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CHESTER CUP. 1 « [By OUR SPORTING CORRESPONDENT.] I An ide-a of the comparative absence of crack stayers from this year's Cup entry will be best conveyed by the circumstance that whereas Torpoint. ootdd carry Set. 41b. into third place only, twelve months a.go, he is now promoted to 9t., in a hati-d loap which goes down to the hurdle racers Jenkins and Corduff, each at 6st. 41b. Aa a setoff to any drawback in point of class, however, the situation is decidedly open. Not a single horse seems to be able to claim an advantage over its fellows. After Glacis (7st. 8lb.) was so unfortunate in the Liverpool Oup his stable oonnectioiw were bold enough to prodict that a sequence of three aucoee&ee wouild fall to his share ere the last of the Spring Ha/ndioaps had been disposed of. He won the first, missed the next, and this it his third attempt. It was his misfor- tune, not his fault, that he was left at the post at Epscxm, yH he made up very little of the ground lost, although it is a. bad course on which to attempt to recover anything given a. way at the start. I am satisfied that Glacis has a winning ohatice at Cheater, but only under certain ootid it. to its. If he is dTawn Wl2>1l and gets ''carried along" with the others as it were, so that he has a good berth at the stands the second time round his stamina may be trusted to tho end. If on the other hand he is bavtiy drawn, or meets with any more ill- luok under the gabe, he is a laggard during the first circuit, I am afraid we may look for something little better than a repetition of his Great. Metropolitan exploit, and whether it is that, he is unwilling or unable to rescue him- self from a tight oornor must be left for another effort to decide. His reputation at home is sttoh that I think he might be given one more chance, aflthough I wish I could put my own jockey up, deeming that Carbine's son is no modal mount, for a bantam. The running this soa^on already has thrown sidelights on the prospects of certain other candidates, and Wise Matron (Bst. I like Glacis is a winner. On the Kpoon form, however, he and Dcvereux (6st, 91b.) are held perfectly safe by Astioot (6ofc. 121b.), ajid his 101b. penalty takes him too who beat him in the Manchester November Handi- cap. Furthermore, he is a lumbering sort for a sharp oouree like this. whereon we have s-'en Torpoint, sploll-uid stayer thou.g'h he be, handicapped each year he has competed by his apparent inability to swing cleanly round at the sharpest bends. Asoioot will very likely gain a. place next Wednesday. It is significant that after running so weill at Epsom he missed a.n engagement, at Sandown where he looked to have a favourite's ohana" and his trainer- owner, Lynham, is as well vereed as any in the craft of preparing long..dit-.t.anc.c racers, having already won a Chester Cup with Uncle Mac and an Ascot Stakes with Bald nr. I hear excellent accounts of Torpoint who is likely anoe more to be the Man ton selected. Two yoant ago he was second to Feather Bed. giving the winner 161b, Last year he was third, although ho would have been beaten out of plaoa had Bridge of Canny been per- severed with. He can be no eprightlier now, and he is so alow for a mile and more that we may expect to seo him once a.gain being 861, with an impossible amount, of leeway facing him at the Grosvenor Bridge. Mr. Gilpin last autumn believed P>alt,i<n«tioi.% (9st.) more ce-r- tain to win the Cesarewitch than any horse he had previously got ready for a handicap, and Baltinglass by making partial atonement in the November Handicap simply proved that he runs a stone better with a man on his back. He is quite entitled to his weight, but whether he is fit enough to carry it through to the end may just lie questioned Certainly Wuffv 1,8ot. 101b.) has had a stronger preparation, and he is so much more handy for a course lik-e this than is Royal Dream (8s. 9ib,), who in anoiiher certain starter, that I am prepared to see him confirm the Cesar ^witeh placings with the last-named. The stable companions. Prince Robert (Bst. 21b.), Round Dance (7st. 5lb.), and Eurotas 6et. 121b.) (whom Sir Peter Walker