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wtdhinl1\u. -*§?KM  SALES BY MESSERS DEW AND SON. FREEHOLD FARMS, HOUSES, AND LANDS, COMPRISING IN ALL ABOUT 923 ACRES, IN THE PARISHES OF Abergele, St. George, Llannefydd, and Llanfairtalhaiatn, in Denbighshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (Pursuant to an order of the High Court of Chancery, in the suit BOYKS FOULKES, with the approbation of His Honor the Master of the Rolls), by MR. WILLIAM DEW, AT THE BEE HOTEL, ABERGELE, Oil SATUEDA Y, the 13th day of FEBRUARY, 1875, At 12 o'clock noon. the following; Valuable Freehold Properties. PARISH OF 8T. GEORGE. OT I.-A Farm called MEIFOD BANK J J in the Township of ME!FOD, consisting of about 4, 3r. 18p of land nnd a House and Outbuildings, now let to Hi gh ROBERT HURHES, Esq and r, Pew in the Parish Church of St. George. This Lot will be sold subject to an annual chief) ent of 6s. 4d., payable to the Crown. LOT 2-A Farm called TALGRWYN BACH, in the TowDsbip of Meifod, consisting of about 9a. 2r. 2Sp. of l.and, and a Ifouse and Outbuildings, in the occupation of WII.mam WILLIAMS. PARISH OF ABERGELE. # LOT 3.-A Farm called FRnN DDF, situate in tb. To wj; ship of nolganua.ir, consitrtuws^f about 52a. Ir. 25p, <4 1"n,1, and a House, in the occupation of Mrs. ALICE EVANS, or tier undertenant, and a Pew in the Parish ChurcH of Abergele. PARISH OF LLANNEFYDD. LOT 4.-A farm called TY GWYN, in the occupation of MARY JONES, and three cottages with gardens adj ining such farm, and called TAN Y FKON", in the occupation of MAHOARET JONES, THOMAS JONES, and JOHN HIOHES, excepting six fields, now held as part of TY GWYN farm but which are hereinafter described as lots 5 and 17. Lot 4 consists of the farm house called TY GWYN, and the out. buildings beloneing thereto, and the said three cottages caUed TAN Y FRON, and about 03a. Or. 22p. of land, and will be sold subiset to an annual chief or collection rent of .L 1 Os. 6d. payable to the Crown. LOT 5.- Two fields named DDOL ISA and DDOL UÛHA, now occupied by MART JONES, as part of TY GWYN FARM, and containing about 7a 3r. 33p of land. LOT G.-Two houses at Onrl, are called TAN Y GRAIG, and occupied by JACOB DANIEI.S, and the other called BRON HAUL, and occupied by PETEn MORRIS, with out- buildings thereto, and about 16a. 3r. 29p. of land at Gurt, occupied partly by the said JAton DANIELS, and partly by the said PETRR MORRIS, and pArt:y by PETER MORRIS, of Gloddfa Bach, and partly by JOSEPH DANIELS, of TY NEWYDD, and the lest of which (a wood) is in hand. LOT 7.-A house at Ourt, called TAN Y FORD, with outbuildings, occupiei by WILLIAM DAVIES, and about lla Ir 24p. of land at Gurt, occupied partly by JACOB DANIELS and partly by PETER MORRIS, of BITON HAUL, and partly by JOSEPH DANIELS, and partly by WILLIAM DAVIES, and partly by ISAAC JONES, and the rest of which (a plantation), is in hand. This lot will be sold subject to 3s. 7d. per annum, payable to the Bishop of St. Asaph. LOT 8 -A house called CA15REG LITHERIG, with out- buildings, and about 6a. 2r. 37p. at Gurt, occupied by ISAAC JONES. This lot is subject to a yearly rent of 7s. payable to the Bishop of St. Asaph. LOT O.-Two faini houses at Gurt, one called BENIARTH occupied by RoHKItT MORRIS, and the other caUed TY NEWYIJD, occupied by JOSEPH DANIELS, with the out- buildings thereto, and about 34.. r. 29p. of land at Gurt, occupied pal tly by the said ROBERT MORRIS, and partly by JOSEPH DANIEI s, and partly by WILLIAM DAVIES, and the rest of which (consisting of woods) is in hand. LOT 10.