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JW'PAIO APVF.RTISEMFST SCALE.  1T»hiis s^craiin e doe» not f\}\pi\" to l|uS,n"s V Adnrh. P??-PAin A?VFRT!SKMFXT SCALR. or to AimoiiiH-eiucnts ('manatiu from P,,blic '1 i Paiiv ami -¡" -¡,r¡; .W..ord. s () '(' \rC'c TJI\10f0'. (.tlCl' :n 7. d~ r. a. ». d. s- \-l1 î" ?"? 23 1 0 2 3 •> 0 8 ">h 1 4 30 40 10 44 1 8 3 9 5 0 6 0 iit,i ? 0 4 0 <? 10 -2- Eicbt Words. Tt,esc T of he following tPiwm"11"a !!lXitnnti<,us Wanted or O r ifÎJ;ft!if4?i,,l Apartment*. • j ??,??-?,,?tius,n<')?ti. Houses, Ar? ? -1" for  :\lft:.i'¡o, not consecutive, or if payment t publication, the ceùtt rate l-e^not TT^1' t!f m> order will b booked for less ttifliiTHKKj !-HII['^jVaiTiaires. and Heaths are Nonces of I' Ma.1TJftllE'8. :1ntl n"Aths a.rt' ('}¡arl.f'(l 2.. tíd. t'fh. ao, 0,)W„ni. 30 words. wd v oT Jah word. In all .-use. th, ti- ?' t !)?nti'c? bv the ?!n'atu? and address Tu.T t rare if taken to insert advertisements 1' 't(i.t ('Art" i tftkn to inC;Tt. :\f".f'rti\'m,'nts oA Or\),Tëi.l,1HIi we,ll as t.o wU1"(': tht.'i l¡n 1:: "4 :'i,:i t\, t ;h:,l :'f\lt:(\ 1: t1f; consequence* arising therefrom. TERMS OK SUBSCRIPTION. W?r?-<MAUt)-?'<')"?-?-?'? Evssisu Kxi->:ss £ ls• £ *} Wt rtlY Mm \I K ;:l\n:K t: All Sd,scrÙ,thHl": mURt 1* paul îu advauce. Alt ?" ?'? NUMBERS. Baek numbers of th. Jr¡;$h,,¡. Mait can be Sl\Pl,licd ilt the f011ú¥iîu); rates PEr. COry 11 less than one 10nh from date of > hI. H on*' month and loss th". two) 2d. month* If two months and Ioks tbau throe ) months pt.'DUY ètra}errolY v tal'l.1 .dhtioual And one penuy 4?xtra per copy or each ad.d.i.ti.onal. In all ca.?i?9 prepayment must be made, and an addi- tionat' h???er copy Id be remitted to cov<-r cost of po>tage. ?'a?'?optJ ?' th? Wttklu Maif and ?o A'tiM "/< M.ft;maybeh?tKtth<'mm«Mtcs. tII, I: "r F,.sto»kk'k Okhkks should be tvuiitt* ni oivfoivnee h I'll It¡,('d Stamps. "I;I" i.1IldfJ\t'lIuy) :»ro upt "I,/stlll, hut, 11 they f\rp ott. n ,«»! m; Hi" Po;.¡t. they must, it remitted. >h- tirr.' :1\ Th' :11:I'iN- risk. ("1, m< 'iii ro :hc>uld j. 4',tõr-;f',1 1t.nd 1\fu.le l':) vi r t" II TW>M VS. ANSVVKKS TO ADVERTISEMENTS. St'KClAL SOTICE TO ADVKBTISKRS.— Letters thlr1!It.d t,) Initials or Fictitious Sames. to be ulJed lOr, ure 1\v ilelivered frvll1 aU. Post-office, but are "Ht to th.' Beturned Letter Office, to 1!e inune. (l1t\tcly returned to tht senders. t?Um?AI. TESTHtONtAI.S shontd n? ver )M sent with uj'i'liofttion.v nildroNsed tl) ttw l)Il:t of this paper. IIUJ jivov' ''1' «.tnnot mulertsike uny re* ,t DMbility h"\I: vn!t;?iMe doeuments be lost! nHatnmonial. are Cautioned that IV-ftma^ters are 1'('T Allowevl to IKiiver I "tters Addiesstd hI Initials c: Ku-titiousi Nkue< at any Post-otflco. l.pt1(T:- ad. riir6>ed to Initials ur Fietitious. Names mut hear the addreM i the advertiser or one of the oftiee« (If I ht Western Mail. )htLUWII,{IU1h': 25. lately hoconie orphan by tbe death of her father, is Auxiou* tn ht:* Loii.-hne?# by )brl1aP('; ha £ ?,000 h nked.—Mift \Vatkiii9, 15. John's-place, S .iu. y- IIql.srr. 1 < r.don. ?^Jd28 If Ton are Muirie<l,orCVntemplntinp Taking this InipoVhmt Step, we wIll Send you Valuable Informa- tion which u \)\Iht. to kn-'W; catalogue and pamphlet oue t<.UJlp. Kerr. Wandsworth, London, 8W. bQ&d ClntcaL f"¡:r.d" WUlt(I priest; bilingud; £ 120.—Avldress i ,,r. i:lw V:iie. Mon. 637127 7, «e Ht:7 ¡,lit t Kequired :If d); ( xperlfneed, irivf :tor, and >peaker; une^oeptional T, it't -\nniv w S.. VU'arauv, Mitiudee. New- p n M 34^:24 H'lrbtCal. I'R"ES' ('OIÏI'I:I;\Tl0\ ANT" TImH: VOli I'UIVATH I'.H1E\'TS. 101 1'Ji'" :'1: ¡) \iE 1'I,IVl'eX. HJ:I"fIL Fullv-qnalilifd :lHd experietued Medical, Surgical. Monthly Fever Nursw. :ud Skilled Masseuses sup. r;ied for ail I' f Kn^'iaOd and Abroad.-Addr-sa I:s Ro. Superintuv^r.x f'atiouts receive! for Medical and Surgnml Treatment. Telesrranw. — Krt:fte'it, Bristol. Telephone. No. 64D. 335 A-«i>taluy Keijuired imuipdi^tcly. Visit. Oi>pen«e, Midw;frr'v: thoiou^hly experienced colliery, uniou. ventral practice: 28; full cutn.utuni: exeellent. speuk W.lsh; ab-tair.ti.— P 2, Wcfern Wail, Cardiff. 610(124 S. nCf Medical Man Requires Situatio_n as J)i«-i penser and Ho^k-kerper; indoors; i xperienced; 1* 7. Western Mail, Car- diff. b¿,id20 Soiitu Wiles Co-operation, Newport,road. hoipital Nurse> Supplied for Medkul Surgical, or Maternity Ca(,8 Telejrwiiw: UPI jnpt. Cardiff." 19r1 R'isine«.«es for Gloucestershire, H'tnrnill £ ?.C00: price about £900 CardifF. good Corner Retail nd 111'(,lIsim:: retun.s £ 700: pri'r £ 4S0. Cue, suit beginner, £ 85 ca?h. —Write R. I'ru.-t. Csr- <It! 638d26 iMustiral T'1(1fHM Wilson Gives Music and Elocution Lemons. tr:MW v. d-r-te. 12. Clive-rcud. OUlt, n. Card if?, or I ie«ideuc(>. Concerts awl }o:ntf'I"3;l1m"'nl Artei e d 727d27 i< !in (Bar«oni>, cost £ 6, ah-o ew- genuine Tubbs* H'.w ,,I £ 3 13, 10 cll Cheap.—Address O 38, ""e" Mall. C"r<!itf. 578d24 ":m». bv Krard. £1' 10s.: Another SOlI Old V ),'H('f'11(), r0s Old Violin Case, Bow, 7CV«. Ei?ht f' Sheraton f'h,,¡rs. f: ix Cvved Oak Chairs. f E:];qt 42 Hristol. 4951?3 ,écbola£)tte. TEACRRRS WANTFD. Ailvertisers arp Cautioned th3t Postmasters -¡lr;;> t'lt Allowed to Deliver V'tf1", Addressed to Initials rr Fi;tiÜou!4 Nimes at any Po^-oftee. Le'ten nd. die-ed tlJ initials (lr fldit:OU8 nanes must har the 1\'¡P' d the advettieer or oae of the offices of the "t!n Mail. Nursery Governess; one who ha#> been pupil teacher II, a sehoul preferred.—O 14, Western Yail, Car. (M 3b8dU Iw-vti' Prepan*orv School for Sale; suit lady; open- iim for kindcrcart mi.—Full jiftrticulars X, Street and ( 3( ( f W \NT t:MPWYYEXT. Wanted, Situation aa Morning or Dwily (iovernesB; F.1nlih, mU3k.pp!y 0 48, Western Mail. Car- diff. 601d26 ( 11llnf.I:I"i Correspondence, Frev*h, spanish: ltaJi¡W. (1ernan private tuition. Classes Short- t?¡\d Candidates prepared for scholarships, D1tdical. ]1'<11. Civil Service t'xuurlation8 through the post.- 31r. W. ifa:ue>. Public Tr&UJjlatoI", 25, Pr-rk street, 4468d Otltktfptr, Companions. HOI'SRKKKPKKs. CCMPANfOXS. Ac.WANT«r». !;éI\'SEKf:f:EH; COIPA\'JOXS h. Wanted, Motlier's Hlp in December; two children, y-un^t ten lifnths; live with family; two :,pnàllts ¡pt.drel" P 10. Western Mail, Cardiff. b41d25 HOUSEKEEPERS, COMPANIONS, &c., WANT PLACES. ""Wanted, SiUaiion a« Lady Ilelp; thoroughly dome#- ti( sood mdlewcman and musical; near Car- nil preferred.—AddrcNS P 2-1, Wettrn Mail, ear- dni, 802d28 Domrstir ;èfrbant. FEMALE SF.UVAVIS WANTED. VEL\LE EUV.In's WATED ¡.;r;¡u(:}t¡'(.;¡tht-i); are K wed h Deliver Letters AI: )red to In\tial. r r i,u.- N i:nes t ai y P),¡t.dtii-e Letters ad. 0' 1 r>> Inirjiis or Fit¡tiol1:i Names 1TH1t bear tilt iclcirfHs of tlie advertiser or cue of the cfficet [If to* Western Mail. i. >pe.-t-ibl« "General" Wanted; 13 to 20,—State » Till referem-es P 2, Western ail. Car- dt SlOd28 v. up d. pxri"1"tl Hrll2ral Scnact; good plain C able to iron w'II; m1I family-—Apply. "Ith r c. Rox 13, Rriton Ferry. 79od.!4 I.: ¡ !i.4:a y:ti;PJ :tJ: C>: iw?t in faiiilv, and two servants.—Address ftf l:<m Lort-ch, Ct.ldhrollk VilU, Aber- ivenny. Id24 I'm f rieciM'd Oe:ieia! Servant; must cook anti iron %■ f, u^tTiin 1 ll"1 man kept; >1.111 references r '( 1. Hi- l..lones, (Jlenview. J'Plltyprttld 11128 v- ;te d uiimediatelv, "a clean, re#»p"ctab e il"use- Pi: .ood references required.-Apply, personal^ a* inter, to 28. 13ryn-road, Swansea. ?24dZW -I Plain Cook. Small Family,—Apply, statin_g '-i- wages &c., Mrs. (iott.valtz, 6, Beach-road, r" arth. 815<128 „. St.rfe fexperiejvWd) Wa-Vted for One Infant mu;;¡ hive j^orKi ehariotei, II. IJrC. willing ond gocni- let>i|.erril -Applv to Mrs. C. Uarrard, lVi kitt 6 Mewl, MtmiMMj J waaxea^ 82au» 'IIt \ble -oeõe-mn!.r<7;(or CVfi,v one from coimtrv preferred. —Apply,. In fl r,: -t u;re, to T) 44, Western Mail, Swansea. |d28 "I: :s*2t-f::¡:nt'no tr '1, 1'UlI! ry prdrul'ù,App)y' Mrs. )hlburn, "'il,Linl. }Jf(Jrd'I'13cc. !,na.h, 8J4d» Wunt-ir iiiod" Heneral ServMt, wiiffi t_horough kii..»-iiof eood plain cooking; a(ld from 25 to 70; :\1"Hh'r servant ",t'pt.-AVPl'y 0„ Stratiaoban Dnd St-Mt^, ';rc. C'ttrditf. 835d24 Wpll' it.imediatol"v,goBd" General' Servant; mHt b' K^jd "Jain cook; no "hildln; comfortable home. -n!\ Mrs. Jenkms, Grocer, Maindee New- 1'(111 SJKIZO Servants, with ood char&Cte. Wanted; '()OkH1j )ø; 1¡¡rI(INt lodin9 if reqUlreù.-MN "aldroD, TII:. Cmberleieh ScrvanU* Agency, Sowcnet road, ^■»^t h »ca. ) :d:-a-iursP-l1Trr;1;¿,tlt-16-ÿearsor? Al ply 5, Partridge-rn«d, C."Iiff. 8')3d28 Mt*. "Thomas's Select Rfi1õltry Removed to Fre U'riek->treet (opposite Frederick-street Chapert), (' All Classes 01 Servantu Required good situa- |i. it ■ ¡tH4ranb'(ltl, 711d2? Wnmcsl, re««pertaWe Oiri as General Servant good t» io-euee* indijpeiwable. wages £ 10; 110 wr » Vc-j ?* 67. IIAlI1i¡\;)n.,lr."t. «?aitlilT. 7\J5d23 Want«d imuje<liatelv, good General. Small family. — A j plv Yre. T. Jeukiflif 4, Vnion-placo. Me* farr. 688<126 WatitM" r-1\¡;-t'lllf(\yõUng liou9-elnaid mUxmd to t1. All fI"rticular8 to 1, Bel. gmve "'rno.. Walter-ro^d. Swaoaea. 689n^o "Wa:t. lId St"ant, SoÚ-anilll.dd-¡ _¥r",Cl..Q.1IoiY.ij!N, w.. ó4ód2b i}omfmr ^>rrt)ant5. FKMALK SERVANTS WANTED (Contin.d)- Wu iïtt1(t:.1neral- ;tro¡-¡I: voting |!irl, 118. ill Ueiyvinan's Ftunily ()1",1I); ( lint.-h- v. rnall.-Mm Uoiveu HuhesJ )aUltih(,fI. (ar. dilf. 722<127 Wanted, a uood I'lailt Cook, Small Family.- Apply Mi s. Bassett- Lewis. HiIIsillr. Chf'H(>uhalll [d27 j;IIt-'ml -St>rd:lt Wanted, ,th knowledge ft. \k inc; thiee iu \11\ '1 ('I"1ï!PS.Øtl't't r. ¡\"¡'If'r:f.1I:'Pd tlenerai Servant Wanted h' on:3::t. f -on I rhann-ter ntlispensal.le.