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COUNTY COUNCIL I ELECTIONS. YESTERDAY'S POLLING. 1 GLAMORGANSHIRE. I Theelectionof countycounclllon for Glamorgan- shire took place on Thursday. The council when properly constituted will number 88, but of these 22 will be aldermen, who will be elected by the 68 representatives who were tetumed on Thursday. There were eleven divisions In which the candi- dates were returned unopposed, leaving 37 to be contested. The poll was open from eight o'clock In the morning until eight in the evening, and in some of the districts there was considerable excitement. The deputy returning officers for the electoral divi- sions are Mr B, Orton Gary, toUeitcr. AberdtM. f: f:b:' GHb:I!t¡¡iC:rtÐD. I Mr T. J. Hughes, solicitor, Bridgend. Mr B. 0. artNtht, eoUottor, Bridgend. Mr B. T. D*?d. w[Wror. Br)d<<od. M r:. Btoekwood. MUcttor, Cowbridga. Mr R. H. 0.?. toHct?ot. Bridnd. M James Keinptborne. soliottnr, Neatb Mr Arthur Wald" toOetto?, C?rdttt. Mr Olement Waldron. ""Ù!lter. Li.edff Mr C. B Waldron, solicitor, Cardiff. Mr D. T. Williams, solicitor, Bridgend. Mr T. ff. T. Strick, solicitor, Swansea. Mr iiobcrt Scale, .ullø1tar, Msesteg. Mr D. R. Jones, solicitor, Abergvon. Mr D. K. Lewis, solicitor, Jdrtbyr. Mr John Janin, solicitor, Mertbyr. Mr L, White, solicitor, Merthyr. Mr Kowland Lewis, sollaitor, Merthyr. Mr D. W. Jones, solicitor, Mertbyr. Mr J. W. Lewis, solicitor, Mertbyr. Mr J. O. White, solicitor, Merthyr. Mr John Vaughan, IOlioltar,1ferthyr. Mr William Btkddw. solieltor, Merthyr. Mr H. P. Linton, solicitor, Cardiff. Mr Charles Retimbote, solicitor, Cardiff, Mr W. H, David, solicitor, Neath. MrH. CutJibertson, 101101001'. NaIll, Mr M. A. Jenkins, solicitor, Atieravon. Mr J. W. Morris- soliciior, Cardiff. Mr D. B. Turbervtlle, solicitor, Pontardawe. -Mr J. K. Spkhtt, IOlloltor, Pontypridd. M, E. 0. Hplekett, solicitor, Pontypridd. Mr William Sp ckett, solicitor, Pontypridd. rti rIt. L. Grover, solicitor, Pontypridd. Mr G. B. Haynes, clerk to gnardums, 8wansea. Mr Edward Irlok, solicitor, Swansea. Mr Samuel lii(Ige, solicitor, Pontypridd. Mr :I, '1fl:n;:O;;dd, The re? urning officers for the boroughs of Neath and Aberavon are tbe mayors of those boroughs. The following are the returns which have reached us up to the time of going to press:- m SWANSEA DISTRICT. mere are seven uivieions Of the western part of the county (exclusiveof the Swansea Valley)wbich may be justifiably classed as belonging to the Swansea district, they being rural districts of which Swansea is the very heart and centre. These are Oyet<fmfUth (which includes tbe Mumbl. and several a Ijac-nt Villdgeg), l'endeny and Loughor, Sketty, Tyrdeunau, Gower, Llandilo- Talyboni at;d Llunsmilet. In nil except the last- named (in which Mr. D. DsvieS the well-koown proprietor of the Beaufort Works, is returned unopposed) polling took place on Thursday, The oistrict wns for the mOlt part enveloped in a thick fog hom <)M early morning. Thh considerably impeded th6 p,)Ili?g in d'strieta