswell, Hereford; 4th, Mr il. Jnnt's, N ath. Class 25 —Gold or silver Sebright banhLm cock: 1st and 2nd. Mr J. O. Preston, LH('Iter; 3?d, Mra l'earson, Norfolk; 4th, Ladv Aliugton. Claws 2ó.-lJiI.to hen: 1st, Mr J. c. Preston; 2nd, Mr J. H. Lewb. Oswestry; 3rd, Mr U. E. Moore, Greenwich; 4tb. Lady Atington. -k: I't -(I Cht 27.—Other variety bantam cock: ht and 2nd, Mr Edwin Walton; 3n1, Mr T. File, London; 4ti?, Mr H. Bodweii, Aylesburv. 4t;'la1' 'JWt¡¡i.t1eir\l' J. Burt; 2nd and 3rd, Mr 0. E. Cresswell; 4th, M,, J. W. Goddard, 29.r)0rkin, cock, any variety: let, Messrs ■Ford and Slater, Swansea: Aid, Messrs T. and J. Woodwaid: 3rd. Mr J. Hairit., Carmarthen; 4th, Mr O. 10;. Creft'dl. (,hUHI 3O.nittu lien: let, ?tffor8 T. and J. Wood- ward 2nd and 3rd, Mr 0, E. Cresswell; 4th, Mr Evan David, St. George's. Class 31.—Bulmrn cock, any variety 1st, Mrs. A. Campbell, Gloucester; 2nd, Mr J. Slmllcross; 3rd, Mr S. W. Thomas, Coekett; 4th, Mr E. W. Nell, W(". c'as^32-Ditto hen: 1st, IrR Pairett, Llwydcoed; 2nd, r S. W. Thomas; 3rd, Mre A. Campbell; 4th, Mr E. W. Nell, Wenvoe. Class 33.-Langshan 1st. Mr P. Marsh, Bed- minster 2nd, Mr J. W. C. ddard, Churchdown 3rù M C. H, HalJIUU, Four ()tk; 4,b. Mr W. ling8, Bristol. Class 34.—Langshaii hen: 1st, Mr F. C. T. (jrim„n, Barry Dock; 2-d' M' W. H. Cr?e; 3rd, Mr J. Pound; 4th, Mr 0. Buckland. Bri.lol. Clans 56.— Cochin cork, any variety: let, Ml*. 8. R. Harris; 2nd, icholaN Morgan, Al.erdarc; 3nl, IL J, 1,1,,?d; 4th, the Hev E. H. Thomp8on, Suffolk. 36 -c-Li," hen. any ""ity. l?t: Mrs. S. B. CJffrr.J t hèl.Øli1.d;jie:IW' f' ltobi-i ts, }forrboJt.on; 4th, W. Dicks, Swansea. Claw ST.—Minorca cock, any variety: 1st and 3rd, A. O. Pitts, Highbridge 2nd, Hailus Bros., Ucnlev; 4th, A. C. Braddick, Cardill. Class 38.-Miuorca ben, any variety: tot, A (;. Pittd; 2nd, W. J. Amcsbury, Bedrilinster; 3rd, Ford and Slater, Swansea; 4th, Huxtable and Jones, Swan- 39.-Fr h cock, anv variety: 1st and 3rd, S. W. Tlionias; 2ud, A. Palmer. Middlestown Class 40-— French hen, any variety let, A. I aimer; 2nrl and 3rd, S. W. Thomas. C'lasi 41.—Black Spanish cock or hen: let anti 2nd, I. Hake, Brid,waler; 3rd, Mrs. L. Hake; 4th, J. ^™ Cla 42.-0oU or ilv61' PI)angled Hamburgh cock: I., t('.rdiff; 2nd, the Rev. 8. A,hwell. Bucks; 3rd, W. H. Avery, Yardley; 4th, T. tvana, AI)erdare. A Claw 43,-G(?ld or silver spangled Hamburgh h it: ht, J. S. Field, West Bromwich; 2nd, B. Karleese, Handsivorth 3rd, W. Smith 4Ui, C. Holt, horthainj)- Tlass 44. -Gold or silver pencilled H¡1!11hurgoh rork: 1st. A. Bancroft, Keighley; 2nd, H, Fickles, Leeds; 3rd. Hid.lihough anli Smith, Earhy. Class 45.—Geld Of silver pencilled Hamburgh lien 1st. T. Lilsl1ell: 2nd, H. Hûpkuu;; jnt, Hiddihough and Smith; 4th, A. Bancrott. Class 46.