-Apply, after Two juit., -:id. Cnr.lift. I71id2. to .M rs.. ottv. as. C.nvl.t ;d),v-r 1I"\I"I<j I, ;t'J i:"Q1t 24: evt v, ,■ i 1 n-<]ll Il \| ■■ 1, • «MW. s.1.; W .«:• I ie I" Ltpl;- mw.t b, i!0..d plain i-,«A Apply 31m. Arthur ,tones, 206, Newport-n-ail. t'.tnl-ff. 71-1(127 Wanteiir ,1wr 1u¡:h IVok-Ceiicraf; also crnl N" Housen aid fo:- l.ittle Boy of 'IVo -Mrs. Lewis JoneB, Settrington, Dinss Powis. 67f.16 Wanted, stronir Girt as V'uder.Housnnaid; could be taught her work yood character indisnensable; ;I;) t8 i :I \rl:ot1: 'l)(It ¡:b lnlt;: W L MNæ Wanted at on. a go>d, strong Girl as Nurse- it, semaid nuisl he äU early riler,-lIrs. Hanks, Tin Hollies, AUudare. 634(126 Wanied. a Geneial Servant for Small Family; early n<er ¡W \\a-hin"Am>lv 4, W;ndsor-road, len arth. 642(1^0 »ten d v (irl as Ki -W;¡it(.I:-a-;trõij'l;¡ei"'n-,tinfh' Girl tU Kikhrn: maid; wages commencing at £ li and all found Apply, with rifereneis, any day this week, to the Matron, Can.I1f Infirmary, 33i?2 Wanted, in December, a good Plain Coolc — M»n.y, "itlt references, to Mre. Walter Morgan, Forest House, ¡' mar Pontypridd. 5f0dy> g,,?,,i Plain Cook or experienced General k,pt.-App)y 4, ?'t. Ad,,w' criwint, Cardit'. .d¿o I Wanted immediately, an experienced nenrai Servant; able t-> cook"; good character indispensable. -Apjly 13, Gwydr-tenace, Uplands, S^-arsea. !d26 Tw.) gout I "General" Sen-ants," 18 and 23; wa es gootl.—42, Partridge-road, Cardiff. 634d26 WI.t{>(1.- Cook and Parlo.irmaid.— If writing gi-e age. height, wages, and aU part;cu]arw, Mrs. Tat I)f, 71. Queen-street, Cardiff d26 Wanted immediately. Widow and Daughter nr '!V<»_ ry Work must be experienced. %>> d have good references; wa^res 27s. to 30s. per wfek, wIth house, coa's, :md laundry exppnIPø-pply Mn. Masters, Lanelay, Tdantrisant. Utl, .1.. &%86 Wanted, tron Girl, hrtween House and Kitchen; shout 18; must have been out before: quiet country place; wages be0n at :CIO. Lawrence, f,(I\('1'- I1wk H'»u«e, near Penarth, Glamorgaughire. (593d26 Waut»xl, General Servant (U11N.h!t of good rutin C«..l.ing; two others kept; country situation in gentleman's farnilv.—State age and wages, and give reference, Mr*. S«-ot t j,h Cainurthen. |d24 Wanted»mmt'di;it«'!v, N urse-HousejQa d agerl 18 to 20; thoroughlv clean wages £ 10. -ipplv liawarden, Church-place \Si»utb t, lVuarth. b3jd¿ó (;(1\1(1 General St'nant Wanted at once.—Mra. Davies, 2. Park-place, Cardiff. 637d25 Davies's Housekeeper (Two), Generals, Nurse. House-Parlounnaids, Cooks, Kitchenmaids. Sewmgnuid, Pages. Others Wanted; rare charces. —46, Charles-street. l'lLl4litf. nl24 (Joai Cook an(l Kitchennuud Wanted; about 3o and 18: well rp"IlI11111t>uded.-Parhl'l11;.ars. length refe- rences. wages, Mr, Wreferd Brown, Litfleld, Clifton, Bristol. 57124 t,¡rltt>n1 Ser/ant Wanted; aged about eighteen.— ApV pl' v. after 1in I' rr. Sf:iccv-r"ud. J:oath, Car- <i; ff &7W24 Wanted immediately, a good General (18 to *0); ;:1"1 t'!1'r,'n:(' intlispen-ahl"Apply Miv. Da\ es, 1" lhl1nhr:t.:f> Mcrthyr 11,124 NurfC, iI0u;p.Parh)urma.i()1 Cooks, Ger.eials t\w(,:J.Î, Kitchenmaid Nobleman's FhiihIv, Ireland (« bun liw man) Send particulars lnd 01111 address II," Pond's Registry, wa!18[>K. [1124 Wanted. General Servant: about 18: accustomed tf) children.—Kncio>e address of last employer. O 3d, Western Mail Office, Cardiff. 541d24 Wanted, a Gen-ral Servant, who understands plain cooking and llair: one cow kppt; no outdoor work manservant kept; wages E 6 to a competent person. —-Apply, 1"1IIg' ¡u1\ particulars, to Mrs. Uees. Cwm- tun ii. Nantgaredig 33661 Wanted, a strong, active Girl as KU henmiMd.™ Applv, stating age, wages, and experience, to Mrs. G'.nn, Llandttff House. Llandiff. 506,12) Wsnte t, gO(.nl General Senant.-Apply 6, North- coU'-street, Cardiff. 480d23 -WantI, Conk. General; four in family; 110 wash- ing— Applv Mrs. Stanfield, IVntwvn, Malpas (two .1'ÎIt'froill Xt>lh!rr. 488d23 -Wa.nted, Op)1eml Servant; ood reference*. :\pply Mrs. 2. Richmond-terrace. Cir- diff 473d23 Wanted, a General St>r\ant, Who thoroughly under- stands housework; manservant cleans knives and hoots.ddre< with full particulars, Mrs. Kees, Cwmtwrch. Nantgaredig.. -Walltl. for Seeoud Week in Peeeorher a food (General p"ant. al-out 25 ypa "f ?g, small f.ty ? ijood referenees requiretl.—Apply Mr!i Kvans. 93. Ian. .tre-t. Pontipridd. 391(izz (iotnl (Ilrl':d n'nt Wonted nlain cooking, wash and iron; another kept; II,) children; business 11('f'-TIJOIII4'" and Kvans, Porth. 439(122 Wai7t»d. f,,r Llandatf. c'lupetent House-Parlour- maid; wage. fW.-Applv. «rrt. W-, 10, KtaV^d. Car.ton, Cardiff.. 429<122 ^Wanted, a General Servant; aged 16; must t>e clean and accustomed to children—Mrs. Board, 51. Lrt1f; street, Abergavenny.. ""AVflrti<l~House-lSirlourTnaid, who will hIso (Jive Help wth One Little Girl; good character indis- I" 1', ^r-^ Keh!tl11. nbiii, Swansea. f415(122 11\lialt-'h. strong, lieaithv Housemaid; nurs»rv; must be f'lid of -n l" t' ;lr;'t/:lur;(t''IlI):i(d ;I,lil' 1¡t:r!ÕI' kept, Apply, stating age. ,a.. 81Ul 'vV- reices, to Mrs. F. James, rellvdarren House. Mer th, r. 33593 Ft:MAI E SERVANTS WANT PLACES ^VndedT bV~ PIa-ill-Cok-Š¡-ttl;ti;;¡ltG;.Ül F^ipilv.—Apply P 28. We-tern Mail, Cardiff (d24 Disengaged, Good Cooks. Parlourmaids, 1I( M:n:ailt. and House ♦ Parlourmaid; ex- cellent rf{'rl1ee.i. Ir. Furnivall's Sole t HrcÎ1ltrv, Cardiff. Generals Wanted for coin- fi tahlè Homes, wit], small lanlltit's, 795(124 Waiited/ Dailv Cleaning and Wasiiing.— Apply 12. Mitiny-n» t, Cathays, Cardiff. 704d23 Wanted -0. a respectable Laundress, Family Wash- ing. B" EmeTÙl Cottage, ConsUdlatinn-street, Car- d'rf. 651d2fa As Nurse, hy respectable Young Person; can take entire charge babv from the month; country pre. ferred.—S 71, Llandaff-road. Canton. Cardiff. 1b3>1lt<:> LTdics Suited with ail Classes of Servants. Sit i;a- tions Secured for Servants. Fee Is.—Miss waiters, 30. Page.street, SWILJl$OI. 568d24 S tiiaticns Wanted as for Several s?r< iig Countrv Girls, various ages, 16 to 20.—Mis. C<»ter. Registry Office, Gloucester. 54,d Nur3? 29). can t1kp baby from month, good refe- nw b. Open to EnJ;(>m(,\1t.-A, care of Miss Jones, 5. CJvtlu Newport. 562d24 Wanted Situation b Second nr Tliird Laundress; thuroughlv exjierienced; aged 21; excellent charae- tcr— \ddress Miss A. Hart, 10, Thomas-stieet, lrow- t., Wiltshire. aMd?J MALE SERVANTS WA:>n;n I'nder Gardener Wanted; must understand cows anl be generally useful.-H Lewis, Tynant.^ Radn-. -Grn1Il WaNrd;- single light weight. experienced thoroughlv tp&dy: two burses; ?.v,s Lib (indoor) and living.—Ai.plv. and enclose references, to G. A. Brown. Surgeon, TredegarL 699d23 Wanted," steadv Young Man U» Take Charge of Two Horses. Deliver Goods, and Make Himself !>ful. T, I YMake Ili-. "]f?l MALE SERVANTS WANT PLACES. Groom or Coachmau Seeks Situation; single; aged MALE SFI?VAN'CS WANT Pi, ACES. 12 or Coa(?hiti?kti ?eek? lid, drive.—Jones, Biaencwm, Trelec-h, Llanhvnach R S O 787d2o "(irooni—"Sinjrleor-Cider"Coachniau; uwd to liui.te^; >K-ed 22; lislit weight; ►in(,'le; uoud reft- :(-;SiJIJ {tt.ht,(r,1;:e ¡Jud Illf: Situatioll "ulted ;1"1 GtoonhOoaelinian; thoroughly urdf'r.;l;1t11h. lnmtere; drive tt;ngole or pair; lutlit weicbt: total abstainer; aged 21; good referent-.ps Apply )1.. 24, liilwanl-street, Cardiff. 771t128- Wat.tedr Sitt.atioii m Wjrkint: Baillfl: Wife Dairy an I l*i liltr\ wit1. Work for SonD 62, Wi-Fterii 1iI Office, Sw"a. 737,127 All or Groom; aingle or pair; flelt 26; weight IM; well erc-ommended.-O 2, Woteril Mail, C'arthtf. 78d27 ww.t?,1, 'by a larl'ied Man, Situation WI- Cowman; no objection W itiilkiug; ()od references from two "itiations.-Apl)ly to R., 6, North-street, Navi.. it- R.S.O. 685d2ó W..?ted. Sit iI):-re-pt;čtat>îe1tiårrlrcC Man (? ie child) -IS '.room or (I'(¡om.Coadunau; two 'eam with j. Aiitlum' v. 1->1 Cilveit-hy.—Addre* Mr. J. Ward, Tynt-wvdd. i.lan.iaint. near Kidwelly. 70071 Gartlener.—Situation Wanted; villeflowers. frui trees, kitchen trartleo; would go on job; good let lenec.—A., 70, Shakspeare-street, Roath, r- diff. 616d26 T),?-R, S. N-i,,b(,Ii GMdpl1cr= flowers, fruit, and glass-wlio i .?i'?g him for no fauh-]Jlalldough R,,t?ry, Cl? fid6O2,12? (,ardenet- single-haiidetl or otherwise; aged 40; matried, one child; three years' good character; can milk.—Red. 7, Braekla street, Bridgend, Glam. (,:24 Young Man, agctl 24, Seeks Situation as Gardener; 81I1gjtfl),hJe(1 or under; 110 objection to rob or row. -(hlres! T. WatU;ns. 94, Roes-road, Abergavenny, Mon. 52 14 Wanted. Situation as Gardener, Single-handed; nine yea' experience in all branches; excellent references.—J. Hill,J?6, Dock:street, Newport. fd23 Gardeiierl -fiftrn years' experience in ail branches of "anlening, includ'ing orchids; weH recommended. —J. Crock, 12, Langland-terrace, Bryninill, Sw n. sea 485d23 SitPf t ion Wanted as. Groom and Coachman, or Grctm and Gardener; drive single or p:.ir; under- stands }HlIItPr; good references; disengaged; single. —T Allen, High-street, North Pctherton, Bridgwater. _.M 455(123 "Coachman or Groom-Coachman; single; titider- t3nds hllnterB and carriage horses; thoroughly ex- perienced; good references.—W., 48, East-street, Hereford. 6d23 \s Groom Gardener aged 2D years tall; good knowleilge of garden, greenhouses; expert whip: general experience of horses; two years* good references.—E. M., Furoivall's Select n,rliff. 426122 Wanted, a Situation as Groom Under ft Coachman; good reforereea.—Apply D. James, St. Florence, R. S.O. 45d23 e\-Pé(Ssu\tiun- ae Gardener; ab't4Liner? g?oJ references; can milk, and willing to be useful — Address D 39. Western Mail Office. Swansea 417d22 MAN AND WIFE WANTED. "Cardiff Sanatorium.