—A farm called BWLCH, in the occupation of JOHN EVANS, consisting of about 37a. Or. 8p. of land, and a house, barn, sliippon, and outbuildings, in the township of Betain. LOT ll-A farm called VOEL. in the occupation of JOHN REES, excepting one field, which is intended to be sold as part of lot 12. Lot 11 consists of the said farm house, barn, shippun, and outbuildings, and about 64a. er. 30p. of laud, and will b3 soldsubject to several smull yearly sums, payable to the Crown ttfd the poor of Llannefydd aad Llansannan, aud Nattilyn, amounting altogether to it es. lid. LOT 12.—A House called VRON HALL with the Ship- pons and Land held therewith, in the occupation of DAVID WYNNE. and a Field now held as part of Voel Farm, in the occupation of JOHN REItS. This Lot comprises about 14a. 2T. 23p. of Land. LOT 13 —A House called TY CANOL, with the Out huildings and Lands held therewith, in the occupation of DAVIB WYNNE, and an adjoining Field and mined Cottage called Vrongarnedd, in the occupation of JOSEPH EVANS. This Lot comprises about 23a. 2r. 18p. of Land. LOT 14.-A House called PWLLA GLOY AN, with Out- buildings and Land, in the occupation of JOSEPH EVANS, or his undertenants, and a Field now held with an ad- joining Farm (Plas Cwta). This Lot comprises about 13a. 2r. S8p. of Land. I.OT 16.-A Farm called PLAS CWTA, occupied by EDWARD JONES, except 3 Fields now held as part thereof. but which are to be sold a* parts of Lots 14 and 16. Lot,15 comprises Farm lioube, Barn, Stable, Shippon, and other Outbuildings, and about 71a. lr. 21p. of Land, and a Pew and a Half in the Parish Church of Llannefydd. This Lot Will be sold subject to a yearly chief rent of .£ 1 bs. W. Payable to the Crown. LOT 16.-A Farm called DERM, in the occupation of JOSEPH EVANS, and 2 Fields adjoining thereto, now held With Plas Cwta Farm, in the occupation of EDW AUD JONES This Lot 16 comprises Farm House, Barn, Ship- ?". 8tab)e,aud other Outbuildings, and about 52a. M. lip. '?. LOT 17.—Four fields, containing 26a. 3r. Hip., now occu- pied as put of TV GWYN FARM by MARY JONES. LOT 18.—A farm called PLAS PANTOX, in the occupa- tion of HENUY VAIJOHAN, consisting of a farm housa, barn, sliippon, outbuildings, and about 89a. Or. 20p. of land. LOT lo.-A farm called PEN Y BRYN, consisting of house, barn, shippon, and other outbuildings and about 107a. Or. 30p. of land, in the occupation of MARY WILLIAMS, and cottage called FORDDLiS, iu the occupation of RO- BgnT JONES. PARISH OF LLANFAIRTALHAIARN. LOT 20.—A farm called GLODDFA, in the occupation of JOSEPH ROBERTS, and a Cottage adjoining thereto, in the occupation of OWEN ROBERTS, except two fields, now held as part of the said farm, but which are to be sold as part of lot 21. The said lot, No. 20, will consist of GLODFA farm house, and outbuildings, and the cottage, and about 19a. lr. 35p. of land. LOT 21.-Three fields now leld partly with GLODDFA farm, by JOSEPH ROBERTS, and partly with BRON HAUL FARM, by ROBERT OWEN, and containing together about 7a. 3r. Op. of land. LOT 22.—A farm called KIL OWEN, consisting of a house and outbuildings, and about 15 acres of land, in the occu- pation cf JOHN WILLIAMS. LOT 23.—A farm called BRON HAUL, occupied by Ro- BERT OWEN, and a field adjoinin thereto, called FRIDD PELLA, now held with WARLEE FARM, by ELIZABETH ROBERTS, except out of the said farm called BRON HAUL, a small field, which is to be sold as part of lot 21., Lot 23, comprises about 16a. lr. 18p. of land. LOT 2-A fa'm called WARLEE, in the occupation of ELIZABETH ROBERTS, except one field, now held as part thereof, but which is to be sold as part of lot 23. Lot 24 comprises about 20a. it, Sp. of land. LOT 25.-A farm CnM WAEN FAWR, in the occupation of OWEN OWENS, excepting certain fields now held as part thereof, but which are to be sold as lot 26. Lot No S", comprises a farm house, barn, sli pon, and other outbuild- ings, and about 48a. Ir, 5p. of land. LOT 26. Fonr fields, containing about 15a. Sr. S2p. now held by OWEN OWENS, as part of WAEN FAWR. LOT f 27 -A Farm caUed GLAN Y GORS In the occupa- ti of v 'LMAM DAVIES, cc.M'?h' of il?upe, t3bWp(m. 'Wt ?huiMtt?; md about t3.? tr. 4p. << LpAd. LOT 28.-A Farm called FFORDD LAS, occupied by THOMAS .ROBERTS, and consisting of a House, Outbuild- ings, and about 28a. Jr. 18p of Land. LOT 29.-4 Farm c?Ued FONT CARRA BACH, occupied by DAVID LLOYD, or his undertenant, and consisting of a House, and Outbuildings, and about 12a. 3r. 4p. of Land. AU the said several Properties, except those mentioned as being in hand, are let from year to year. The Properties can be viewed by permis-ion of the Ten- ants, and printed Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained from Messrs. WILLIAM DEW and SON, Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, and High Street, Rhyl; Messrs. JOHNSON and WEATHKRALLS, and Messrs. MILNE, RIDDLE, and MELLOU, Solicitors of the Temple, London; Mr. EDMUND BYRNE, Solicitor, of 3, Whitehall Place, London; Messrs. LITLER, HAR IV AR, and ROUNTREE, Solicitors. Oldham (Lancashire); Messrs. CUNLIFFE and LEAF, and Messrs. BUNTING and BINGHAM, Solicitors, Man- chester; Messrs. DAVIES and BROOKS, Solicitors, War- rington (Lancashire); Messrs. COCHRANE, LINGARD, and HARTLEY, Estate Agents, Great Bridgewater Street, Man- chester; or from Messrs BAGSHAW AND WIGGLESWORTH, SOLICITORS, Chancery Place, Booth Street, MANCHESTER. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS. Known as Llidiardau Fawr and Nant-y Grogwr. Situate in the Parish of LLANYCIL, containing 41A. SR. 17P. of Excellent ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, and also SEVEN recentlyand substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate in High Street, Bala. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS. WILLIAM DEW & SON, at the Lion Hotel, Bala, on Saturday, the 30th day of January, 1875, at one o'clock in the afternoon prompt, suMect to 1C8o7n6d, itions of Sale then and there tobe produced, the above very valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY. .MMMfdmt Fawr and Nant-y-Crogw Farms are situate in the parish of Llan y cil, within three miles from the town of Bala, on the old Festinifrg Road, and are composed of SUPERIOR LAND, well cultivated and mostly thoroughly drained There is an excellent and most comfortable DWELLING HOUSE, with ample FARM BUILDINGS, and plenty of Water Power for driving Machinery. They lie well, having a South aspect, and commanding fine Mountain Viewd. The SEVEN FREEHOLD DWELLING POUSES and Premises are very substantially and recently built, situate in High street, Bala, in the several occupations of Mary Jones, Evan Jones, Elinor Jones, Rowland Rowlands, Edward Jones, and William Hughes. Lithographed Plans and particulars may be had at any of the principal Hotels at Bala, Dolgelley, Corwen, and Llangollen; of Mr. John Lloyd Griffith, solicitor, Holyhead, Anglesey; and the Auctioneers, WelltieId House, Bangor; and High street, Rhyl. SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. TO BE SOLD, a desirable FARM, near Den- Tbigh, called Bryn y Gwynt, 32 acres & 28 perches, Occupied by EDWARD HUGHES, as tenant. Apply to Mr. JOHN FORSHAW, Solicitor, Preston. EVERY MAN HIS OWN PRINTER. PBINTING PRESS to print 9 inch by 7 inch -t with every requisite for printing Bill-heads, Circulars Labels, Cards Envelopes, Handbills, &c., &c. Price £ 1 5s. cash. Instructions sent with each press. First class references, and every information, on applica- tion to W. WIGHTMAN, Manufacturer of Fire Stove Orn- lane, Meadow road, Leeds. [79 RHYL, FLINTSHIRE. Important to Parties Furnishing, & others. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, And other Effects, at DOLOWBN, RHYL, 1\/TESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON have beeu i'i favoured with instructions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION on the premises as above on FRIDAY, the 4th day of FEBRUARY, 1875, to commence at eleven o'clock in the morning prompt, the whole of the well and substan- tially made FURNITURE, and other effects, being the contents of Dining Room, Drawing Room, and Breakfast Room, in neatly made Malio-any and other Furniture, covered in hair-cloth and velvet; Easy and single Chair Telescope framed Dining Tables Skle Boards Pier Glas- ses exce'lent Carpets aed Rugs; Fenders and Fire-irons Window Hangings, &c. The CONTENTS OF SEVEN BEDROOMS In handsome Mahogany, Birch and other Bedsteads, with hair matterssea prtme Feather Beds; Chest of Drawers, sets of Toilet Services, Carpets, &c. Bath Chairs and Perambulator; Kitchen FuYniture and an excellent assortment of culinary and wash-house utens- ils Garden Tools. &c. Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneers' Office, High-street, RhyJ. jiirteJ-lwito, ItRther, &t. BEDDGELERT SCHOOL-BOARD. -WANTED a Certificated Teacher or ex-P. T. T provisionally certificated for the Nantgwynant B' I vd Sob i Salary £ 50 per annum, and the whole of the C Dirties to commence February 22n,1. Applications with testimonials to be sent in to me on or before the sixth day of February, 1875. January 9th, \875. GEORGE THOMAS, Office of School Board, Clerk. Bedfigelert. Jt!JØt%l, &. IRWELL HOUSE SCHOOL, Aberystwyth. THE REV. LLEWELYN EDWARDS, M. A., Of Lincoln College, Oxfordt and Graduate in Honours. RECEIVES TWELVE BOARDERS, and a few Day Pupils, to prepare for Matriculation at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Aberystwyth, and Lon- don, or to fit them for professional and commercial pursuits. Special arrangements made with Students reading for de- grees. 7923. ARNOLD COLLEGE, BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, Walters Road, Swansea. ESTABLISHED 1868. PRINCIPAL.—E. WILLIAMS, M. A., B. D. "DOARDERS received at any time, if there JO are vacancies, and charged accordingly. For Prospectuses, Terms, IITc apply as above. The duties of the School will be re-commenced on the 18th instant. [7987 THE BALA BANKING COMPANY Limited. CORWEN BRANCH, ON and after Tuesday, the 2nd day of Feb- Oruary next, the above named Company will open their offices at Corwen TWICE a week, viz., on TUESDAY and FRIDAY, as well as on Fair Days. By Order of the Directors. GRIFFITH JONES, Bala 18th January, 1875. MANAGER. PENLAN, GYFFYLLIOG. A FARM TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. THE above Farm contains about 70 Acres of -L Arable and Pasture Land, all of which is In good condition It is situated about 7 miles from Denbigh, and 5 from Ruthin, on the right hand side of the Vale. For particulars, apply to Mrs. MARHABET JONES, Hereford House. Denbigh. BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. f1 f O BE SOLD, the Business, including the lease and Fixtures of an Old Established Drapery concern in Castle Street, Swansea. Stock optional, satisfactory reasons given for the pro- prietor declining same. Particulars of T. H. DAVIES, Auctioneer, Swansea. BRICKS, ON SALE, about 200,000 well burnt RICKS. Apply to