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ELLESMERE PORT & WHITBY. attendance continues to increase I each week. Mr. Rob-erts presidod on Sunday, and Mr. Worsev read the Scriptures. Mr. F. Derbyshire gavo an excellent address on the subject "Shams," drawing some striking com- p,-tri-sons between the real thing and worthless imitations. Miss Emily Howard ably sang The Angel of Pco-oo" and "Tho way of the Cioss." Miss Parsonage accompanied. MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.—A meeting of the Mutual Improvement Society, wruoh organisation has boen lying dormant for some yeaiq, was held on Thursday, Mr. Alec McGregor presiding. It was decided to wind up tho society and sell the piano and ui-iis. the money to bo devoted to charity with tbe balance in hand. On the motion of Mr. T. Wilkinson, this was divided as follows Chester Infirmary £ 5, ambulance fund £.3, Women's Hospital, Shaw-street, E3. and the balance, about 17s., to tho Parochial Hall fund. PRESENTATION.—On Thursday an inter- esting presentation took place at the National Schools, tho ;<ooipient being Mi« Franc-ia King. who during he-r career as teacher at this school haB beoen very popular with- toa-obeins and isoholai-s alike, The gift took tho form of a bandeomo marble timepiece, and was subscribed for by the teaching staff and scholars, being tmitably in.goribed. Mr. Fogg I.hoodma;t;eor) spoko ou.logi.stioa.lly of Miss King'.? services, and tho Vicar, in making the presentation, wished Miss King, who is shortly to bo married, the greatest of happiness in her wedded life. Miss King suitably responded. PRESENTATION.—An interesting presenta- tion took place on Monday at Burned's works, when Mr. f-nd Mrs. M. C. Burnell were the recipients of a handsome silver tray and gold brooch, on the occasion of their marriage. Mr. Baker, on behalf of the rolling mill employes, made the presentation, and said that during the past five years he had always found Mr. Burnell courteous and willing to discu&s anything that affected the workmen's interests, and he was pleased to say all the workmen had subscribed, which shewed the good feeling that existed. He wished Mr. and Mm Burnell all prosperity. Mr, Burnell, in a few well-chosen words, suit- ably responded.—On Monday evening the galvanising department also presented Mr. and Mr, Burnell with a silver salver and clock. Mr. A. Nicholas made the presentation. Mr. CatteraJI said he hoped the clock would be ai true <16 the wishes of the subscribers for Mr. and Mrs. Burnell's welfare, and that, their future would be as bright as the silver salver. WESLEYAN ANNIVERSARY.—Very suc- ocasful anniversary services were held on Sun- day. The Rev. W. Baker preached both morn- ing and evening, and the services were well attended. A musical service was held in the afternoon. Mr. Boultbce presiding, and the Rev. W. Baker agÚn gave an address. Miss Elsie A. at rendered the (solo "Come unco Me," Mrs. Wilding also singing wir.h ability. The choir ably contributed the anthem, "Jerusalem, my glorious home," and, at the evening service, "Song of jubilee," under the baton of Mr. Richard Jonov Miss A. Morris presided at the organ. The festival concluded on Tuesday with a tea, the tables being presided over by Mcsdames Perry, Joae* and Walton, the Mioses Wilkes, Allen and F. Wooiley. A lecture was given by the Rev. R. Wormwcll (Chester) on Abraham Lincoln the Martyred," which waa greatly appreciated. Mr. E. P. Jones should have presided, but owing to the Wolverhampton election was unable to attend. He sent a dona- tion of :65. Miss Moffat Bang "The Slave Song" and ''Life's Convolution." The proceeds were in aid of the trust funds, and, including the E5 donation, reached the satisfactory sum of L20. PROPOSED SPORTS AND CYCLE CAR- NIVAL.