—Wanted, a Man and Wife, without family—the Man to act as Porter, the Wife us Laundress; wages, with board and residence, £ 40 per annum.—Apply, personally, to the Medical pelvona lI  .,T 33631 Officer of Health, Town-hall, Cardiff. 33634 Wanted, a Couple, witböüt encumbrance, to Occupy Part House, with Coal and Gas; in return, Woman to Attend to Single Gentleman.—Address 0 17, Wes- tern bil. Ca_==-===-=-22= M IN AND WIFE WA 'T PLACES. Wat ted, b;- reopwtuble Marri&f6? g?tuatioi as Farm Biliff, Wife good D?,,y Bnd Poultry Woman if required; good refer, -.4pply T. D.,i., P.,?t- 13S8. LhmitChen, Chepstow. S4IU7 Man~and~ Wife Want Situation as Caretaker*, or Any Place of Trust: good ret erme.-Citre Mr. orriø, 26. D.k?..t-t. Cardill. 469d23^ Jiv3pI aws OF THE wekk i PRICE 0 PENKY< ^otef ^crbants. • otrr $rrbantt1.. ^2 ?FEMA?E smAm WAITED- Advertisers are' CaMtiontd that Postmasters are Not ,Il.w?d t, Deliver Letters Ad(i,,??,!d to 1niti,ù, or }"wtltioUM X:ÜUP:I at any P< tt o^ce. letter* uri drtssed to Initials 01' }i"rtitioue1 Nwmes must bear ihe address cf the tLd"e(.ti8tr or (ne of th-i offices of the Western Mail Davies's Regiatn.—Wanted, Barmaids, Waitresses, Chanil>t-nr.aidi». Cooks, Kit«%henmai«l, Generals, House- keeper. Pantrymaids, Page Boys, Others, Cardiff, I; 'L -.5. Chtf.rlcs.tred Cardiff.|818d24 W i iiieralT~g<l plain cook; sniaii f?in!\ ,.i')"?—App)y!toath(?s'? Hotel, C?n. I'! I 11,11\1. 778d Apply to .Manager, Langlard Bay Hotel, Mum- bles. 780d24 ,ïnlf{f cli an, respectable Senant Girl; eurlv riser.—Apply (. Mrs. Mitchell. Glove and Shears Httel, DIIc .t,eet, Cardiff. 803d28 Wiuited, Y( ig La.ly us Barmaid.—State ago, r,f,. :l.t:(IY :I f,ifl U\,B {.1(;O ti' ;e Hf.(r! M.t!?ut)'' 6Ad23 Kitchenmaid Wallld must b, experienced and have good references.—Apply to Manager, Langlaud Bay Hote1, Mumble. 781d¿q Wanted' at once, a strongO'oung Girl _ai I'anti'y- lna.tl —Apply to Housekeeper, Weatgate Hotel, New- port, I 011. 658tt26 Wanted, "t'uder-liumiaid at once.-Apply, per- ?.nJ)'y." Kius' ?n?""?Comi?Tcm).roBd. ?j?t. Mon. 662d26 \\ant.e<L experienced Rlnnald for Colliery District; use"! to slurp counter -Ai,l,)y with full par- !'h'uh? and reh'rt'KTs. ?Y'iHiMM. 1'?nd. "?. Tredegar. 673d?2 )?nnt.id.-WMt(<?'t-tr?'ust<'inpd to me Ccun?- ,r?q.-App?v Old Sl?, 1m.. 21. High-street, N.Wpol t Mon.' 666d26 Waitress WtItJ,-tP-t,P age. wr.«. reference, Cameron Hotel, Swan* M8d26 I W"uled.-âgOOd Gf1- M'r.nt.; 'RbiI' to do plain rooking.—Apply Mrs. lUr* and South wt:.n'fi.C;:lIl.Bmt.! ul195;;26Ih Wanted, Barmaid: .40 ,ke herselt generally 11se: (ul; one from rii? riennin* preferred.—Apply tininge 1. Pejiartij-road, OardR*- Wanted, a good General SetTfaTit and to Assist, iu Bar Kveniugs. ;tf«t waIP.-A\>p, between six and evh; piH, Bdf?,d Hotel, ('astle-road, Car- I diff. 570d24 Wanted Immediately, *m e3? perienood Kitchenmaid. -Apoty, pemonally. Ba?rv T1nt(>1, Barn' 52bd1 Wantfd, a thorcig'nly -ei)fneri"'(;:1 ('0I:l1I;t'1( !1 i room Waitress for VirEt-clasa Rot?!.—Anply Stepney !?. U-Ily. ^rte Wanted, -gû-('.ëïïm.ï()I'- "'egp? given to suitable girl.-Ap William*, Kew Inn, Cynimer, Porth. 44IJd22 "n Two goxi Generals; must understand plain cooking; good references required.—Apply Irs. Thomas, Treoreby Hotel, Treorchy. 433(122 W<&utf'd. 1\ .eNd (;f'Ht'ral Servant, with knowledge of Plain Cooking.—Apply, jHV-sormlly, with rrf;- ?..?. "t the ??mf?'!)'' nntp! k?, ??,f, r?'22 Wanted, a Girl a: Nuw mid to Assist in liolife- wcik; lIIut be clean and honest; good references I.-Apply Mrs. Gale, Prince of Wales Hotd, K'!?'?nd(t. ?? 1-EMAIl: SERVANTS WANT PfjACES. ""Wanted, ll"-en^.tgemi"it as B=,,z 1; to brisk counter (tatle; dl}Ih:tj('at('rl; good referntces last anil pre\itni» eiitp overs.— H Mouut Pleasant Cot- ?p. I:I; ?'h'r.;?!?n.v ?_J'?.? Widow Ülll- 27) Seeks Situation as Barmaid in Hotel or Vaults; jptod refeivnees; good e\penence.— A~ ] plv \1„ l'flte V:if Inn, Egin-road, Hereford. [tl28 1t'lalit to -A;f Sliuiigeress; (\I oks, ti res, linen, Sc.; highest tt -tin,, ;i V ,T., d Edwattls and Co., Stati.ivi '-il. Voun- I tr.-oii \2.")) Seeks Situation to Aist Mistress in lbr aid J!(I1¡"pho!IJ Duties; tovn or country.-P 16, \(0 ru Mail, t'arlill. 720,127 —Wartetl, Situation u.- Comtnercial-lt.oni Waitress; expf'riHll'cd.-Ð.1vies, Llwynltlr, Penyhont, Ratluor- flsire. 695d23 ■ Hotel—Re-eneaiyeiiieiii Required h.v experienced Young Vuh. Hannaitl, Honk.kreper, 0f Assistant- Housckeeper; good references.—Address 0 1. 1'.p tern .Mail. Cardiff. 494 123 L\r; NKltVANTS WANTOD. -lltrC;,t Y01111 Man to 1,ook After !Iõn:eatl-d Trap awl Slake Himself Generally Useful.—Apply to Wfterltm Hotel. Newport, Mon. 849(128 -Wantrd, a s trong, useful Youth" as Cellarmat) and Biol- with "1 whidl will l.eui- strictest 1n- vestigation. -Avoudule Hotel, Docks,_ Carditf_ [d22 Wanted," thoroughly ood Ian for Posting Yard; go<1.1 driver (single and double), sobt-r, and trust- ?reii(,es require( .-Stel)"eY's lte4i?tv 0 !e: Ab?,,?, 673,t?b MAI.K SERVANTS WANT PLACF.S Waiter.—Situation Wanted hy thoroughly pxpe. rienced Yrui g Man; tln;t.('1a.ss for diame- ter anil Registry, 1C2, Frederick- street, C'aidilT b1&12b Poats f ;i t21 ió:1h-rI:l; (I{ o. night; aged 23; gotsl reference. —A d dress A. f'imm,;¡, Cold Aston, near Cheltenham. 452.123 Waiter Head (r Otherwise. I)e.ill Situation; goisl London exiterience; excellent testimonials; e,1 27.—P., 140, Lanibetli-roari, London. 451d23 MAN AND WIKli WANTED. Wanted, Man and Wife to Manage Workmen's Cluj). — .Applv. Witti not It's than two recent, testimonials, 1' 23. Western Mail. C'atdiff. 796.124 $artnrrst)tps. Hotel and Shop Fittr and Uphohter('r in lished BU5iUl" S,?rki.g Partner with .Capital; plumher or ironmonger preferred.—Powell, JA'wi. and Co., Partnership Agents, St, J.b.?*? ?t,t, Cardiff. 7I6rt;7_ Wanted, Aclivp Parlner In a Wholesale Wine, Spirit, Ale, and Cigar Yl'rchaut'1 and Mineral Water I Manifacturer's Business; ever' investigation; (i pital required E600 to CI,000.-Addrf?.? I' 3. Wes- It ru !ail, Cardiff 612d26 Clrrfesi anb Managers. CLEKKS AND MANAGERS WANTED. AdverTiners are Cuutioned that. Postmaaters are Not Alleged to Deliver Letters AdrirpssPtl to Initials or Fictitious Names at any Post-otfice Letters a.ddrf" led h InitialH or Fictitious Names must bear the addiesa 01 the advertiser or one ol the offices ^f the Western Yail. I Clfrk,VBntf-d for Wholesale Business; one who i thoroughly \Iu,1pr:-ltalld double entry, and who can produce o? baUuice-slieet.—Apply, stating wages, tQ P 21, We.'e"" Mail. Canlil!. 774d24 —Warted irl1nH:diately, for Solicittir's Ottic, age not to exceed -Apl,ly A. V. C., Western Mail, Nt v port. 75W23 Firm of Auctioneers and Accountants Requi„re Youth; must write shorthand—State salary and full particulars to P 12, Weute.n Mail Office, Car- diff. 715d23 -An-Üme-e Boy Wanted immediately. —v^PP'y to TuArn,' erOliIB.'C.Itier), Agents, 19, Mount Htu!\n. square, Cardiff. 626(122 Wanted, a l-espectablc Lad for Solicitor's Office.— Apply, In own handwriting, stating age and salary, to 4> 35, Western Mail, Cardiff. 510124 Law.—Intelligent. Bo), must write wOl one leav- gh(,ol preferred.—Applv, personally, George V. F(-i>dlke, okitor. 33, St Mary-street, Cardiff. rl CLERKS AND MANAGERS 1 i'I,ACES Law.—Articled Clerkship Wanted 1'0 Clerk pfõ-er "ix years' experience; highest refertncee; salary u?r,d.-Addr??. D 43, Western  SWan- sea. 4 8l¿ ^IvertUeTis opl,l to \Ioke '.1' Tmùpsmn's Book. and Accounts on Keisonablc Terms.—Address P 22, Wtsttrn Mail, Cardiff. 797^24 ~'J Clerkship in Respectable Youth D?.1r,? Junior Clerk¡;¡hip Merchant's Oftke where he ould leam business; knowledge shorthand and French.—P 4, Western Mail, Caidifl. ()31d2 GentUman (25), excellent character, Desires Per- manent Engagement; estate preferred good draught*, man, oror, oll r? ?nd buil,i,n? O 42, Western Mail, Can1i!1 575d¿4 -E:çIpripW't'd Accountant is Prepared to Post Up l"Of-u s M.k s at moderate charges; flrst-o.a^s vi ?7. Western Mail, Cardiff. *d24 Freii'hiuaii. anj 24, ?l,k. and writes English, Italian Spanisli, Se«ks EmpLlyment; not afraid 'of uc.rk ~1 Addr-is 0 è3._We,tem IailC-nJ2 Solicit t ore.—W a l it cm 1, Conveyancing, General, and Costs' coti?,e) ?iii(?ing,.ty mooenre eahiry^ 21, ^esterr^IaiL ^ardiff^ 3?3t]23 SlgfimfS, Crabrllers, ^r. TRAVELLERS, AGENTS, ,e.. WANTED. Advertisers are Cautioned that Fostmasters are Not Allowed to Deliver Leiiers Addressed to Initials ur Fictitious names :-o.t any Post.oÙ1ce, Letters addressed to initials or fictitious names must bear the add. of the advertiser or one of the otlicea of Ðt the "We.teru Mail." "Brewer's Traveller.—An energetic Ycung Man, with some experience cf the huil1e" also a knowledge of the MOI,mQllth8bJr Valleys District; security rc. quired; state salary; all expenses paid, and commis- sion on new business introduced.—Address Traveller, olftee 01 Bristol "Mercury aud Poot," BristoL [d28 Agents Wanted.—Money eatuly made in Spare Tiino; couslant income assured; particulars free; also pocket rubber stamp of your name and address. —W. Bell, 120, Clieapside, London. 788d28 \Vires"^ndf Spirit.—Wanted, a Gentleman, with unexceptional references, to Represent an Old- established Firm (wiih Speciality ill Scotch Whisky) in Swansea and Dltitdet must have good connection with hotels and private f?iniili?; a gentleu.an ldtir,or t:t J;e:r:, or rl'iHh partial employment, would be treated with, and strict fld,6 will be observed in deaKng with all com- ini'nicaticna neeived.-P 20, Western Mail, Car- diff 745d26 Wanted, by a Firn of Architectural and mu. tal Granite and Marble Merchants and Concrete Cutraetor., all Agent for South Wal°v on CommÎ8. JUn; a pntdkal man and oue holding other agencies pnierred.