w?ere the voters geera ;irI:c:.I:et¡; votea. At S?n9cft the atm8pt.ere may be well vdmotep?r: lbed as filthy, and a d?.u,- f04 "?"ot be remembered. The divisions in which the elections caused the greatest interest were undoubtedly those of Ovstermouth, Skattv, Tyriteunaw, and Fenderry. la the two fast named the interest wis chiefly aroused bv tha opposed cindidatures of Sir Hussar Vivian, M.P., and Mr. J. T. D. Uew<!ya r,pecliv"'r. and the poll will pMbabtf be fouud to tin comparatively larger heM than ia oilier d;sttif!s. MI', J. T. D. Llewelyn'e .-up- porters have every confidence that the el most list- prper atleiiipt made to eacluda him from the new council has failid. Sir Husefy Vivian is reported to have had a tonwali u hard tight against Mr. Davies, but i* genera ly supposed to have triumphed. At Oysteruiouth there were (for a wonder) two Conservatives in tlie field against "no Liberal, the Squire of Kilvrough ted &11-. Nicholi Morgan having ns a common antagonist Mr. John Taylor, managing director of the larits grocery concern of that name. There has i been no love lost between these catnbatatte, but it is expected that the great Jooallntluenet of Mr. Morgau (who is chairman of the local board) has stood him in good stead at this election. At Sketty there ara also three candidMtel-two Radicals and olle moderate Conservative. Ma- John Powell has undoubtedly, made the most strenuous efforts to secure support here, and it is possible that, he may havo found a eeat, even againit the undoubted power of hir. Hichard. The list of candidates shows a preponderance of Hadi- cais, and there are, undoubtedly, splits in their camp in every direction. The deouty-returning oliicerH in the seven dittdcts named ure:—Messrs, E. Strick, T. N. T. Strick, and G. B. Haynes. The following were the polling statioiis t- Pensebbt AJrÐ Louason. Mvnvddbach School- room. Treboth Board school!, Gorseinon; National bchooli, Upper Town, ixnighor; Board Schools, Gowerton. Llixdilo Talybost — Hoard School). Pnntardulals; Schoolroom, near Hallway 81."1011, Qnmlnon. exsTTV— Board echools, C.mb.r, Board Hellonl.. Wauniulwydd linard SrhooU, near Sketly Church. LLtysAMLE'r.—Board Selitiols. at Bethel; Board 8<:110011, Cwni Hoitrd Schools, iilrcbgrovc. IrRuxtryaw.—Caenalem Baptist belsoolmra; Board btJoo)s, l'1aIDJd. OYsrKRMouTH.-ij.iard Schools, Castleton; Schoolroom at Uower lUll, Patlimill. Goivkk. Sultwimni at Penclawdd; Bcbo Iroom at ftcynuldltone. It wai hoped that tho polls would be declared some time curing Thimd iy evening, but owing to the distance of noma of the stations from Swansea (such as Heynoldetone, Gower) this was found to k,. The poll is supposed to bn fairly largp, but not fO largn ns midlt Imve been expected at a first election. The results will be declared in the majority of cases at Swansea to-d ty (Friday). MERTHYR TOHN (2,079).-0ne member. I In the Merthvr lval-d there were Ave polling p\a'l:s :-81. David's Schools, Tydfil House School, the Vesvry-room, Giebelaml; Caedraw Board Schools, aud Mr. Hi 0ughlo. 