—Bluck Hamburgh cock: 1st, augh Hop- kins; 2nd, J. Auckland; 3rd, the Rev. J. fl. Itees, Sussex 4th, Huntley and Pickard. Uaf-s 47.—Aildalusian rock: let, A. Rtev£>n, 2nd, F. Porter; 3rd, 1:. Hughes; 4th, Payne and Sealing, Bridgwater. Cia", 48.—Andalusian hen: 1st, 3rù, alld th, A. Sfp-vrn8: ?nd. F. Porter. Class 49.- cock: 1st, t. Walker Rowlands, 2nrl. J. Hurst; 3rd, F. Howard; 4th, (I. Davies. Class 50.—Leghorn hen: 1st, Pearson Bras; 2nd, j3rd, r D.?l?,; 4th W. J. Jenkms Clan 51,-Pt?,??uth Hock cock Ist, H. Pi,kt- 2nd, W. Stime; 3rd, K W '[,hema.; 4th, J. 6. 2, ll(1 NV* F. St?lle; 3, r,, PtCla«'82.— Plvmouth Rock hen: lt and 4th, J. 52th R.,k h,.? l?t.d 4tl,, J. naue in Tilt 3M, B-kl r., -A. Spencer: 2nd, W. R. Redhead; 3rd, R. 13,11rowiii.rlR; At ^I' 4th \4.:f; Wynrlotte hen: Ut, Mrs. W. TiU; 2n¡1. th Rev. F. Cooke; 3rd, G. S. Ne\ an, 4t!ClnssXE5.PWvandot'e cock W,C. G. B.el'; 2i«i. J. n W3"' 3rd, I". p;N.on; 4th, J. B, "t'iVss" A. B,n,.att; 3,1, 31r,. 4ti,, J. ll. itt? 2?d, M\¡e51or'PinC'b:1 c-k: IML T. and M. Wihon- Wilsrn; 2nd, C. II. Hallam; 3rd, Mrs H R. Hom- f, 4th, L. Smith. C. I" I': Class 68.—OrpiiiKton ben: 1st. H. de ('etle. 2nd, c. II. Hallam; 3rd, t? Stout; 4tb, A. J. Good- f(>' 59.-Any variety cock net mentioned: ht, Cl". 59. D. Lewi?, Caiin.irthen. R. SH 60-\nv varietv hen not mentioned: 2nd, D W. Lnvi/; 3rd, R. de C. Peele. p rrx-k: Class 61 -Modern anw and game bantam, cm k ht. L. Hake; 2, W. Undev.v; 3rd, J. Aines- burv • 4\h. W. RII-IT. Class 62 —Modem game and game bant, am, hpl1: l't, C Fl. Hallam; 2nd, L. Hake; 3rd, J. Auckland,  63°'^Modern game and ame bantam, cook: hI, J. Kitchen; 2nd, A. J. Blake; 3rd, 11. l!tck.; 1, ,t' j. 2?d. 4t¿:la t\me tmd m(» ba,ntam. bell: 1„t. SW, Thomas: 2nd, W. Br?.? 3rd, Mrs. L. Hake: 4th, Thomas C!ose ft5.—Turkevs, anv variety, cock. 1st, J. Th't ger 2nd. E. Davies: 3rd, E. hllW, n-a-9 66. -Turkeys, any variety, hen: 1st, J. I Th'nt;; r: 2f:r. E. Davies. -Mass 6?.—Onnder or 2«w: Ut. E, Shaw 2nd, H. (. It W,\kin,n: rd. E- Davies; 4th, T. Evans Class 68.—Avlesbun* duck or drake. bt, S. !> ,vu: 2nd, ,1o:<. Davies; rd, H. Piulhps; 4th, tr' OaV" bq Vekin duck or drake: 2nd, Withers and Henidge. 3rd, H. Phillip, 4th S Imnks; Class 70.—Rnnen duck or drake 1st. S. Brown; 2n-l, n. flarto.n• 3rd, J. A. J<nIÜII.; 4th, Huntley slid PIfka.1. rm,LTItY.- -CONFINED TO WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. Claw 76.-Game. cook 1st and 2nd, J. Sivell; 3rd, Ciass 7?-—Game, hen: 1st, G. Collins; 2nd, H. Thomas: 3rd. Morgan and Hopkins. 7,'ri.1,1. Wni. Lewis. CJ3RR 79-Mahv or Indian game, cork 1st, Jeffries and Morgan; 2nd, Pendlebury and William*: 3rd, D. ,V l.wis 4th, J. Kitchen. 'I.. 80.— Malav or Indian game, hen: 1.t. 'rhw. K?.? 2nd, ?.? M?e ?' 3rd, ?" W. F.y; 4lh, J. Bosser. Clø..s 81.