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AUCTION DIARY. 8aleeby MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. May 11—At the Chester Smithfield-Fat Cattle, Sheep, Lambs, Pips, and Calves May 11—At the Hooton Smithfield-Fat Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, and Calves May 18-At 21, White Friars-Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. May 23-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Residential Property near Chester May 23-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Dwelling- nouse in Nicholas-street May 26 and 27-At the Warehouse, Duke-street, Furniture, Pictures, China, &c. May 30-At tli9 Grosvenor Hotel-Property in Eastgate Row, &c. Jane 2—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street- Furniture and Effects July At the Grosvenor Hotel Freehold Estates at Ledsham, Puddington, &c. By MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON. May 11—At the Ermine Cattle Mart—Fat and Store Stock.. May 15—At Lawfields Farm, Eastham—Live and Doad Farming Stock May -21—At the Whoat Sheaf Inn, Antrobus- Small Farm May 23—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Free- hold Property in Chester. By MR. J P. CARTER. May 11—At Hooton Cattle Mart—Cattle By MR. S. R. FEARNALL. May 11—At the Agricultural Hall, George-street, Chester—Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, and Calves May 15-At Challinor's Sale Yard, George-street, Chester-Old Oak Timber May 21-At the Agricultural Hall, Chester- Show and Sale of Dairy Cattle, etc. By MR. JOSEPH WRIGHT. May 11—At Beeston Castle Station Smithfield- Fat and Store Stock BY THE FRODSHAM FARMERS AUCTION CO., LTD. May 14-At the Victoria Hall, Frodsham— Antique and Modern Household Furniture By HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LTD. May 27, 28 & 29—At the Crewe Horse Repository Horses By MESSRS. JOHN CROALL & SONS. May 14-At Gowanbank, Darvel, Ayrshire- Hackneys, Carriage Horses. Cobs and Ponies SALES BY AUCTION. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS AND RICHARDSON. AUCTIONEERS. VALUERS, LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, THE AUCTION MART, FOREGATE ST., CHESTER ESTABLISHED OVER A CENTURY. TELEPHONE No. 210. OHRISTELETON BANK, about one and a half miles from CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will offer for SALE BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, On SATUR- DAY, May 23, 1908, at Three oclock p.m. punc- tually, in One Lot, and subject to conditions to be then produced, too extremely desirable Freehold FAMILY RESIDENCE, known as Dhrietleton Bank, for many years the Ileskt- atoce of the late Mre. Ambrose Dixon. The House, which is approached by a Car- riage Drive, is very pleasantly situated in it.b own Well-timbered Grounds, contains Conner- ratory Entrance, Vestibule and spacious En- trance HaJI, Dining Room, 24ft. by 16ft. Drawing Room, 24ft. by 20ft., with circular bay; Morning Room, 10ft. square, Verandah Ma the Main Fronts; 11 Bed and Dressing Rooms, Housemaid's Closet, Bath Room, w.c, Attic and Box Room, well-arranged Domestic Offices, and superior and extensive Vaulted Cellars in Basement. The Hall and Landings are fitted with Heat- ing Apparatus. ThIo Outbuildingjs oomprk-e fourvetalled sta,bling, 3 ttooee boxes and saddle rcom, with lofts over all; 2 other looee boxee, double eoach house, cart house, coal house, w.c., etc., ehippon for 4 cows, calf oote, chop house, dog loennels, piggeries, poultry houses, etc., excel- lent flower and kitchen gardens with eonser- vatory, etove house, fruit room and targio brick frame. The Pleasure Grounds contain some exceed- ingly fine ornament,al trees and flowering shrubs. The Land, which is nicely timbered and presents a park-like appearance, is all in Old Pasture of excellent quality and welll supplied Uith water obtained from the Spring known 86 "The Abbot.'s Well." Included with the Property are Four Buperior Cottages with gardens, and the whole Estate oompriscs an area of 33 acres 3 roods 21 perches, or thereabouts in a ring fence. Any further information may be obtained and Particulars with Plan tfii-pectied at the Offices of the Auctioneers, Messrs. Churton. Elphick, Roberts a.nd Richardson Mr. Henry Bwetenham, Surveyor or MESSRS. POTTS. POTTS AND GARDNER, Solicitors; afil of Chester. CITY OF CHESTER. Bale of Valuable Freehold Dwelling-House, with Yard and Outoffiees. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & CO. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grcs- tenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, 23rd May, 1908, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, and eubjcct to conditions, the desirable Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE, situate and being o, 6, Nicholas-street, with yard, w.c., coalhouse, and back entrance. The Property is subject to a giound rent cf iC2. 10s. per annum. For orders to view, apply to the Auctjonocr. Any further information may be obtained from Mr. W. N. Watson, Solicitor, Penryn, Cornwall; or Mr. W. E. Brown, Surveyor, and Meesrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson, Auctioneers, all of Chester. By Order of the Representatives of the late Robert Fraeer, Esq., Green bank, Chester. Highly Important and Attractive Sale of Superior Household Furniture, Cut and Engraved Glass, a choice collection of Ornamental and other China, including examples of Spode, Dresden, Copeland, &c.; Nankin, Satsuma & other Oriental Ware; Cloisonne Enamels, Delf, exquisite Japanese Ivory Carvings, valuable Oil Paintings, a fine assortment of Electro-plate, costly chiming and mantel clocks, choice Books, oomprehen- sive collection of Stereoscopic Views, Electric Table Lambs and Fittings, Axminster, Indian, and other Carpets, Billiard-room Seats and Platforms, and a variety of miscellaneous Effects, at THE WAREHOUSE, DUKE- STREET, CHESTER, of Messrs. Brown and Co., Chester, Limited. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. have been favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, May 26th and 27th, 1908. and following day if necessary, the abeve-mentionod Valuable EFFECTS. Further particulars shortly. TO GROCERS, INVESTORS AND OTHERS. CITY OF CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. i will SELL BY AUCTION at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 30th May, 1908, at 3 p.m. punctually, the undermentioned Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, namely :— All that Valuable Corner Block of PROPERTY situate in Eastgate-street, Eastgate Row, and Newgate-street, in the centre of the City of Chester, comprising Grocer's and Wine and Spirit Merchant's Shop, with extensive cellarage and store rooms, with entrance from Eastgate Row, occupied by Messrs. John Little and Sons Seven Offices over the shop cailed "Newgate Chambers," occupied by Messrs. Carter, Morgan, Ratcliffe, and Lockwood Two Offices and a Shop Nos. 4, and 8, Newgate-street, occupied by Messrs. W. H. Nightingale and Son, and John Berrie, Ltd. and Eight Offices over the last mentioned Offices 'I and Shop called Grosvenor Chambers," occupied by Mr. R. S. Linnell and others. The whole Block having a frontage to Eastgate-street of 211 feet or thereabouts, and to Newgate-street of 124 feet or thereabouts, and producing a gross annual rental of £:J87. 10a. I SALES BY AUCTION. There is a fine old oak staircase upon the premises. The property occupies a commanding position in the centre of the city, immediately opposite the Grosvenor Hotel, and is a splendid site for busi- ness premises, and is one of the most desirable and valuable blocks of property e ver offered fo sale in this city. There is an old-established Grocer's and Wine and Spirit Merchant's Business carried on in the shop in Eastgate Row. There is no other shop of its kind in Eastgate or Bridge-street Rows. For further particulars and plan apply to the Auctioneers; Messrs. Sharpe and Davison, Solicitors; or to MESSRS. JOLLIFFE & JOLLIFFE, Solicitors, all of Chester. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co will hold a Sale of Miscellaneous FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS, on TUESDAY, 2nd June, 1908. Early Entries invited. COUNTY OF CHESTER. i Preliminary Notice of a highly important Sale ? of Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, very pleasantly situate in, and being part of, the Townships of LEDSHAM, PUDDINGTON, and NESS, intersected by good roads, and consisting of very desirable FARMS, AC- COMMODATION LANDS, BUILDING PLOTS, and COTTAGES, and comprising about 1,200 acres. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & co. (have b&en favourfed with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, in the month of July, 1908, the above-mentioned valuable Freehold ESTATES in suitable lote. Particulars with plans will be publiehed in due oourse, and may be obtained, with further information, from the Auctioneers, Meesrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson, Chester; or from Messrs. J. Rice Roberts and Laurie, Solicitors, Llangefni, Anglesey. ERMINE CATTLE MART. On MONDAY NEXT, May 11th, 1908. ON account of the CHESTER RACES MESSRS. W. H, NIGHTINGALE and SON will hold their WEEKLY AUCTION on MONDAY, when the following Head of Stock will be offered :— 90 Head of Prime Fat CATTLE. 400 „ and Store PIGS. 200" „ „ and Rearing CALVES. 250 „ „ SHEEP and LAMBS. 2 In-pig GILTS. Further early entries will be esteemed. Record sale last week. A grand trade expected for Lamb, which will be in great demand owing to Race Week. Fat Cattle and Pigs wanted. Good clearance anticipated. Usual times of selling. Start with Calves at 11.30 a.m. On FRIDAY, May 15t.h, 1908. At LOW FIELDS FARM, EASTHAM, being three-quarters of a mile from Bromborough and half-a-mile from Hooton Stations, and nine miles from Chester. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON ?'jL have received instructions from Mr. W. Phillips (who has let the farm) to SELL BY AUCTION. the whole of his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, comprising- CATTLE.-42 head of dairy cows (to calve, with calves at foot, and in full milk); two two- year-old shorthorn stock bulls, and yearling heifer. HORSES.—Half-bred bay cart mare, 15hds. 2in., seven-years-old brown harness mare, four- years-old, 14hds. 3in. grey mare cob, 13hds. 3in., six-years-old black mare cob, 14hds., four-years- old; grey gelding, 14hds., five-years-old; brown mare, 14hds. 3in., seven-years-old. PIGS.—Young sow and 11 followers, 11 strong store pigs, three barren sows, and young in pig sow. POULTRY.-20 couples of young fowl, hens and young ducks, hens and chicks; also the whole of the Modern Farm Implements, Harness and Dairy Vessels. Luncheon at 11 o'clock. Sale at 12 o'clock prompt. Full pniticulars in catalogues, which may be obtained from the Auctioneers, 4, Newgate-street, Chester. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON v" 11 SELL BY AUCTION, a Small FARM of 12 acres, situate at ANTROBUS, near Northwich, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Antrobus, on THURSDAY EVENING, May 21st, 1908, at 7 o'clock p.m. Plans and further particular? can be had from the Auctionc-eis, 4, N?wgate-str«et; or Messrs. Dickson, Barnes and Dickson, Solicitors, St. Wcrburgh-stroet, Chester. On Saturday, May 23rd, 1908. Sale of Valuable Freehold Pioperty in Chester. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at t,he Blos- eoms Hotel, Chestier, on SATURDAY, May 23rd, 1908. at 3 o'clock prompt., and subject io conditions the Mowing Freehold DWELLING' condl'tlon,,i tlit, f4od o?ving Fi-(-c h ol d DWELLI-N,(,- Lot 1.—All that newly-erected DWELLING- HOUSE, situate and being No. 33, Veinon- road (off Scaland-roadj, Chester, in the occupa- tion of Miss UgaJde at the weekly rent of 6s Tin- tenant pays the water rate. The House contains parlour, kitchen, back- kitehen, pantrv, yard, w.c.. and 3 bedrooms. Lot 2.—All that DWELLING-HOUSE., situ- ate and being- No. 62, Cornwall-street, Newtown, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. F. Jones, at. the weekly rent of 4s. 6d. The House contains par lour, kitchen, back- kitehon. yard and 2 bedrooms. For further particulars apply to the Auction- eers, 4. Newgate-street; or MR. E. S. GILES, Solicitor, Old Bank Buildings, Chester. MONDAY NEXT, 11th May, 1908. SPECIAL RACE WEEK SALE. A GRICULTURAL HALL, CHESTER, /? when PRIZES will be given for the Best Pair of Fat Cattle, Four Fat Sheep, Three Lambs, Two Bacon Pigs, and the Best Fat Calf. 80 Fat and Store CATTLE. 