98, Twynyrodin. Public interest centred chiefly upon this, the premier ward, of ?he borough, and tuenuotM <tt!om were mtde by each of the three con?dttM to tiring ev>ry supporter to the poli. The voting was nitlier blow during tlie foieooon, but at two o'clock the collieries stopped to enable the miners to record their suffrages in go>d time, and in tlie afternoon cud IIVllning there was greater bri>kne«a perceptible at. the whole of the stations. All the candidates had carriage*place 1 lit Iltelt dii-pnsal, and they were employed chiefly in bringing up women. One of the carriages used on behalf of Air. David Williams came to smash on the ti amroid. but beyond this there was no incident whatever calling for note. Mr. Jenkins rested his claims principally upon the fact of his being a Radical, und he fought, there- fore, on political lines, but the other two relied entirely upon their personal qualifications. There wits scarcely any aciive excitement shown until awaiting the declaration of the poll. The resutr. was IltU8 IInlJotbtclIll at St. David's Schools by Mr. T. L. White, tija depuy returniny-orficer:— I Mr John Jenkins, brick manufacturer (L) £ 43 Mr Frank James, solicitor (U) M0 Mr David Williams, brewer (Cj 600 X.jrity H ABEKDARE. With the exception of the Town Ward, in which Mr. D. P. Davies was returned unopposed, contests | took pltca in eveiy division ot Hie parish. At Hirwain Sir W. T. Lewi* had as an opponent hir. Kichard Morgan, a Methodist minister and china dealer. Mr. K. H. RbJls. J.P., was compelled to test the Llwydcoed district with Mr. Griffith Georgo, draper, nnd an ex-grocer named T. J. Jones sought, the suffrages of tiieGadlys electors as a rival of Mr. James Lewis, J.P. At Abersman Mr. E. W. Bann, of llin Powell Duffryn Company, was opposed by Mr. T. P. White, gr >cer, and it was believed the issue would result In a very narrow mj"ritv. Throughout tite contest Sir W. T. Lewis, R. H. Rhy?, and Mr. J,me- L. wit b-ld ? MftM of meeting* in their several di,ttid, but the of rneetin l; .berat -n,ll d ates, n-tably Mr. T. J. Jonc? 'ouGht 'hy of the ratepayers in public meet- ing until the eve. of the pioll, when w email band of supporters met in Siloah Chspel. On the sanio evening Mr. James Lewis was escorted home from the Oadiys by a huge procession of voters carrying lighted torchet, tllIl houlrl on the line of route oeiug illu- minated with Candles of various colours and Mme pretty gas designs. Mr, R. or ton Gell acted as deputy-returning ome-e and made every arratigeutfnt necessary to can y out the work. B<H>ths :t1'8 provided nt mnvi-nwat placi-s, and a staff of competent officios placed in ohargit. The roll opened at eight a.m., but during tiio first few hours very faw votM W)i'o ;,f::e.e: Cnmaman. All the candidate. paid frequout vidto to the neighbourhood of the boUthl and w. wll received by their various supporters. Soon after eight o'clock all the ballot boxes were conveyed to Aberdsre Town-hall, where an efficient staff of clsrks were 10 attendance tu count the papers. The results are as follow: member. Mr David Pilee Davies, J.P. (L) Onoppoeed. Abraham (t?