—Address P I7. Westernbt" Car. diff. 759d?3 Hides and Skins—Wanted, One or Two Uelk.de Men as Buyers for Carmarthensbire and Pembroke- .hire .,?.t g?,, knowledge folud be able to gi,,? reference and g..r..t,cwages d commission. — A. {:f:):,UUli; èl1:doOd I Skin Market, Swansea. Sf>5d24 :ar-ijI:'duàrt;'rinJ- id S?nsea Districts, Educated Me. to Introduce a New and Important Work of Refer,??e-Topo- graphical and St:lh8tia.l-of England and W.1,?: published by W. Mackenzie; beautifully illustrated with plates, maps, end plans of important towns.— Apply, personally or by letter, to R. Goldie, 29, St. Mary.street, Cardiff. 597d26 Agents"Wanted to Retail Ceylon and Other Teas, in Packets, from Is. upwards; cub terms.—Please! send envelops for pnee list Select Ceylon Tea Agency. 39, Lime-street, London. Wanted'-fW.4Lgi ent. i?W -?ll 0.1?..i.d Sh??t-, N( tting, Tanh, Cisrems. Tube" Holio. Ware Of all kinds, and other Goods, upon Commission; com- Mttal men will be well upl)orted.-M?ufac?til 65 lee onne,d-?d, London, N. 386d22 TRAVELLERS, AGENTS Ao., WANT EMPLOYMENT. As Traveller for a First-class Brewery (now disen- aed) for South W.I?,; good workr and e?c?ll(,nt t?.timoyiials ? security, if required; Eniish and Welsh.—Aubrey, Wellld House, Glyn-Neath. [d24 Y,U"z Man ?tequir? ?ituatior, as 'lYaveller or Plac« Tr,? s tin Wine and Spirit 'A?? 'd c first ?l.. rel?- ri!?ce&-Georg?, Constitutiomd Club, M?rthy I WEEKLY PBICB-ONE PENNY. j bop 9dccidtantsi« SHQP ASSIST A M'S W A NIKD. Advertiser He Cautioned that Postmasters are Not Allowed to Deliver Letters Addressed tn inttluin 0: Fictitious Names at any Post-offlc-j. Letters ad. dic.sed t? InitU\18 Fictitious Names must '|e;tr the .,Idms d the advertiser or one of the ctiices 01 the WejteraMail. -i;,d Immediately", Outfitting and Gents' Mcttc!ry, smart Junior; go.d stock-keener; live in ?teady md indualrious; Welsh.—Hav, kins, Clothier, Aberavop. 83&128 "Drapery —Wanted, sLiart Man; good wimlow dresser, stock-keeper, and sMeswit.-V;. A. Smifch, Pi?videne,e Hou?,,e, pe Ne?p, t? 850d24_ —Ouffittingr^Jones and (> »•, lnymiiY.1n a V.et\oe'oc.peiII"' Menj UVl^i. (762d^7 Dip?-ry.JE? Evans and Co., Swansea, have Vacancies for and L.di??, of giwxl expe- rience.—Apply personally. 701d2o Dra |«eiy. — Young Ludv Apr rctiticen Wanted (Widfl.); also Two respectable \outlis.— Appiy Hex Drapery Company, College street, Swansea. f757d2'7 IÚlI J-,er.t\;ü¡' J"ll-'ior Young Ladle' ""l1ltf"l, ood salesivomeii: coiucrsc '.n Wrl.il: Full particular* Rex Ihapery Company. College- street, Swansea. 756d2 T?' Butchers—Smart Salpm:"l ??El cutúrW:iiltClll for Fr< zen 1,AI)ply F. W. Iander, Abenia.e. '/5J27 f Oultltting.—'Wantdl" :t rnc", a toll art Junior fr W.lliams Bros.Porth. 686d22 tie- clothing; good nalesnian and window-dres^r.— Drapery. Warned, .smart- Junior Young Mu;i.— A] ply 1 n ('astle road, Cardiff. 703d23 Appnuitice -Warned, smart, intelligent Youth 11" at' Apprentice to ttm General Hr¡lpl'(\AIJJ1\ strtiii^ age, TIm" Y uath, Draper, Swansea. rù21 Wanted, UIl experienced Saleswoman for Showroom, witlJ knowledge of WI'1..dL-JlIJly Davies and Co., Commerce House, AUrdare. 6S0d27 Toliacconist awl at once, experienced and energetic Young I'?(y to bi?2Le above.—Apply Jones and Lewhi, ireharris. 671U26 (irocerv.—Young Mau Wantd; must know the trade assist in shop and deliver bread; from country preferred.—State wages and reference United Kingdom Tea Supply, 87, Purtmvnmoor-road, Cardiff. 653(126 Young Man Wanted (jingle) as Salesman in &icT I\azaar; must be strong aiVl willing.—State,age, where l&!t ei.pi.yd, .age. ?.p?,!ted, &c, B., wl- Mail Office, Newport. 666(122 I C?., D,' have a '}(' -Ii:IIp;jiJ:"jR?::h pe rsonal upplieation. 648d22 Gtocerv, —Wanted, a smart Junior, Used to Prlwi. sions \V( lsh. -Apply, personally, Win. Richards, 167, High-.itreet, Swansea. 647d22 Pawnbroking ami Sale.—Wanted, niergdic Young Man (single), capable of taking Entire Management of Brancdi Shop; good references indispensable; stak experience and salary required fincioom and out1.J,ply A. Lyons, 25, High-street, Swan. "po 650(126 \.I":1-i;er:Wan-fed immediately, an intelligen_t, active Youth as an Apprentice to the Drapery; \V( I¡.{h.Edwin n, Williams, Shop-yr-Oen, Ystalyfera, Swansea 608d26 Howell and Co., "The Cardiff Drapers," Cardiff, have Vacancies for Two ur Three resectable Youths as Apprentices terms on application 33657 Wanted, an Improver for the Drapery and Out- fitting.—State salary, age, with full l?trliculam to Phillips, .\bertilIN' 521d24 -11(h. hi-aI1;rIIRe'lujrcsau experienced Young ?l good window dresser; steady and reliable; Welsh; immediately; with full particu- lars. 519d24 Drapery—Wanted, a wiarfc Youth as an Improver f Jr rhr- Drapery- —Apply j) and LI. ilees Jones, Market-hall, Carmarthen. 518(124 Drapery.—Wanted, an experienced Young Lady for !!Z'Ji)i.1' and to Serve Through.—Apply to IIenry Williams, Paris J Iouse, Neath. 476(1^3 Apprent.H't'-Wil1ial11s and Co., Drape" Neath, Require slurp Youth as Apprentice; splendid chance of learning the trade; comfortable tlOme; Welsh. J55M2L Williams and Co., Drapers, Neatii, Require an ('} erienced Yoi-mr M.,? geed -inin0-r; 8flRdy and reliable; Welsh.—Immediate applica- 4.122 Draler?-WanttA at once. ,ienced, ?ner. IZ?t i, M." ,Ii "I' :I ,r tial first-class references.—Apply Williams, Draper, P.n!yp.]. 436d22 SHOP ASSISTANTS W ANT P-ICES Drapery.-Young Lady Requires Situation as Im- prover; two years' experience; good refereuce.-N 7, Western Mail, CardifL 33518 Grocery.—Smart Young Man Seeks Re-engagement aK Junior; well up both counters; hih r('frencPH' wwo soliciting.—Keddle, 122. PortnUlIlHloor-roa,d' Cardiff. 8.JOrt28 Drapery.—Re engagenietil Wanted hia Young Lady; tn years' LOIHlol1 exjierieiK-e; good refe- fflU'.e8.-J Jones, Kinley Letton, Herefordshire. pl28 Wanted, Lieht Situation by a Young Lady; first month given; sonic experience in coffee tavern.— Davies, 49, Primrose-street, Tonvpandy. &74d26 Y(»ung Ladv, experienced, Would Like Sifl"" in Tobacco Business or R??t wouJd give month.— Address Miss Burt, 29, Maughan-street, Penarth. 41:?- _MIl, LrNERS.NDDRESSMAKERS- WANTED Milliner Wanted; accustomed to serve t!lmnc:h= Apply A. David, 20. Sl1hftt-l'nad, C'>lrcl"t1. 008d28 1i1;ill('ry.-Wan!t'd, 'PJlh'mke-'t1l11 Improvers; fir-.d-class trade.— Sharpley and Pritchard, 88 anil 90, tyueen-street, l'ardi, 714d23 iBisrcliaitrous Situations. JtlTCATlONS JVACANT^ -Ã(fvPrtlieis are CauflõÍieit-HÚf-Põ;tÏuu.è Not Allowed to DeliHr LtrM :\ddreæd to InihalM or Fictitious Nauwts at any Post-oltice. Letters ad- dnssed to IlIitials or Fictitious Nnnes must twar the address of the advertiser )r on« of the dtice:i of t,, Mail ;:l' gf5leqUfKC!:J. mu>t. be ciean and sober.—Jw>. H..ell, A her* aman. u- 83U28 laigirfman Wanted; used to brick machinery and abl^ h. Ih repairs.—State WáfS to P 29, Western Mail, Cardiff. 817d24 Tn Bakers.—Wanted, Situation D8 8eoud or Single in Bread, (ak, and Smalls, aged 5; outdoor*; good refeirnc.es,—D. S. H., Cùrvu.hde-road, Oravuu Arms. SaU'p. 735d28 Wanted, YQung Man to Make Small Goods, Ass set Slaughter, and Genrally U.(,f.1 must be sober.— J_£!I:t'18(') :[q Good ~Maso i ~\Vanted as Leading Hand for Br,, ge R\:Ign!;lel:1'1151t,5s:n tl Cardiff. 807d28 Ul h'i Sn i,. 2, GI."C,Y- Ir. W.C.-r.st, brightest, and most rapid tliIt- I tion IId cortequent high Success; fIy, Ereaittg, aad Postal Tuitio* for all K.ukis. Toung Men, 1.-5; IJ,c{I., 15-20; over 2,609 appointments seei ..d-S.lld Inr coaiplete guide alld lutes* luccfis listl, Clark's Civil Service College, 2, lu:tl". Specimen papert, bints, axel full infarw*- tioa, Chil Servic« Annual (400 p.r), 21., post free. 353rtc "Wanted Pattern-maker for Foundry and Engineer- ing Works; one accustomed to colliei, work I)rp f?.,?-d must be ?. p uble ,,d ,y ddr?.?. 'I ti; 111r(;a;rt:r::etoc5?1,vrltÎi;-¡.:8bfg ""Wanted, steadv, "sober Foreman Mf.ulder, aoc-ÜŠ: tomed to Pipe Work, CoHiery Engine, :md General Jobbing; cue thoroughly versed in chilled roll maldng p",lerred.-Apply No. 7.340, at ""cke and Pl?iliii?,? Advertising 'Jtl ces, Newport, Mon. ,d27 CccperT—Wanted, a steady, industrious Mill -č General Oil Trade; good character and references indispensable.—Apply P 18, We.tern Mail, Car- diff. 726d27 Wanted,—rwrTFirlftclassElectric Light Wiremen; none but experienced men need Bpply, Also One Carpenter.—Apply Clay Bros, and Co., Custom House- .treef, Cardif!. 7lOd23 T.il or tW,.t,?,l "forBarry Dock; if (;an make trousers and vests preferred.— Apply P 14, Wes- tern Mail, Cardiff. 702d23 a g(?(I Plumber; a?f!d w jobbing wneS: 8 £ d. 1. r.-T. Lln?ly?, 336- To"BakersT—Wanted7 a First-class Hand; u?t I'? well up at all kinds of bread, cake, and email good*.— AppJy the Golden Crust. Bakery, 146, Clifton-street, Cardiff. S. Williams ami Cu, Propri('to. b40d26 steady, Country Blacksmith; able to do shoeing an;1 general n'pa;r: Apply Manager, Arrow Fuel Work., Xcwpor!" }!Oll. WId. (¡ "-tHlteù Bread and Cake Baker; to assist in smalls. -Apply Lewis and Co. 184, High-street, Swau- sea 644(122 To Blacksmiths.—Wanfed, Young Man Accustomed to Shoeing and Wheelwright Work.—Apply n. Kyte, Post-office. Whit-son, Newport, Mon 561d24 aTI,Irller: l'i;trt,DBt;V úrk'32f'S F.I,f.t t, Bri?tl. 539d2r Wanted, for il?n?, t Statioti.-Ai)l)ly Evans, Alfred-street, Neath. None but steady men need a\lPI; g- 20s. 48d23 Bakers.—Young Man Wanted to live in ,ilii?g to make himself generally useful smalls chiefly.— Apply Carpenter, Hih.strrrt. Cardigan. SITUATIONS WANTFD. Compositor-Reporter (;(1\ and Jobbing) Seeks Situaticn verb-nim; xcellent, references; bilinguist —Williams, 2, Old Cburch-stieet, Newtown, North Wales. 