350 SHEEP, LAMBS, Bacon and Pork PIGS. 200 Fat and Rearing CALVES. Sale of Fat Cattle at 10-45 prompt, Pigs and Sheep 11 a.m., Calves 1 o'clock. Liberal Entries invited, as an exceptional demand is anticipated to meet the extra require- ments of Race Week. At 2 o'clock will be Sold :—Two Single Cheese Presses, One Double ditto, equal to new Cheese Vat with accessories, for about 25 cows, in excel- lent order Curd Mill, Up-and-down Churn, Deal Cheese-bench and Stools, Butter Scales and Tub, Milk Cans, together with other Dairy Requisites, Steelyards, Lawn Mower, &c., removed for convenience of Sale, by order of Mrs. Higginson, late of Bretton Farm, also 34 Boxes Scottish Triumph Potatoe Sets, direct from Scotland, and 10 cwt. of Eating Potatoes, in cwt. bags aged draught Horse and Coal Lurry, Two sets Coal Scales, and 50 Bags. SIDNEY R. FEARNALL. Eastgate Chambers, Chester. On FRIDAY, May 15th, 1908, at 2 o'clock. SIDNEY R. FEARNALL will SELL BY AUCTION at Challinor's Sale Yard, GEORGE STREET, CHESTER, a quantity of OLD OAK and MATERIALS, removed from buildings in demolition, and comprising Roofing Spars and Joists, Sashes, Frames, Doors, etc., and a large quantity of Oak Joists, Flooring Boards and large Oak Beams, Gas Fittings, Baths, Wrought Iron Casements and Sundry Building Material, Wringing Machine, and Handcart. I Auction Offices: Eastgate Chambers, Chester. AGRICULTURAL HALL, CHESTER, I THURSDAY, 21st May, 1908. I FOURTH Great SPECIAL PRIZE SHOW ¡ JD and SALE of DAIRY COWS and 1 HEIFERS, BARRENS, STIRKS, YEAR. LINGS and STOCK BULLS. I Liberal Entries respectfully solicited. I' Eastgate Chambers, Chester. j SIDNEY R. JTJEARNALL. SALES BY AUCTION. -# IMPORTANT NOTICE. IN consequence of the CHESTER RACES I taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 12tb, 13th, and 14th May, the WEEKLY STOCK SALES, both at the CHESTER SMITHFIELD and the HOOTON SMITHFIELD, will be held on MONDAY NEXT, 11th May, commencing at Chester at 11 o'clock, and Hooton at 2 o'clock. On MONDAY NEXT, 11th May, 1908. At the CHESTER SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will ?? SELL BY AUCTION- 105 Prime Fat Dairy and Store CATTLE. 450 Ripe Fat SHEEP. 50 Ripe Fat LAMBS. 150 Fat and Rearing CALVES and PIGS Bsef selling well. Sheep and lambs in good demand. The Sale commences with Cattle at Eleven o'clock, Sheep, Lambs and Pigs to follow. Calves sold at Two o'clock. Entries respectfully solicited. Offioea, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. MONDAY NEXT, May lltb, 1908, AT THE HOOTON SMITHFIELD. mESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will -LTJ" hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT STOCK, including 23 good young Cheviot Ewes, with Lambs at foot, by Shropshire Tup; 40 good strong Black-faced Hoggs, and 2 choice Roan Shorthorn Heifers close on calving. Sale at 2 prompt. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices: Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On MONDAY, MAY 18, 1908. Highly-attractive and important Sale, 21, WHITE FRIARS, CHESTER. jyjESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are favoured with instructions from Mr. R. Knowles (who is giving up housekeeping) to SELL BY AUCTION, without reserve, the whole of the modern ajid costly HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS. DINING ROOM.—Fumed oak euite, fumed oak King Edward VII. sideboard, dining table and overmantel, Turkey carpet, unique Bruges timepiece. DRAWING ROOM.—Smoked mahogany suite, upright g-ratid pianoforte, smoked mahogany overmantel, ebonised cabinet, brass fireside euite, silk 4-fold screen, etc. BREAKF AST ROOM,-Smokoo mahogany 5ft. sideboard, Louis XV. etyle, very fine inlaid mahogany grandfather's dlock, walnut dining tabk\ etc. HALL.—Wa! nut hat and umbrella stand, pair of oa.k hall chairs, etc. PICTURES.—Valuable old Dutch oil- paintings by Nonjyereon, oilpainting by Lcsbia, water colours by W. Gannon, water colours by W. Marshall, old engravings, etch-, inge, por- traits, chromos, photogravures, etc. CHINA, ETC.—Old Wedgwood jug, Sat- sum a placque, Delft, ware, DouJton ware, DcNa Robbia vases, Royal Coalport dishiee, Cauldron ware, Siamese and Japanese placquos and vases, China figure ornaments, Wedgwood sugar basin. Plate: Soup and sauce ladies, table, mustard, dessert and t.easpoons, knives and forks, carvers, etc. Glass: Decanters, wine glares, etc. BEDROOMS.—Valuable walnut (suites, old oak linen cupboard, inlaid Spanish mahogany chest drawers, old mahogany gent's ward- robe, corner washstand, walnut overmantel, old oak table, Roman Carpet, Axminster stair cair- pets, Axminster, Indian and Persian hearth- rugs, brass French bedsteads, feather bolsters and pillow,, liair mattresses, mirrors, and a large quantity of linen. KITCHEN AND CULINARY UTENSILS etc. Sale at 10.30 o'clock prompt. Catalogues from Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. Telephone 188. NOTICE.