—On Wednesday evening a public meeting was held in the Co-operative Hall for the purpose of considering the ways and means of ae-Bisting the hospitals and such like charitable •institutions. Mr. T. C'atterall presided. Mr. T. Wilding was appointe.d secretary. and it was decided to organise a programme of sports and cycle carnival in the district, to be held about the end of June. The following committees were appointed:—Sports. Messrs. J. Dean, J. Wain, S. J. Nicholas. T. H. Whitby, J. W. Ellis, A. Baguley. W. Price and McGarva; marshaling, Messrs. W. Johnson, J. W. Nicholas, T. King C. W. Jones, A. F. Dumcrgue. George Cottereil and H. Stan way: catering. Mr*. Pye. Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Hughes, Nlilo Thompson, Mrli. 1. B. Bradsthaw, A Tay;or. T. W. Mani- fold and M. Harrison; character. Messrs. S. Roberts, Joo. Bradshaw, Ceo. Cottrell, N. Stan way, R. Jones, George Williamson, W. Fogg, J Williamson, A. Howard, A. Pl.¡¡,i,i.er, W. WaJdron. James McGarva, J. Darbvshire and J. Beech; finance, Me^rs. C. Whitridgo, A. F. Dumergue, J. Dean and S. Roberts. Mr. A. F. Dumergue wjt. appointed hon. treasurer. Mr. Baguley very kindly offered the Mersey Mission to Seamen's room for the use of the various committees, which was accepted. Another meet- ing is to be held on Monday evening to further the arrangements. VESTRY MEETING.—The annual v-ostry was held on Friday, the Vioar. the Rev. H. J. Dawson, presiding. The. accounts shewed a balance of JST. 19s. 10d., against JEo. 2s. 9d. last year. Whitby Mission accounts, submitted by Mr. Dumergu: shewed a. balance of 129. 6d., iagg,iii,st Ll. 17s. 4d. Mr. Dumergue mad a state- ment shewing the position of the olergy fund. The rooeltYL4 from November 28, 1906, to April 28 1908, were £ 182. 15s. 2d.. there being at present a balance of E20. 15s. Id. Special sub- scribers were Mrs. Smith (Whitby) 94, Mr. E. U. Jones B5. Mr. G. R. Jebb E3. ;s, Mr, P. Owens, £ 3. Is., Mr. and the Misses Chambers £ 4. 4s., Mr. Harrison (Eastham) L2. 28.. Mr. France (Eastbam; .62. 2s.. Mr. J. Rice Ll. Is., tha Rov. F. Clifton-Smith E5, Mr. Mansfield £ 2. 2s., Mr. R. Brocklebank JE25, total L56. 15,3. Mr. Dumergue stated that chore were about 40 subscribers in the parish at the commencement, but tlnore had been a considerable failing off. Tho Vioar proposed a vote of thanks to the rer tiring wardens, Messrs. BLavney and Nicholas, who had very ably and conscientiously carried out. their duties. Mr. Wallbank seconded, and it was oarri-cd. The two gentlemen suitably re- sponded. Mr. Baguley proposed a vote- of thanks to the sidesmen at the parish ohuroh and Whitby. Mr. Pugh seconded, and it. was car- ried. The Vic.a,r proposed the retiring wardens be æ-eLeoied. Mr. Walilank accondfd, and it WM carried nnanioM['s!y. ??e?M. T. Wilkin- &GH and P. Wilding did not s?ek rc-dection a8 ?idosmcn, a.nd the foUowmg were elected: — Parish church: Messrs. G. Dawkes, A. E. Nurse,' W. Wallbank, John Prioe, F. Wright, F. Ward. II. W. Boultbee, S. Hough, F. Egginton, A. F. Dumergue, J. Burrow and L. King. Whitby: Messrs. W. Tooth. G. Jenkins, S. Johnson, A. Saiics, juur., W. H. Davies and J. Jones. On the motion of the Vicar. Mr. Dumergue was elected senior sidesman at Whitby. Messrs. Wallbank and Blan?y were elected lay dele- gatc*). and Messrs. Dumergue. Grifiiilis and MeOulchoon auditors. The Vioar proposed a vote of thanks to all church worker?, whom he enumerated. Looking back on the past year, tho Vicar said, he could consider it as success- ful Up to the time of the fire the various or- ganisations had gone well. and he thought some good had come out of the fire It had made tile parishioners realise that a parochial hall was a rcaJ necessity, and they had set to work with a will. He hoped shortly to announce something definite in regard to the site, and when they might expect building operations to commence. He considered the assistant oleu-gv fund did not get tho support it might do in the parish, and iippcvaled for more help in this direction. The plACC was growing so rapidly that it would soon be xwx*iSE»ry to oonsidt-r i.ow {.hey could got an additional cur ate, as there was plenty of work for Mr. Jainm himself, and another man. He thougltt ihtty could then with more confidence appeal for holp from outside. A volc- of thanks' to t3ws oliajlm%Q eiosod lite meeting.













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