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PEMBROKE DOCK. i Men's Brotherhood.—On Sunday afternoon a: sacred concert was held in the Wesleyan Chapel Meyrick Street. The chairman was His Wor- ship the Mayor (Mr. C. xoung). There was a,, large attendance, and a collection was taken at the close of the service in aid of the "Menis Brotherhood." The programme was as follows: Opening hymn and prayer; solo, "The Holy City," Miss Olive Lloyd; trio, "The Cross of Calvary," Messrs. T. Griffiths, A. Lammas and S. Evans; solo, "The Lord is my •Shegxhaxd, Mr. D. Thomas; duett, "The King of Love," Misses G. and N. Evans; chorus, "Lead kindly Light," Men's Choir; solo, "Qra Pro Nobis," Mr. D. Lewis; chorus, "When wilt Thou save the people," Men's Choir; solo, "Abide with Me," Miss E. Jago. Christmas Market.—The Christmas Market at Pembroke Dock was held on Wednesday and though the supply was small and the attend- ance much below what is usual, the demand was exceedingly good. This year there was not a great deal of poultry offered, and the prices realised were the unusually high..As usual Mr. J. H. Way's stall was one of the features of the Market, being laden with some -20 pigs' heads and some hundreds of bladders of lard, as well as some splendid Christmas beef from the Castlemartin ox which won four first prizes at the Pembroke Christmas Show the previous week. There was not a large supply -of holly and mistletoe, or fruit. Prices.: Turkeys, Is. to Is. 2d. per lb.; geese. lOd. to Is. per lb. ducks, Is. per lb.; fowls, Is. per lb.; beef (first quality), 9d. to lOd. per lb.; seconds, 6d. to 9d. per lb.; pork, 7d. to 8d. per It> mutton, 8d. to lOd. per lb.; rabbits, 8d. to lOd. each; butter, Is. 4d. to Is. 5d. per lb.; eggs, 6 andS for Is. Billiards.—Last week the Christmas billiard handicap was concluded at the Pembroke Dock Conservative Club. There were thirty- four entries, and the final was played off between Messrs. F. W. Tucker and T. Vasey, who played 150 up, Mr. Tucker winning by 36 points. The prize-winners were as follows:-l, F. W. Tucker (owes 50), 2, T. E. Vasey (owes 50), 3, H. Sloggett (owes 30), 4, J. Brock (scratch), 5, N. Dunn (owes 0, 6, R. Morris (owes 15), 7, G. Jago (owes 15), 8, J. Routledge (scratch), 9, A. V. Price (receives 35), 10, J. Thornton (scratch), 11, G. Roch (receives 20), 12, P. F. Smith (scratch), 13, W. Webb (re- ceives 30), 14. J. Dunn (receives 10). 15, F. Evans (owes 30), 16, A. Heaiherly (scratch). R.A.O.B.G.L.E.—The 16th December was a day to be remembered in the annals of the R.A.O.B. in Pembroke Dock, a visit from the Grand Primo of all England being made in order to raise the local D.P.L. to the dignity of a Provincial Grand Lodge. Brothers from all parts of the district, to the number of about 30, attended at 3 p.m. at the Imperial Hotel, Pembroke Dock. After the usual business had been carried out the Grand Primo proceeded to declare the Lodge a Provincial Grand Lodge, and to instal the first Provincial Grand Primo Bro. W. H. Gibby, after the usual offioers had been elected lodge closed, and the members and brothers adjourned to the FdinbuTgh, Hotel where a sumptuous repast had been arranged. After the loyal toasts had been duly honoured, and that of the officers of the G.L.E., the Grand Primo made a speech of thanks" and in the course of his remarks drew attention to the grand work the Order was doing through- out the world, stating that no longer did it merit the reproach of being nothing but a society of drunkards, but rather merited award as a society of philanthropists, pointing to their Orphanage as only one of the marks of their progress, and thanking the brothers one and all for the progress of the Order in Pembroke Dock aWl, surrounding district. During Urn evening songs weve I e.ntlered by Bros. Reiti (Car mart hen), Wrghtson, Xeill, Hofoson, Gtoss, Baker, Jones, Davis (Pembroke Cdilis, Lowe (Pembroke),, and Davia (Ttnby)- Proceed- j ings Urmnated at 10.45 p.m. with "God save the King after a most enjoyable evening.








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