—On account of the Chester Cup Race taking place on Wednesday Next the SALE at the HOOTON CATTLE MART will be hold on MONDAY NEXT. JOHN P. CARTER, Auctioneer, Chester. On MONDAY NEXT, at 1.30. JOHN P. CARTER'S HOOTON CATTLE tF SALE, including a choice Blue-roan Newly- calved COW (her first calf), from Hubert Potts, Esq.. Ledsham. SALES every MONDAY at 12 o'clock. BEESTON CASTLE STATION SMITH- FIELD. JOSEPH WRIGHT will SELL BY AUC- TION- 650 Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, Lambs, PIGS, and CALVES. Further entnes invited. Offices: Alpraham, Tarporley. -h THE FRODSHAM FARMERS' AUCTION TM., LIMITED, have bc<?n instructed by several ladies and gentlemen to SELL BY AUC- TION, at the VICTORIA HALL, FROD- SHAM. on THURSDAY, 14th May, 1908, a largo consignment of Antique and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, induding oak grandfathers clock, oak linen chest., oak corner cupboard, oak tables and chairs, oak hall chairs, oa.k ha,1; and umbrella stand, oak gafc. leg table, Chippendale corner cupboard, Chippendale ond card table, two harmoni ums with 7 stops and knee-swell, 5 chests of drawers, mahogany dining table, iron bedateads and palliasses, fea- ther bods, and bedroom suite, oil paintings and steel engravings, and pictures. Side to ComriK-nce at One o'clock. Particulars from the Auctioneer. Frodsha.m. CITY SALE ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE-STREET, CHESTER ft A 8 T 0 N & SON S AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS. VALUATIONS made for PROBATE, TRANSFERS OF BUSINKSS, HOTELS, & LICENSED HOUSES, &(,. CERTIFICATED BAILIFFS under the Law of DISTRESS AMENDMENT ACT. A SALE is held at the ROOMS EVERY TUESDAY throughout the year, at 1-30, for the convenience of parties having Goods of any description to dispose of. CjAsTt ADVANCKD pending realization or Goods purchased outright. Telephone 59. -ISTO-N,T & SON. J. WILL HOLD THEIR NEXT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, TUESDAY, MAY 10th, 1903, AT 1-30 PnoMPT. PARTICULARS IN NEXT 'YERK'¡ PAPER. 850 HORSES. £ 50 PRIZES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. GREAT MAY HORSE SALES. HENRY MANLEY AND SONS. Limited, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, May 27th and 26th-Harness Horsss, Hunters, Match Pairs, Pedigree Hackneys, Prize-winning Show Horses. Cobs and Ponies. FRIDAY, May 29th—Heavy Town, Lurry and Van Horses, Shires and Cart Colts and Fillies. Many Special Entries already to hand, includ- ing a consignment of High-class Horses, the property of Mr. Walter Winans, Surrenden Park, Kent; 12 from Mr. Wm. Threlkeld, Kirkoswald, Cumberland; and 12 Hackney Ponies from Mr. T. P. Robinson, J.P., Wigginton Stud, York. Prize Schedules and Entry Forms on applica- tion. ENTRIES close Tuesday, May 19th. HORSE SALE BY AUCTION. At GOWANBANK, DARVEL, AYRSHIRE. ON THURSDAY, May 14th, will be con- ducted the Fourteenth ANNUAL SALE of High-class HACKNEYS, CARRIAGE HORSES, COBS and PONIES. The catalogue contains some exceptional Show Harness Hordes, a number of which have already won at the principal Shows; several well- matched Pairs with quality and action, and good, stylish, single Harness Horses and Ponies for everyday work. Catalogues and all particulars from the Pro- prietor, Alex. Morton, Gowanbank, Darvel- Ayrshire or of the Auctioneers, JOHN CROALL & SONS, Ltd, Edinburgh, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. PROPOSED DUTTON MEMORIAL CHAIR In Tropical Entomology and Arachnology. In the LIVERPOOL SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE and the UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL. £ s. d. Amounts previously acknowledged .15i6 7 0 The Ash House Family, per Mr. W. J. Dutton 20 0 0 Admiral Sir R. Massie Blomfield 5 5 0 Dr. Hector Leak, Over, Winsford 5 0 0 Mr. William Bailey, Liverpool. 5 0 0 Mr. Robert Griffiths oo. oo. 5 0 0 Mr. Roscoe Brunner 5 0 0 Dr. A. Lawrence, 2 2 0 Mr. W. H. Denson 1 1 0 Mr. F. R. Denson. M 1 1 0 Mr. Eric M. Jones, Tileton .„ 1 1 0 Mr. Geo. F. Dutton, Bunbury 110 Mr. J. D. Siddail 1 1 0 Miss Eggers 1 1 0 Mr. T. Cann Hughes 1 0 Mr. John Griffiths, Rossett 110 Mr. Walter Conway 110 Mrs. Cameron 1 0 0 Miss Steele Perkins 0 10 6 Dr. King 0 10 6 Dr. J. Newsom Laird, Macclesfield 0 10 6 Mr. A. H. Davies 0 10 6 Mr. E. J. Raby .n 0 10 0 Miss L. E. Shallcross M. 0 5 0 Mr. J. Crewe. 