<6).—0ne m_ber. Mr Thomas Phmp White, g oet < t, ) ?m Mr tc:øa:l\ l:ïi;t I: Majority eg Gadiys (1,824).—One m.mbor. Mr J. £ e»ts. Pbrndale, ootllwy proprietor .fin 901 Mr Tboe. J. Jones, Forn"io, re groesr,. i (l) wy Majority IU HtMfMX (9M).—One m<mbtr. Si I W. T. Lwi.7Ab.=minin ago <M B? Kleliord Morgan, Absrdore, OaMaMM M<tbo<<ttt*!MttertaJATbBttd*M. atbtHhNo )!t<tttt<f.?.(B W & Uwriw*D (6J8).—<3i»» ngMaber. SS j Majority tnMwiMwn.wiHwiiwM* W I DOWMM. POW'9 Isom tbmp "I" of P<*?? ?*- (?tt)M?Bt?)?B??'??<M'?'*?tt.epMtd ?t?t??aA. tnNX* htpt ap ?Mt 'I' greater bri M«m bad b«« 400sebod. In Ca"ft Mr. a. UnfoW* madidate, had thing* p*uy mwh hh olm way (Mm the'SM All per" 0(oodiaw&Mnghihiolvdq the reoflf «aMw<?UMDowh)< IM c c),. Lo" at O'?o.rM? J&. SK?. J?. Ow bftpodat UbMi a;ii" w" "room* MM  ?N)<C)ttetttttt,M<.t)thet?<<M3a imelait eftfw""Nn"msw *¡æ' elu.W"u7'a Um, m« the Mah %Meb jTSGf t? thtt???Mthjh? B !tStM?M&th MM<<t, ?3S&?? hit Division a most determined contest took place between Mr. Thomas Jenkins (Couxervativo) and Mr. David Jones (Olsdstoniaa). Every possible effort was put torward to bring voters to tile POll. aad the most lystsmaUc organisation on both sldsewaaput Intoplay. Feeling ran very bigb in this division. Crowds of young people sang the election songs of Mr. Fritchara Morgan, with the substitution of "Pritchard MartinM Jlnkinl" for the name of the M.P. Tbt poll was I declared about eleven o'clock, as follows t— Dowlais |1,073).—One member. Mr T. Janklim farmer and contraetor 469 Mr Davtd Jones, tailor and draper 441 88 Caoabbis (UOU.-One member. Mr B, P. MartllI. manager Dowlais Works.(0) 763 Mr I. Lewis, Dowlais, grocer and auctioneer (t) Ul Majority AD SBLLTVAKoe C7Tl).-one member. Mr G-ilym.Tam.?, Uthyr, soteltat. (L) 418 wr ywm" Jom, Dowlab, NNW .?.. (L) Ut Majority 155 PONTYPRIDD (1,353).-01)8 member. This town was full of excitement, it being the centre for the Town Division, Grain and Treforeet, and the Rural Ward. In the Town Ward, where the excitement was greatest, the supporters of Mr. W. Morgan (L) wore favours, and there was a good dsal of cheering for Mr. Lenox (I), but up to the closing of the poll everytw <M companti"eI, quiet. The noa was dectttea M foUnw*:— IIr W, K. lIorpn. IIOUc(tGr .(L) eoø Mr W. H. Morgan, solieltor (L) 603 ?3ir L 0. x. J.P Majority 118 I Large crowds paraded the afreets of Pontypridd carrying torches and there were some processions, headed by bands, until a late hour at night; but beyond singing, hooting. and indnlgbig in rough fun, there was nothing to reoord. Mr. Walter MorPA WM escorted around the town from his residence by a torchlight procession, headed by a drum and fife b?nd. Mr. MeM?o delivered a brief 'ddreM. Mr. jMMt RobIn.. the victorious candidate in the Gnttf Ward, aim addressed :the multitude from the window of Post-office-clumbers. • PEXTRE AND YSTRAD (2 £ 61/.