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A Sullen Daebndant


A Sullen Daebndant OBJECTED TO BE BOUND OVER. The monthly petty sessions were held on Wednesday at the Court Room, before Colonel Roberts (in the chair), Mr. J. Ll. Davies, C. T. Blethyn, G. H. D. Birt, and R. Cole. SMASHING A STREET LAMP FOR FUN. Ernest Palmer, no fixed abode, labourer, was charged by the Clerk to the Urban Council (Mr. T. H. Lewis), with wifully damaging a gas lamp, the property of the Council, to the extent of 35s., on October 31st, 1908. Mr. Lewis appeared to prosecute. Mr. Calderwood, gas manager to the Council, spoke to the extent of the damage. The lamp was completely destroyed, and he put the cost of renewal at 35s. The case had been adjourned from a previous court to give prosecutor an opportunity of sum- moning his witnesses, who failed to attend the first hearing. Mary Rimmer, a laundress, stated that she ing the defendant wanted to fight, and used a stone, and throw at the lamp, which was broken. She saw him repeat this several times until the lamp was completely smashed. She asked him what he was doing, and he laughed and danced, saying he was having a bit of fun, amusing the children. She could not say whether he threatened to break her windows. She had not got a very good memory. Witness asked the bench to give her protection, as the defendant was not right half his time. Fined 50s. including costs, or fourteen days. DRINK CASES. Henry John, Old Dockyard, labourer, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly in Charles Street on December 31st. P.C. Thomas Williams seated the facts, say- ing tme defendant wanted to fight, and used bad language. Fined 5s. and costs. George Williams, Brooke Avenue, fisherman, was charged with being drunk in Victoria Road on January 8th. P.C. Bowen proved, and a fine of 2s. 6d. was imposed, this being a first offence. A like offence was preferred against John Atherton, Gwili Road, labourer, for the 10th, in Victoria Road. P.C. 14 stated the case. The offence occurred on Sunday.—Fined 2s. 6d. Henry Edward Samson, of the trawler Dowlias, fisherman, was charged with being drunk ,and incapable in Milford Dock on January 7th. Dock Sergeant Evans said he found defen- dant in the South Western Ice Factory asleep, and when he woke him found that he was helplessly drunk. Fined 2s. Pd. John Wood, fisherman, Milford Haven, was summoned for ueing drunk and incapable in Charles Street on January 12th. this being his third offence within twelve months. Defendant, who was in custody, pleaded guilty. Chairman (to defendant): You are qualifying for the black list. Do you want to be black- listed ? Defendant: No, sir. Chairman: You will be very soon. You are fined 7s. 6d. and costs, with immediate pay- ment, or one month's imprisonment. OBJECTED TO BE BOUND OVER. Charles Edward Westhall, fisherman, Pier Hotel, was summoned by Mary And Westhall, for assaulting her on December 29th. Defen- dant pleaded guilty, and said he had nothing to say. Complainant said her husband came in about 11 o'clock and went upstairs. He then called her upstairs, and as she entered the room struck her. in the eye, giving her a black eye for nothing. He was half drunk, and since then had been fairly sober until the last few days. The Chairman said defendant would be bound. over in the sum of iC5 to keep the peace for twelve months. That would be dealing very, leniently with him, and he could not expeet, to be let off again like that. The Clerk: Are you content to be bound over? Defendant (who appeared to be very sullen): No, sir, I am not. The Clerk: Then the magistrates will have t consider what the alternative is. Defendant: I cannotj live twelve months peaceably with her. The Clerk: If you keep the peace toward her and don't touch her again you won't be called upon. If you do lay your hands upon her they can punish you. The Chairman: The alternative is a month's imprisonment. Defendant: I suppose I will have to put up with that. Chairman: Then think it over till the end of the court. Defendant was removed to the cells. At the conclusion of the other business com- plainant, questioned by the bench, said she was a stranger here, having come from Gala- shiels. After a lot of coaxing defendant consented to be bound over. A MOTHER'S MAINTENANCE. Benjamin Jones, Hubberston, labourer, was summoned by Joseph H. John, relieving officer, for neglecting to maintain his mother, Mary Jones, who is chargeable to the common fund of the Union. Edward Jones, labourer, of Hubberston, and William Jones, labourer, of Waterloo Road, were similarly summoned. The Relieving Officer stated that two of the men had been asked for 2s. 6d. per week, and one Is., but they had not paid anything. Two of the defendants appeared, and said 2s. 6d. was too much, they were willing to pay Is. 6d. per weok. The Bench nrade an order for the payment of 2s. per week by each defendant. TEMPORARY TRANSFER. I Margaret Ellen, Snewin, was granted a tem- porary transfer of the license of the Sir Charles Whethan Hotel, formerly held by her husband, now deceased. EJECTMENT. Mrs. Caroline Thomas, of the Venn, obtained an ejectment order against Samuel Thomas, who occupies a cottage near by. He said he could not get another house, but the Bench said they had. no alternative.


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