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WM. MCEWAN & CO.'S LIMITED, WORLD RENOWNED, EDINBURGH BREWED, PALE ALE IN BOTTLE. (LIGHT BLUE LABEL) 2/- Doz. Half Pints, 3/9 Doz. Imperial Pints. ra E IDEAL FAMILY ALE, I BREWED FROM MALT AND HOPS ONLY, NO SUBSTITUTES, NO FININGS, ABSOLUTELY PURE, THEREFORE BEST. l' IN SMALL CASKS. 6, 9. 13 Gallons. S !.LES, MILDS and STOUTS, 1/ 1/2, 1/4, 1(t;, 1/8 a Gallon. 'J:nON"Q OLD ALES, "Malt Vintage," 2/- and 2/4 ditto C DELIVERED FREE. ESTEB AGENTS— —————————————- JOHN I. BLACKBURNE & CO. WATERGATE STREET. CHESTER RACES. i BAKER & SONS, \j ^PECTIONERS & TJEFRESHMENT CONTRACTORS BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. J&* TELKFUONE No. 47. 4li.1!n!'l ? TO Hrs GHACE THE ????? ? TELEGRAMS: 1)\: 1\ 1!11 ?E OF WESTMINSTER. 6??????% "BAKERS, CHEBTEK." <\t. ¡ ;ON EN MAYONAISE, DERBY ROUNDS, SPICED BEEF ^CORATED TONGUES, GALANTINES, PIGEON PIES, &c. LUNCHEONS ItEADY FROM 11 A.M. EACH DAY OF THE RACES. h () N HIRE. ??U ? A IE AND CUTLERY 0 N HIRE. J.. tt- ?CROSVH?LEM?? LTD., V,, CRANE WHARF, CHESTER, ?,, ?, 'y ?? immediate delivery the allowing NEW, 8H01'-SOILL:D, ?nd SECOND-HAND Ox MOTOR, CARS AND BOATS: .).; 1,) 1 I \\TJ V'l' t t' 14 h.p., 4 cyl., side-entrance, SWIFT, to seat four persons fitted with Cape Cart 0^-j, Hood and Folding (? lass Hcrucn £ 38U. 0? 10 h.p., 3 cy1., SWIFT, to seat two with Hood and Screen f?. S»« in ?0 h.p. twin cyl., SWIFT, to seat two with Hood and Screen £ 225. ? -? h.p., twin cyl., SWIFT, to scat four shop soiled £2O. I,.p., 3 cyl., SWIFT, to seat four; shop sOIled: ?W. ?h.p. G cyl., ARIEL; nearly new; Dual Ignition, sHle-cntranee, Cape Cart ()Nt; Hood and Screen £ 9iX>; cost £J,3()j) only run 300 miles. O}; lOh.p., twin cyl., O h.p., sin,,Ie lfj I.P., MOTOR BOAT, '• CKOSVILLE I. 23ft. long, beam oft. Sin. to carry ten ON" persons speed nine miles per hour £ 280. i>v £ ° rf. l P-' Cabin MOTOR LAUNCH, for Estuary or Coasting; length 45ft., beam 7ft.; sleeping accommodation for four persons £ 700. G' S, OIL, and STEAM ENGINES. OLD CARS MODERNISED. ESTIMATES GIYE. INSPECTION INVITED. CARS ON HIRE. TELEPHONE 2GS. ::i_  ?- EDUCATIONAL.  ?V ?RAL HOUSE SCHOOL, art -'HE BARS, CHESTER. Term ??';? ?"' Preparatory Class for Little X^r•V'fi V Principal. 7170 I ??OSPECTUaPOSTFREK. r\?A?'n ? BUSINESS TRAINING ¡ K £ ?t?' It. Oswald's Chambers, St.Wer- ?"?TER. And at LIVERPOOL, ST. ? ?. \V ??MlX(,Tox and SOUTHPORT. Ci"tOQett)  REAONABU FEES. Civ.J^eri) °'nercial Instruction. Languages, fiHii ^erv>' c er ^animations, ProfelOn,1 Pre- ''dt j^ies. individualiy, is taught individually, ¥ A'N ?'? -C- OUXTY OF THE CITY OF CHESTER. bD fW ?CATiON COMMITTEE. I't)t ?ND COUNTY SCHOOL  011 GIRLS. ROODEE. 5^Mi8t 688 ^ss C. J. M. HUBEACK, Ox'ord J^^sitX ^°nours. Assisted by hss L. ??? ? ??rd University Honours; Miss O. Q ?!.<. I ?' ?' ?A-' St. Andrews; Miss A. (1 r;?? B. ??'?don U myerslty; Miss M. E. ??c? ?'? Froebel Union Higher rti Qat" ;liSS J. CHkVE.??, Cambridge Miss J. CRAVEN, Cambridge ???j&c? .t.I ??j Board of Education Certm- ? tA* jArlb^ M. HARKi?ox. L. L. A., St. ???.' ??ether with Visiting Mistresses ?t???r.??°? in Class Singing and Domestic  et$ lls attend the Grosvenor Museum ects. T? T? ? ?? Subjects. begins Monday, M?y 23th, 1908. t ??' ??tress will be glad to see Parents ?to ???