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FOOTBALL. The Holiday Match s. I As usual the holiday matches, both at Mil- I ford and Pembroke Dock, attracted large crowds, and some good football was seen at each town. Two South Wales League teams, I Ebbw Vale and Cardiff City, visited the county, and each played a League- match at Milford and a friendly at Pembroke Dock. In each instance the home teams had the best of matters. Milford beat Cardiff 3-8 on Christ, mas Day, and on Boxing Day tLy accounted for Ebbw Vale by 3-1, and thus they have now four valuable League points. Ebbw Vale were at Pembroke Dock on Christmas Day, and put up a good fight, finally losing by 2-1. On Boxing Day the Pembroke Dock Athletic Club had a stronger team out, Parrott's inclusion making a lot of difference to the forward line. The play of the Cardiff men was hardly up to expectations, and they were beaten by 5-2. The game was not a good one, and the high wind interfered with the play considerably. On Boxing Day the Scots Abroad met the Dockyard Apprentices on Barrack Hill in a League match. The Scots had a very weak team out, but managed to make a draw, the score at the close being one all. Neyland Rugby Club had a visit from Kid- welly, and a large holiday crowd witnessed a drawn game. MILFOKD UNITED v. EBEW VALE. At Milford, on Boxing Day, in cold weather. Teams Ebbw Vale-Goal, Bainston, backs, Lloyd and Fryer; half-backs, A. Bowker, Auston, and Hamilton; forwards, Tagg, Whit- combe, Wright, Brown, and Bailey. Milford United—Goal, Frise; backs, Mason and Smith; half-backs, Martin, Hoggins, and Sanderson; forwards, Davies, Bioekwell, John, Walters, and Thomas. Ebbw Vale were hard pressed, but Milford failed to control the ball, and the visitors after broke away. Walters and John tested Bainton with hot ones. From a corner Fryer handled, and John scored from the penalty. From a subsequent corner Bioekwell scored a second just on half-time. With the wind behind the Valians were soon prominent, Tagg putting in some fine work. Frise saved cleverly, but was ultimately beaten from a penalty. The wind spoiled good play. Hoggins gave to David, who darted off at a big pace and scored for the home team, just after Frise saved on the ground. Final score: Milford United, three goals; Ebbw Vale, one. REMARKS. The game was not a good one, but Ebbw Vale surprised the spectators as a greatly improved eleven. Milford should have scored oftener in the first half, but failed to utilise their chances. It was any odds on the visitors on turning round, for their hard kicking was a source of trouble to the home defenders, who were, however, in splendid form. Lloyd and Bainton played finely for the Vale all through. PEMBROKE DOCK v. EBBW VALE. On Christmas Day a largg number of specta- tors assembled on the Bush Street Ground to witness the above game. The ground was fairly hard, and a good game was witnessed. The teams lined up as follows:—P.D.A.C.—P. McGuines, ogal; N. Berry and W. Davies, backs; A. Jenkins, J. Hounslow, and Mattocks, halves; H. Petty, S. Thomas, S. Fielder, C. Silcox, and L. Silcox, forwards. Ebbw Vale- Beaton, goal; Lloyd and Fryer, backs; Hamil- ton, Boker and-Austin, halves; Tagg, Whit- combe, Wright, Brown, and Bailey, forwards. The homsters won the toss, and choose to play up the hill. From the start the Docks pressed, but were rather unfortunate in front of goal. Now the visitors set to work, and were soon bombarding the homesters' goal, but Berry and Davies kicked away grandly. From a long kick by Berry C. Silcox secured, and made a fine individual run up the field. When he got in close quarters he put in a beautiful shot, which Beaton saved with great difficulty. Lloyd, for the Valians, played nicely, and put up a strong defence againsf the homsters. From a free kick the homesters pressed, and L. Silcox passed to C. Silcox, who had hard lines in not scoring, the ball just going over the cross-bar From the re-start the visitors' left wing got going,, and Brown put in a nice low shot, which McGuiness easily cleared. Now the Valians were aggresive, but Mattocks kept them at bay for a time, after which Wright, the visitor's centre-forward, put in a cross-shot which missed its mark by a few inches. The homesters were soon going again and were pres- sing very keenly. Beaton, the visitor's custod- ian, was called upon time after time. The homesters' right wing were combining nicely, Ivor Thomas passing to Petty, and the latter passing the ball back to the former, who was successful in registering the first goal with a low hard drive. The Valians now broke away, but Berry proved to be very safe, stopping his opponents