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» CHRISTMASTIDE TRAGEDIES. I Shocking Affair at Halifax. I —— WOMAN BUTCHERED. What appears to be a brutal murder is re- ported from Halifax, where at 20, Great Albion Street, a married woman named Hannah Maria Whiteley, was on Christmas morning found stabbed to death. There were several ghastly wounds in the chest, neck, and head, and the circumstances pointed to a butchers' knife as the instrument of the crime. The woman lived with a man named Ernest Hutchinson, aged 25, a butcher fairly well- known locally, as he had been formerly in business on his own behalf. On Thursday night the neighbours heard quarrelling, and on Christmas morning Hutchinson appeared at the bedroom window and shouted, Maria is dead." Blood was seen issuing from under the fronV door, which was locked, and the neigh- bours broke the window and forced an en- trance. Inside, behind the door, they found Mrs. Whiteley lying dead, the cause of death being only too apparent. Hutchinson was sitt- ing on the bedroom stairs, his throat cut, and a blood-stained razor in his hand. A very pathetic feature of the iragecly was that in the room beside the dead woman was Mrs. Whiteley's five-year-old daughter, terribly dazed by the horror of the scene. Mrs. Whiteley was 29, and her husband is said to be in Barrow-in-Furness. Hutchinson was removed to hospital, a 1 J is expected to recover. OLD MAS'S FATAL EXPOSURE. Intense cold prevailed over the North Wales Coast on Friday and Saturday. A Bangor post- man, named Parry, on his rounds found an old man lying on the mountain side, to whose assistanceh e at once went. The old man was alive when the postman reached him, but died immediately. The deceased was an old rail- way signalman, of Upper Bangor, naved Lovi- bond, who left home on Friday night, and was reported to the police at midnight by his son as having been lost. Lovibond was 82 years of age, and was well known as an outside porter at Bangor Railway Station. WOMEN IN FLAMES. A Christmas tragedy is reported from Liver- pool. Elisabeth Burney, a middle-aged woman, left the workhouse to spend Christmas Day with Jane Bailey, widow, living in Severs Street. On Saturday a policeman saw smoke issuing from the house, and entering, found Bailey in the corner of the kitchen with her clothes on fire. Burney was huddled in another corner, also with her clothes in flames. Both women are so terribly burned that they are not e: pected to recover. FATHER AND SON KILLED. By a colliery accident at North Motherwell Colliery, Motherwell, on Saturday, Andrew Anderson and Alexander Anderson, father and Son, were killed, and a second son, Andrew Anderson, junr., had both legs broken, and was removed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The men were opening up a new place in the pit when a huge stone weighing three tons fell upon them. OLD LADY BURNT TO DEATH. While cooking the Christmas dinner Hannah Adcroft, a widow, of Milnrow, Lanes., was burnt to death owing to her apron catching fire. DROWEND IN 9 INCHES OF WATER. Mrs. Hunt, wife of a Somerset farmer, of Stoke St. Mary, was found dead in nine inches of water, at Taunton, on Saturday. She suffered from a nervous breakdown. Mr. Kajry Johnson, a Crawley tradesman, aged 50. dropped dead after visiting his mother on Friday evening. He was apparently in the ivst of health, and had never been attended by a doctor.



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!Pillar-Box Robberies.