833f1n Wanted, bv Young Man, Situation a* and General Smith.— H. S., 7, Green-street, Bath. 33724 To"~MaVter Bakeis.—Forenianor Single Hand; middle aged; bread, cake, smalls; moderate wages; disengaged.—Sherrick, 4, Brookdale-terrace, Neath. 675d26 "iRrspectable Ycung Man~(25)~Seek7~Situat:un as 1 Warehouseman; no objection to deliver; welt used to hOrAes; umlenlahle character; abstai#ner, 1I(.n- smoker; good references.—Apply E. Evans, Llanddeusant, Llangadock. 55ód24 Situation W" bv a H.?"ly N Re- P. iring Shop, or Take Charge of !hineryi-Ai?pl?, O 27. W,.t""l Inil OfHcesL ?i if". od ]?akem -it?6ii -by a Young ManS.end or s.y,gle; agea 25; or to d,,Ii,,r.-G. Hunt, Cridwell, Ma!mesbury. 454d23 "Butchers.—Situation Wanted by Young Man. in Shop or Shop and Slaughter-house.—A '.dr ess 21, WeU.tre"t, Canton, Cardiff. 42M22 Confectioners,—Wanted,Situation as Second Hand in First-class Business by Young Man (22); well up in all brwehe8 of the trade; life i??tainer.-Aforrim, 49, Brook-street, Oswestry. 422d?2' Ali Kinds of Jobbing and Repairs Done —Estimates given by C. Rook, 214, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Car- diff 4QBd22_ To Master Bakers.—Situation Wanted bv good Alb H,I, First Single; good ,( .-0 20, Western Mail, Cardiff. 394d22 apartments. TPARTMFA'TS WANTEXt. -Ap¡'t.1nnt8-a:ntëd-bY- Gentleman; ti.??. i-,d?- r, te rt!f.?? ,:?,t ,q,,?,?d.-App ?l y P 2. 7,Mail, Cardiff 81M2* Wa rte(I at once, for about. a Month, C..(omble Fm ished Sitting and Bed Room for Lady and Gen. ticuen: may want one or two more bedrooms.— Apply P 19, W?-t"- ?atl,_ Cardiff. 2 12i ^Sittlng and Two Bed Ron- Wanted: A-diff_, Llandaff, or .r.-Apply, by Itt,r, to 0 47, Western M. i Cardiff. ffi9<1! -pena:rUi-:=FOr Six or. Nine Months from Christmas, by a Lady and Gentleman (four children and nurse), Furnished or Unfurnished Apartments.—Apply, stating terms, inclusive gas, coal, f'oo1iÏng, attendance, to P 6, Western Mail Office, Cardiff. 633d22 APARTMENTS TO LET. 33, Llanble.ddian:-¡;D.r;:¡-e.CViili¡f:=8uperiOrFõr:' nished Apartments; convenient to trams and town; baths; piano; good cooking aud attendance; tio, children. 790(128 Esplanade Hotel, Penarth; most cbarmiiïïIY .it?.tm; fl,? inut.- ?.1k fi^m dation; b dl ::ol,; f: 7.' i..I..ile; SPWW te- f-I > ..prolonged. stay. 32518 apartments* APARTMENTS TO LET (Continued). Comfortable fitting-room and Bedroom to Jæt; suit gentlemau; hot ..d cold bath-Avplv 23, Llan- ?'M!fS.?'!en<?Md.ft. &J1d28 Unfurnished ApartarenU for respectable Family; two or thre i-ooms.—Apply 41, Christina-street, near lJtJ-"lln.s",Ife. Cardiff. 733d27 A BfTlrooiii fo -Let.- 8iJlJ(- Gentieinan; use of sittmg-riH'ni if required; hti?.-Apply 15, Richards- ?tif'e? 't?i'h.iM'. ?rc?H? ?S7._ Xmfort:thll 11.,? for Y?.,?g in Small Private Family (musical), close Roath Park; no ch'M?-A'Mn'M P 15, Western M.ni,?Md!J? [d27 -Le}iT;Jít- Drawing-room and One or Two Bed- rctms; hnt aud cold bath; cue minute t« Taff S?"i'on.-25.' Ne?Mrt-rotd. C.m? 65&126-I Comfortal.ie Furiished Apartm(,I:clõHë to T?ff and Rhymney S tatiol1; no childrtu.—No. 10, Edward- pff Queen-street), Car"ilf "25''? 8ui>erior"Furnished Apartnients—Front Sitting-roo-n &nd" ?''°M More Bedrooms W.th or WiUmut Board. -A,1(1?-? P 1, Western M?it. Cmll! 617d26 "3, Windmr.pt.icf. Queen-street, Ctrditt.-W? furnished Sitting-room and BNIroom to Let; su;tab»e for professional genUeman; terms moderate. 624dd> 10, Fitsalau-place, Newport-road, Cardiff.—Comfort- ahh'furnihpô Rocms for One or Two U,nt?. at moderate 557,124 Lade and'Gentleman, leaving Cardiff, can HipMv Rrcninieii'l their Apartments; every comfort ■- L 41, Wr.trrH 'lad Cardiff. 527,1'4 A Minister'" Widow Desires to Let, for a Per man M?y. t"?n?!pd A'?rh? -A)? Mrs. Barnes St 'Uriavels, Coleford. Gloucestershire. 525d24 Ldy, living near Roath Park, would he glad t.. R iv, One 11 Twu LdieH M Paymg 0"M' iinferences exchanged.—For particulars address O 32, W<'?'m M'?! o!t! CanM!. 515?l Penarth.—'Two Comfortably-furnished Rooms and Bathrnmn, One or Twn Gentlemen; near station.— Nesscliffe, ?r?r' W?))'ro?? '? ''4M'<? 34, Stacev-road, Cardiff.—Comfortable Ai>artments for Ladies and Gentlemen; wtting-ioom and two bed- r'o')m?'Sn')M n!ndpmt<Mr!t. Lewis. 3_d- First-class Ai»artnient«—Drawing-room and B?d room.— Holm Dene, Cathedrul-nx'.d, Cardiff. rd 21 To he Let, Furnished Rooms, With or Without B..r,i country house, near Swansea: lar¡;e r;tn, ?ddi'f'? ?'? \??m Mail Oth,?, SwMKe. r.m  Penarth.— Lansd«wne Private Hotel and Boarding Residence.—Extensive Channel view; superior accom- modation; moderate charges; 8pcial terms to per- .e?? 3654? e Furnished AI)art- miitable for Gentlemen; within five minutes' walk of St. Mary-street.—3. Eldon-road. Car(jiff. premises. 1- DWELLING-HOUSESJTO BE LET. I.hndatf (nmr Talf Station) —Villas to he Let or Sold; every convenience; hot aud cold baths, gas, bells —James, Builder. 775d?8 To Let, illlmedhlte-põsølo;1:-27Stanwen:roaa: P?rt?; r?"t"' E40 Apply Lattey, 8, W?'"S' ftrfft, 0.u-dMf, or on t'remiMS 8OOd2!j Excellent Residence inamed Oakland) to Let, titu?Mt o'h P. Hill, wi'tli One Acre of Ground" stabling, laundry, & entrance from Newport- ro'?d'" 'he ")i'r.')u?d bo?<-rf'o.'t'h? Ktver Rumney.— For terms, Arc" apply on the Prnmisefc. 29546 A7Kinnerslev (late Mathiw and Kinnerelev), House and &t?tte Agent, 4, Upper Station-terrace, Cardiff. -R,. t? C.1 1,.?,,d; Houses and Shops tn'?t. Pip- perty l'i?p.,d Of Privately. Established 45 A No."1j7Dw'atTWetTcifdiff; 9»T"W. per weefc- Ai plv A. Kinnendey. 747d27 A- ?, -A. No. 1, Alpha-jilace, Pont,anna, friim November 16th; rent 10s. per week; good garden.—Appy.v. ?t'nnrJl'e'? ?StKion"t?ra'ce?!dS. 7'4?d27 f.lanishen.—To Let, Seven-roomed Cottage, with gz Garden; pleasantlv situated; newly papered and rmint-ed throughout.-Partiula.rs POBt.ott1ce, Uau- .hen 6 9d2b -T. 44? AlbtinV road; 112, Cottrell-road, newly papelcd .1.. 11. J)alto i-street; immediate posses- sion.—Apply 128, Ca)?e"road'. ?r<ii'?   620?326  40, Cowbridge-road; three Bit-tin.Î'oonftve bed- rnonM: bath; good garden.—J. J. David and Co., t. J,,I,.n?- ,h-b 'C df di632d26 ,rI?t Villa R, ??,ith giiii t ?l- and coach-house; within five minutes' walk of Ris- S'('n[i?n'For 1eave to view apply at Bidg, End Hote). Ri.. 558,124 ToLet,29, Ciare-street; three reception-rooms, sii .d,o. and the u<nat offices; stable and coach- hou.e.-Appiy W.UenhaU, Cathtdral.road Car. ili M din. i* — Tb Li-t.'I'?vmber 25, 67, Nev port-rmll t?try, e"" YMuen.-e.- App? M?. NewporUoad, Cardiff. !24 —ToLetTimiiiediate pnfIion,-H-flrprorrl-Hou, 105. -Richmond-road; two reception-rooms, five bedrooms, bath-room Ac.: good garden, rt"enhoup, and did; ?n?-A[?y ?''M?Hichmond-rotd. CM- diff. 529d<6 -24S-RC\\1JQrt.rnaI1:- to J.et.pply ë-S:Arthur: H?.te A?fnt?O. Queen-street, C-liff. 51MM .? ,I,. or Sold. Convenient Villas; six bed- rn<'t??.it'?e ° ?v?i'pi.?.???. Cathedral •; road— ?t?V?.ninf. 7. Albany-road, Hoath, 'diff. r,? 48,Charles-street, t" Let, ill, early possession; r.?.t S5? per annum—Apply Lewis Hopkins 10, Qu?n?tre?t.. C"rdiff. ?h'? Oath?mt-mad.-To' he U-tor Sold, Residence containing three reception, ?,,?n bed r.1. wma1 offices—Apply 59, Ponteanna-street, C;\rdiff. 47f]2 CotYr.rtJ?-road.—?Mt C'nnven?nt Yitb Resilience, with immediate pOM.;pinu; Tr.nt 14s, per \vi*k, in- cUsive.—Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian-"lnin- ix.?' ?'?n?n'. 1_ MMN -tow- ?<-nt.?.-FMn.ishe<r House; any length of time' din!H, drawing, and four bedrooms; close to ?'? .LM? na?. S'h?hornp. rorthcawl. 576d22 —Furnished jlouse.—To Let. for Few Months, House ??'t Comfortably Furnished; every modern conve- ?,f.(..°"(??t<.vc. tc.? thrff rcceptton-rontrM. five bedrooms; l?t' at m?)<-r.? r,f,:I t7 Apply Mis. F<.?n?. 20,(Hud)-ru?J!o,.H.. 38AI/2 Tlie (lj1r tl \Y:l¡; ilonnioutlisliiiG Property Regis- t? ?i'" ?'?. ?r? f.n application or post—Hem, 1'ntwep, Uoui-e A?r.t.. AucUollerø, V-1u?-. ?. 2°™ ==-=-- U nWE?KG-HOUSES TO?BE SOLn. For" Sale or to Let, Chester Hoi:e, GoJd-Tp Sal, to L,t, Cll,iC' 1. G.I,l T.,p?, ?)'f' acre ?.nd"" nwly decorated—Apply Yf?'. .?mm(?t. Newport. 6M''?__ F,r ?a. ViHa. Chude-rotd; three rf'cpphon- rocms, fl« bedroo-na; easy terms-Apply Mr H. Shepherd, 1, Fiederick-strcet, Cardiff. 8J6d28 Ktir"Sale, by ?ntftte'?'ratty, Foart-M Cntt?CM at park??, L10ntwit Major; umxptred '?<' ?0 years—ApplvC^ Punter, Uante-jt. y-Appl, _F "Foi'SateTEi?t' Dwe))in?-hontM, ?'? ? Uarth. r, t,h,,ld.-A IIlly John Bryant, Solicitor, Midland Baiik-bui ,11 1. g'p"'Y- f  i d p,idd. b91d27 ^'iargains—Six~Villas; Sll^lelon^r^lT^Mo'eland- gardeus; Shop., flortmnmoor-roa (bath.); Cot- tages, Pontypridd-street—all East Moore. Hen-iilge, 173. Bro"d"'a', CardilL 61gd26 '"W?thouFnc' Vill', d 14ii?Wrt in..e low groun(i r,,t; ?,nt.11?? tll-tlit, ti- I? china pantry, kitchen, and offices, with f( 'u bed- rocuH. ?thrpom. ?.: ?o-) garden; early py eion—Apply on it-, Premises A ""Llangamutarcli Welle—Maes Derwen, seven m'mit™ vill., Xpr?., h?dl)v dr," grounds 14 acres; dimng, drawuig. »'>»■ J 1 smoking rooma. bedrooms, wc., kitchen, ^ar.» par.h Y. w.tsh-hncee, and men's rooms, 6 ab'e, coach- hn?e'' t?nis ??n. kitchen garden—Apply Jnne<, M?i'er? '??mmarch "eijs^ 476]d LSni5benT=Two Small HI)1N>. well situated and tenanted; in good repair; moderate Pn^-r-J'1" ?r??nd no.°° C^mbrian-cbambers^rdiffMj^ba^ BUSINESS PREMISES TOLEi.- I ""Ynvshir.—-New -D0ubiefioI1-t-Cõfõër-Shop; uit d?per' o?roc?r M?d h?er" MceUent pMit.onmatn ,het.t -Apph' Th-m)? ThomM?Yry.)nr. 839d28g in "HouM, and Shop-M.' Barry-road. &tdnxton. in thoro?. repair-to Let or for Sa.lo.—JVpply David, Brvn-cae Far? Llanharran. 