oent to Weyhill for her winding-up gailopa), are aRt fit, from hurdle racing, and Corduif 6st. 41b.) and Jenkins (6st. 4fb.), having been similarly employoo during the winter, will strip as wd;l as need b. Personal fancy among this batch is Eurotas, although the records of the race are surely against fiihes, and the weather changes of an tsinusimlly capricious month are more prejudicial than usual to tlie sex this yeair Mr. Ha.rdy lias got the best boy at the weight in Howard for Corduff, but the horse is oniy a one-paoer and would have bean better suited I think by a striding course. I have not the least fancy for Nightfall, doubting indeed tliat she will run, while Cuffs was bearen at Epsom and Old China at Ponte- fnact, albeit over shorter distanoes than this. St. Ollalia (7<st.5lb.) was out-this w'cek at New- market, and stripped short of a few good gai- lops. I think they expected her to run better than she did however, for ilthough the ground was beautifully elastic she was going very ""hort," in the last furlong. The Irish mare, Mrs. Lyons, ought at least to get the course, her final exploit in her own country !a,,<t year being an easy victory for the Royal Whip in a four miltes' race at the Curragh. On the pre- vious day she won tihe Ourragh Cesarewiteh. (1 mile 6 fur.), but it is difficult to reckon up what t.he form really amounts to, while it is nearly twenty years since a mare carried off the Chester Cup, and the changeable weather gives no encouragement to think that after all the law of average will for onoe in a way deall justly with the sex. A horse whose ohano? invites a certain amount of respect in this Cup is Killigrew, w'ho, as a Northumberland Plate winner, has got a very convenient weight (7st. lib.), while the boy who will ride him, Rings toad, is businesslike if not altogether an artist. Killi- grew has already been beaten this season, but in a falssly-run race. Taking his Newcastle performance as it istiands hoo hat"; quite as good a ohance as Wuffy, the running of Bibiani there and in the Great Boor Handicap being my guide to such calculation. Thua witJi t.he -Nort,h Plate he tajok 221b. from Bibiani and gave her a hollow thrashin^, and at York Wuffy won no more easily when receiving 21b. | from Bibiani. Next Wednesday Wuffy wiM have to concede Killigrew 2311).. so that the advantage appears to newt on t-he side of Mr. i Vyn-f-"f'R home. a.nd ho will stay the course quite as well as the other. I saw Wuffy at work this (Thursday) morning), and he looks fit indeed. In this respect, at any rate, he will have too advantage over Bailt.inglass, and I am prepared to see Mr, Ber.don's horse turn out nearly the best of the Newmarket group. Wuffr, Glacis, and Killigrew, taking them on their handicap order, Are the three I like best of the Cup party, for r fear that Astioot will not ly-, quite clever enough, while Torpoint may now miss the jockey who knows him so wdl. I don's quite like Glacis, though would fear him greatly if he got. otT well. WUFFY AND KILLIGREW, I however, are very genuine horses, and I am prepared to see one of the pair very nearly WHI. The Vale this year will cuc up badly I fear, and whether or no P»Ur Star comer, to the pout he hias no oall to give w,eight to Galvini, for whom the rich prize is [little short of a benefit. Similarly would. Vamose or Mcrena have a comfortable task if the Duke elects to be represented in the Dee Stakes for Eaton Lad is understood to be in reoon-ø for the .Jubilee Stakes. The Chester Cup is a very liandsoire silver-gilt strap two-handled cup, with cover and pineapple knob of the Queen Anne style, standing on an ebony plinth with massive silver-gilt inscription plates, and is an exquisite example of the silver- smith's art. The Chester Vase is a fine Georgian trophy of very rich repoussee work, with a decorated floral base and entwined oak leaf handles, surmounted with cover also with oak-leaf decoration and a triple acorn knob, standing on an ebony plinth with massive silver-gilt plates for inscription. The above have been supplied by :Messr3. Lowe and Sons, Chester, the well-known silversmiths.

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