—Wyandotte, Leghorn, or Minorca, -;ock: 1st W. Winter; 2nd, J. Thomas; 3rd, H. Yeo; 4th, W J. Jenkins. Ch 82.-WYlU\dotte. I* £ hortu or Minorca, hpn: ht, W. J. Jenkins; 2nd, J. Thomas; 3rd, S. Peters; 4th H Yro. Class 83.—Brahma, Dorking, or Cochi, n, rock, 2nd,, class 84. Dorking, or Cochin, hen: 1st, D. Robfrts; 2nd, D. Rees, V.S. 3rd, J. B. Turner; 4th. n. Bees. Class 85.—Langshan, Orpington, Plymouth Enr? I" C. H. Willi?.?? ?ndJ. 3rd F. C. Grffin: 4th, H. H. Bomfray. Caps 86 —Ungshan, Orpington, or Plymouth R.,k, t?n''? l?t, A. 2,,d, F. C. J. Bowden: 4th. W. Tavlor. (,b W1,-Ri\f\bm cook: let, R. Wimtone, Swan. sea; 2nd. W. St. Clair Williams, We18111)OO1: 3rd. F. Class 88. 2nd, F. W. Forey, Aberdare; 3rd, W. St. Clair Williams. CI." 89. -C-k. ?riety not mentioned: 2nd, D. ??:M.t;cc.Rfynm. „ C'?<!t90-H'v"'i''t'<?'??'?? Jnn«':2udMr,<.C'.H.Wi!)ir.n?:M.D.M(.r):ane; 4th. P. H. Evans. Clas« 91': -A, varietv, cook: 1st. R Elli, C.,t,?r; 2n,;I'?; Williams; 3rd'. Morgan ?.i Hopkins; 4th, T. Carter.. Ut t, J. Thomas,, ??'-A"y variey,. hfn: M. J. Th-i; ?d. F. W. Fre,. CluHb 93—Malay, Indian, 01" Olù ";ngUsh. game, ccfk: 1st, S. H. Jenkins; 2nd, It Pike; 3rd, 8, U. JeiAins; 4th, W. Bandera. Jfc;ts8 ;a::Mjy i'n?n.orOMEnLi.?h.jtMn.- ben: 1st, 8. R. Jenkins; 2.d, S. It. J?.ki,. i 3.1, W. H. Squires; 4th.HM'<eyM)fi' H?'). W(:I 9D. :Mi;lO, ¿nl,l)rr:'mdotte, ?.,k: Ut, W. Pr'ee; 2nd, Ja. Mayled; Md. W. Pr1Pc; 4th, C. C..k. t'\a 96. — Minoreas, Leghonie, or Wyandotte, hen: 1:;1, James 11 t'It"d: 2ml, Mrø Henderson; 3rd, W. Pine; 4th, J. J. Williams. Cluss 9V.-Langshan, Plymouth Bock, or Orpington, tctk: 1st, F. C. Griffin; 2nd, T. Ewbank; 3rd, 1", C, Crittin; 4th, J. Thomas. Cluss 98.—Laiigsh; Phmouth Rock, or Orpington, ).f'n'?..? F, '("' Griffin; ?)°' T. E?n? 3rd, "?. H. Ndn.es. CJu, 99.-0Iher variety, ???k: 2nd, E. W. Nell; 3rd, Harvev and IIill. "('')aM''?S'?''?'-r\t.'i9',y.hHt:tet.E.W.ien; 2nd. A. Dav!ps; 3rd. It?), Harvey. "('i?'Ml'?n.vMriety.'ock.ltt.'F.C.Grimn? 2"d. H. A Sprent.; 3?,d.e; 4th, R. A. Spicnt. Clasa 102.—Any variety, hrn: lKt, A.' Davies; 2nd, F. Griffiths; 3rd, Miss E- J. Edwards; 4th, F. C. Griffin. Chnw 103.—Gamier or oo: 1st, W. Griffin; 2nd, W. Thcmas; 3rJ, F. Allen: 4th, F. Allen. CI««s 104.—Duck or drake: 2nd, F. Allen; 3rd, J. li. Turner; 4th, F. Allen. PIGEONS.—OPEN TO ALI. ENGLAND. 195. -P,tem, pigmiE", or Norwich croppers: lt, K Petigelly; 2nd, U. N. Bül'ruwn; 3id, W. V H. 'l'húlI1w. Cluss 105.—Carriers: 1st 11m) 31x1, F. James; Zuù, L. Wurne 4th, U. Brown. 107.—Drapuis: 1st and f, Neal fir.. ud, B. L. Barni; 3rd. C. Falkner; 4th, T. Worthing. Clats 108.—Dragons: 1st, 2nd, and 4tb, C, Falkner Class 109.—Antwerps, coek: 1st, 2nd, and "1'00131 J. It Eden; 3rd, T. Crossley. Class 110.—Antwerps, hen: l?t, J. G. Eden; 2nd, J. C. Challin¡:er; 3ni, Harrison aml Biggs; 4th, C CIr.811 111.