— I Two members. The great centre for this district is Pentre, where the voting for the whole of the Ystradyfodwg Local Board district takes plaoe, embracing seven divisions, in two of which, however (Fern- daleand Ynyshir) there wss no contest. The utmost quietude prevailed all day, and the polling waa steady, but without great excitement anywhere. The colliere io the neighbourhood of Tetrad left work aliortly after one pm, in order to proceed to vote, and the polling became somewhat livelier alter that. The poll Wat declared as follows AI,W.J.?kin..T?-ky minfug.ngli 1,118 MrB. Morris. Pentre. schoolmaster (L) UJee Kr D. gsus, Ytt?d. mining engineer (L) 7K Mtjertt? 18 MAESTEG (1,308),-0118 Member. On Thursday < proper electioneering spirit possessed most of the iuhsbitants of tlli. place, The valley re-echoed with shouts and electioneer- ing songs, and there was a plentiful display of bunting. There were three polling bootlu4 vis. i- At the Town-hall, the Local Board-room, and Old Salerft Schoolroom. Dr. Daviee's committee- rooms were in Church-street, and Mr. David Grey's committee-robins in Birch Villas. Most of Die electors polled earlv. In Llangynwyd Higher, out nf about 340 electors all but 92 bad recorded their votes soon after mid- day. Dr. iiaviee had a uiosteutiiuiiastic recep- tion in the Upper Qatnlet, and also at the other polling booth*. Mr. David Grey visited the central polling,booth,anrlwas loudly cheered. Intheetreets the red colour (Dr. Davles's) predominated. There were, however, a good number of elsctors who did not wear distinguishing badges. Up to the lime of forwarding our parcel there was no violence of any sort, and no one was under the influence of drink. The result was declared about midnight, as follows:- De John Davies, Bryn Uynv) .(M Iú David Grey, t in-plate manufactunor .(L) w'. 163 ABERAVOX (904),-One member. The contest in this division was very severe, both candidates being popular and men of position in the town. Alderman John Dsvid was the re- turning officer, and was nbly assisted by the town- clerk (Mr. M. Tennaut). Alderman Bichard Jenkins is a Glsdstooian and Home Ruler, and Councillor J. M. Smith an Independent. Much excitement prevailed at the declaration of the poll. Mr Blchard Jenkins, tln-platemanutaeturcr (L) 401 Mr John Morgan Smith, pmvision ow- enanc (I) I Majority 63 NEATH. I Great excitement prettied throughout Ux day, tho <)Mp)ay of feeling on all <Me< becoming very mnked after ni&btfall, when the working classes polled in large numbers. Vehicles were used on t:h;.If.tti,o -ndidt-. Up lo four o'clock a much larger number of votes were recorded than is usual at elections. Tbe poll will be declared by the mayor at the Town-luill at one o'clock to- day (Friday). FKNARTH -(I,489).-Twomembm, I Excitement ran high in the Penarth Division, and the result <4 the poll was an eye-opener for the Radicals, who made n;) secret of their conft. dence of securing the two seats. As will be reen by the return, both of the Conservative candidates have been elected, and the announcement was received with general satisfaction. Mr H. 0. ybb", Uxndomh, ctttt engineer (C) 66! =". R. ;O,: g: 4V I Mr Th?. (L) 425 Mr D. T. AkMt.d.r. MnM Fwis (L) 367 Ustjority. tSA I KIBIiOR (1,044).