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tublit omuotmfflto. OARDnT. T HEATRE ROY AL d?M Md MttMMMt*t ?*. ttD'VAKU rTLMCHKB Dn' ';) ÂTW'5"' AND !J>.B, AT UVZN, IBB BOYAL PANTOMlJtt. rtlNDEBSLLAi LOVELY WOMEN I I'I)NNY OOMKM ANSI CHABM 1NO øomrDy I KXQUISITS DAMM, DEUGHI- J'VL MUSIO I and, above *11. FUNI IB H I I F U J I I The "WMtem Mail" 18 » &Z)e lumwu t.. god XmM tath with ,w<M.M -"1 nd. Mt< Mw?fd FAekinr ,TMr. MM H-kon are to be thM?ed tor ..b merry production. Mid tlis fil tho niore so u the turn I* wound without aile Ma test suggwrfloo oi vul- ir,"ety." 00 Whole Show under the Direct 8ui*rrlsIon of Mr. KDWAUD FLETOHKR aod Mr. J. l'irf UARUAO&B, •t the Comedy Theatre, Mwwherter. DAY PEKFOBMA.VCE3. TO-DAT (NEW YKAR8 DAY) AND EVERT SATURDAY at Two, Doors OIren at One. Rarly Doo- 6.15, ORDINARY Doors 6.46, Oommenoe "DlO:£il ><G= Booking Off?- HeOm. Tho?.ton and ShtctKU* (Lunittd), vuee.,?4tmt, <rom Ten tUj Five. T,I.- phone. 21. 494/'0 I f 1 RAND rjl HE ATRE The Premier JL Theatre of Wale*. IJMM and Hunger ..Mr. CLJJUtNCE SOUNBS. Qimnd and Magnifloent Success of Mr. Sounes' Third Grand Cferdilf AnnuW, for which he baa secured U, H. Oruubjr Trench's ttnod Mammoth Ksiry Tfciifnuilmo UINBAD THE CJAILOB, o OXTHILUCKY ? OOF BIBD, Produced on a 8oaI8 of OoeUu. Uspidosooe, Md Mm before attempted in tbe Prluoipallty. UPWARDS OF 1? ARTIMS. PUBLIO AND PRESS UNANIMOUS. ABSOLUTELY THE BIST EVKR 8BKN IN OARDIfT. Xarly doori open t 8. Ordinary, 6.45, Comment* 8,,m B?, x ()f daily at Theatre (ram Ten to Four. TfiephoM. 72;, Mot* M. to ? 1& Early Door* Extra. Grand Dav Pwlonnaøœ Saturday Jonuwy 2, wW ? Special Desire, Ubo DaY, Juuary 4. Abo KTerr Wedne.&y Md L=y. januwy 4. L30; eol&nmm Two,, SWANSEA. mHE GREATEST SUCCESS EVER JL KNOWN IN SOUTH WALES—AlborthalJ, 8wa;xiea.—Last Nights, Positively Close Saturday, jMUtry 9ti; Nigbti? at 7.30. Open m 7. J?y P?r. I:,Z n.ky. and Stu" at 230, open at Two 1-1. Kariy doors to avoid crush, and with cl*o.ce of «aat«, open at 6.41, 3d, and 6d, ?.t.. AdndMion 3* 2e, 1< Mtd 6d. Pwle'. Myrtonun? PA&'MaUooa md Itewis .6m r: N: Wonder* fa •U P*rt* of the 01-bl. 'Mro?ghly tpt..(Wo. in- ZU,.It?g Dr. Jim'. 1-6 9t&.d! Jolmuneshurg t- yean S[o *nd now, Oorot?Mn -t the C-, A-I&. ;r_I1O;(:, Q)r.¡:tiUjp.t/ TanMeroriuia U Vouce. 1).rkmt Afr. ftW B.11 1. Hw kinKlHuu Paiaoe. Waldln" of the Duke and Duchet* .1 York, Md 101 t.b?!, 10"" en^roaNnj^ -ubjmt. Ju.t ..W., <or the I,-t W-L, a M?nJtcent Dio,.m U)l-a«ratin({ the New Klyinjj Squadron ija»lnp Porta- I,. rb..r P,.I,. Empire v.i,t? C-.fd?, tion. absolutely tho "ry b?-t t"-i" inoludin? B.tW. FoM*. Jkl., Duch). Rt., Kinh. C? Simply niairel*. Mandolin wid Oreheatral Bawh 49321 FISH. The Milford Haven Fish Supply FAB.wistion Deliver C,.rr¡" Paid, to unr vart of the Ktuxdom, BASKK? S? FBUSH FMH Cleaned for Table from 28.6d. to 6*. Sp?iLl terum to B.t.14, lustitutio?. aud Large ConeuTnar*. All owmuuieationik to Thus. Jeukeraou Milford Baron 23804 fjp TPEiWRITIN G. ALL CLASSES OF TTPEWBmKM WORK EXECUTED AT (WESTERN MAIL OFFICES. CHEAPEST BATES IN THB PRINCIPALITY TO PROFESSIONAL GENTLEMEN (horthand Clerks and TJtM* in Attendance, to Call at Owa Office or Private Beatdeaoe for Oorreapondenoe, &c. leferene" to Leading Medical Oentlemea, Solioiton, aød Archlwct. in Cardiff end Neighbourhood. [WESTERN MAIL BUILDINGS, ft. MARY STBJCBT, CARDIFF. DOCKS: 112, BUTE-STREET. 