8?s "TtT Let, Januarv' 1, 1895. a Con n,odious Sho.p _»n_d. lic?se (suit driper), td in Ynvshir-mad AIply M.  Morgan, 43, ?tbourne.roS, Penarth. or M. LoUgiler, Yny?i,ir. 68M26 '?hopT?th P)ate?)M!. Fr._Mt. M Kt. DP-ir Pier- ).?d: with living accommodation—Lewis Hopkins, Estate 8 :ellt lO!Qutreet,. 6$126 Shop"and DwetMnK-houM'to Let, i30, Castle Cardiff; suit greengrocer, fishmonger, poulterer, dairyman, Ac—Applv 138, Castle-road. 528,126- Rof<-r;to<?—Shop to Let; 6uitahle for fr.M-erand ??fl .?? immediate p??.on.-App)vT 22, ?6M24' W?tern Mail, Newport. 5°M?_ ""St" Marv^t.reet. f.<rdin ?djoimng the new Western Mail Bllii,li?Z?).4p??l!il??gtl?'M-t Commanding Elevation n the ? (i?"v?n', i with Amr1r ?e!!ar?e '"?d Back r;'nt'?nre. wU he dllptect to the renuirenteiits of tenants, ready for -"Y-ti ?)e"* 1W"5, ?' ear?ter: rents from E200 per annmn. -A?.v to Mr. James Allan, Contractor, _he il- 329,8 BUSINESS PREMISES TO BE SOLD. Pot.lvcy.niner (Oxford-Street)—For Sale (good op- portunity), Two Shops, central, prosperous Mining District—IVrticul»i» E. T. Jones, 95, High-street, Mtuntaai.-Vsll. -==- 794,128 WORKSHOPS TO LET. —Yartf«nl W,,rk?h P. to TPCI n]?ll ?nl?iff?.r i?ar, diff. fi?,- minutes' walk from C-.W. H. Passenger Station, comprising yard, oftke, joinel'' shops, mMons sheds, ,tCI" 4c—Apply John W. "11, 14. HjO'" .eet CarrM. HI"!?8— WAREHOrSES TO 1,ET. "L&r?e. Well-lighted Udl.rÙoLet; centreõf t-?, 9nn immediately oppMitP site of new post-office, immediate !??sc<JS'°-J?MM. Clarke, amI Co" Shrhn-ch'amb.r,. Cardiff. °7~ Warehou.e or Workshop. M Let at. ?ueen.-huUd. ings, Newport—For pa,Ueulara apply to Mr J. Hopkins. r304,4 OFFICES WANTED. "Wantefsimn?ntce. -n GFro,?d Fl?.r-, Cellarage and Stabling; "'¡¡ether or orp.rate.-Full particulars O 22^ Western Mnl. Cardilt. 44jn22Hd^'22 OFFICES TO LET. ''ToMT:oom.recent)Y dtM?ted, We.ts'te-6trett ? suiltable for office or Jock-up hop; ground ..oor, go^d ,«tdtbn; rent £ 25 1,.p 2o, Western goud l?),siti in; rent ?225 -A d O25, WI?tlrn Bank-buildings, St. Mary-street, Catdifl—First- ehm Suite of Offices, ground floor; immediate po.- ?e. rent "oderate.-JenkiuH, Clarke, and Co., M brian-chambers, 12, Ve?ate.?treet, Cardiff. [d22 "Cincm to !.et at Queen'a-chambera. Quten-ttrcet, Ca"liff: three r.F-r r pemcuttn) apply Mr. J B. Wntiame. No. 11, C ar?-.treet, Car- dJ:. ff __??- W?53 Offices to Let ..n, particulars apply to Mr. J. Hopkins. WestemMail .2,,e..p.r.t: 30453 STABLES TO LET. -'IV Let"(hack of Windsor-place), excellent Coach"- house and Two Loose Boxes, with Harness-room and Loft over; moderate rentaI.-Balley and Oilier, House Agents, Castle-street, Cardiff. ,,2A26 Sujierior Two-stail Stable, Coach-house, Two Lofts, Sc., Gold-street, RI-Ilth -IPI -I,- Hughes, Borough. chambers. Wharton-etreet. Cardiff. 457d23 Stables and Coach-houses to Let, in ccutre of Crdiff.-Apply. Lewis Hopkins, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 4677dll 1 public bouses aitB Bu2!tne95es PUBLIC HOUSES. &c.. WANTED. t,,&Ii??l:i,?,d 9;t,?? in 6, I"aW. -Apply Morgan MorgaD, AuctmMer. Higlwjreet, -Al?ply Morgan Morgan, Au(!Ci?r, High-Ot?t? PUBLIC-HOUSES FOB DISPOSAL. I To Let, FrW Ho?, the Cut¡e Hotel, CO-W n!td? Newport—Ptrtieutan) Proprietor, on !?" :ic:="rt:m ":5.1 ^ubhr-bouscs anti Bustne^ts l'UBLIC-/lOUSf.S DISPOSAlT^Su fd). I ^To Let7 Six Fully-hcet^ed Premises; proof hbti- ncsfes; well situated iu Moninoutl«hire.—Apply M Valuer, 10, Frederick-street, wport, Mon. 0, 1 12'i To be Let, with immediate pobsession^all that well- known aud splendidly-situated Full-licensed known lrlJC Ö;:¡'ll((lgritr inFl:' -t A: 1 ganrmi), HOW, and for many years past, 't.i.g an escel1en t,.d? .d ÎJiill moderate.—Apply R. W. Miller aud Co. (Li.?itd), Stk,?,r?ft Ik"WIT, Bristol. 33'?0 To L«t, Full-licensfd Free l'ublic-house (Home Rifwingi; d(]io the bet trade m the town; excep- Houal oPIJoltumty; inspection of books, &L, invited. —Full particular of Uelmes and Poole, Auctioiieere, Monmouth. 33721 To Licensed Victuallers. Hotel -?d Brewery C("?" Pll¡R',J:'Iei:tl!]tJ(?¿:ld s!:à:V- ). ander. Daniel, cJfe, Rnd Co. are inscructed to L^t the above Old-eatablwhed P,.I??rt?' on Lease II dfsinble Tenant. The Licence is maintait ned in force, and the Homp (wh,,h has jll,,lii!nF)."? mi- prove'vents and repairs effected) contains the mmal Rccpption and Dining Uoom, a noble Banquct dall. and 30 Bedrooms; ood stabling, and stocb-room, &c. It iK in the moot important position ill Sw"eJ. -Joull particulars at Bank-chambers, Coru.r;Înet, BristoL and 34. Old Jewry, London, E.C. 33o33 Geiumie Double and SlnÎc- Licensed Houses for Disposal: ingoings to :-iuit all purchasers, lrom£50 in £ 10,000—Frank Halford, 19, Duke-street. Car. diff. ,G°<U( j HI \lllttU wr.==,irI1- Colliers' Aims and Brecon Arms, by Auction, at Griffin Hotel, Thiee p.m, on 8th.- Wyllace J. Tong, Auctioneer. Dudlev. Worcestershire.—To be Let, au Old-estab- lished Full-licensed P,.bli,?-h in the best ?'t.?t, !n Ihe town; capital spirit vault, li,d, -k?.d dining -n. a- concert room, With music5 rent 260; valuation of it tur?? n?i ??nMi stock tree, for wines, spirits, and cigars—Skidmore and Nn. Valuer, Wolverhampton. Pt?p-fh F?Tndi?t, possession, the extensive and conveniently situated f ree Beerhouse, known as the Bridgend Inn, GadJYb. with r^mmodioua kn,? coach-houses, and covered yard t the reai theieof" er.pital opportunity for eiu.rgetic business man—Apply Thos. Phillips and Son, SolicItor., Aber- Snna^flde ^DFilicant^, with £ 450 cash. Sup^rioi Spirit Vaults free except beers; £ 25 weekly pu;jrau- ;t lent £ 50.-1,382. "Daily Press, Bliy [,12 -bä.rdjtf'-First-das'4 Double-licensed H.11s, to 1Let; ffood bar smoke, and hilliam room; long .IeJ.se; capital leqtiirerl, £ 1,M0—Apply Mr. Johii "caypr, 9n, S!: -U"'H_t,eet. Cardiff. 28d- ~ToM. with immediate :io., .,? New Oxford Inn. Odor'l-street., Swansea; Bole rea"0" dls, posal proprietor taken larger house; lhandsome iharr, and whole hu- recently led; eatisfactor) pari inula™ 01 ?,-Apply -,I till PI'mi? 3355 Arn, 1,1-1 immediate pesi.oll: euitable tenant- !u:tahle t",ns-AppIy P?.e or INter, with Ktamp, R;ckard, 42, WlI1d.,treet, 0, &1510 :aÙäõõVPr.street, Swa"a.- 'i'õbeŒttk immediate jwsscsion. this Splend.dlv-situated out door ,nl WI-1,1-1- Beer and Off "ïn and Spirit Licenced Premises; "es' position in the t?)-? of Swansea, ,nd t, c?,ii.?, no opposition: splendid npeipng for branch grocery stores.—Apply for il panlciilara W Mr. Howard. Nm Oxford Inn, Swansea, or to St"k.r..oft Brewery, Bristol. 33513 Cardiff.—Beerhouse, busy (boroui:bfarf" 21,5 to an hmnerUate purchaser.—Powell, Temple-chambers, 'c t. John's-sqnare, Cardiff. 411d2; Neath.—Genuine Double-iicenaed lio'He; proof fakmga 6^ barrels weekly; £:I5J ea.h.-Powell. Tem- pIe chafubers. 8. St. Jolin's-square, Cardiff. 412d?? Rhonifda V<iiiev. Well-known Douhl-:1i('pnei Hotel, nt lease: £ 2.CW "ft«h.— Powell, Temple-cham- bers. 8. St..Tohn's-square, Cardiff. 413d22 H«itel to Let, in Senside Re?nrfc: lieaut-iful neigh- Ixurhood. principal house; large !(arden; (ODl. modious tbl '?'?d coach-house; pirips: green- hOl¡"P. with vines, Ac.; giving up in consequence of death of wife; possession mav be arra"?(I in t,"r, ??,nt 1, will he ..d,rt,Ad,],,?- O IL6. W??,?r..Mail, Cardiff. 33398 Post Free" 318th Issue. 60 Columns.—Largest pub- Hotels, Brewpri?, Spirit Vault8. Beer- lislied List Hotels, Breweries, Spirit VaulU, Beer- houses, Restaurants, Temperance Hotels, Bakers', Drapers', Tobaconists, froe,?s', Dairymen's, Busi- nesses Every i)?.iptl- E" £ 10,000; loan! arranged.—John Downing, F.A.I., 1, Nelson-street, Bristol. E?t?bli.hed 1845. 4823 Cash about £ 250.—Valuable Country Inn; easy distance Bath and Bristol, close, to railway station: about two acres highly cultivated garden and pas- hire; ?,.?cellent trade.—Downing, Auctioneer, Bri!- t(, 844d23 Bath.—Famous City Spirit Vaults; great thorough- fprc; undoubted proof-trade; rent £ 30; incoming £150. furnished.—Downing, Hotel Valuer, Bris- tol. 845(128 Principal Hotel (Full-Mcensedj busy, pleasant town Somerset; proprietor guarantees trad3 £ 30 weekly; rent EIO: incoming E450.-I)?itig. Bristol [d23 ift,n.-I ry enuine Beerhouse -õéár-vTNoriä: r.2is; in 21 years; payments nearly £45 monthly.—Downing. 430.123 Handsome, well-kuovu Suburban Beer and Wine House; pa\"ing £60 monthly for draught beers; in- coming £ 500 Another; great residential district; cash £25. Another; near Suspension Bridge; £10.- Downing 491d23 Bristol— £ 300—Main Thoroughfare from City to Joint Station.—Compact, old-established, handsomely, fitted Hotel and Vault0.-I)0wning. 492d BUSINESSES WANTED. —Wanted! Milk Round, any part of Wales, WíthOi. Without Cows.—Mr Marshall, care of Mrs, Mutton. Trevarder Farm. by Fowey, Cornwall." -Swept ami slationery Business Wanted; must be open tn investigation.—O 24, Western Mail, Cr- X^anterl. CeiHiine Tobacconist Business suitable for diff. MM??, ladv—Full particulae rO 23, Western Mail. Car- diff. 38M22_ BUSINFSSES FOR DISPOSAL. —High-class Tobacconist's and Athletic Outfitting B1JsiJIt'8!1.-Jo)lwan1 T. Parker received instructions to Dispose of well-known Business, occupviug splendid suburban position—For incoming, rent, ami other particulars, Edward T. Pmke, T,.I. V#i«ei\ 1, B ? d.t,,?t, Bri.tll. 636d28 BrStnl—Fi7stcias8 Dairy, Butter, Confectionery Buin"fi8. sup' erior, populous re8idntial district; changed onre in 40 years; proprietor guarantees trade nearly £1,000 annually; gross profits £250: working expenses very low; incoming £ 230— Downing. 1, Nelson-street, Bristol. 