-0118 member. I After the closa of the poll and until about eleven o'clock, when th9 result was made known, a large number of ,11.. supporters of the two candi- dates whiled awaiy the time by singing, &c. On the announcement of the result of the p.1I Mr. Lewis'* friends gave vent to their enthusiasm with loud cheers, and chaired the successful candidate to the cominittee-room. Mr Henry Lewis, rongwynlals, J.P (0) 688 Net D. Evans, Wbitcbunih, Calviuistio Metho- dlst (t) 284 majorily 305 BAKRY AND CADOXTOtf (622).-0118 member. Mr John Cory, merchant (I,) lanppobed. BliIUGCKb (849).-One mmber. Lord Duuiavcn (C) .Unoppettd. CAERPHILLY (1,177).—One member. Mr David Lewis, solicitor (I.) 531 Mr Henry Anthony, gentleman ((,) <06 Majority. 126 COWBRIDGE.—One member. Alderman T. H-es (Mayor) (L) 331 Mr Itees Thomas, liovertoii Pl«oa .1°> 14 Mr Tbarstaii ByMtt, estate agent (C) 240 MaJorIty, II CYFARTHFA (1.643).-One memtier. Mr Wm. T. Cmwsbay, gentleman (D) unppond. OYYMER (1,257).-One member. Mr R. Nsuntoii Davies, Portli, sargeon (L) 738 Mr Thomas Griffiths, colliery agent (1,) ill Majority 474 DINAS POWM<t.OH)-0<MtaMnber. Mr Oliver Henry Jones, bu-rister .i(Cl) l) 443 l .? .7. .?. ? 443 Me William J.nki no, Immer 271 HajorllY. ITa PBHHHALB (1,131).—One member. Mr Fred Davis, colliery proprietor (L) Unopposed, GAHW VALLEY (W).-Ofte member. Dr E. T. Parry, Poutycymmer (L) Unoppoeed. LLaN DAFF (908).-0118 member. Mr R. Firrest, 8t. Pagan's, land agent (C) 448 Xq witus-A Bvaus, gtooer (L) SSI Majority 191 LLANTRISANT (1,392).—One member. Mr J. Blaudy Jenkins, gentleman 609 Mr J. Lewis. Ty'nycymmer Hall, genUeman(C) 444 If¡¡Jority 166 IXAHTWIT VARDUB (IS).-Otis member. Mr K. Bdwards, Xreharrls, stone merohaM.IL> 367 IIrlabn Bvani, tlaw 114 Majority H MABSAM (IJOD.-OOS member. Mr Arthur P. VlvUn, J.P., Tallwoh .(I) 118 Mr Llewellyn Howell, Port Talbot, Ua-plate manofacturer .(1.) 377 Majority. "51 MENTHTII VALK member. Mr. BIll, colliery agent, Unoppoeed. 11, D. DiORRIMN (M).-Ons member. Mf De Ditifs OlydMh, Mtt?te .() .=.tYnoppGIIII, rxNTOAtm? c?M).-o'M m?btt. Mr T. P:M.;t:a ..) ON Mr J. Plews, Mertbyr.soheitot (C) S< BI*Wti iF M?or)ty.?.?.?.?. o MTMOUra (l.mi.-Ooe member. Mr H. W. Lewis, Abenanaid,eirlt engineer (0) 8M Mr <. owoRvu*rtbrrkroda2=.(Ti ul Majority 239 POBILOrryjf (990).-0ne member. Bev. Aaron Davies. Oaivlnlsiie Metliodlst .It) 481 Mr J. Mathews, Kbymasy Worts eashier .(C) Ut Majority iff PORM (U«).-Oim seam. Mr I. J. GriStUu, iwmiiw&ntu" 9.b"- M"$Qr .?..?.?.  M <!I .iii¡;¡;¡:ë¡'¡üïâiiiï"iièõi-oSH II s; T. JeM*. oolU., pMtdtKt -3 | Mejarltr IS T nogf(14"O" ol ??3. Uri. Rbmu steel »u> be ■isneser -.—<L) IB S i;.?w!MRSSM?? II Majority 88 1n.lU.n'r;u If KrWX.K"b" Mwm?. I MONMOUTHSHIRE. Dm TbWobdowles of 4| ooaoeUlon (or ?T????tteMot "1i8 ttt??Mt. M UtOM rop-I 00 Mwt M <t<*?wt. '1'118 88* to be It .1 so thM tiM total will rsaah M whea ths osmmU Is 0 Ttt* WtM?ifhtMttet? ??t "'1- 1-. j Kt MfXM. "DII1'. i&F.W.BM?, ?t<?o*?