—Show homfr: let., W. S. Turner; 2nd, Butterworth 11m! Shore; 3rd, N. T. Rimer; 4th, if. N. Hairison. CIUt;p! 112 -\Vnrking homers: 1st, A. Cook; 2nd. W. Ð. Davies and gros rd, R. K. Allen; 4th, 1- Cox. Class 113.-TuRlhlero: let and two specials (second OO'4t bird in show), Allen Wilson; 2nd. J. Fawdry, jun.; 3rd, A. Thrush; 4th, H. N. Harrison. Class 114.—Black magpies: 1st, A. Stephens; 2nd, R. Evis; 3,d, Mrs. Mcwes; 4th, M.R?". Bros.; V h e, Mins M. T^xscelles C. C?,?'t.?-Vil, Penarth I 1dra A5Ø8" a:'lh\lt'h1Ift, T. U, Batt; 2mt. W. Brown; a3?? and 4b A Stfple'?l. Class 116.—Cock turhit: IHt, S, W. Daw; 3rd, G. Turner; 4tli, E. W. and C. W. Ebrall, (lass 117—Hen turbit: let, and two S|>ecia!e (best lird in show), l. W. W. Ebrall; 2nd and 4th. U. Turner; 3rd, S. W. Daw. Ciass 118.—Owls: Int and 4th, E. Hyde; 2nd, H. P. Hogwood 3rd, T. Wicks. e!It!il 119.—J.u obins. 1st. A W. Blakeley: 2nd, H. N. Harri/llnn; 3rd, W, V. H. Thomas; 4th, A. E. Class 12C-F:\l\t&\u-: 1st and speoial. J- Lee: 2nd, Cantain It. Uihl"\n: 3rd and 4th. C. E. CI'PAWfll. (,1., 121. -Archangels: 1st, Mrs. Moses; 2nd, E. and F T Wiltshire; 31'11, C1iahy and Creese; 4th, C. A. Edwards.. CIRS 1?2.-Oth,r variety, crek: hi and q»ecial, II. P. Howood; 2m!. A. A. ?.tty; 3m, A. Stephens- Ath. A R Nai*h. Class 23, -otl, viriety, hfn: Ut, A. A. Gatty; 2nd. A Arthy, 3rd, A. A. Gatty; 4th, G. R. 1 hrtley. (-la^s 124.-A??, varietv, oock or he0: 1st, W. S. T¡(;11;; 12¿;¡:it,!t'ndU1en 3tJtl Ar. E. Ne.sh; 4th, A. Arthy. ¡(' 4i.h.ritY cock or hen: 1at, F. ,I¡lmes: 2nd, A. F:,i"?; 4th, J. Bishop. Class 126,-Aov '.arietv, cock n- lteo: Int, J. and A. Ireland, 2nd, Ma. Bios.; 3rd, A E. Naish; 4th. J. Tarrett.. ClI'S. l27.Wt)rkiH homer, rock: lRt and specia,1, F. H Turner: 2nd. Heiisoi aud Collins; 3rd, J. Mshle'v; 4th, A. VauL Clffls 128.—Working homer, lien: let, G. Hill; 2nl, J. H. Nelmes; 4th, F. II. Turner. Cia." 129.-1,1. J. Dyer; 2nd, R. Earvey; 3rd, C. J. Marsh 4th, W. Cowling. Class 130 —Pai" of hom: Ut, Henson ,.d Col. lins; 2nd. J. Mabev; 4th, B. R'land. 2??,1, J. Mi,b,. looking working homer: lt, R, Govier; 2nd, H. Shires; 3ril( B. Govier; 4th, T. 2.d, H. 3r,], it. 4ti?, T. CAm; BIRDS.—OPEN TO ALL ENGLAND. Chss 133,-Yorkshire clear veilow canaries: 1st and 2nd, R. Gwyther; 3rd, A. Hurst. Class 134.—Yorkshire oltar huff canaries: 1st and 2ml, R, G vyther- 3nt, A. Hurst. Cls>8 135.—Yorkshire, ticked, marked, or vari. eated: 1st, It Gwyther; 2nd, T. L. Ca8trec ord, A. Hur«t. Class 136,-Cinamon canaries: 1st, 8. Bothenvav; 2nd. it. Gwvthrr; 3rd. K M. King. Cia., 137.—Scotch tancv canaries; 1st and 2nd, D. M'Lellan Jrd, A. Y, Kin iersle.v. Class 1 3 8.—Cr.»st- or anv variety cAnaries: let ana 2nd A Allen: 3nl, A. Hurst. Class 139.- Crested bred canaries: 1st, 3rd, and apedal, A. All,? ? 