843d28 —A7i "01d<"fahlished Dairy and Ccnfcc¥onerv Busi- neHI1 for hnlllNlhtte Disposal, in one of lhe principal stieets of Bristol; taking- npward. of £23 weekly. proofs; capital required about £ 100—Apply 4, Stanley l'ark, Eastville, Bristol. 770d24 -1'I)acõ-nit'-8- and Newspaper Business; old-estab- lished; good connection; premises well adapted for haudressing business; living accommodation; stab. ling, coach-house, 4c.: in main thoroughfare— \pply (eo Thomas and Son, Auctioneers and Valuers, Quay-Street, Cardiff. 730<127 ""To LetrbestTpart of Newport, Tobacconist's Busi- ness, together with Large Warehouse, suitahle for stores or workshop; stock at valuation, about P-30; every accommodation.—Apply Freshfteld, Auctioneer, Newport. 661;126 Groctry Business in South Wales; double-front, warehouse, stable, &c.; convenience and position for doing a large trade; lease; main street; stock £<100; utersils, fixtures, horse, cart, trap, &c., £70: book- debts £ 60—Enclose stamp for reply, 0 <I, W.,tem Mail Office, CajdijL 742,124 !gOr-:al¡;;off-lIar)"t:: I Apply C. S. Arthur, E<ate Agent, 10, Que?,it si4d24 LToBreer P.-Qmall Brewery Business for Disposal; cod "?'I ig for small ati. htlilltt"-Putklllar rildress 0 3!? Ile?t,-r,? Mail, Cordift 504d23 To qair(irm Pr. Business T?) Let- ill?"le(Ilitt?iv.or particulam apply 210, Cowbrtdge- ,ffli5ttIlantOtl5. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. "Respectable Couple Wi.h.. to Adopt ..I from Birth; good home; moderate premium: good .,f rences.—Address P 30, We.tern Mail ofli,?, Car- diff. 829<128 ~Wi)nted~Woollen ",ii e.tt??n R-g?, H?ni,, Flz?. Crrpet, .,i otl"r Wastes, Old Ropes, B.??d Pp?,r: Accoi ;t n1:I:-Id W;?\ (ra():b:'l;rl GutU. Percha, All Kinds fFire Salvages Bought; (icHxfs Sold cn Commission, and Ionev Advanced.— Rawson and Co., 225, Dewsbrry-road, Leeds. [33693 "Henfvjones. 'Coburi-stPeecf, Cardiff, Gives HIh. if than ,,y other naler for Ladies', G,nti(?imn* alld Children's Wardrobes. Country Parcels Received and Houses Attended promptly. 78'124 WanM, Double-sided Desk, about 5ft. long; brass top rail.—Shite narticulars amI lowest ptire J. Hammond, Accountant., tl_piirtd. 54&124 Cement Cwks W nt,,d, in ,?d conditi(.n; f, 11 value given,—For best quality Ilortlan Cement, apply tn Manufacturers, Cement Company. Pen- arth. 460<13 y,t,n.(1ff Clothes— Mrs. Roddy, 9. Saudon-streefi, Xt" town, Cardiff, Purchaser of Ladies' and Gentle men's Wearing Apparel, ,c.-AIl orders Imuctual1.v ottended to in town or country. Good prir.ea ghen 504 Gentlemen's and I.di, Uft^ff Clothing Bought^; town or Country orders promptly attended.—Mr. and Mri. S. L. Green, Dumfries House, 32, Carohue- ,tr, C:l!rl;ff. r,?t.hii.h?d 41 rearo. 412d ""Oeiiticmen'H Left off Clothing Bought, Town or Country.—Ordern promptly attended to by Mr. or Mrs S. Beer, 30, Carohue-street, Crdiff. E?t- 1864. &8527d MISCELLANEOUS SALKS. —Table Knives (Sterling Silver Mounted).—A Young Ladv Offers 12 large, 12 jmall. also meat- alld g-am" carvers .md steel, mS8Sive Ctayford ivory handles, and hall-marked ferrules, a vaiuable 11 guinea present, 29 pJEee8, UI1$')iicd, for 458., cash urgent; avpnwal fi'ee, by poMt, anywhere.— D., 75, Lyr.dte. avenue. Chaphain Common, S.W. 786d2 It ^jT'No'iicrja to be Satieficd witli Abv Yeast when Bread is One of the Staple Article* oi reed. Your Bread should be nweet and anti \0 secure thil tt flnest Tcart must be used. Buy a kr-C1<'n 0,,11 tested brand. ,ht for D.C.L. Most tlI t. ^'Jt it »ou eaanet get it writs W Thl Distillers Cocepaay (Limited), Edinburyh. lb- Sols Manufacturers, who will give yon the adrea at the nsarM affnt. More Agents Wasted. Samp* test for four stamps. L1148* Glass 3hades, all si&es, for Cl<K-ks, Fiiiie,, SZ, cheap; also Fish Glolies.—J. Cording, Naturalist, 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 717d27 Old Gold or Silver Articles Exchanged for New, or Cafch.—E. G. Strong and Co., 18, Castle-road, Cor. diff. 724427 11 to 100 Tons good E?wedW, eliie d free, o? T?-ff or Barry Rails or Cardiff.-Apply P 13. W?-t?r. Mail, Cardiff 707ri27 uildc?N, Engineers, ac.—The Cheapest »nd Best Line in the Trade in Engine-cleaning Waste and %k,?. is to V. had at luwl"? .?,f Co., 225, Dtw.hury.rœd, Leeds.. &%94 F(,r 41,, r?? Shares <;¡¡¡i' Bo,,fdtr-3D- £56 'n8. paid; Two Share., 431, £ 32 142. paid, and £ 20CI Ap- propriation available; Four Shares, 721, P What Offer, ?-Add""s No 7,337, at L<>eke and Ph.ihps' ÅdverU!ing Offices, Newport, Mon. l- Tarpaulins for Wagoits, (art?, Thrashing Machin?, Vans, Railway Trucks, 4c., in Black, I'?ll w, or Green Iiot-proof Cwtvas; also ^tc I"arub'wr Water proof Covers, Horse LUin Cloths, .-E Pr. .all nd Co., =ulin Manufacturers, Shme-rcd, Bedminster, B494ld -orni'ort8t-;ië-o;;äïirl-Steam;-dÛr'red p3i ment arranged; oven fittings of all kind. -Builders and ba7i,rs call or wi-it? PTu.k., MiII.laue, C?r- diff. 33485 Pri..te Greeting Cards; variou$ d..igns.-Sample books may be seen at Danie Owen and Co. (Limited), SL M:r) -.tit? Cardiff. ?3418 Shop Fronta, Shop and Office Wood Fittitge, Counter Glass Cases, 4c—Bartlett and 80u ai.it?d). W.I.h Back, Bri?toL 1758 T.eth.-Complset;- Oníí- Guinea. Five years' -tY.-G.,A-n ..d Co., 10, Dp?? L, and ;a:na. ;r MISCE:I::t(:nnuedl' I MISCELLANEOUS SALESJContmucd?. good valuc. Uegera'steam ?ntin, Works, Lower Atcade^Bri^- wi.. 15885 -WrdSrroSnite""MoWinent £ fro.i. pnid; inscription¡" accute and beautiful .-1/1I'H i5J.ii:¡¡-r¡I:¡;it:;Ir"f;6k-è;,I, -d p,i f-ni Ugge, Yen;orandunn.  Bilthe 4p, B,)ttle fj.lels, he.t value.-t'.her aUd Co, Broa<d, I   ('la:s We r:k .at  ArtitiOll W,!rl. Dett1l"  C".?p 2012 ^orSfsi, Hibr ^>tocb, l?idc)w Lady Sell. through d.ath, acti« Horse. .5 vears, 15.2; suit brougham oi trndem^v reiiahle animal; 18 ;;llluea, writt£JI ":1.nanty à:d 14 -1-y?'ti?l "'Î\en-Applr. J't/l mub l two otilv. 78, Stccrv-road. NeVport-road, t-ardiff. tw^o I' FOI' uJt'. '.HY hslltlme Well,hred (,1f>6t.r.Ut Cub Marc. 15 hauilii. 7 yt'í:r.:i fa{, ;;00<1 action; driven Marc, 15 haiids, by i?d'; (»u b" thorou¡¡hl' reromlm'n<led; £.- 111 11 :O:u, Poniardulaib. 832d28 :rvrtiutor Tiurchased at Farm Sale a« t;ve «W• evlsrh Cart ?1- 16 hamb, ¡ yw~, on l'Ihort leK:; pnnecl in f,)al t;o I ? vvh:,tt25r ?,d arra? %viti,Foal for 0 K<-? at. ? n.? S' ??.t? Bouml, goud w rker, "tle-™d,.C., :pemt7o« w kBi..? 16 2: forfrff; Micdlelcn Hall, Lla larthney. K)^l«_  Pnnv.' 12.2 c)so TMp attd H?mf*- ? _lil;iBayp"22 2'a,,d to :?epar tf,9523d24 ?r?erB?'C.?'lfhMd?'ii? ?. g<JlXi S?dX. H.rn?; ol)en instw ti0,Al,pl' (?ld St Julian' Newport, ?1&124 1 VeK & M Turtv -C Fluut Vp.tt>rinary Book fT?,? 42, Turn,  f"? hac-}rf'. &ire shc)tilden, broken kne?, ?'otlll d-1-tl bfuise. thrush, em,k?,i heel., gr.?,, mud I!r, mange .*<■. very quickly cured by bathing th. ?' nd,d (di lud),tg, nakes the Mr ?row wi.?e r'Jbd (,tf. Pncee: 8oz., la.; 2s. Sf?' Chemists. Insist on having Condy },luid." ^-Veterinary Book Free, eontainin full instructions 'for the treatment and cure of ailments afIf>diu H?' n?. ??. CstUe, ShMp. Pigs, Pou)tn'.  c" from Condv's Fluid Work., 42, Tommtft-???n. don, E.C. L11480 "Ve)5?Sudohe(?The'r!TM?BU? Horecs in the World. ?No blemish I 'No cradle! N. rest esseu. tial.-P«lce,2s.'6d. or 5«., of Cbemiate; 'or poot fre.. Gregory. Veterinarian, tflst.il. Fnr'SWe, Pure-bred -feiscv Heller, jost cilveil; Other J?eY lif?it'l- inJMilk Two Pure-bred J.r- Bull calves—Apply e? D. Pb\lüp., ?r??, Newport. _?_ 655d2S "F'srsale, Pedigree 'JetMv Om and Heifers; 1üîi p?t)t; ?wn ce?'M..?' Two powerfu) Carriage ind Two W?)tht.rry..? C«Jw= a™1'• quiet; !t'gh Mfm.-J<mt" Bro ?n. Porth- 4I73,1 '"?tT?g:?7?ar!t?6, &t. For Sale, New Spring Hauling and New Hauling Cart, New Trucks and Navvy Barrows at Gr^er s, Wharton-st-i'eet, Cardiff. -<!?_8 Cood Groce -V Cart. 28 New Butchers' Carts, MO 10, Crank-axle Milk Cert. £11; waggonette. £ 12— Av« rv, Dock-street, Newport. &634d^& -He!lrë modern canc-• sh&rfd with open sid es, nx.t.?ted on perch carrnge, with cee springs, or??g- mental canopy roof.-Photograph on ?ppli-ti-11 Br? -,?e, City Whe-el ??? k!, _D,.?,_ lin. (d26 -vvI;¡htv-Jandal;êTihø onl}:-S!cwt. "ith aU i,,ent improvements. Also MMrt  Fuller BirtH! and Company, C.,xl iff. 623d26 "Circular-fronted Broüham. fo 0.1. le; paintd and trimmed M?. AIo Cob-sise Battl?den Cal't Ftill(?r Birt4il and rdiff. Liirht Cob-size b,- F.,?,],r. ,ith .11 -,nt )n)r'?fn)cnfF. ?nd in M<-f))ent condiii°n.rtmei* Birtlll and CnmpMV. C.p2 d26 -) õtU\ Norman. Coachb-nlder, Market-road. Canton, Cardiff has a Large Assortment of New and S?=(I. hand C.rri..g,?, consisting of LandauM, Broughams, Wagonettes. ?OK?r'?' P'?ny Carl" GigR. &c. A)sn. Tradesmen's V- an<l CHts. Send for ))<t. Ctn?en trams p?i,s show-rooms and ?rkl. 31617 ftoultrp, ^tgtoitS,$tt. 300 Geese for Sale also Ducks and March Pullets Apply :;em, 3, Penypeplrooù. Canton, Cardl! rd:>2 Stcpclesi, Crtcpclts, _I Brof., Cvcle Works. Pontyplidd (Esttp- are Offeiing StAwk of Safeties, &c., at Big Reductions to Clear. Repairs promptly, trade prices. Puncture Proof Bands Frtted to any Tyres. Ba. Spanntr, or Bell, b. each. 146 Host anb jfounll. Lost, at Pontyclown, on Wedneadity last. Sr.1all White Terrier Hitch; name Vip'r; Onder will he .-ew?,,d?d.-K??per, L?tge, Pontyck.wn. LI ail truant. | :Ç;{?-7fl;f.(r1;\f.rcYfof: I about half grown—Apply T. Williams, Solicitor, Nerth. 697d23 "lOt. Reward-I?t. on Sunday Evenmg. between Tvnewvdd .?d Cadoxton Railway Nation, { Si? ?t..)" with Gold Chain ?d C.? ?ta.h?- Apply Bute Cottage, Penart?. 657d?6 £3 -Re\rd.