<f. Mf?. U. W04 saiwtor. itt?tttt. =':p::O, ooork Kw 1IOII'Ia, Mr J. A, SbWar4. edwitw. The following an ths returns which [ham tuaw us up to the time of going to prw NEWPORT. I Nswport was muoh more astir on Thursday in the beautiful clear sunshine overOoontyOouncil matters then the former quietude seemed to warrant. People at last screwed their interest up to Aickft point and went to tbe poll wilob oon- tidsrabls fervour. Some few vehicles were lent for the purpose of bringing up the laggards, mostly oil the Conservedw* side. In a!l,i there were eight members to be returned to the council from the borough. Polling was conducted at the following plaoesTemple-efreet; the OddfeUowe'-hidl, Herbert-street; the Catholic Schools, High-street; the Drill-hall, Caroline-street; the Town-bell, Dock-street frout; the Carn exchange; Caxton- place, St. Woollos-roed, the Albert-liall, and Mrs. uwelkin's carriage works, Clarence-place. Voting began at eight o'clock in the morning, and con- tinued till eight p.m. The mayor (Mr. B. Faulkner), having become a candidate in one of the divielons of the fouth Ward, was incapacitated to act ae returning officer, and Alderman 8. Batehelor was appointed to that office <a his stead. On. etdereMe feeling W" imported into the «<ht in some dlsl*ts, notably. at ?!)), In the d"ivisi? on where Mr. G. Hoskins and Mr. M. Mordey were the ftodidet?w Blue favours were wom by m&Dy =o worked on :O: side; <h* *Wpm 01 drivers were similarly adorned, and dop were decorated with the coloun of tbair owners. Nomw WAav.-Ne. 3 Diftriet (634).-One member. Mr M. Wheeler. roured tradesman .(Lt 888 Mr t-Corder. grocer and provision merohant (I) Bl4 majogity ft Afos. 1.2, and 4 DutrieU (1.166).—Two member*. MrR. 0. Galium, timber merohant ™XC ) 611 Mr H. J. Parneil, oora miller and merchant (L) 606 Xr J. Moses, merohant and shipbroker 461 "¡orn, 6 loOT. WABB.-ATe. 6 DiMrict (679)—One member. iir H.Brown,aaent 4L> 374 Mr H. Faulkner, ehemlst and druggist.u..(l) 208 Majority 187 N,. 5 Dt«t?< eS).-OM momtw. Mr O. Hoeklns, colliery prop^rietor. JO) 400 Mt M. ttetdey.tMpbuuStt.?.? M kwority 17 CBSTkAr. Wabp.—Aiss. 7 and 8 DittrieU (SM).-OSS Bimber. Mr D. A. Vaughan. Iaurchant (L) ST8 Mr J. Bandear, plumber (0) 806 31.30rity "m NOI. II aJUl10 Di#rieú (711).-008 M•• r O. H. Llewellyn, solicitor ( £ ,) MO Mr 0. C. thtUtpt, manuUeturer (0) 821 UaJOIity. 59 East Wabo (633).-One member. Mr T. Goidiworthy, oontraotor (L) 348 Mr J. W.Jones, trou merchant, Malpes .(0) 242 Majority. 107 ABEB3YCHAS. SOtTTHBRJT (1,112).—One member. Mr W. L. Pmtt, pontnewynydd, gentleman (L) U-pp-d. BKDwKLLTY (1,100).—One member. Mr N. PM)Upt. Ntw Tttd?ftr. eoUiery mtMgef .(t.) 423 M, J. D nJ BI&ciri i (LI) m MrT.t?omt..NtwlrMtttM.tuni«eptf .(L) N U.Jority 20 BLAKKAVOX, BAST (1_).-001 member. Mr W. Edwards, provision merebant (L) CTuoppueed. BLAENAVON WKST (8%)-Oue member. Mr R. W. Kenowd. Blaeuavon House, (O) 6S4 Her J. Oeprge, Pontbir, Baptist minister .(L) 182 W"jodt" 478 CaBBLBON (!.OM).—One member. Mr H. Partitt, Pontnewydd, builder and con- u-Mt«r I. (M t? Mf t. J. JWiiUWii.'M?F it, [Awer, g.?t. (1) = Majorlty. 130 CHBPSTOW (811).-0118 member. Mr H. Clay, Pieroefteld Parle (O Unopposed. CHBISTCHU BCH—UuKii (468).—One member. Mr A. Brans, LlaDglbby, bairister. (C) 262 Mr T. Parry, Oaerleon, auctioneer .(0) 123 Majority 128 CHRISTCHURCH.-IlusAm (IXI).-Ono member. Mr D. B. Bvans, Liswerrv, solicitor .(L) 447 Mr J. Biadon, Maindee, geutiemao (0) 886 M4.,Ity 161 EBBW VALS KoBTaaax (SIOI.-ODs member. Mr J. E6,ri.. P-1.1- merchant (L) 470 JenMnt. c<?e?.???.tu 281 Majority 189 BBBW VALB—Cbxtksx (968).—One member. Mr H. Grove. Newport, accountant .(1.) 606 Mr C. a. Holland, general manager (I) 3tO Najorlt). 1B6 BBBW V.U,B-80UTa&R.{9J2),ne member. Mr B. Phillips, provision inarctiant (L) WJ Mr W.H. Powell, Bbbw Vale Work. inauatjer .I. Majority N)7 LLANVAIB (5N).-Oue member. Mr A. D. Berringtou, Aber^venuy, gentleman (c) LLANFBECHFA UPPER (476).-011. member. Mr D, Thomas. Upt>tr Cwmbran, farmer andgrooer(L) Unopposed. MONMOUTH DISTRICT. Jane member. Xr. Croniptun Boberw, Monmouth (C) .Unopposed. SASTYGLO (1,046).—One member. Mr E. MorgAii, gentleman (L) UnolpftM. NKWOHDBCH (473).-One member. Mr W. E. C. Carre, J.P., tttouCourt(Oi Unoppoeed. SEWBKlDCiE (1,549).—One member. Mr G, Jonee, Atieraarn, draper and pro- vislou merchant (L) Unopposed. (1,057),-0". member. Mr O. Jones, Pontymolle, mereliaut (L) 436 Mr BuUer, GdMthatoown, steel manufac- 4.» turer (I) 3G8 U-J-dty fI1 POHTLLANFHAITH (1.1).-o. member. Mr M. W. Moggridite, Blackwood (L) .Unoppoeed, POSTS POOL (I,343).-00e member. Mr W. Oouway. Ponthir, tin-plate mauo. facturer (L) 627 Mr A. A. Williams, Maesderwen, estate sgent .(1) 410 majority (IT BAG LAB (443).-0- member. ur a. O. Bosanquet, Monmouth (0) Unoppoeed. BHYMNBY (l,446).-Oue member. Dr. T. B. Bedwood (L) 618 Mr H. V. Tramp, manager of the Abymnev Ironworks .(0) 674 Msjorlty 1M KtS?A (1.1m-one membr. Mr J. B 'b'11a..tymistw. corn ad to., merchant.(IA 876 MtJ. WtUf??e?pott.<e!!t? pfOptrttMf? m Majority 888 ROG]TRSTONB (6W).-One awmber. Mr B. Steer, lwpu, Maus&" aud duw tet(t) .?.Ueeppottd. 8IUBOWY D)VMION (1,08).-00. Mr B. Phillips, provision merebant .(Ll 670 It J. T. Jet&tM. Tredegar, brewer (1) 270 Majority 100 BtBNfKmt (46!) .-CM member. Kc J. A. Wt.. Tb. Htu?< .(0) 318 Mr B. Aborpeiguy, t.,=.r (0) 31 MrJ. Davfis, Abergarenn> (armer 4L) 41 U406ty 8If ST. MBLLON'8 (I=).-Oa member. Lord Tredegar, Tredegar Park (0) Onoppoeed. 2IBDBGAB.—lows WARP (l,Oil).-One member. IS. Williams, draper .(L) Mt r W. H. Wt?hm*. b-tel proprietor. (1) tM Ibjorlty. 343 VBBDGftAU, Gioaerrows Dtrmoa (811),- Oa. miinbur Mr W. Thomas, obeekweigtwr (Ueboer).Oneppeeed. TBKLLBOK (Ub).-Gia pioutbw. TIae Duke of Beaufort (0) Un-ppsoo& USE (1i691.-Gae memb-r. Oolenel P. U'Domwi (O) Unopposed.













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!THE QUBBK AND THE flffimrif