0 5 0 Further Donations are earnestly solicited, and may be sent to J. R. THOMSON, Parr's Bank, or) Hon. JOHN SIMON, Eastgate Row, J Treas. or to J. H. DICKSON, Town Hall, or 1 Hon. G. P. MILN, Grosvenor Museum, Sees. CHESTER CATHEDRAL. AN APPEAL for has been issued to L enable the Dean and Chapter of Chester Cathedral to Restore the South-West Door and Buttress of the South Transept, and to Re-build the Organ. Any Donation may be paid (which may be spread over two years) to the account of the Restoration Fund, Chester Cathedral, at any of the following Banks (Chester branch): — Parr's Banking Company, Lloyd's Bank, National Provincial Bank, Bank of Liverpool, North and South Wales Bank, or to The Dean. Deanery, Chester, or to the Chapter Clerk, St. Werburgh Chambers, Chester. The following sums have been already promised £ s. d. Previously advertised „ .353G 5 0 Col. France-Hayhurst 20 0 0 The late Mr. C. P. Douglas 20 0 0 Mrs. Joyce i) 0 0 Dr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald 10 0 0 Mr. Henry Swetenbam 1 1 0 Mr. Henry Duckworth 2 2 0 Mrs. Shand 5 0 0 The Misses Shand. 5 0 0 Mr. F. Willis Taylor 2 2 0 Mrs. Read, Kenwyn 5 0 0 Messrs. Morris and Watkin 110 Rev. T. W. H. France-Hayhurst 10 0 0 Mr. Walter Conway 110 Mr. G. A. Kenyon. 2 2 0 The Misses Payne 5 0 0 Lotd Barrywore 25 0 0 Mr. W. C. Richmond 5 0 0 Mrs. John Thompson 5 5 0 Mrs. Robin 5 5 0 Rev. H. J. E. Williams 2 2 0 Mr. James Hobday 10 0 0 Madame du Puget. o 0 0 Mr. Alfred Mond, M.P. 105 0 0 Mr. William Rogers 5 0 0 Mr. W. Vigor Fox. 2 0 0 Mr. G. B. Baker-Wilbrahani 5 0 0 Dr. W. H. Dobie 110 Mr. H. P. Johnson 110 Mrs. Barnston 20 0 0 A Thankoffering from St. Paul's Tran- mere 110 The Countess Grosvenor 5 5 0 Canon Webb 20 0 0 Messrs. Walker, Smith and Way 5 0 0 Mra. Stolterfoth 110 m ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Tllll ANNUAL PUBLIC MEETING of the Chester Branch of the Society will be held at the TOWN HALL, at 3 o'clock, on SATURDAY, the 16th May, when His Worship THE MAYOR will preside, and LADY ARTHUR GROSVENOR will distribute the Prizes. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the expiration of twenty-one days from the publication hereof, the HAWARDEN RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL intend to make application to the Local Government Board, under 7 Edward, 7 Chapter, 63 Section 3, for an ORDER, that Section 47 of the same Statute may be in force in the Parishes of Hawarden, Hope, and Saltney, in the said Rural District. Dated this 4th day of May, 1908. HUGH G. ROBERTS, Clerk to the said Council. -c:- COUNTY PALATINE OF CHESTER. THE LICENSING ACT, 1904. NOTICE OF MEETING OF COUNTY LICENSING COMMITTEE FOR CON- FIRMATION OF NEW LICENSES. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that applica- tions for the CONFIRMATION of NEW LICENSES granted at the last General Annual Licensing Meetings held for the several Licensing Districts in the County of Chester (exclusive of the Municipal Boroughs having separate Com- missions of the Peace), will be taken mtt) con- sideration by the County Licensing Committee, at the Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe, on THURS- DAY, the 14th day of May, 1908, at Two o'clock in the afternoon. Copies of the Rules regulating the proceedings of the Committee can be obtained from the undersigned. undersigned. REGINALD POTTS, Clerk of the Compensation Authority for Cheshire. Dated this 1st day of May, 1908. CHESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1888. 1iV>1 | OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that J?t WILLIAM DEWSE EASTERBY, ESQUIRE, the District Auditor for the North- Western Counties Audit District, has appointed the AUDIT OF THE ACCOUNTS OF THE COUNTY COUNCIL for the County Palatine of Chester, and of the County Treasurer and other Officers of such Council, for the year ending 31st day of March, 1908, to commence on THURSDAY, the 28th day of May, 1908, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Castle of Chester. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that a copy of such Accounts duly made up and balanced, together with all account books, deeds, contracts, accounts, vouchers and receipts mentioned or referred to in anch accounts will be deposited at Chester Castle, and be open during office hours to the inspection of all persons inter- ested for seven clear days before the Audit. I Dated this 4th day of May, 1908. REGINALD POTTS, Clerk of the County Council, Chester PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. ROBERT CHALLINOR, DECEASED. ALL persons having CLAIMS against the Estate of the above named, Deceased, late of No. 1, Cliveden-road, Hough Green, Chester, are requested to send particulars thereof forth- with, to DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, Chester. ARCHIBALD McDONALD, DECEASED. ALL persons having CLAIMS against the .k Estate of the above named, Deceased, late of No. 50, Watergate-street, Chester, are requested to send particulars thereof forthwith, to DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, Chester. RAILWAYS. G.W.R. EXCURSION TO LONDON. SATURDAY, May 16, to LONDON, for One, K? Three or Fivo Days, as under :—CHESTER, depart 6-45 a.m. Tickets, bills, pamphlets, &c., obtainable at the Stations; or from Divisional Superintendent, Chester. "HOLIDAY HAUNTS," 1908 Enlarged Edition, beautifully illustrated, containing particulars of accommodation in England, Wales, Ireland, Channel Islands, Scilly Islands, and Brittany, price 6d. post free, from Superintendent of the Line, Paddington Station. JAMES C. INGLIS, General Manager. CHESHIRE TT INES. CHESTER JJACES. On TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURS- DAY NEXT, May 12th, 13th and 14th, 1908, a Special Service of Trains at CHEAP FARES will be run from MANCHESTER (Central), Stockport (T.D.), Altrincham, Knutsford, North- wicb, Hartford, Warrington (Central), Winsford, Cuddington, Mouldsworth, etc., to CHESTER (Northgate Station). On THURSDAY, May 14th, SPECIAL EXPRESS PASSENGER TRAINS will leave CHESTER (Northgate) at 4-30 p.m. for Derby, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Nottingham, Leicester, London, &c. At ,1.40 p.m. for Sheffield, Rotherham (Westgate), Barnsley, Wakefield, Cudworth, Chesterfield, &c.; and at 4-50 p.m. for Stockport, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Hull, Nottingham, Leicester, &e. For full particulars see bills at the Stations. JAMES PINION, Manager. Central Station, Liverpool, May, 1908. or CYCLES. A SPECIAL PURCHASE of cheap, but reliable MACHINES. Edlin Sinclair—Gent.'s £ 4 15 0 do. Ladies' 4 19 6 do. Boys' 4 10 0 I do. Girls' 4 15 0 ALSO Alldays' Gent.'s 5 5 0 Lady's 5 10 0 Above are cash prices, but credit terms and easy payments can be arranged. ACCESSORIES FREE WITH ABOVE. J. E. BRASSEY & SON LIMITED, CHESTER. TKLEPHOXK 03L3. J. T. Milne, BRIDGE INN, TARVIN ROAD, CHESTER, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. ALE & STOUT BOTTLER. BASS'S PALE ALE, i PINTS. 2/- PER DOZEN. GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT, h Pints 1/10 „ „ PINTS (SCREW STOPPERS). BASS'S PALE ALE 3/6 PER DOZEN. GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT 3/3 „ BIRKENHEAD BREWERY CO'S DINNER ALE 2/6 „ FAMILY ALES, IN 6, 9 & 18 GALLON CASKS. FROM 1/- reit GALLON. 1- TELEPHONK No. 141. EDGAR DUTTON & SONS, Complete Funeral Furnishers AND CARRIAGE PROPRIETORS, 30, Frodsham-street, Chester. E. D. & SONS, having the Largest Stock of Belgian Horses, Superior Glass and Ctoaod Hearses, Private Broughams and Coaches are prepared to Supply Funer la cheaper than any jther shop in the City. E. D. JfcSONSbakethe ENTIRE MANAGE- MENT OF FUNERALS in Town or Country with due regard to economy and taste. Infant's Funeral, with a Pair Horse Coach, Coffin and Grave, from 24s. To the Poor or Benevolent, a good Coffin, | I Scbillibeer and Grave complete, 33s. SOLS Agent3 FOB I PATENT xMETAtLIC COFFINS. I' (The trade supplied). Superior WEDDING CARRIAGES for hire, kept only for Weddings, at moderate charges. PRIVATE ADDRK58K3: 12, UNION WALK, adjoining Stables; and j SPARFIELD HOUSE, NEWTON. I EADE'S PILLS. E AI)E'.S PILi,s. All who suffer from Gout or XT Rheumatism should imme- "g.-lADE'd 1 B-LI.S. diately have mc-our6o to JQi EADE'S PII,L?9. Hundreds of E & D p TI,LS. Testimonials have been re- cei ved from all sorts and E AD L' PI I-LS. conditions oi men testifying JL to the wonderful power those Pills have in giving relief in the very worst c-asag. These PiLls are purely vegetable and perfectly safe in their action. INSTANTLY RELIEVE AND RAPIDLY CURE THE WORST FORM OP GOUT, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE, AND LIMBS, And have the largest recommendation ever given any patent medicine of its class. G10UT. THE SWI?,1,1,'NG DISAP. PEAR?1). TJ HEUMATISM. H.M.S Leader, DevonpOJ t, N lJV. 20, 1907. y—nj ATTfn Deax Sir—During the p:?!, six G OUT. months we h?ve had sonic ex. trfjime',v damp Rudloggy weather — | » HEOMAAT-rIrSoMnr aud wail^t hoistir g in and out BiJ ocean tugs, c pper punts, mj GOUT. oth?r small cr?ta I coatr?tcd t-Tr several chills oue after the other whicu finally eet'?d in my l?s Tfc HEUMATISM. aad feet, causing them t j swt'lt -? ??rr. and to make mattera wors" 1 a had thenmfortuue to fall cut d ?JT a submerged torpedo tub, aud T> HEUMATISM. sprMned both im'dos. I wM placed on tho sick ¡Lt ¡¡nù given GOUT. theuau?ua.vattre&tmeut which  dB me no good. Seeing your G HEUM,&TISM 'dvcirtisement I detormiud to try ???. famoug Gout p?,? and -? ?? nrT'P *FMR TAKfNGA FEW DOSJŒ they G OUT. worked uiarvels All the swe!)- ?J< iug disapp' ared, & my Jegs ere "8 RHEUMATISM; strong as ever again. Yours t ith- fully O. SWACKENHAMMEIi, Q.?. j EADE'S GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS Are sold by all Chemists, in Bottles, 1/1? and 2/9; or Bent post free for Postal Order by the Pro- prietor, GEORGB EADE, 232, Goswell-road, E.C. ABk for and be sure you obtain EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. EADE'S PILLS. HEP WORTH'S NEW STYLES When a man buys one of HEPWORTH'S fine Ready- to-wear Suits, he pays the highest compli- ment to his judgment and good taste. IVIEEN98 SUITS, READY-TO-WEAR ALL THE NEW STYLES, ALL THE NEW MATERIALS, ALL THE NEW COLOURS, 21/- TO 35/- No matter how much you pay, or where you go, you'll get no better value than we are offering every day. J. HEPWORTH & SON, LTD. 83, FOREGATE ST., CHESTER, AND 150 OTHER TOWNS. 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Plans and Specifications can be seen at the City Surveyor's Office, Town Hall, Chester, on and after Wednesday, 22nd April, and quantities obtained on deposit of £1, which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fidc Tender. Tenders (which may be for either one or both Conveniences) are to be sent to rae on or before Monday, the 18th May, enclosed in Sealed Envelopes, addressed "The Town Clerk, Town Hall, Chester," endorsed on the outside "Tender for Conveniences." The Council reserve the right to accept a Tender for the construction of both or alternatively separate Tenders for each Con- venience. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. J. H. DICKSON, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Chester, 16th April, 1908. LEYS FOR CATTLE. BOLESWORTH CASTLE LEY.-Excellent herbage; plentiful supply of water and good shelter; drained and boned. May 12th to October 12th. Yearling Heifers, £1. 10s.; Two-year-olds, 22. 2s. Address Mr. WOOLLKY, Bolesworth, Tattenhall. -W?EY FOR CATTLE.-ORCHARD FARM. JLA Excellent herbage, plentiful supply of water and good shelter. May 12th to October 12th, Yeailing Heifers, S1. 10s.; Two-year-olds, 92. 2s. -Addre-m Mr. J. H. LLOYD, Orchard Farm. Whitby, near Ellesmere Port, 1145 ELLIS'S BARGAINS in Second-hand PIANOS. jO | O—A Walnut PIANOFORTE, b) C?UU? Herbert EJlis; trichord, seven octaves, trusses; just been renovated through- out, equal to new. Hire Purchase price 20 Guineas, at 10.0 per month. OO A—A Slightly Soiled "Cestrian" <? Model, Class B, Iron-fran;ed PIANO; full trichord, check action, and all latest improvements quite now. Hire pur- chase price 22 Guineas, at 10, (5 per month.  —A Walnut Upright PIANOFORTE ?_??JL by John Bnnsme?d & Sons; in!? panel, brass sconces, trusses; equal to new. Hire Purchase price 23 G uineas, at 12, 6 per month. PQO—A Rosewood Upright PIANO- cyQtmkimk FORTE, by Collard & Colbrd; seven octavos, ivory keys, trichord, inlaid panel, brass sconces, trusses equal to new. Hiro Purchase price 24 Guineas, at 12/6 Per month. tlQQ—A Slightly Soiled, Class F' <???<LF "Cestrian" PIANO; iron f'a?e. check action equal to new. Hire Purchase price 26 Guineas, at 12/6 per month. All the above are in first-cla^s condition and warranted for 20 years. Quotations include freo delivery, free tuning for one year, free exchange within 6 months if not approved of. Raihva1, fare allowed to all purchasers. Send for further particulars and complete 1 of other Bargains. HERBERT ELLIS. Cestrian Piano Depot, 71, FOREGATE STREET CHESTER. WORKS; LOVE STREET.