2"l' Hi'g. l?,s. 140-orwkh 'I"r li r" "t' Frederick I'l V.,tt? 2nd, T. Manstield; 3nl, I,. W. Llovd t'lass 141,— Nonvieh clear huff canane*: Jst, T. Mansfield; 2nd, Harvey and Hall; 3rd, So Bother- ft Class 142.—Norwich, ticked, mrkpd. or variegated: :1st, S. Bothecrway; 2nd, T. }[uIl5tield; 3111, «. Drc!Tss 143-—Norwich, clear, ticked, marked or ■variegated hen: 1st. 2nd, and special: 1. bn8tlelù; .3m, S. Bothemay. Class 144.—Matched pairs, canaries: 2nd, Q, Llovd; 3,1, R. 0 tllll. 2., « R. ela 145.-A.y other variety, eanarws: 2nd, R. Gwvther; 3rd, S. Botherway Class 146 (Selling).-Any breed, price not to exceed 21s. 1st and special, T. Mansfield; 2ml,. Bother- wrv; 3rd, A. Hurst. Class 147 (S?tti,,g) bued, price not to eje^ed 12, (xl: 2nd. D. it3r d1),fIW3,. Cli ss 148.—Any variety, mule: 1st and 2nd, David Davidson; jrd, h. W. 1,'0:(\ Class 149.—British !)ldfil1ch or hullfinph: 1st, Frederick Plunknett; 2nd and 3rd, James Joyner. 50. -A"Y 't" variety, small Brihh bird, not larger than ,1'rk 1st and rpecial. James Joyner; 2nd. Griffltlia and Proctor; 3rd, E. M. K"«- el.?r 151 -tlrg.Br, ti,h btrd 2 n(1 and 3rd, JTame. J, Class 152 -A.? variety, foreign birds: 1st and 3rd, Griffiths and Proctor. CAGE BIRDS-LOCAL CLASSES. C'lcss 153,—Any Yoikshire: 1st and two specials, E: F. Cann; 2nd, J. Lewis; 3rd. E. F (',I1'fl. Class 154—Anv .Ii?tY, N0rwldl: 1st. two si e<ials, and 2nd, Harvey and Hall; 3rd, Henson and C'ollin8, CIfIos 155. -Crest, or crest bred, Norw-ich: 2nd and special, Harvev f nrt Hall; 3rd, G. White. Class 156r-Mitched pair. Norwich: lstand special an 3rd. Harvev and Hall. Class 157.— Anv v&rietv, mule: 3rd, H. Hams. Class 158-Any other variety, canary: 2nd and 3rd. Harvey ond Hall. CInsfl 159.-Anv 'arietv. Bnt<sh birds: let, W. Pirehin* 2nd, W. Norriss; 3d G. White. Cl. 160-Any variety, foreign birds: 3rd, V. O. Holme*. Class 161.—Best twelve eggs, brown: lt, David Garten: 2nd, Mrs llomfrav; 3nl, W. Thomas. Chi* 162.—Best Lwelv. eggs, white: W. Thomas. At the close of a luncheon held during the day General Lee. the president, submitted the toast of "The Judges," who severally responded, Mr. House remarkine that some of the foreign he had inspected that dny were tho beat he had ever seen, and the other gentlemen stating that the general oihibits were such as to reflect credit upon the Princi- pality. Mv. House also complimented the secretary (Mr. A. H. Sims) and the committee upon the excellence of the show arrangements. —Genera] Lee urged that the county council should take up the question of poultry-keeping and establish classes for the instruction of the p.bli,Up till the close of the show the hall was visited by thousands of the public of Car- diff, Penartb, the Barry district. Ac.




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