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Aelwyd y Cymry.






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NEW SCHOOL FOR LLANWNDA. Objections to Proposed Site. EDUCATION COMMITTEE APPEALED TO We have received the following letter on the proposed site for the new school at Llanwnda from Mr. Edward Perkins, Penysgwarne,. and can only say that the points he raises seem to us to deserve the earnest. consideration of the County Education Authority. We should welcome expressions of opinion on the subject from other persons living in the district. "To the Editor of the County Guardian." Sir,—Is it too late to crave the Education Committee to grant one more sitting to the consideration of a site for the above school The site at present fixed on is situated about 10 minutes or quarter of an hour's walk nearer Goodwick than the present school, but so much further for all other children in the parish. Even Pencw children would gain nothing by the change, as they have now a nice clean sheltered road to Henner, whereas if they want to make a shorter distance to the proposed new site at Stop and Call they would have to traverse the stormiest and roughest path in the whole parish. There is another very strong reason why the Committee should pause before aban- doning Henner, and that is its exceptionally healthy situation with a playground of over two acres in extent, ef a healthy character, where water will not lodge, but is as dry as a squeezed sponge as soon as the rain is over. For the Goodwick ehildron it is particularly beneficial, as it affords them a healthy consti- tution to walk there and some 5 or 6 hours' en- joyment of the purest air to besfound in the world, as well as aa esoaps far five days in the week from the smoke and muck ind mias- ma of the valley. I have boon toi-i that <!he rate of infant mortality iti Gouthviok ex- ceptionally high, whilst Ifcv, of :.l. and upwards is normal. Indeeoi. M hewiishy in. vigorating is the air at Henner ths. parents who dreaded sending their children te seho«I on account of the delicate state of their health have been astonished and delighted at the rapid gain in health and strength the child- ren make after a short time in scfiool, and now they only dread to see the holidays com- ing. Our excellent headmaster, says ho, ne%ler enjoyed such buoyant health and strength be- fore and no one can deny that this has contri- buted much to his success in rising up the school to its present crowning state of efficiency it now stands in. There is undoubtedly a cry. ing necessity for greater accommodation, owing to the high tone of the school. Children have been crowded into it from outlying districts, not only from the adjoining one of Fishguard but such distant places as Letterston and Tre- cwn, but I maintain and believe that every disinterested person in the parish and out of it, will agree with me that the extension should be made, not in the direction of Goodwick but in the opposite direction. Daily I see little tots of five trudging their two miles or more, and returning in the dusk of the evening, often overtaken by darkness before they reach their lonely homes in this thinly populated part of the parish, whilst the Goodwick children can romp home in company and be seated com- fortably at their tea in about quarter of an, hour after leaving school. There is at present a spacious hall at Har- mony which the Committee could acquire for the asking. This would relieve the congest- ion instanter and give time to the Committee to consider the question on the spot. I was mis- informed as to the time a committee met at Goodwick, else I should have laid the above considerations before them at that time and place. Yours truly, E. PERKI-NS., Pennvsgwarne, January 9, 1909.


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