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FISHCUARD. \1 Letteraton on Saturday, bent upon avenging their defeat of a week earlier, but were unable to do more than secure a division of the spoils. Storm Damage.—The damaged wires crossing the Gwaun estuary were repaired and tele- graphic communication resumed on Wednesday of last week. The dismantled roof of the Lower Town Weigh-house has been provisionally re- placed. Old Age Pensions.—The first payment of Old Age Pensions took place at the Fishguard Post Office on New Year's Day, and some 15 claim- ants had put in an appearance ere the hour of three in the afternoon. A fairly reliable estimate of the number of recipients in the area served by the Fishguard Post-office placed the figure at twenty-six. Marrage.—The marriage took place on the 26th December, at the Registrar's Office, Haverford- west, of Miss Mattie Sambruck, barmaid at the Cambrian Hotel, Fishguard, and Mr. T. Rey- nolds, of Wolfscastle, The bridesmaids were Miss M. Jones and Miss Reynolds, sister of the bridegroom, while the bride was given away by her brother, Mr. J. S. Thomas. After the ceremony the couple left for their new home at Pontycymmer. Condolence.—General sympathy will be felt with Mr. J. Wemyss, of Penslade, in the loss which he has sustained through the death on Monday of his father, who some years ago re- tired from his Birkenhead business as a master plumber and settled at Little Sutton, on the West side of the Wirral peninsula. The de- ceased gentleman would have attained his ninetieth birthday had he lived until March next. His bereaved son left for the obsequies by the six-o'clock express on Tuesday morn- ing- We regret to announce the death, which took place early on Thursday morning last, of Mrs. Harriet Lewis, the beloved wife of Mr. Enoch Lewis, West Street, Fishguard, after but a week's illness, deeply mourned by a sorrowing husband and several grown-up children, one of whom is in Goulbourne, Australia, while another son (Mr. Morgan Lewis) is lying ser- iously ill at home. The funeral took place on Monday and was largely attended, the Rev. W. Evans (vicar) officiating at the house, and the Revx. Dan Davies, Hermon, at the graveside. U.D.C. Elections.—'Tis a far cry to the U.D.C. elections, but already indications are not lack. ing for an exceedingly stiff fight for the suff- rages of the electorate. Of the five retiring candidates four are expected to seek re-election, whilst the names of innumerable other gentle- men are mentioned as candidates for the vacant seats. As yet, however, the majority of these names are merely mentioned as rumours, but Mr. Walter J. Vaughan, who was unseated last year, has definitely announced his intention of once again testing the opinion of the rate- payers. Earthquake at Fishguard.—"As," says the "Western Mail," the Cardiff seismograph is not yet erected we do not know whether any vibra- tion of the awful catasotrphe in Sicily reached this district; but the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 was noticed on the Welsh coast in the shape of an extraordinary tide." Mr. T. H. Evans informs us that he felt a distinct earth tremor in Fishguard on the Sunday evening, between the hours of eight and nine o'clock. Mr. Evans having lived much in countries sub- jected to seismic shocks, and being also one of the greatest authorities upon the rocks of Pem- brokeshire, is naturally an excellent judge of such matters, and is not likely to have been mistaken. The event is the more probable since, as the points out, Fishguard is situated on some of the oldest rocks in the British Iseles, its strata abount in ignious formations and in felspathis ashes.





Dmis Old Age Pensioner Dead.








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