-Í.oOÇ-¡,etweenC..erkôn ,¡:¡¡rLlau: gibty, on 17U. November, 18" S-Il Wid, l?"t ."te ?lL.1y'? W.th, with monogram on back in red, white, and blue letters, "F\?E" Maker: Lewis, B.nd-.t,??t, London— The above re?rd will be paid t anytfinI ding and irturning the watch tlf ?Il Arthur Eva?, Ian gibb C?tte. or to any one of .he Couutj^Po^t- <- 567d22 "Lcst"?"'Saturday, the 17th. in or near Mumb es, a Dog (Got don'I.I.,k, with tan r" :v to the name of Bran—Whoever wi 1 hnnf the above to H. J (los, Ty \ewydd. M..mMe__tt b? .?i y rewarded. M9d2? E?C '61IFe "CortTciilie Dog; black and y;;¡;âr: -Reward on returning to Ship Bernm Wood, Koath Dock, CarcL?.- S%d26 -):o?rabout-mre. ?Monday AfWr -WW d, -9?tW-?in Cocway, Llandaff, and Chur?h Roads, Gold B-??Ilt; n';?r'.?S?I'ppiy f'o:ice.?tion, Cant??r: 532d24 ??77inM'15th'KovpmberrB'?MTiev?Do? illis??is J;k, Under rewarded 5.; dehiner prosecuted.—Govier, CMYO Hold, Catl. iay*^ d^r' 9.,3d24 ?undr j??-F?day 1-il If P Apply 155, Xe?-p"rt-ro?, Cardiff. 6M22 i¥loitf)). MONEY WANTED. ''flOM'*or*E2'000 Wanted to Borrow.-?ent'MnM .ta??b?in??.pKndid connection, » tlrst-class j.?in); com'era, can be guaranteed w.th h.s ?-P 1-1; & Positive i-t?m?tf 10 P"per annum fer loan can be assured—Apply, full particulars, P 8, W?rn Mail, C.rditf. M'? Wanted."HenHtmM. with comme?a??n?? to Finance an Inventor for hweotions, Novelties- ?.rt? particulars, d?.i.g?, dd-. 6 44, ?-?"' diff.- ?Mt. "jEl760t) Required ? < per Cent., Mort?fe OIÎ Fw Mtd Property, worth jE??-Appiy L?.d Northcote V'Ua, Lon?roM-6trMt, Ctr? 1418J22 ""Wanted, £ 500 on Private Mortgage at 44 per Cent. 46p?r-C??nt. First-class security—Apply O 15, Western Mail, -urity.-Apply 0 15, 369,122 c "Mortgages. ^S"" Hern and Pertwee, St. Mary ftmt, CA7A? Mortgage anil Insurance Broker ).?e Numercu. Sums Immediately A.t?bte !? FrMhotd?. L.:tKhold.. Reversions, and Lite^^Iida- rt"bi. ? £ 20to£ o,0(» "LenrPrivately in Town or Countij to all RestecUble Persons on hote of Hand Alone, without Bondtn?n or Securit.es; e."Pto-ll?' lo ?,t.-Apply H. Thomas, 25, Bndge-street, Bris- tol. !Øl<1 ?2?o*E500?rmnced*WithoutDe!tvt??!ou? hol(ler? I&Tnier or Any responsible Person; fair XX: .v t?P..a,.el?tq.tpply ?th?M?<r. T.e.)?r and District Advance B..k,Brldz?- Tredegar on. 465,13) slreet, Trede?r. Mon. .?" -sic?ifiii?, front E50 to E5.03!) A?- able for Freehold ?nd Leasehold Ilroperti?, or Any Other Good Securities.—Mr. t?nkHatford, Mortage BK.k«r, 19. Dutff-?reet. Cardiff^ 318d "Monfy?'mpoHant S<?tice.-)f you want Money .end (or pr?etu-i Mr. Hke, 43, Sa)i.bury-road. Candia?E<tabUahed 1W. 59? Phil Phillips. p.-bk,?, Whuleute Jeweller, 24, St?ar?'t?et. Cardiff. Advwceb Money on Plate, Diamond, &e., at Low Rat" of lntr?t. 4 43?d THE DIRECrORS OF 1 S FIELDING AND CO,. (LIMITED) Advance Daily Sums from £5 to £1,000 Method of Business: FAIR 1STEIIES'l' EASY RE-PAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. 1\U DELAY. NO SURETIES. TRÄDt: BILLS DISCOUNTED. Prospectuses and Particulars Free. Ar l? at either Addressee below:— Head "Office-1'HE HAYES HLTLDINGS^ CARDIn" ALBEWf-URAN.f3L1: 1.F 4,.ST. CATJI,?jiF?F, .I0D ^Opposite ?oli?'?tkti 'T??nTaFew Thousand :>t:;t ":r; Prepared to Mike Advances at a I/»' R-1? of ,-?t? r,t., ?, 2?,to diff. rest—Apply Manager, 3, B^tencceCardiff. .??r??.??r?E?HCOMMEXDED To Apply to TGF sorTHEtf?CO?TtES' DKCO?t) ?KK ?MtTEn? 1 QUEEX-SQUARE. B.?.1TO Incorporated U,he C-pa Act. 186| Money Lent upon Note-of-Haml, Without Bid oi Sale cr Sureties, as follows; — ° repayable In 24 monthly instalment. ,f £ 1 2 ^5 ;Ï:),  f, 4 10 kioo 24 !C4 9 7 Larger sums in proportion. Strict Rriv.y guaran- teed. No '1'2cd-Distance no oi;- ?'?\?°h?''f'°")')?.Y5'.? York-rosd, Waterloo BtMg? Londou, 8-F, Ml 457 MONEY LENT ON NOTE 6;¡¡Ã" THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL. The Directors "I this old-establifhfd, well-known once, ha ring large avallatle funds, offer nusual facilities to all respectablr and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or pennan:;ut assis- tance Cash in amounts frcfil 1:20 to £3.000 ia advanced in all parts of the kingdom without sure- ti, dl.y, publicity, md on the security only of the boncwer's written promise to re-pay. Thp nd- vances may be re paid by weekly, monthly, or quar- ,t?,,7,ng ?e, p?,ri??, )fr qti?ir. convenient to 'I. borrower, or b, P,i.?;Pl may nmain so long as the interest is paid. No Billi 01 Sale laken. and the are cot published 11 ny newspaper or v>v.* tte. Apply stating amount requited, to Mr. T. C. MILBUBN, General Meager. NOTE —Specially aqv?nt4,eous terms for L?u I ou1\i;Y ptl::e*18adl.d M.rtp 33265 w EJfiKLY MAIL *». V ™ ™ I" iiflacbuierp, Cools, &c. machini;ry, tooi^s. FOR sale. "Engine,10:n. tk? 12! di.nieter by 16in. etr,)k% Wanted; in thoroughly g,,?l order (no rubbi.h).- Full parlicuiaro nd ghprlyice to Box 7, Britou Ferry. 3Z7i7 ?f.M E?7gin?or*Si)e?[Ch'i)p)'rtiMV.v*n<wr''i?ht nominal horse-pomer: in pt:rtt working r(le;- .Apply Win. Usher, Swa:wea. 868d?8 ""Bellows, Anvil, Vice. Tongs. Sw-tges, Tools, Iron, lI"- APPI' (»eorge lWI:o" 65. William-ttreer, Cii- fynydd, Pontnn'iJ41 553(124 -'1as-Engoloe¡ for sal. Cnsh I')r Deferred Pavinent; rold m-da) awa. and Piatt, Ghuf'e. ter *16? Portable and Vertical E",Z,fie,. N,i 7A?d (u)!;d.han(l; also improved %iortar Mills, Saw Sei,ch "s' & fnr Hale. H. ,r Purchase H;er. 16-h p. Doiible-ovlinder Portable Engine; equal to new. Also 3-ton Steam Traveling Crane, .u- Sole Agents for South Wales 911(1 Monmouthshire for Marshall Sons, and Co., Gainsborough.—Geo. Kvte .n) Co, Atlas Works, Canp-nL Cardiff. ?AV Boilers, all -;iz.-vèrrwl, ,rit-?h. Lanraihir?, Icc'o. 'rype; alo "crtka1 St,?c, Fng?, -The Grantham Crank and 1,.? C. 1,?,,y (Lim ted), Grantbam. 'I_ 27?53 I HAVE READY F"R IMMEDIATE IDELIVYRY 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 30 N. H.P. PORTABLB ENGINES. 5ft., 6ft.. 7ft, and 8ft. MORTAR MILLS. 24in., 30iu., 38in., 42iu., 48iu„ and 64iu. CIRCULAH SAW-BENCHES. ALL ON SALE, HIRE, OR PURPHASE-HI BE, ON FAVOURABLE TERMS. CHARLES D. pHILLIPS NEWPORT, MON. Telegrams —" Machinery, Newport." Nationi Telephone-No. 18. 319818 TEAMSHIP OWNERS sREQUIRING NEW MARINE BOILERS Of the Highest Class and Power, • APPLY G. K. STOTHERT AND CO., BOIkEBMAKEBS, BRISTOL. pECKETT AND SONS LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE BUILDERS, BRISTOL, Have a Lsrge Stock of NEW LOCOMOTIVES of various Sizes, with :1.11 tbeLø.tedt Improvemen\;8 Beadv for Immediate Delivery. Materials aud Workmanship equal to Mai.n Li.ne El1nes, For Sale or Purchase Hire. Locomotives thoroughly repaired with Deø- patch. aim Coilterp Beqmsttes. F(r Sl, Iron T n,, th t??l wheels and axles, 2ft.  Biln. auge.?pe?rik?-ber Navigation Cofilerjt Ccmpany (Limiccd^Mountain Aah. 33713 Thk"bt-tr WORKS SUPPLY có T133, BUTE DOCKS, CABDH F. Telephone: Nn 45 (Post Office and National). Telegrams: Getliuig. Cardiff. Correspondence invited. WAGONS.—Latest Regulations always la courn of construction at Cardiff. Latest Regulat:i,ss Good Second-hand; equal to new. Old Regulations, Good Second-hand- well worth inspection. RAtLS.-Brid?. Flange, Double il??d, and Bull ,d. with or without fastenings. ° SLEEPERS.-Rtee' ?d' Wood ?r all gauges. 1.4)X new Baltic RK-t-tn?ubM, mwn, 8ft. by 8in. by 41?, at 1,* 3d f.o.t. Cardiff. LOCOMOTIVES—lOin. and 14in. Cylinders, four wbt-ptll coupled; 12in. and 14in. Cylinders, six WbeeI. couplt'd .A.I?R WAGONS.-27 Side-tipping, 30in. gauge, ne 'nd-l?..d, -tell wheels -Id It'll a?8 ?y H?e)d?''?n?)d'?e?hf,o.t*'Ct?t. A further 60 can be made end or side-tippinr PORTABLE RAILWAY—24in. gauge, St«t<ti).. 10h per vaid, and Iron Si.p?, £ 9 1&. 9d. F" 100 v.rda of lui!w?'. ?O?KtSH BOILLh-20ft. by 5ft, m 9" em. dit?n. with nttingt complete. E35 f.o t. Cardi.. T?/riDLANDR?AlLWAY CARRIAGE I AND WAGON COMPANY (LIMITED), M-k IDLAND WORKS, BIRMINGHAM, i 1>hnu;t:f if;' 'oNaAb or D,fIrr?dpC.rr,?,Ke8, Tram Can, Col?iery Pit Tubs, Wheel. and Attea. Axle Boxes, CMtm?. and Wro?ght Iron of every kind. WAGONS REPAIRED by Contract or Otherwis in every district. "'??Jd-hl? Coal, Coke, Ironstone, aud BaUMt Wagons for SALE or HIR:. ?'" ? ?? ? JACKSON, Secretary. Chief Office—Midland Works, Birmingham. Branch Works—Abbey Works. Shrewsbury. [7299 IMPORTANT TO COLLIERY j_ OWNERS AND AGENTS. OB SALE.-100 New Spe?if?.tio- TYP- W?OM, only two years old a bargain. 50 Old Specifications Type, in ex, cellent .?ditio.; offers sol1cited tell tonners. TO LET ON SIMPLE HIRE.-G.W.B. and Taff type Wagons, can deliver quick; for short (J1I long periods, figures quoted accordingly. We can give special terms for New Wagons, Apply to EDWIN BALL, The North Central Wagon Company (Limited), G. T. HBTALA), 33184 Manager, Cardiff or Swansea Works. EVERYBODY'S PAPER NEWS OF THE WEEK 72 COLUMNS. I lONE PENNf A SEVENTY-TWO COLUMN Weekly newspaper, containing more reading matter than a d other newspaper published throughout the country. THE NEWS:OF THE WEEK" is the largest and cheapet newspaper to read at home, and the best and most varied to send to friends abroad. SPECIAL ATTENTION IS PAID to Welsh News and Shipping TDRlSWYN'S" WEEKLY Welsh article is acknowledged to be the best in Wales. NEWS OF THE WEEK THE BEST PENNY PAPER IN THE COUNTRY. PUBLISHED FRIDAY & SATURDAY PRICE ONE PENNY. To BIt OBTAlMD or ALL NlWSAQKKTfl. Publmhino Orrioa ST. MARY-STREBT, CARDIFF (Nouly Opposite the -Western Mail Buildings) DAN tEL OWEN AND CO GENERAL AND FANCY STATIONESS, CARDIFF. IMPORTANT.—One box of itortft?a I XX. PILLS are warranted to raiw all  cases and complications of the ttriiiw/ ah::he:r;tih;.tQ. I\O i:rntrt; in the back. Frea from Mercury.1 Hjot po«t 4. by l?ropriet??r, G. D, N.,t. E,P,fl. Ft*- n H*,pit.1, In.?t, Blrminjhaa, C?dS-A.H?on, Chemist, M, Bi anl n. BuM.MMe? ?.rthy!-?" Ch.-n?. t;.?.? I.i..d GeorgeMwo. 3w.mMt-Liaytt. C)Mmht O?ord-?reet. Newport- YO" Ch-l.t, H? .tre<t. N.B.-HtTeneTM heoxnowm.tetttt.ttttt?t aaawered tree. Pleue aaia«.j»»«.