- to consult her at the School on ^t(j v S1 consult her at the School on 4rd 43' I -Ni ay 23rd, from H-0 to 12-0:  ?t u?' ??' ?? ?-? ? ??- ?&r? ?' etc., may be obtained from the ??dfrom- 1<1] A. E. LOYELL, ?Oh r? Director of Education. ?s: :)2, Northeate St-. -?-?st ''?yCth,lM8. J:t A\11?l' ? t?A.-???- ?.?'y? 2, KING'S BUILDINGS.— ??"'igand Day School. Visiting -?? SUMMER TERM will begin Al?b \Ce}j>OprNG AND DAY SCHOOL GIP.LS, Stone Villa, Hoo!e. \"t Usir- Ca¡nbndge Exams, and Trinity ??t ?s'f ? ?cnch Teacher resident.—For '?? ??h"? n??n???? MORCOM. NEXT TERM   7293 ?.?. ?ORY SCHOOL FOR BOYS. ?. ?h?? ??? CARTWRIGHT. Ainsdale, t c, -S"f B t Clleste5r Poya carefully prepared for 1 j^0n ,cllohu-'p- 7266  ?R GIRLS, GIanavon.? ??? ????ciPAL MISS LEATON, ??a.tim? ??C)ent staff of Teachers. French AlEUNlKM. German an?-I ??th?? jV MECNIKK. German an«l ?' H"? EltR DUNKEL. Term commenced A('Ss ,,AV 7113 l:>-¡- ?J-??'?S, p.c.T.s. (Cerbificated), ( '?'' in??' Chester, is open to receive ihrf^*<V|.fA>r inUK ,a? Tuition in Shorthand, lio ,iv ,Arithmetic, Grammar MH Wl'itinn. Ioderate terms. Prospectus <JQl 7U7 kc; 1,q '-M-R. ALFRED GREEN- ALFRED GEEEN-, ? ??Pl? 8-lo Tenor, Chester Cathedral) fcji'%s. ^PlLs a!J Prepares them for Exami- ?? Ter?"' ?., 10, Brighton Terrace, \?.?. ??TT "——- __?? ti?TJN? 0, Teacher of BANJO, '44blo IDITAP. 'IANIDOLINE. Also VIOLIN a.nd ° -^lso VIOLIN and fl?)II 1),C. LP-stral ??S. Terms at the ^o. 7, n the Eastgate Walls. Home ?Y ???? ona by arrangement. EDUCATIONAL. mIlE ELMS, FLOOKERSBROOK CIIESTElt. SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Conducted by MISS NEVILLE & MISS BECK. Resident Certificated Teachers, English and foreign. Best Masters attend. High-class education, accomplishments, prepara- tion for examinations. Comfortable homo. Resident and Day Pupils received. MUSIC a Speciality. Thorough training; instrumental, vocal, theoretical. Teachers for all ages and degrees of proficiency. Preparation for Roy a Academy and all Examinations. Terms moderate. For prospectus apply Miss NEVILLE. PLEASURE CRUISES. RPHE DEE STEAM BOAT CO. The above Company is the only one authorised by His Grace the DCKIC OF WESTMINSTER, to run their STEAMERS regularly to EATON HALL. THE ORMONDE ami BE;'fJ) Olt WILL HUX Ah FoLLO'w's (SLNJJAYS EXCEPTED):— am | am, am pm pm1 .pm' pm! pm pm Cheste-?.dp 9 0|1030 1130 1 0 1 30 2 45 3 30 4 30 5 3'? Ecdestonr. H 50 1120'1220 1 50 2 20 3 35 4 20 '? 20 C 20 Iron Urid? 101511?0; .j.? 5451 '?ron Br'dg.. ,10io!ll45 i 5 45 iron Br'dg.?1100415 0 121012.M 1 50 2 20?3 35 4 30 6 10 i 45 Chester,arr :1130!1 Oil 25 2 40 3 10;J. 2.'ii5 2i?7 C 7 35 Cliegtcr, arr 11301Oll '?15 2,1,1,) 3 IO'l 2515 '-), ) 7 c J7 35 FARES: CHESTER to ECCLESTOX, Gd. Single; 9d. Return. IRON BRIDGE, <Sd. Is. Weather and other causes permitting. Special Runnings for Bank Holidays. T IVEKPOOL AND NORTH WALES DAILY SAIUN jS (Sundays included), Co!lJlUl.ncin. Saturday. May l(Hh,froni Prince's Stage (Weithor, &c., permitting). 10-15 am ST. EL VIES Daily on and after 16th May, for LLANDVDNO (4 hours ashore), BEAUMARIS, 13A NCJOR, i'ii 1 MENAI fiBlDGE, due back 7-30 pm. 3/ti— LLANDUDNO AND BACK—3/(i Fov Fares, C uitract Kates, Ac., apply Liverpool and North Wale; Steamship Co., Ltd T. ü. lirtw, Sec 40. Chanel-street, Liverpool. Tele. 5955 Central. Contracts: Week Fortnight 2 Mouth 30/ Through B,) Jrings Daily, from Frineipal Stations. MANICURING. "BEAUTY IN A NUTSHELL." CULTO.