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Family Notices



CHRISTMAS IN HAVERFORDWEST. As usual Christmas passed away quietly at Haverfordwest; the weather was all that could be desired, but there were few attractions and towards the evening the streets were deserted. In the early hours of the morning there was some good carol singing in the streets and the Band also gave some appropriate selections. A male voice party consisting of about 40 voices, and conducted by Mr. Evan Griffiths gave some sweet renderings of carols on behalf of Dr. Stephenson's Homes and Orphanages. In the morning the usual services at the Churches were well attended and many familiar faces were noticed, of old friends home for holidays. In the afternoon a friendly Rugby match in tne Bridge Meadow between the town club and a Prendergast team attracted a fair number of spectators and resulted in a win for the town pack. On Boxing Day the chief attraction was a Rugby match between the Town Club and Burry Port which was witnessed by a large number of spectators. There was also a junior Association match in the upper part of the town between St. Mary's Institute and a Pem- broke Dock eleven. THE MAYOR'S GENEROSITY. Through the generosity of the Mayor (Mr. I. Reynolds), the poor in the various parishes were greatly helped in providing their Christ- mas fare. Through the agency of the minis- ters and clergy, His Worship distributed or- ders for meat or groceries amongst the poor ip the four parishes. THE RAILWAY TRAFFIC. The railway station was as usual the centre of busy traffic during the Christmas week, and the number of parcels despatched and de- livered was quite up to the average. The num- ber of holiday-seekers who left the town dur- ing the week was slightly in excess of that of last year and about bOO persons took advantage of the excursions to London, Cardiff, Swansea, and the north of England. On Boxing Day bet- ween 60 and 70 persons took tickets for the ex- cursion which was run to Swansea for the football match. The number of in-coming pas- sengers also slightly exceeded that of last year. THE POST OFFICE. The usual rush of work was experienced, but adequate arrangements had been made to cope with it and the work was disposed of smoothly and in record time. The indoor staff partook of a substantial sup- per at the close of the day's work on the 24th inst., and the outdoor force fared similarly be- fore they commenced delivery on Christmas Day. The parcels delivered were 594 in excess of last year, an increase of 10 per cent. The let- ters dealt with during the same period were ap- proximately about 6 per cent, over last year. I ST. MARY'S. St. Mary's Church presented a seasonable appearance on Christmas morning, having been tastefully decorated with holly and flowers from Picton Castle and Kensington House, by the following ladies:—Font, Mrs. H. J. E. Price; Altar, Miss M. J. Owen; windows, Misses Randle, and Misses Barham. There were cele- brations at 7, 8 and 12 a.m., and prayers at 4 p.m. At 11 a.m. a bright service was held when there was a fairly large congregation. The anthem "There were shepherds" (Win- chester), was rendered in an excellent manner, Mr. C. Bulmer, F.R.C.O., presiding at the organ. The service was taken by the vicar, the Rev. J. H. Davies, and the communicants for the day numbered about 120. The services W3re continued on Sunday, and in the even- ing the anthem was repeated, and the carols, "Gloria in Elcelsis Dco" and "Onoe in Beth- lehem of Juuah" (Maunder) were sweetly sung. After the service the congregation joined in the singing of the Christmas pastorale, "The Story of Bethlehem" (Simper). ST. THOMAS. The services in this Church were well at- tended during the day and the Church had been decorated in a very tasteful manner. Com- munion was celebrated at 8 and 11, and the number of communicants was about 150. At 11 a.m. the Ven. Arch. Kilbers conducted a service,- and the anthem, "God from on high hath heard" (Turner), was rendered by the choir, the solo part being sweetly taken by Miss Jeanie Baillieux. The Rev. T. A. Harries conducted a service at 6 p.m. The services were continued on Sunday, when the anthem was repeated in the evening. I PRENDERGAST. The Church had been beautifully