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HAVERFORDWEST QUARTER SEiSluNS. A 016,Ail sheet LICENSING RECOMMENDATIONS DIS- REGARDED. The Quarter Sessions for the Town antl County of Haverfordwest wej^.held on Wednes- day at the Shire HalL Mr. Marlay Samson (vice-chairman) presided, and there were also present:—Sir -harles Philipps, Dr. Henry Owen, Messrs. Isaiah Reynolds (mayor), T. R. Dawkins, H. J. E. Price, John Rees, and C. C. Sales. LICENSING COMMITTEE'S REPORT. Sir Charles Philipps submitted the report of the Licensing Committee, which stated that the Committee had appointed Sir Charles as chairman for the ensuing year and had elected Mr. Frederick J. Warren as auditor. The Com- pensation Authority had considered the report of the various authorities which had been sent to the Compensation Authority with regard to the Carpenters' Arms, Dew Street, and the Falcon Inn, North Street. After due considera- tion the Compensation Authority decided not to proceed upon the report of the renewal authorities so far as regarded the license of the above-named houses. The amount of the Compensation fund standing to the credit of the authority on December 31st last was Z846. Dr. Henry Owen seconded the adoption of the report which was carried. On the motion of Sir Charles Philipps it was decided that the Excise Authorities be in- structed to collect the maximum levy. CONSTITUTION OF THE LICENSING COM- MITTEE. Upon the question of the election of a Licen- sing Committee for the ensuing year being brought forward, Sir Charles Philipps said he should like to call the attention of the Bench to the constitution of the Committee. There were, he said, a number of gentlemen who were absolutely unable to at, end the meetings of the Committee. He thought that the names of those members who found it impossible to at- tend should be replaced by those gentlemen who could. For instance, he thought it would be almost impossible to expect Dr. Phillips to attend, and there were others who found it in- convenient to be present. Mr. Dawkins observed that the attendance at the meetings of the Committee during the past year were very sparse, and that rendered it ad- visable to re-constitute the Licensing Commit- tee. The question that would probably arise in their minds would be-what was the reason for this sparse attendance? He thought that the answer would be that the majority of the Committee resided outside the precincts of the borough. With the view of ensuring a better attendance he would suggest that the names of the members of the present Committee who resided outside the borough should be removed. From this rule he submitted one exception, that the names of the Lord Lieutenant and chairman of the Committee, who, he understood had on two or three occasions attended when it was found impracticable to form a quorum, be retained. Then in the place of those names struck out he would suggest those of gentle- men who resided within the precincts of the borough, and who had been most constant in their attendance at the Petty Sessions for the past twelve months. His suggestion would be an excellent principle upon which to model that Committee. He would propose the follow- ing resolution :—"That the following magistrates be appointed on the Licensing Committee for the town and county of Haverfordwest for the enusing year: Sir Charles Philipps, Mr T. Rule Owen, Mr. T. L. James, Dr. E. P. Phillips, Mr. James Thomas, Mr. Joseph Thomas, Dr. Green- ish, Mr. Isaiah Reynolds, Mr. Saies, and Mr. H. J. E. Price." Sir Charles Philipps remarked that they should excercise great care in the removal of names as it was a question of great delicacy. First of all, he thought they should have the sanction of the gentlemen who had been ap- pointed on the Committee. Dr. Henry Owen said that he would be glad if they would substitute another name for his. Sir Charles Philipps stated they regretted the decision of Dr. Owen. He added that they should ask the vice-chairman of the Court to form one of the members of the Committee. Mr. Dawkins: It appears to me if you remove names you must remove them on some uefinite principle such as on the principle that they live outside the borough. You must make a distinction. Sir Charles Philipps: There are two classes of magistrates in Haverfordwest. Those who live in the town and those who live outside. It is one of the best benches of magistrates in the whole kingdom and I think it would be difficult to make a distinction. After some further discussion tho following magistrates were elected to form a Licensing Committee for the ensuing year:—Sir Charles Philipps, Mr. Marlay Samson, Mr. T. Rule Owen, Mr. T. L. James, Dr. Greenish, Mr. James Thomas, Mr. Joseph Thomas, Mr. E. Eaton Evans, Mr. J. Rowlands, Mr. H. Rule Owen, Mr. Dawkins, and Mr. Isaiah Reynolds. »



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