Mr. E. W. GEE, Auctioneer, Denbigh. fis ifeiiii—IfmiM. WANTED. FEW JCINEKS for three or four months. Apply to MESSRS, UOTIEKTS HUGHES, BUILDERS, DENBIGH. Jan. Sfitli, 1875. TO CHYMISTS & DRUGGISTS. I WANTED, a Junior Assistant in a good house of business. Apply to J. R. WILLIAMS, Office, 10, Conyers street, Kirk- dale, Liverpool. EISIEU ar Chwefror 27ain, Morwyn ganol oed, TTN a all weinyddn wrth y bwrdd, ac yn gallu golchi a smwddio, a chadw ty i ddau fir ieuangc. Cyflog o 7p. i lOp. yn y fiwyddyn, a thraul i fyny i Lundain. Ymofyner trwy lythyr at M. E. H., 12, Ward Road, June. tion Road, London. APPRENTICE WANTED. MR E. T. JONES, Ironmonger, Britannia -LVJL Buildingi, Denbigh, has an opening for a well, educated Vouth as an Apprentice. WANTED, SUBSCRIPTIONS, FROM 5s. upwards, to bring out a small FPhitological English Work, by a writer well known in the literary world. Equal share of profits until the money has been returned with 10 per cent interest. Replies I solicited. Particulars given.. Address, Delpha, BANER Office. YN EISIE-U, CRYDD. YN "weithiwr gwlad" da, yn ddyn diwyd a JL a sobr, (I'I yn wr priod. Ty helaetb, dodrefnedig ar el < gyfer. Am y inauvlion, ymofyner Ag ISAAC JONES, Post Office, I SALTNEV, NEAR CHESTER. WANTED, a strong active Youth as an Ap- h T Y prentice to the Grocery. Apply to J. GRIFFITH & SON, PONT-Y-PRIDD. t THE LIVERPOOL WATCH MANUFACTORY. L "ESTABLISHED HALF A CENTURY." it J,  WHITE begs to tbauk his Patrons for A their past favours, and trust that they will continue their support. To those who have not yet given him a trial he would especially call attentien to the following List of P. Watches, which will be sold at an immense reduction, and 30 per cent less than any other house in the Kingdom. 1 A. W. is still selling his celebrated prize medal Horizon- lal Watch in solid silver cases, extra jewelled in rubies, and., regulated to the standard rate of time to one minute per week. Post free and written warranty for 3 years, 21s. 6d.; large size, extra strong, 26s. 6d. In heavy hunting cases of solid silver, 35s.; with superior finished movements, 3 pair rubies, jewelled gold balance, and gold joints, 60s., warranted for 5 years, which are marvels of the age and theme of admiration. GOLD MEDAL ENGLISH LEVERS, Vienna Exhibition, 1872. A. W.'s famous English Lever Watches with massive silver cases, capped and jewelled, a superb article, Green- wich time keeper, very strong and durable, iC4 lOs, war- ranted for 5 years; with chronometer balance, 45 5s. In hunting cases, 15; chronometer balance, L 5 15. The wonder of the age is A. W.'s Silver Lever in heavy cases, chronometer balance, 10 rubies, extra jewelled, zC2 2s.; in heavy hunting cases, I; 2 6s. Warranted for five years. Weekly payments taken. Any Watch purchased from A. W., if not approved of, will be exchanged. Guinea Gold Wedding Rings from 10s. 6d. Solid Gold Keeper Rings, Goverment stamped, from 4s. 6d. Catalogues free. Post Office Orders to be made payable to ANTHONY WHITE, ;1; ,SOLE EST.IBLISIIMENT, IU 79, Dale Street, Liverpool N. B.-No connexion with any other house. Old Watches taken in exchange. [7965 PENBEDW, GYFFYLLIOG. near RUTHIN, TO LET. THE FARM contains in all about 75 acres, and immediate po?easionmay be had by the year or )').?'e ?? situated from Rhewl Station, about 5 miles, ? t?e DmM?, Ruthi?md Corwen Railway; from Ruthin 5 miles, and from Denbigh about 7 miles. For particulars apply to Mr. ROBERT VAUGHAN, Hafotty Bach, GyffyllloSi who will show the premises.  ARTHUR DAVIS, Draper, D?b)?b,M R now showing a large Stock of Autumn and Winter Goods in all Departments. A call will oblige.