every time. With a long drive Hounslow had hard lines in not scoring for the homesters. The Docks were soon bombard- ing their opponents' goal again, but although they put in shot after shot, they were unsuc- cessful in scoring. The game was very fast, and the leather quickly went from one end of Ithe field to the other, but no further score was added up to the interval. At half time the scores were: Docks, 1; Ebbw Vale, 0. The teams now changed ends, and the Valians had the wind'in their favour. From the re- start the Docks rallied around their opponents' goal and C. Silcox put in a drive which Beaton only just managed to clear. The visitors were llOW aggressive, and some exciting play was witnessed in the homesters' goal, Tagg putting in a low shot which McGuiness cleared styl- ishly. The "Docks" got going once more, and Ivor Thomas dropped in a beauty, which Beaton punched out into the centre of the field. Here Hounslow secured and sent in a high shot which found the corner of the net, amid applause from the spectators. The Docks were now two up, and undoubtedly the visi- tors thought it about time to set to work. They rallied and for a considerable time were in the homesters' territory, but their shooting was wide of the mark. The game was very fast, and the Valians showed that they were not dons up. Their forward line, headed by Wright, came dashing up the field, and the latter passed to Austin., who, with a low shot, scored from close range. The game continued to be well-fought and the visitors played up vigorously during the last few minutes. At times they were very dangerous, but they failed to get through again, and when the whistle blew the scores were as followsP.D.A.C.,2; j Ebbw Vale, 1. P.D.A C. v. CARDIFF CITY. This match was played on Boxing-day on the Bush-street Grounds, when a fair number of people witnessed a very fast game. The re- feree was Mr. E. Thomas, and the teams lined up as follows :— P.D.A.C.—McGuiness, goal; N. Berry and W. Davies. backs; A. Jenkins, Hounslow, and M. Mattocks, halves; S. Fielder, I. Thomas, Par- rott, C. Silcox, and L. Silcox, forwards. Cardiff City.—E. Fearbv, goal; J. Plumber and J. Knight, backs; A. Beat, J. Southern, and N. Wilson, halves: b. Milford, A. Boswell, W.Vlones, D. Xash, and T. Mutford, forwards. The homesters won the toss and chose to play with the wind in their favour. From the start the Docks were aggressive, and in the early stages of the game they put in some stray shots. The left wing of the visitors was seen combining very nicely and Nash put in a atingeT which McGuiness saved cleverly. The I homesters now pressed hard, and C. Silcox put in a hard drive which Fearby cleared clevedy.. The Docks continued to press, and from a pass from his brother C. Silcox scored amid ap- plause from the crowd. From the -re-start the visitors attacked strongly, but were very un- fortunate in front of goal. The Docks centre- forward then got going, and sent the ball out to the right. Thomas centred nicely, and C. Silcox again scored a clever goal. The Decks were now having things nearly all their own way, and after a few minutes had elapsed Parrott scored number three with a low shot which beat the visitors' custodian completely. The visitors now attacked strongly, but Mat- tocks stopped their forward line time after time in clever style. The whistle then blew for half-time, the score being:—P.D.A.C., 3; Cardiff, 0. From the re-start the visitors pressed, hut Davies and Jenkins kept them at bay. The Docks now broke away and Parrott passed to C. Silcox who, with a low shot, registered number four. The visitors pressed and from a long kick from Mattocks, C. Silcox secured number five. The Docks were now five up, and the visitors played up vigorously. Their centre-forward passed to P. Nash, who scored with a beautiful shot. A few minutes later the same player scored again for the visitors. The homesters were now at the other end of the field, but their shooting was very erratic., No further score was added by either side, and the whistle blew at time, leaving the, homesters victorious by 5 goals to 2. The Letterston Football Team played a match against the Visitors and Outsiders of Letterston on Christmas Day and won by one to 0, T. Rich- ards scoring the only goal. The following day ihj same team played Fishguard Seconds in Fishguard and won by two to 0, Hart scoring from a penalty lick, and Tom Evans heading the other from one of Hart's beautiful centres. T. Richards, C. Thomas, W. G. Lloyd, and A. Ferguson also played well for Letterston. The return match will be played at Letterston on January 2nd.




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