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HAVERFORDWSST IONS Shire Hall, Monday.—Before the Mayor (Mr. Isaiah Reynold.), Messrs. C. C. Auies, J. Row- lauds, nixd T. R. Dawkins. DR8XK A'lvD Dl&GRM Ril LY. Mattkew John, Priory, Miiford, was sum- moned for being drunk and dinor^triy in Dew Street on December 2nd.—Inspector Lvana provod the case, and said the defendant- was- using bad language and wanted to light. Fined arid costs. Thomas Davies, of Merlins, Hill, was sum moned for a like offence. Inspector Evans proved the ease mid said the defendant was in company with ihe last defen- dant. Fined 7s. 6d. ini'iuding costs. henry .lame: I rendergast, was summoned' i:sr being drunk on Prendcrgast Hill on Decem- ber 2nd. PRichards, w ho proved the ease, said, de- fendant was making use of cry bad language* F.ned 7s. 3d. including costs. NO LIGHT. Thomas John, Portfield, was summoned for. driving a waggon without a iisht at 1130 d m- on December 4th. Fined 2s. 6d. including costs. LIVED BY BEGGING. Robert Humphries, of no fixed abode, was- summoned for being drunk and disorderly and also for begging on December 4th. P.C. Richards said he saw the defendant in Quay Street. He was very drunk and was mak- ing use of filthy language. He had a book and was stopping people and asking ;iiem for as- sistance. He also called at a number of houses- and in ono case witness saw him take sixpence. D.C.C, James asked that defendant should be dealt with severely. He had received several complaints about the defendant, who also visited other towns with his begging book. The ull book contained a number of names and the total amount entered was £ 1 15s. 8d. He had five children, but never did any work. Defendant said he was in a weak state and was not able to work. He had five children. The Mayor said the defendant would be fined 7s. 6d., including costs for the first charge, and the Bench had decided to dismiss the charge of begging. The defendant, however, must not presume on good nature in this way again, and then spend the money in drink, or he would be severely dealt with. SEPARATION ORDER GRANTED. Ester L. Edwards, Shipman's Lane, applied' for a seperation order against her husband, now residing at Pontardawe, on the grounds of desertion. Mrs. Edwards said she was married to the de- fendant on April 12th last, in the Wesleyan' Church at Haverfordwest. At first they went to live with the defendant's mother at Prospect Place and then on the Old Bridge. Afterwards they took a house for themselves in Rosemary Lane. The defendant was working at the time on the G.W.R. at Milford Haven. She had an illegitimate child when the defendant married her and he was quite willing for the child to lne with them. For the first few months the defendant behaved well, but afterwards he .be- gan to cause rows and treated tho child badly. Ho also struck her (witness) twice. On Oct. 4th last he left the house, and she thought he' was going to Milford to work s usual, but he did not return, and she heard nothing of him until Wednesday of last week. She anti- cipated confinement in February. Defendant said that his wife neveT had meals ready for h:m when he came home, and was always out. She used to .annoy him by saying she would tell the child's father about him, and said she wished she had never married him. They had « quarrel on the dav before he went away. and he told her he should go away.. He fouad itimpossible to live with her and was quite willing to be seperated. His wages amounted to £ 1 per week and he had 3s. 6d. as a Reservist. He had to pay 15s. for lodgings. The Bench granted a separation order, w-ità 7s. 6d. per week maintenance, and costs. LICHNSINCr. The temporary transfer of the license of the Three Crowns, High Street, from Mr. Tom James to.Mr. James Williams, was confirmed.