— 190S consignment to hand. Beauti- fully pink, firm as a rock, almost unbreak- able. The brilliancy of this Magic Polish will last one week. One crayon will last (5 months. Refuse "Something just as good," there is only one Culto for the Finger Nails. 1 1 Post Free from THOMAS BELVOIR & CO., Dept. C, New Southgate, N. AT STUD. SALT ROCK," By "Rock Salt" by "Pepper and Salt," out of Gin" by I I Polard ine" (bred by Sir Humphrey de Trafford). Whole coloured dark brown, 14-1. I All communications, etc., to M. KENNEDY, Baths-street, Chester. SEASON, 1908. STUD CARDS. TASTEFULLY PRINTED. MODERATE PRICES. SEE SPECIMENS AT THE OBSERVER PRINTING WORKS, WHE CROSS. CHESTER. HIS MAJESTY THE KING AND CHESTER RACES. GOLD MEDAL and FIRST PRIZE DAIRIES OF CIIESIIIRE CHEESE! CHESHIRE CHEESE! As SUPPLIED TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING. THOMPSON, SON AND CLEMENCE, Cheesefactors and Provision Merchants, 109 NORTHGATE ST. AND BRANCHES, CHESTER. Messrs. THOMPSON, SON & CLEMENCE have secured a further consignment of CHESHIRE CHEESE from the Celebrated DAIRY thaf was supplied to HIS MAJESTY THE KING. The same are now on Sale at their respective Establishments— 10, NORTHGATE ST., 16, FOREGATE ST., (John Griffiths) EASTGATE ST., and MARKET HALL. BUTT & COO CELEBRATED "COUNTY" WATCH. ENGLISH THROUGHOUT, IN 18CT. GOLD DE I-HUNTER, HUNTER OR CRYSTAL CASES, £ 18:18:0 UNEQUALLED VALUE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, FULLY GUARANTEED. Also in Silver Cases, tr]) 5 0 32, EAST G-ATE ROW, CHESTER. ESTABLISHED 1752. MCKEE (LATE MORGANS, LON DON) COACH & MOTOR CAR BUILDER, WREXHAM. "MAYPOLE'S" PERFECT THREE, BUTTER, EGGS, A)Œ TEA. They are the best you can buy. MAYPOLE DAIRY Co., LIMITED. 8, WATERGATE ST.1 CHESTER. 81, BROOK ST. J Over 550 Branches Open. WALLACE WILLIAMS, (EXPERIENCED 35 YEARS) HOUSE DECORATOR, PAINTER, JLL PAPER-HANGER, &c.. 71, WATERGATE STREET ROW (HBiELT OPPOSITE TRINITY CHURCH). Pattern Books sent on npplication. Estimates tfivcu. A o.d selection of WaU Vapers, I Enamels and Be?dy attended Prnfl)ts in Stock. All Orders personally ?tt?nded l [ RÅCES 1908. QHESTER J> ACES, 1908. The remainder of the celebrated Dairy of Cheese from which have been supplied the 3 PRIZE CHEESES (VALUE X5 E, ACH), to be presented to the Owners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Horses in THE CHESTER CUP has been Purchased by GEo. D-UTTOIN & SON LIMITED, "The Sigarro Stores," EASTGATE ST., CHESTER. The Cheese, as shown in their Window, is being offered- By the Cheese, rn By the Half-Cheese. or in Cuts of any weights-each accompanied with a Signed Certificate of its identity. A SELECTION FROM OTHER FINE DAIRIES ALSO ON SALE. "YE OLD CRYPTE" BLEND OF PURE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY. THE FINEST VALUE PROCURABLE. 21/- per GaDon "j 42/- „ Doz Bottles ?5 per Cent. 3/6 „ Bottle I for Cash. QUELLYN ROBERTS & Co., THE OLD CRYPT, WATERGATE sr., CHESTER. I LAWN MOWERS, GARDEN ROLLERS, I GARDEN TOOLS, PEA GUARDS, &c. LAWN MOWERS AT STORES PRICES FOR CASH. (A discount of 3s. in the pound allowed). STORRAR'S SUCCESSORS MANUFACTURING IRONMONGERS, 109 & 111, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER.