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IZEPAII) ADVERTISEMENTS OF THK FOLLOWING CLASSES: — HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOLIES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS» SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, are now inserted iu The Cheshire Observer at the following rates: — KOTExcNSDiXG TWENTY WORDS— ONE ISSKUTION L'~ Two INSERTIONS I ki EXCEEDING TWENTY WORDS, BUT NOT EXCEEDING THIRTY-FIVE WORDS— ONE INSERTION U'> Two INSERTIONS 2 THREE INSERTIONS 3; \V ANTED. 'p" 8 BY KRAL BOYS WANTED. Apply S<-aland j NllM'li'1!, ??A?TED. you))}:. GENERAL. ab.c l', w   for fain)iN'. iicar Biallicp,,), Tc?ncnd, 7, DcrbY'á"L Au?deH. Lyt'?tm. AN IMPROVER W ATD in the grocerY trade.—Apply to W.WiUiarr.s. ?-,?''0!e-! gate-street, Chester. 72-1,4 (1 OOD TAILOR ESS WANTED, tro?'n- and ?.? vctR. to work out.- Addtc.-f F 55, "Observer' Office. 7310 \\7ANTED, daily, a respcctab'e, c'can GIRL ▼ ▼ for housework.—Apply 20, Granviilo-vo&d, j n'ar Garden-lane, Chester. 7270 A P PRENTICES.—-WANTED, Appro; ices .L L for the Coat AVorkrooii.-AI)piv to Jo*. I Beckett and Co., Eastgate Row, Cheater. WANTED, by exprienced Cook, ENGAGE- MENT by the day or week. i)y)', y to 4, Vernon roa(l, Clie,,ztei-. DRESSMAKING. -WANTED. Improv" in j & -? Bodice Mom, aoeu»tonicd to good cb?s work.-A. M. Taylor, Grofcvenor Place. 7305 171ANTED, at once. LAUNDRY-MAID VV (single-handed).—Addiess, with full par- ticulars. W., Fron Hal), Mold. 7215 €i ROCERY an d rRUYISIC??. Smart i?li ?il-4 1 P RI?-)-,?i- t ?' Jun?r WAITED at once.—Hunters, | Tho Teamer. 5. Northgatc Row, Chester. 7301 j ■^XTANTED, a &trot)C, )-?p<?.ab'c ERRAND L?U—E C<?p<'r, Ironmonger. North- gate-street. 7312 \\TANTED, OFFICE BOY; mu,4 be «harp | í" and intelligent. Suite ago, etc.—Address Q 42, "Observer" Office. 7285 ^S^ANTED. APARTMENTS, by gentleman, T > in Chester or neighbourhood; country preferred.—Address N 28, "Ob^n-ver" Office. VXTANTED, immediately, Junior CHEMIST, » » acc.istomed to atcc! analysis. Salary lbs. ? £ 1 per week.-—State age, qua.!i6c?tio]t.?, etc., to 0 41, "Observer" OHiM. ''?t? A?TED, a CE?ERAI. HERVAIsT. c?m and tr<ng, a?c 20 or over; nico q?k't p?to: good home, c'ORC to Eiv€rt)ocL -App'y' pel_(Y-'ilkp. near Gar?ton. 711 CHEMIST'S ASSISTANT, about 23, aj cIIE?All??T'S -A S I S T -A-\ T. about 23, a tion ?ii)(I A ip'y Yat?. CLau?hfon, Brrkenherd. 7280 YOUNG MAN WANTS SITUATION, m JL. or near Chester, in stable well used to horses; three years in last p,ace.-Apply No. 3, 1 New Crane Bank, Chester. 7185 W- ANTED, by experienced Book-keeper; to Post, Balance, or Audit Tradesmen's Account. Highest references.—Address, by letter, M 09, "Observer" Office. 7170 RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY MAN WANTED, either whole or spare time, as representative of a wealthy London firm. Good position for a suitable man.-Address Mast, Obsener" Ofticc. MILK. WANTED, several DAIRIES, prompt payments. Banker, London ( 'iv and Midland, Prospeet-street. — Apply Switbenbank, 30, Reforiyi- street, Hull. BA KER seeks SITUATION as JKorehand, or good Secondhand well upjprBoth branches, Practical and technical experience in sponge and straight doughs. Excellent testimonials.—Address Z 45, "Observer" Office. 7303 GENTLEMAN requires, near General Rail- way Station, Chester, quiet BEDROOM and Sitting-room; all modern conveniences.— Reply, with full particulars, to T 70, "Obtcrver" Office. 7272 HOUSE SEWING-MAID -Arnold House, JLI. Llaridulaskseliool). Experienced needle- woman, for darning, repairing; light housework. Apply, stating age, references, to Mrs. Bean, Rossmore, Neston. 7217 ? "BTKTANTED, to hire, a small covered FLOAT » and PO-NY, with Driver, for Monday and Tuesday in each week.—Apply, giving full par- ticulars and terms, to L. H. W. "Ûb::(,l'H'r" Office, Chester. -I ]'ARE-TI-A NE AGENT, each district, to devote J few hours weekly taking orders; large profits easily made outside regular eniployinent. -Write for trade terms and particulars, Mead Cycle Co., Agency Dept. 511 Y, Liverpool. <>037 V*TANTED, in Hoole or Hough Green. » » modern Detached or Semi-detached HOUSE, with two entertaining -rooriiez, 4 bed- rooms and IvahriK'ii;. price to W 77, "Ob.vorvi.-r" Office. 7297 ¡ A GcmJcman, ag? 30. very energetic, qna!i6ed  aco?untant (A.I.A.N.), wishes to secure a POhmON or 6maJI Partnership: accountants ?r c?.bate agent# preferred. Willing to iiive&t? £ 250. — Address M 1140. BirchaiPs Advertising Office*. Liverpool. 7269 DRAPERY. Manchester or Soft Furnishing.— ][ ) Young Man WANTS SITUATION in Chester; eight years' experience, two years in present, cmp'ovment; good references. Blinds, lino fixing; can travel.—Apply T. G. Mundy, 132. Shensror.e-roftd, Dudley-road, Birmingham. WANTED, convenient to Cheshire Hunt, a v v good COUNTRY RESIDENCE, fur- nished or unfurnished; three reception rooms, live best bedrooms, dressing-rooms, nurseries, and accommodatIOn for 12 servants, stabling, &c close to Station and accessible to Chester.—Apply, Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., E;i.stgato Row, Chester. 7299 MRS. RED'S REGISTRY, Abbey Buildings, Chester.—V," ANTED. COOKS, £18 to £30; to £ 26: Hotel and Season Servants, Housemaid- Waitresses, Kitchen and Sculleryma'ds, Cook, one gentleman, 35 to 40. £ 22 to £ 24; Tweeny Maids, Helps. Cook and Housemaid-Waitress, couniry rect-orv, near Chester Vessel Cleaners, Housemaids and Farm Men, General, two lad iesi, Nurse,s, Children's Maid, General, one la-dy. 'n 7309 SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS received too ?? late for Cla??sification will be found on another page. HAIR COMBINGS JLJL MADE UP, 2/- PER OZ. COVERLETTE I TAILS OF FROM HAIR FRAMES, PURE V ~,u From 3/d each. HAIR, 5/6 II T. SEALES BROWN, 3, LEECE-ST. (Car Station), LIVERPOOL. MESSRS. F. WOODFIN & CO. ¡ ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, 20, FRODSHAM STREET, CHESTER. Large and Valuable UP-TO-DATE STOCK kept on the Premises. I TELEPHONE No. 455. Pl^OW ELLj T?26?l. • A COACH BUILDER, COMMERCIAL HALL, FRODSHAM ST., I CHESTER. Established over 40 Years. Estimates Gi ven. MOTOR CA&S REPAIRED, j RE-PAINTED AND RE UPHOLSTERED I IN BEST STYLE. TO BE LET. CHESHIRE, SHROPSHIRE, AND NORTH WALES. BROWN & CO., CHESTER, LTD., HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENTS, VALUERS AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. I MONTHLY LIST OF HOUSES & ESTATES. FREE ON APPLICA TION. CHESHIRE. 7317 mO be Sold, on the line between Crewe I and Manchester.—A Detached RESI- DENCE, standing in about 2.} acres of grounds 11 miles from station, six miles from Crewe three reception rooms, six bedrooms, bathroom and w.c., kitchen, and offices hot and cold wacr n nd gas; stabling for two horses; garden, tennis lawn, and orchard freehold. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd, Eastgato Row, Chester. CHESHIRE. 725! mo be Let, Unfinished. a good Resi- T denee, surrounded by p.nk lands, standing well back from the road, with two lodges, ono mile from a station on Crewe and Manchester line large entrance halt, five reception rooms, billiard room, 10 bedrooms, one dressing room, 1xÜhroom, three house- keeper's room, kitchen and offices hot and c:)]o water and gas stabling for six horses gardens and grounds, including two tennis courts and seven ae;es of land. The house would be put into good order. Brown and Co.. Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. CHESTER-ON-DEE. S031 T I 10 be Let or Sold, a Desirable Detached B Residence, in a beautiful position standing on the high bank of the River in (Queen's Park overlooking the boathouses. 15 minutes' walk from the General Station four reception rooms, eight bedrooms, two dressing rooms, bath- room and we., kitchen and offices; garden on each side and private door on to towing path. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. CHESTER-OX DEE. CHESTER-ONDEE. 7139 mO be Let, T E R C)\' DF, E. 7 139 T 0 be L,?t, attractive Semi-detached Residence, standing on the hmk of the river, with sunny aspect, and commanding, exquisite views a few minutes' walk of the electric trams entrance hull, with lavatory and w.c., three reception rooms, seven bedrooms large bathroom and w.c., kitchen and offices and cellared through- out all woodwork in polished pitch-pine; pretty terrace garden sloping to the water's edge. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. CHESTER-ON-DEE. 8073 mO he Let or Sold, :t Capital Family Hesi- i C.'q))t;J F.?mHy Res'- J dence. in an impos'n? position on the high banks of the river, opposite the boats a. beautiful situation, mmutes' Wlll1 from the ) General Station; fine hall with 1il "JU', three ) reception rooms boudoir, billiard room, lavatory, and w.c., eight good bed and dressing rooms, nurseries, five servants' rooms, bathroom, two w.e.'s, kitchen and offices and cellars coachman's cottage, stabling for five horses, and an acre of gardens and grounds, ohservatory, ferDery, vinery, &e. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, j Chester. LLANDUDNO. 5S9S mo be Let, Unfurni?h?, or Sold, a T Superior Family Residence, standing in pretty gnunds, from which there is access to mountain, near tlip, Conwzty Fhore, and ten minutes' walk from the station the position is one of the best in Llandudno three reception rooms, study, ten bedrooms, bathroom, two w.e.'s, butler's bedroom, housekeeper's room, servants' hall, kitchen and offices: town water and gas laid on stabling for four horses, gardener's cottage, walled kitchen garden, iiower garden and vinery, and paddock. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd Eastgate Row, Chester. t VALE OF CLWYD. 7331 FT10 be Sold, a Gentleman's Residence or 1 Farm, situated in the prettiest part of the Vale, 300ft above sea level, with very fine views of the surrounding picturesque country; 1^ miles from Bodfari Station, four miles from Denbigh three reception rooms, six bedrooms, I bathroom and w.c., kitchen and offices, hot and cold water throughout; stabling for four carriage j horses, farm buddings, &e. excellent kitchen garden and ornamental grounds, together with fifty acres of very good land, two cottages all in capital order ai d condition. Good fishing in River Clwyd, and within easy reach of most of the meets of the Flint and Denbigh Hounds. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. Near GRESFORD. 7352 To be Let, Unfurnished, an Old-fashioned If JL Country Residence, standing in line old well-timbered grounds, with entrance lodge; If miles from Wrexham Station four reception rooms, ten bedrooms, two dressing rooms, bath- room and w.e., kitchen, servants' hall, and usual domestic offices stabling for five horses, walled kitchen garden, large orchard, flower and pleasure grounds and lawn, in all about 3^ acre", and lend could be had. Brown and Co., Cheater, Ltd., Eastgate Row. Chester. COLWYN BAY. 709 (' mO be Sold, a Desirable Detached Resi- JL denee, bea.uuhdty situated, about five minutes' walk from the station entrance hall, with lavatory and w.c. three reception rooms, 14 bedrooms, nursery, three servants' rooms, bath- room, &c., housekeeper's rOOID, servants' hall, kitchen, and offices gardens, tennis lawn, green- house an acre of land. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. DENBIG H. 7299 rjno be Let, Unfurnished, by the year or B for a term, an Old Country Mansion, beautifully situated in grounds of ten acres, and commanding charming views of the. Vale of Clwyd two miles from Llanrhaiadr Station, and 21, miles from Denbigh Station. Large entrance-hall, with fireplace five reception-rooms, about eighteen bedrooms, bathroom, several w.c.'s, housekeeper's room, servants' hall, kitchen and offices, and excellent cellaring outside lanndry; stabling for eight horses; capital gardens and ornamental grounds, tennis lawn and greenhouses, lodge, half-a-mile of private fishing on the Clwyd grass land round the house, and shooting over about 1,000 acres. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. OSWESTRY. 7194 mO be Let. Unfurnished, a superior J_ Country Residence, and about 37 acres of land, beautifully situated miles from Oswestry. Good hunting with two packs. Hall and inner hall, three reception rooms, servants' hall, kitchen and amplo offices, eight bediooms, four dressing rooms, two servants' rooms, bath- room, two w.c.'s stabling for five horsc. and farm buildings good kitchen garden and grounds. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. Near RUTHIN. 732r mO be Let. Unfurnished, a Charming B Residential Property, occupying a delightful position within four miles of Ruthin, and about two miles from Evarth Station in the Va.ie of Clwyd. The house is approached by a carriage-drive through a prettily-wooded small park, and contains large entrance-hall, three reception room"1, five bedrooms, bathroom, and dressing-room, and servants'-roon s, kitchens and offices stabling for three horses, and extensive buildings, coachman's cottage, and picturesquely laid-out grounds, kitchen garden, and about 26 acres of land. Shooting over about 1,000 acres. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. CHESTER-CURZON PARK ")'() T110 be Let or Sold, a Superior FamiJy B Residence, standing on the high bank of the river, overlooking the river and racecourse —one of the most charming positions in the neighbourhood, convenient for the electric trams. Three reception rooms, billiard-room, six best bedrooms, and one dressing-room, bathroom, and w.c., two nurseries, with extra bathroom &c., and two servants' rooms, kitchen, and offices; tastefully laid-out and well-planted gardens. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester, BETTWS-Y-COED. 5615 To be Let, Unfurnished, a Residence. standing on an eminence near the Holy- head road. commanding an extensive view of the Bettws VaHey and River Conway, three-quarters of a mile ftom the station. Three reception rooms, seven bedrooms, one dressing-room, w.c., kitchen, &c. Stabling if desired. Gardens and grounds, three and three-quarter acres. The house would be put into good order. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. RHYL. 7391 To be Let, Unfurnished, a Detached Resilence, standing in its own grounds of over one acre, in the best part of Rhyl, within easy reach of the station. Three reception rooms, lavatory, and w.c. on ground floor; seven bed- rooms, bathroom, w.c., hOHocms two staircases excellent domestic arrangements. Stable or motor-house; good flower and kitchen gardens; tennis lawn, greenhouse, and sumrner-houfe, All in good order. Immediate possession. Brown and Co., Chester, Ltd., Eastgate Row, Chester. TO BE LET. I  WI L -L II O:EEiRoWN; 1 w LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR & VALUER, 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- Union Hall, Fore gate-street. Rooms lot Storage and Workshops. Lion Brewery, Pepper street; Front Shop several large Rooms, and extensive Cellarage. 34, King-street. £30. "Old Northgatc Houe," with Garden, Stables. M, Upper Northgate-street. £30. 23, Lorne-street; 2 sitting, 4 ted rooms. £ 35. Builder's Yard, Garden-lane. 4s. weekly. 5, Upper Northgate-street. kr)5. 37, Watergate-street; Lock-up Shop. £25. Ii. Xi<w!a8-str;ect. £15. 2. Grey Friars. JE30. 27, Raymond-street. £ 32. 10s. Loi lise-street; with bath, &c. £ 16. U, St. Anne-street. ktf. 3, Cli ichoster- street. 1:45. hi, Queen's-road (near St,üion). £30., Stabling and Yard, centre of city. Stabling, &c.. Brook street. 103: weekly. E R E S FORD ADAMS, > LICENSED VALUER. LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 22, NEWGATE-STREET. CHESTER. TO BE LET:- A par tmen ts, Presiaty n. House, Raymond street. £30. House, Newry Park iii-Ttine. 930. House, Brook-street. H. nise, near Hoolc Park. B50. House, Brook lane. £ 38 and £ 33. House, 19, Egerton-street. £ 18. House, Hoole-road. :30. HOIISJS, Tan-in-road. £ !9, £ 18. Ho:>,e, Lome- street (Midsummer). £ 26. 10s. FOR SALE:- Three 1 louses (new). Price £ 315 each. House; two miles out. £ 1,400. Bungalow PfIst,1tyn (Furnished). R ICHAHD JONES & CO., LTD. LICENSED APPRAISERS AND HOUSE AGENTS. LIST OF RESIDENCES SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. B nDGE STREET, CHESTER. MEN R Y S W E T E N 11 A M 1 LAND AGENT AND SURVEYOR, HJ, NORTHGATE STREET CHESTER. .TO BE SOLD. CHESTER. Two Good HOUSES a.nd GARDENS, over- looking the River Dee, in Queen's Park. An Excellent HOUSE and 33 acres of Land between Chester and Christleton 5.600 square yards of BUILDING LAND, Curzon Par! CHESHIRE. A valuable ESTATE of 88 acres, adjoining the Chester and Birkenhead Railway. MERIONETHSHIRE. An Agricultural and Mineral ESTATE of nearly 1,000 acres, 4 miles from Machynlleth. Excellent. Mansion House; good Fiehing and Shooting. An attractive ESTATE of 58 acres, with House and Buildings, overlooking Bala Lake, and with a frontage of 500 yards thereto. TO BE LET. HOUSE, Queen's Park; 3 entertaining rooms, 6 bedrooms, bathroom, ctc. TO LET, comfortable APARTMENTS. Board if desired; central.-19, Pepper-street SHOP TO LET, in Delamere-street. Low rent.—Apply 10, City-road. 4171 G (JOD WINDOW TO LET to View t.he King, in City-road.—Apply, by letter, T. R., 18, City-road. • COTTAGE TO LET, at Rowton; parlour, kitchen, scullery, two bedrooms, linen closet, large garden. 4s. (id. clear.-J obuson, Rowton. TO LET, good HOUSE and l largo Garden, Christleton; rent 3s. -Apply J. Griffiths, 13, Crook-street. 7308 HYI,Conifortable APARTMENTS, close JUj to Promenade. Moderate terms for May.— Mrs. Lloyd, 11), Aquarium-street. 72i9 CCOMFORTABLE APARTMENTS for gentle- ?/ m:m: bath, etc.; three minutes from station. —Apply 37, Ermine-road, Chester. 7209 SUPERIOR APARTMENTS, TO LET? ?Qi large sitting-room and bedroom good cook- ing.—23, Seller-street. 7251 INDOWS to Sec .?r KING Booked at the Windsor Temperance Ho?), 31, City- road. 7289 TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.—Wrexham, Hope- si reet, good position, STUDIO TO LET. Moderate rental—Apply Bradleys, Clothiers, Wrexham or Chester. 7291 COUNTRY BOARD RESIDENCE for one or t wo gClltlmell, with emali family; six minutes by train from Chester; gar<lens.- Address S 58, "Observer" Office. 7283 TO BE LET, No. 15, IIALKYN-ROAD. Chester, close to general station. Rent £ 28.—Apply Mr. Maurice Thomas, 13. Corn Exchange, Chester. 7284 TO LET, a JOINER'S SHOP or large and commodious Warehouse in Garden-lane, near Canal-strect.-Apply Win. Denson, North- gate, Chester. 7252 FI-0 LET, SEMI-DETACHED VILLA, 1. beautiful situation, overlooking the Mersey; all modern conveniences.-Aplly J. Edmondson, Beech Holme, Helsby. TO LET, BOeSE, 26, Ncwgat-e-btreet. Chester, suitable for offices and dwelling- house combined.—Apply G. Mortimer, Gros- I venor Chambers, Chester. 7168  T~ 0 LET, FURISHED HOUSE in?hesteT; Tthree entertaining. 5 bedrooms, box-room, etc. Apply by letter M 15, "Observer" Office, Chester. HOUSE, most healthy and pleasant situation, t j near Hoole Church two good sitting- roonis. ;CIS and £ 19. li)s.-Apply Grocer, 23, Charles-street, Hoole. 7245 B ICII-ERTO-N.- TO LET, part Furnished JD ROOMS, 11 miles from Broxton Station; near church and post-office. -Apply A. Harding, Woodside, Bickerton, Malpas. CCOMFORTABLE APARTMENTS, eitting- 1 room and two bedrooms if required bath th. & ,); three minutes from station.—Apply 38. Ermine-road, Chester. 7304 SUPERIOR APARTMENTS TO LET in Liverpool-road. Large garden, good cooking, bath, piano, home comforts.—No. M 17, "Observer" Office. 7255 WOODBANK COTTAGE, Christleton-road, with greenhouse, glasshouse, stable, and large garden.-Apply to Wakefield, Dodd and Thornely, If;, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. T0 a LET, No. 22, WESTMINSTER-ROAD JL a good house, six rooms, large back, near main road.—Apply S. Cotgreave, 40, Lower Bridge-street. 7183 APARTMENTS. — Drawing-room, Dining- room, and three Bedrooms.—Apply, Mrs. Robt. Knowles, 69, Watergate Row, South, Chester. 7074 TO LET, KINGSLEY HOUSE, Tarvin; Tdesirable small country Residence, pleasantly situate; good garden. Also Motor House, Hoole. Apply J. Lightfoot, The Bars, Chester. KING'S VISIT TO CHESTER.—Large -??- private ROOM, with windows, directly on route, and facing two ways, to view pro- oeM-ion. Central position.-Apply N 29, "Observer" Office. 7294 FOR RACE WEEK.-To be Let, ROODEYE JJP HOUSE, with large Lawn overlooking the Racecourse, close to the County Stand.— Apply to Wakefiold, Dodd & Thornely, 16, Corn Exchange Chambers. Chester. 7312 TO. BE LET WAKEFIELD, DODD& THORNELY, w tfE£'P2f&jr2JtELY AGENTS, 16, CORN EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- Roodoc House, The Watergate. 10, Derby-place. 116, Brook-street. 6, Paradise-row. Sumpter's Pathway. 6s, Od. Roberts' Piace, Castle-street. 3s. 9d. Cottages, Handbridge. 2s. 3d. and :313. Offices, Corn Exchange. Btiilder's Yard; Cess-street. JOHN WILLIAMS, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 9, St. WERBURGH-STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET 12, Church-hill Terrace. G len-lane. £ 19. 5, King-street. £1 ï and rates. 7, Victoria-terrace, Saltney. 4s. Cod. weekly. 52, Westminster-road, Hoole. 0s. Uti. weekly. Shop, Hope-strett, Saltney. 5s. weekly. H), Victoria-road. Saltney. 5s. 3d. weekly. Shop, with good House, 95, lloaghtun. Shop, 83, Watergate-street. ;tt:3 a year. 30, South View, 2, Pearl-lane, Tarvin-road. 6s. weekly. PAUK VIEW, Paradise Row.- Wei!-furnished SITTING and BEDROOM TO LET, overlooking Roockc; bath (h. ai>! t.). 7298 8BACHEL0R S-L ANE, DceJhnks, TO LET; ?? gas throughout: 7s. clear three minute" from Cars.—Apply F. Owen, Dee Banks. 7155 H- OCSE TO LET: Lime Grove, lloolo. con- i-tiiiing 2 sittHig-rooms. 3 bedrooms, bath and lavatory, kitchen' &ruliery, pantry, and good yard.—Apply 35. Lime Grove. Hoole. 7276 T (i LET. superior APARTMENTS or Roard- residenee for lady; good cooking and all homo comforts. Pleasant neighbourhood, near station. Terms moderate.- Address O 42. "Observt f" Office. 7311 TO LET, BRANTWOOD, 7, H?kyn-ro?d Tcl(,"?e to General Hai!way Htation, in Newton; 7 rooms, bath (h. and c.), attic, etc: modern conveniences. Small garden back and front.—G. F. Cox. 14, Queen's-ioad, City-roa l. TO BE LET. STABLE, etc St. Mirtin's-in- the Fields, containing two stalls, Joo=e-box, saddle-room a.nd coach-house, with spacious lofts over all.—Apply to Messrs. Brown and Dobie, 53, Northgate-street, Chester. T J T T:"I' 1 1 4 11 I TO LET, a p'casant'y-siiuafcd VILLA, in  good neighbourhood; 2 entertaining, 4 bedrooms, bath, w.c.. hot and cold water throughout,; near church, station, and golf links. -Apply Townsond, Bache, Liverpool-read, Chester. LARGE, lofty and well liRhted ROOMS Ili TO LET as Offices, a'so large Basement Cellar, at St. John's House, one minute from Inland Revenue Office and General Post Office. Rent inclusive of light, coal, rates and cleaning.— Apply on the premises. mo BE LET, Little Acton, 1? miles from JL Wrexham and 2 mi!ea from Gresford. a Choice Old fashioned RESIDENCE, standing in a pretty park, with charming gardens contains three reception-rooms, twelve bed and dressing- rooms, and excellent offices; water and sanitation perfect; good stabling, Jodge and cottage. Con- veniently situated for hunting with Sir W. W. Wynn's Hounds, and within reach of some of the belief the Cheshire country. Rent moderate.- Apply Barker, Coppack and Wickhani, Land Agents, Chester. SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS received too j ?? hte for Ciaasiiioation will be found on another page. TO BE SOLD. FOR SALE, a GOVERNESS CAR, in good JE condttion; suitable for a pony 13 hands.— Apply, Geo. Britlaud, Helsby. TO BE SOLD, EVERYTHING at very greatly reduced prices, at biuest & Wardle's Clearance Sale. Great reductions. Great bargains. T AWN MOWRffe" and GARDEN TOOLS: 011..0 Croquet and Tennis Good< Newman, Ironmonger, Chester. I'OR SALE, Pure Buff Orpington EGGS; F2,9. Cd. the sitting.—Mrs. Kiloch. Eccles- ton Rectory, Chester. 7128 ON SALE, Light GIG, 2J, cwt. rubber tyres, lamps, cushions, rubber mat; new, first- claav order.—Apply 40, Bridge-street. 7278 TiUMPS.—Several good Second-hand cheap Fittings kept in stock. J. Killon and Co., 35. Egerton-street, Chester. 7175 FOR SALE, RIVERSDALE, Dee Banks; 2 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, etc., with modern 5anitary arrangements. Vacant in June. —Apply Rudale, Dee Banks, Chester. CiYCLES.—A good lot of Second-band j Machines, from 30s. upwards; also a Gent.'s Tandem, cheap.—Apply W. Maher & Son, 34, Bridge-street, Chester. SCOTTISH TERRIERS ( Aberdeen), Pedigree PUPPIES FOR SALE 7 weeks old. Sire, Malham," winner at various show. -Gard net-, Tramways, Chester. 7292 TO BE SOLD, or LET, 53. LIGHTFOOT STREET, Chester.—Apply Sanders. 51, West Parade, Rhy" l or 41, Light foot-stTeet. Chester. 7295 CCHEESE MAKERS.—Two Second-hand, also Refrigerator and Curd Mill, TO BE SOLD cheap.—Storrar's Successors, Ironmongers and Dairy Engineers, Foregate-street, Chester. A Thick-set Welsh PONY, Trap and Harness, FOR SALE, cheap: or would separate; very quiet to ride or drive suitable for children or lady. No dealers.—Apply S. Stephens, Grocer, Ellesmere Port. 7218 FREEHOLD.—2,120 yards LAND, Dale- street, Filkin's-lane, near Tram terminus; 2s. per yard. Alto excellent Building Sites on river bank, Sandy-Jane and Dce Banks, with access to river.—Smith, Rudale, Dee Banks. UPTON NEAR CHESTER.-FOR SALE by private treaty, in building Lots, about 24,000 square yards of most desirable FREE- HOLD LAND. For particulars and plans apply to Dickson, Barnes and Dickson, Solicitors, St. Werburgh-street, Chester.  BARGAIN.—Gent's 1908 latest pattern Cov- Benti-y CYCLE, M new, not soiled, fitted with two genuine latest roller lever CmLbe rim brakes, baU bearing free wheel, Clincher tyres. plated and enamelled centre wheels, lined frame and mud guards; also complete with all acces- sories, including a plated gas lamp cash wanted, E4. 2s. 6d. lowest; great hargain; approval willingly.—C. House, St. Madge, Pitman-road, Weston-super-Mare. 7208 GARDEN SPADES, ordinary, also Ladies' Spades; Forks, digging, etc.; Trowels; Shears, garden, border and lopping; Hoes, ordinary and Dutch Handled Rakes, Edging Knives, Bill Hooks, Brushing Hooks various patterns, Gardening Gloves, Garden Sets, Garden Reels and Lines. J. E. BLIASSEY & SON, LTD., Chester. SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS received too late for Classification will be found on another page. i———gaBBnwam—■on——a—at TSAAC WILLIAMS & SON, REGISTERED PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS & GASFITTERS, CUPPIN STREET. CHESTER. PLUMBERS' BRASS WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &c. GLASS in all Qualities and Patterns kept in Stock. ASK FOR ROMOLA," THE CREAM OF OLD SCOTCH WHISKIES. PROPRIETOR GEORGE BARLOW, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, "THE OLD VAULTS, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. TELEPHONE, 0632, MISCELLANEOUS. MADAM ALLEN, Scientific Clairvoyant .j L & Palmist. Consultations daily from 10 a.m. 3, Frodsham-street, Chester. At Homes attended. M. ADAM ASTORIA, the talented Palmist and C'airvovantc, can now be consulted at 25, Eastgate Row, Chester (for short season). (CHESTER RACES.-Ccod Accomn.odation I ■> for Motor Cars, etc.—Maddock, Co&oh Builder. Cattle Market, Chester. 7306 PIANOFORTE TUNING. RE-ADJUsf- JC MENT, REPAIRS. Term" on applica- tion to A. S. Robson, Specialist in Pianoforte Mechanism, 46, Hewitt-streeb, Hoole, Chester. BABYS LONG CIOTIIES. Exceptionally choice; GO articles 21; home-made gar- ments, very beautiful. Approval free.—Mrs. Max, 16, The Cba-c, Nottingham. 7216 POULTRY KEEPERS. —100 samples of the JL new Uvceo" Puultry Food given aw;y this week. Apply Hallmark and Haswc-11, Chester. REMOVALS.—Lowest Itatei; cxpcricneed l,qt!*zii,?tes Free. Telephone 204. —Allan Morris & Co., tj, St. Werburgh's Mount (opposite Cathedral), Chester. 721J2 LAUNDRY WORK, done in the country. Flannels carefully washed without shrink- ing. Family work taken. Send for prices.— Tarvin Bndge Laundry. 7314 ^wPRING NOVELTIES.—New Washing Dre.ss Materials. 4(1. per yard, carriage paid; Bargain BJousc Lengths, 1.?. each. P?tt?rna free. Birkett's Warehouse, Bradford. 6001  rates; estimates free.—Addrcis W]!);.?:.? ?OrR FURNn URE REA10VED. I.-owc.? and RainforJ, OHjfc. 43. Cherry-road, Boughton. Chester: stables. Rough ton House. 7169 LADIES Gent's and ChildrenV, LEFT-OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT. Best prices given. Ladies waited on in town or count ry.— Mrs. G. Harris. 14, Watergate Row (North). CHEVIOT SITTINGS.—Tennis Flannels, Habit Cloths. New Stripe Suitings, 3s. lid. Dress length, carriage paid. Patterns free.— Bradford Dress Warehou.se, Bradford. 6600 € CYCLISTS CYCLISTS !—Covers. 4s. 3d. J Tubes, 2s. 6d, Bells. 4jd.—Send for price list.—Empire Rubber and Cycle Cu.. 12, Boughton, Chester.. 7181 w IRE NETTING from Halfpenny per yard. Roofing Felt, Garden Tools, ehoap, at William Clarke's. 52 and 56, Frodsham-street, Chester. 6598 CiHIMNEY CLEANING.—Town or conn'rv '? Steam, and Conservatory Fine.?. — John Lamb, Practical Chimney Sweep, ?)3, Faulkner- street, Hooio. Chester. 7206 SPAR GRAVEL, CHI PPlN GSM A CAD AM, Limestone, etc., for Drives, Walks and Rock- eries. Quotations given to any station. Samples submitted.—Robt. W. Killon, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 6tf67 LATEST WASHING AND WRINGING MACHINES. Rollers turned up. All kind of Repair to Mangles.—IIa.selden, Wood Turner and Mangle Roller Maker (Works), Dciamere- an,ci Mai-,gle ?qolikr ?trc?t, Chester. 4 RICHARDSON, ?, FAULKER ST., C HOOLE, Grocer, Draper, and Boot Dealer, is still at the Old Address (a" above), and has no connection whatever with any other estab- lishment. Yonr orders respectfully solicited. Cash, or weekly payments. 7!84 BUXTON Iland-pickeu anil Ground LIMES; also Welsh II.P. Quotations to any station. Small quantities at Chester Yard, 1& per cwt. SLEEPERS for all purposes.—Robt. W. Killon, Al, C<)al Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. OS08 f CHESTER AND DISTRICT PEOPLE'S BANK, LIMITED (Registered under the Industrial ami Provident. Societies' Act).-Re.-is- tered Office, 26. Watergate-street, Chester. Shares Ll caell. LOilllH to members. Deposits received. Interest guaranteed. Join at once. Don't wait till difficulties arise.—Apply to the Secretary. Charles. Wright, for Application Forms and full particulars. m—tan laniim- n—r*——-— MAKE A NOTE OP IT OUR NEW STORY, A QUEEN OF HEARTS, I COMMENCES NExrr SATURDAY. .h A ROMANCE, BRIGHT AND BREEZY, BY EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN, AUTHOR OF DARE LORIMER'E HERITAGE," "MARRIED IN HASTE," OLIVIA'S EXPERIMENT," LADY ELIZABETH AND THE I JUGGERNAUT," &C., &0. You are sure to like it; so don't forget to look out for it. pRIME CANTERBURY LAMB. In consequence ot repeated orders, DODD & SONS, BUTCHERS, 33, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER, Are adding to their Business a REGULAR SUPPLY OF GENUINE CANTERBURY LAMB. NOTE ADDHESS-33, BRIDGE STREET QPMNW (Ji.KAN i N(i. OIL PAINTINGS and ENGRAVINGS CLEANED AND RESTORED. FRAMES REPATREB AND RE-GILT. CHARGES MODERATE. Ml.NSi!I'LL & MEESON. Eiistg-atc Row, Chester. A. RICHARDSON (Successor to BOUCHER <& Co.) 43, BRIDGE ST. Row) CHESTER. (TELEPHONE 2.!>■)) PIANO AN D ORGAN SHOWROOMS. The following are a few, amongst many like BARGAINS 111 LOW.l'RlCED PIANOS, now being offered. Any instrument may be Purchased by Instalments — HARMONIUM, in walnut case; JO I Q stops, knee swell, good tune, and in e :■ col lent condi tion. I* j— Set of 3 CLASH NETS, in <??\J?e ?/ bea:Ültnl oak C;¡"; perfect A ve.v great bargain. Q ? ? /-P1ANO, in burr w.unut I ?j?T? ?S S-?? ?e IO/ ?'?e, With marquetry panei, by .Eungblut; full compass, ivory keys good tone and touch. A great bargain. £ ■& ? ""S  Very ?'? I)JA0. b\ »IO. VI well-known London makers, 1;1 beautiful burr walnut e;i*o, with gold incised panel; full compass good tone and touch in perfect condition. _? ? I ? ? ?'y strong Iron-frame U. U. l'lAI\O, in burr wal- nut case, with panel front, check action, full trichord and all improvements. A thoroughly reliable instrument. £ ^91 Very fine Iron Frame 1 I f o JL 41 Pi A NO, in rosewood I case, with floral marquetry panel; best tape check action, full trichord tone, touch and appearance alike good. "I -fram« PIANO, in _1_C3/ burr walnut case, with nor! marquetry panel, best check action, full trichord all the latest improvements good tone and touch. —Very fine oblique, strung PIANO, I by Erard; beautiful burr walnut ease ivory keys, underdainper, check action, full trichord, &e. A great bargain. 00 tt—1CHAMBER PIPE ORGAN, in ip)i I)eautifulro,3e,?ood case; sujtble for small church or chapel. Erected free. C N C J' 1 Caution—No Canvassers Employed. A. RICHARDSON, 43, BRIDGE ST. ROW, CHESTER. PIANO & ORGAN SHOWROOMS. (TEL. 230). (Established 1813). BRANCH—26, REG ENT ST., WREXf IA M. DAWSON & WEST, PAWNBROKERS, JKWKLLKRS, OoorniBits, AND Complete HOUSE FUKNI.SHKKS. Cash Advanced to any amount on Gold and Silver Plate, Jewellery, Furniture, Pianos and Organs, Furs, Carpets, and on all portable property. Parcels by Post rcooivo prompt attention cagh by return. Private Pledge Otfioe. NOTl ADDRESS — 54 & 56, FORGATE-ST., CHESTER. ~| f!*f—New style Tandem MAIL" C??t JL?/ CART, in dark blue, up- bolstered in dark blue leather cloth patent reversible front seat, strap springs, celluloid grips, patent wned on tyres. Strong and serviceable.  i(??6 A?u ]2?; EACH—The nww styie in 0/ 6, Folding CA?-?. Large assortment in wicker and wood, (jail and inspect our stock. -J ?-<?? BRAS FIRE KERB, 4ft by Ift. D(,g,-i ('heir). /—Long-range Pair of FIELD GLASSES, guaranteed perfect, in leather case; 8'raps, &c., complete. Nearly new. ouble Barre! Breechloading GUN. 0/ 12 bore; rebounding )ocks, steel barrels, left choke. Cheap. 1/-fl "6 AND UPWARDS—Large stock of BED- J 8_ ROOM RUGS, all gizes; large assort- ment. Our noted 5/11 Kitchen Rug grand value. 1 § I—Full-size BOX OTTOMAN, uphol- ?.) atered in chintz spring seat and upho]dered head. A bargain. OO ~i O IAN" 18.6 — Best make !o??2t J!?/?) in WRINGING and MANGLING MACHINE. All rollers guaranteed. Payment" taken. ~Afl U/ t //?—Best quality p!ate large size CAKE /DISH neat design. jCl | —Handsome GOLD Keyless LEVER ëifiJ WATCH, centre seconds chrono- graph stop watch 18ct. HaH-m?rkcd gold cae, .plate Jpver, full jewelled movement; 23 years' warranty. I "| £ t — Heavy solid GOLD <???), lAJI ALBERT, long link pat- tern every link stamped Indian coin at- tached. Qy I THE Lor—Fn!) size Set of strong Iron 3t5/- BEDSTEADS, pair of full size wheaten Straw Mattrass, and Wool Flock Bed, Bolster and two Pillows. The lot com- plete, 35 1/Cfc A YARD—Our special quality CORK LINO, floral and tile patterns. Any length cut. "~t /J t—Extra large size rml AX MINSTER 14/6RUG; pretty pattern,  /—Very fine solid Walnut <?JL?* JL?/ Dining-room SIDE- BOARD; extra large bevelled gla-sa in back, drawers and etipboart] massive pillars and shelves for ornaments; 5ft. by 7ft. A rare bargain. Thoroughly well made and seasoned. O 3/ J—Pair of handsome BEDROOM i) V TABLES, in solid satin walnut; Dressing Chest, with large bavelled mirror and two side mirrors, jewel drawers on top, four large drawers Washstand, marble slab, double row tiled back; Towcl-rafland Chamber Cupboard and two Chairs, complete £ 5. 5/ 63^Imake in Kitchen COUCHES, 27/V upholstered in Crockett's best quality leather cloth polished walnut. Large Stock of BEDSTEADS all sizes, Wool Flock BEDS, Feather Beds, Hair and Wool MATTRASSES, Straw Palliasses. We take Weekly or Monthly Payments. All Goods Delivered Free. NOTE ADDRESS— DAWSON & WEST. 64 & 56, FOREGATE ST., CHESTER.  BN ?F*???L? I POULTRY ?? ?s? Bh? B a AND E3? B*? ?? ??i a ESSSt PROFIT ARE A CERTAINTY IF YOU FEED THEM ON UVECO COOKED FOODS. AGENTS: HALLMARK & HASWELL, Chester Sole Makers: UVECO CEREALS Ltd., LIVERPOOL.


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