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WELSH CUP. MILFORD BEATEN. Milford was beaten on Saturday at Mardy in their first round for the Welsh Cup, having had three byes in the previous rounds. The teams turned out as follows:- Mardy—Goal, William Morris; backs, H. Jones and P. Golding; halves, Jones, Griffiths, and Cox; forwards, Moseley, Abley, Hill, Locke' and Holland. MiJford-Goal, Frise; backs, Mason and Smith; halves, Gough, John, and Sanderson; forwards, Davies, Blackwell, Hoggins, Evans, and Smith. Referee,Mr. E. J. Morgan, Pont- lottyn. From first to last the issue of this game was never in doubt. The opening dash of the homesters told immediately on their opponents, who could not stand the determined rushes of the first rank. Shot after shot was driven in with grim determination, and Abley, after cen- tering nicely, have Locke his chance, which he cleverly placed in. the corner of the net, giving, Frise no possible chance to save. Mil- ford then endeavoured to force matters, and got into the Mardy territory, but the attack was very quickly defeated by Hugh Jones and Golding, and play transferred to Milford quar- ters, and Holand found the net with a very swift shot. Mardy continued to press matters, and Milford were lucky that at this stage the score was not a heavier one. From a corner Abley centred, and Holland scored with a beautiful header, and from a free kick, which was taken by Cox, Hill scored Mardy's fourth goal just before the interval. On the restart Mardy assumed the aggressive, and Holland had hard lines in not further in- creasing Mardy's lead, Ins shot striking the cross-bar. Milford made a run up the field, but could not get anywhere near enough to score. The home defence was solid, and the ball was sent back, and Mardy had another corner given them, but Holland's kick fell short. Milford cleared a smart piece of work by Abley, who on his own beat the Milford defence, and centering to Locke the ball wa., once again sent into the net. From now tc the end play slackened down, and nothing worthy of notice took place, Mardy winning by 5 goals to nil. Mardy's superiority was very marked both in defence and attack. The forwards, working well together, were always able to break through the visitors' defence, and Mardy's re. serve outside right was a great success. On the Milford side Frise in goal played a very hard and determined game, and cannot be blamed for the number of goals scored. Mason was the best of the full backs. The halves were very good, while Hoggins stood out very promi- nent in the forward line. Troedyrhiw, 4; Milford Reserves, 1. The Milford Reserves were beaten on Satur- day in the third round of the South Wales Junior Cup competition, at Troedyrhiw. In a. very pretty exposition of the game, both teams employed the same style—short, swift, passing. The homesters, however, varied occasionally, and indulged in long passing with considerable success. The Milford boys were faster than the homesters, but were not so quick to utilise an opening, and it is to their superior oppor- tunism and nippiness the Stars' victory was obtained. Troedyrhiw started and pressed. After ten minutes Hearsey scored for Troedy- rliiw. From the restart Lloyd received in mid- field, and going through on his own, scored. Milford now pressed, and scored through Evans. Resuming the homesters pressed, and Hear- sey scored his second goal with a "daisy- cutter." Play now became very fast, but the defence on both sides was very keen, the Mil- ford left back being exceptionally good. The homesters, however, eventually asserted their superiority, and rushed the ball through. Final score-Troedyrhiw, four goals; Milford Re- serves, one goal. It was evident at the end of 60 minutes' play that both sides were absolutely pumpecL out, and the play consequently degenerated. The two prominent men on the field were Tommy Lloyd, the homesters' right wing, whose single-handed run and score from half-way will not be soon forgotten, and the visitors' left full-back, whoso play was positively brilliant.

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