49W p TANOS! pIANOS f JpIANOS LONDON PRIOBS! LONDON PRICES t JTEWEST DESIGNS J LATEST STYLES I jpHOMPSON & KELL (Ltd) • "TjUfcEirs^ *wmio warehouse. CARDIFF, ALSO AT SWANSEA, NEWPORT. MERTHYR, Ac., Ac.. Ac. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR CHRISTMAS. POPULAR COMIC SONGS (Published at 1*. Baob). Offered durlnir December at ONE SHILLINO EACH, I. To Clear BurplIM Stock la My 'Aneom (Arthur Robert*). Jimmy on the Chute. Wo Poeaible Doubt Whatever. The General of the Umtladioo*. Lazy Daisy, the Idler'a Gal. Mary's Learning Somethin* Ererr Da* Marguerite (sung by Lotlie OotUat). 1 Wae Underneath. '18 Mind's a Pufflok Blank. My Old Dutch. Wot's the Good of HanyUilakT The Oacdd Man (Chevalier). The Tin Gee Gee. She Always Dressed In Black. A MMttey on a Stick. A W.?Z tee.. Tuching Them Up a BIIL :r:;r: r Spree, Hi' Bo?t IHt B1.. All in a Bow. $Vhk Whwk TWhh.-t,iki 36 dl. IZ?.=?B?odie!Dol ANT 6 OF THE ABOVE FRU BY POST FOR 5& ACCREDITED AGENTS FOR SOUTH WALES FOR THE PIANO RESONATOR. the Reaoaatc r oan now be Applied at the following prim JO COTTAGES FROM ZIi: TO GRANDS nOIl £10. PIANOS bv NEUMEYFJU COLLARD. BRI.S]dKMI. CUA-RD, IRIOPKIIQSON, IRACH, KAP$, Md ?H Leading Mokm FROM 8Ðdl. êfNLÝ, ON THE NEW HIRE SYSTEM. ORGANS by ESTEY, BELL, and IUØON and HAMLIN, in Splendid Variety, to Suit All Buyera Ommolue, rree, 16117 THE PEOPLE'S NEWSPAPER E E K L T MAIL AND NEWS OF THE WEEK, tfBE LARGEST WEEKLY PAPER IN THE PROVINCES. (TWELVE PAGES. EIGHTY-FOUR COLUMNb "¡L TO BE HAD AT THE 11 WESTEBN JUIL OFFICE. AND OF ALL NEWSAGENTS. ONLY ONE PENNY. rjlEETH! J^ENTISTRY! fJIEETH Bdtore Maakicaticn, DlgesUoo, and Beautjl X R. KE A L L SURGEON DENTIST «0 Ye*r' Experience; 30 Tears I. awwft) (40 y Eûr.iE.. T;w1NB:-)' (j.t Mow the G W R. Sbti-, Sw Bid.), B.o to Wtimsta Oak he can produce a peW?My nmn< Set of Teeth In ne clear day. The very beJt w.rkmM<))'p g"'???'°'??.?'* *?,? Me* br AnmtbeUm, Cocaine, @ad B'her TSp.r?y. po;;ral Seta from 5L per tooth. L'ppu or l:onr tel. from Two Oui!}. <t<t trum Two TESTIMONIALS. In a letter addressed to Mr. KWI by Dr. IL J. Blade ti. M D., )A R 0 S M,.bw of tbe Royal 0.11.0 X Physicians, London, he rt«)Mk' be" '11 -fid- 10 your kW Dent., -d I k.e hd nuiv epportuuitie* WltD-w, "ur sucaudul OeaUl g f urvery. T.W= ?.m the "tte Mr Joh? B..k.th WklM John Hfteth con tonfldeoUy recoraincrid Mr. Reoat tA a DenUA. Sir lohn AO-1 Liav lelhbnd^e moat h-Wily wimh Ur 39113 ARIUED WOMEN. ArreeW JM- Msnstruatinn PoIIUvely Bestond by Takiaf RBMBDUX ULObULJCS. Wwv.nt-d Mle alld om"rt.SL Prtoo 10. 9d; by '?t ? IM.-DtMhpti't etfeatM*Ut 'Mh  T?n<-? U. 8i Jobb 0.80wrp. C??__J?'_ SATH AND DISTRICT BILL ? PMING OOMPANY—UU T. WAIJU Ofitca*—ASSEMBLY-BOOMS, NBATH. Man&W:-J. J. MDIN80N. SMNM Md FnsiMon of Mm Iwt Pw|M SMCV0 la Nesib bad DO&" I subitt awuggmtnto* po:¡ CARDIFF.  unw''uao -¡. rpHfi M P I B. II Director .^—OSWALD ftOLL TO-NlUHTt The Seaionabla and Enjoyable paatowjmia Sketch, rjlHE JgNCHANTED JpALAOB Portrayed by, THE DEENB-BKEVBS OOMBINATIOH AND TWELVE CHARMING LADY DANCKB8, Produced with New Scenery, Dmf. MuIiD. aDd Sleotrlcal ^Seole. THE WEBSŒRS. Americas Oaeedy irtMet. OAKLAND AND THOMPSON, Vocal Dueltlata. JOHNNY OILMOBE, Character amedlatt, DKXTERiA and OWRUJO DOUGLAS, In their Cbbinet Mystery. THE REVHRKDOS. Muikal SIpariL HAKKY TO WEBS, OcunlqiM. THE MARTI BROS" GyWBMta. Nityr WKXK- THE COLIBRIS, Ttio Nine LHlputlan Wwulets of the World, with their POllie8 Oairune*, aDd Dwarf Elephant*. Beaklea appearing each evenliur at the usual Empire Pe/for* manoe*, they will jive a TWO HOUNa KXTKBHAtNMiMT In the Afternoon of Three Days of the Week. Booking in advance cW1). I-om Tftt a-tn. to Four p.m.; Saturday*, Ten a.m. to one p.m. PHILHARMONIC-HALL J[. AND NOLLS PANOPTICON. roUBTR ANNUAL XMAS AND NEW YKAB c A R N I V A L. Produced on a Scale et Majnifloeooe and Etoborate- never previously ttHocpted. A marveUoua transformation- THOUaANDS VABISOATSD KLBOTBIO UORTB Illuminate the Ouisival. gpectatora surprised, dauled, deMgtitedi The (kmival was on Boxing Day the Amuseaml Suooes* of South Wale*. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME WBULT. MDLLE. YILIAS on the Rolling Globe. HANVABK, marvellous manipulator of elehe. BON BON and BlNV AL. comic wirewalkera. ASHLEY ISAM, comio skater*. GEORG" ARVEY, Herouleaa JugfJer. ERSKINE, the Cartoooofraphe The QUAGLIENI TROPE of Celebrated Acrobat*. BAND MUSIC THlWlXtHOUT THE DAY. THE CLOCK EYED LADT. THE MAN WITH THE MARVELLOUS BEARD. Aldrldge'a GREAT PICTURE of the nCHBORNB TRIAL. Deaoribed by the Tlcbborne Clainuuit Ia pereoo. Every Penoa Repreeected an Aotual Portrait, liONS. AND MADAME ELVIRA, Ftireuologlet*. THB CRYSTAL MAZB, liodwmted Klorally, and KieotricaUz. The Jungle I Galatea t Tbe Phonograph) The BoundaboulAl The Rolling Tub I Trilby Cottage* I The 'ttappiag Hand I The Magnetlo Lady I OOSTINUOUS PROGRAMUR., Commencing at JO a m. on MONDAY, Deo. astb, Aad at 130 Every Other Dty. Admission to the Ounivat. SIXPENCE. Children Half-price! Children Half-prioe I School Children will be admitted at a specially Reduced Rate with Ticket* which they oan obtain on application at the Hall. NEWPum-. THJB JS111* IRB M.ugW Dir."m OBW&AD STOU. TO-NIGHT; SERVAIS LB ROT. JESSIE LINDSAY. THE TOUR V AK PI RES. BROS. FOLKESTONE. FLO D'OKVILLB FLORRIE CHEVALIER. ESMK AND LfcOS. KILLlS HERBERT. And the OLYMPIAN QUINTETTE. SWANSEA. NEW theatre, SWANSEA. Proprietor and Manager.. A MELVILLE. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING AT 7.30, INSTANTANEOUS SUCCESS or THE OOBGEOU8 CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME. BKAtTl'Y AND THB BEAST. fnhTtUed ODmpany of Pantomime 8. Bsqu\. .he Ik?ow, Glittering Arwur, MagaMomt SoebuT. Mom.ing Performance Saturday Next, at Two o'clock. D.?. opeii: -Dev. 1.30; E..i D,- I EeW 7 ? ';I,.ope;1J1'1 ¡oe'" 31880 THB JgitPIBE govoging Di.tatat OGWALD nou. TO-NIOUT I THE COLIBRIS, THE NINE LIUPUTIAM WONDERS OF THE V ORLD With their Dwarf Elephant*. Ponies, and Carriage*. VarltUe* by other Artlites. DAY PERFORMANCES on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, at Two o'clock, When the Ooiibrii will ena^t the wlioie performance of two houia in duration. A g I G S A L E OF DRAPERY GOODs AT g W A N S E A D W A R D S EXTRAORDINARY WINTER CLEARANCE S A L B OOMMJSNCES r ro. MORROW, SATURDAY, JANUARY 2nd, 1887. TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS k DRESSES, SILKS, SHOW-ROOM, FANCY DRAPERY, CARPETS, Mid HOUSEHOLD GOODS. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN MANU- FACTURERS' STOCKS. AT ONE HALF THEIR ORIGINAL COST. EARLY VISITS RECOMMENDED. E D WARDS' OXFORD-STREET. WATERLOO-STREET, PARK-STREET, SWANSEA. 40fi?4 WESTERN MAIL INDEXIBLE romntArn. Our itadem are to pleased With oar < LIFE-SIZE CRAYON AND INDIAN INK POUTBAIT8 Clvt we are Receiving Bepsat Orden cn All Hand*. HUNDKEDS OF IWriMONIALS Hava Reached U. from PUreMars of TImm LIFELIKE PERMANENT PORTRAITS. Which we have made arraajeratnt* to 8aprq. Carriage PaId, for 8IX SHILLINGS AND BIXPSK0B. ?U jRn-UMtM In AUG&W ODWAL 4M W;iiir: ':ø :j WV tow "M mcs on mNNL t gqgmeg< gqariwttga NOTICE TO THE PUBLIO BY JJEN EV ANa AND CO. (LTD). g W A N 8 B A. fJTHE Q.REAT ^jLEABANOE S A Ll B COMMENCE^ T>-MORROW, gA^UBDAY,. JANU. 1^7. JANUARY Pud. l?. I GREAT REDUCTIONS rli PRICES. STERLING BARGAINS OFFERED IN HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, FANCY, SHOWROOM. AND; FURNISHING GOODS, CARPETS, CABINET FURNITCTRE, IRONMONGERY, CHINA. GLASS, to. MANY SPECIAL LINES IN IRISH DAMASK TABLE LINEN, SHEETINGS, QUILTS, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, IRISH LINEN POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS, CURTAINS, CRETONNES, CARPETS. BEDSTEADS, LAMPS, FENDERS; BEDROOM AND DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, DRESS MATERIALS, CLOTHS, SILKS, PLUSHES, COSTUMES, MILLINERY, MANTLES, JACKETS, LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES. FURS, LACES, GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS. HABERDASHERY, MEN'S AND BOYS' MERCERY, MACKINTOSHES, UMBRELLAS, Ac. SALE CATALOGUE (36 PAGKS) SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. ORDERS BY POST CAREFULLY ATTENDED TO. JgEN JJVAN8 AND CO, LTD,), SWANSEA. s W A Iq 8 2 A "QELAY IS DANGEROUS. FORTIKY YOUR CONSTITUTION AGAINST DISEASE BY TAKINB Q.WILYM VANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE I THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE FOR WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS, LOW spuum, INDICEMON, SLEEPLESSNESS, CHMT AFFECTIONS, LOSS Of APPETITE, DYSPEPSIA. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. SOLD IN Bomss. II. M. and 41. 6d. each. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. SEE THE NAME "GWILYM EVANS" on LABEL, STAMP, and BOTTLE. SOLE PROPPIETORS I QUININE BITTERS M tAOTUNNG CO. (LIMITED). LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 8181\ I ZlM THE LETS SCHOOL CAHBBIDGB. Head M"tw:- The REV, DR. W. F. MOULTON. Far ProapeaWees, fcs., appljj to the Seer*, tery. LUl10 A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BEHORAN'S PILLS -jgEfiCHAira pILLS BE BOHAMIS I Pillik roa tu BILIOUS AND NERVOUS DISORDERS, BOOK A8 SICK HBAIXAOHB, nAB: STOMACH, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, CONSTIPATION, LIVER COMPLAINT, AIID FEMALE AILMENTS. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. In Box.. 9 £ d., IS^d., bud i. teL dOh. L61230 Now HBOT. WESTERN TAAIL LIMITED gHILLING JJIARY. ftIJI BIBT SHILUMO DIARY POBUAEXD, ODDtaIu Thne Days In Page; a W"k In m Opaolag. IMioap Mlo, totorlauvcd with lloMtof. Prio* One ShtUiui bx rM $&. May he obtained ot all Newsagent*, or dlmi frow the PobUilMrit, WESTERN JrUIL XMM, CARDIFF. 8UI A" B 0 RAILWAY TIME TABLES A PVBUABBDMOSTHIVY. ONK PMTHT.





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