decorated for the festal season by members of the con- gregation. On Christmas morning there were celebrations at 6.30, 7.30, 8.30, and 11 a.m., when there was a record number of communi- cants. At 11 a.m. the rector (Rev. D. AknJl Jones), and the curate (Rev. Norman Parcell), conducted a bright and well-attended service at which the choir, under the able leadership of Mr. W. Jenkins, gave a sweet rendering of the anthem, "His Glorious Name" (Simper). The solo parts were effectively taken by Miss Annie James and Mr. Willie Jenkins. A service and evensong was held at U p.m., when there was also a good attendance. The services were con- tinued on Sunday, when there were large con- gregations and the anthem was repeated at both morning and evening services, the solo part in the morning being taken by Mr. Willie James. ST. MARTIN'S. The Christmas services began with solemn evensong at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve. There were celebrations at 7. 8, and 11 on Christmas Day, and solemn evensong with sermon and carols at 6 p.m. on Christmas evening itself. The church was beautifully decorated, Mrs. Baring-Gould, Mrs. J. Rogers. Miss Ethel James, the Misses Matthews, and o-thers taking part in them. A feature of the Christmas at St. Martin's was the bringing of toys by the Sunday School children on Christmas evening for the Children at the Workhouse. Even the very poorest of the children made an offer- ing. and great pleasure was shown on Boxing Day when they were carried up by the Vicar to the Workhouse. Besides each family of children had a savings box given out on Ad- vent Sunday and brought in at the Christm: service for the Children's Union of the Waifs and Strays Society. A good sum was collected, and was forwarded to Miss Samson, the local secretary. It will go to help support the crippled child maintained by the members of the Children's Union in Haverfordwest. UZMASTON AND BOULSTON. These churches were prettily decorated in a seasonable manner. Communion was cele- brated at Uzmaston on Christmas morning and at 11 a.m. the usual service was held, when the attendance was above the average. In tne afternoon the Rev. John Phillips conducted a service at Boulston. The services were con- tinued on Sunday, when seasonable hymns were heartily sung. THE TABERNACLE. The hour of service on Christmas morning at the Tabernacle was bright and hearty. The usual hymns of the Nativity were sung, to- gether with an anthem by the Choir. The Pas- tor (Rev. Nicholson delivered a short; but appropriate sermon, alter which the usual Christmas offering was taken, asiounting to about £6. On Christmas Sunday evening the lesral Hymns were repeated and the pastor in his sermon deduced further iMSOus from the cir. I cumstances of the Dixine Birth. An invitation to the members of the Church, and congregation to remain after the close for a short service of Prayer and Praise tor mcrcies of the old year was well responded to, and Messrs. Morgan, Harries and Cecil took part in the devotions. THE WORKHOUSE. Everything was done by sympathetic friends to make the day a happy one for the inmates of the Workhouse. The House presented a sea- sonable appearance and had been decorated by inmates, and especially by Win. Laughame, an old inmate who has taken pride in this work for years. The Christmas dimmer consisted of roast beef and vegetables, and an ample al- lowance of plum pudding. Tne men were al- lowed a pint cf beer an an extra allowance of tobacco, and the women a glass. In the af- ternoon a service was held in the chapel, con- ducted by Arch. Hilbers. who was accom- panied by Mrs. Hilbers, and a small choir of ladies. The inmates afterwards sat down to an excellent tea at which there was an ample supply of cake. The following gifts were sent for the inmates:—Cakes for the sick and in- firm. Miss Davies (Hill House College); toys, cards, books, sv/eets, handkerchiefs, etc.. for the children, pupils of Hill House College, Miss Jenhiugs, Mios Ada Thomas Messrs Harries and Morris, Mrs. Nicholson Jones, Rev. A. Baring Gould, Mrs. James (Tredegar, daughter of Mr. George Davies, Prendergast), and Mr. Fred Green; 21bs tobacco. Mr. J. T. Fisher (Denant); George Davies, Prendergast), and Mr. Fred Green; 21bs tobacco. Mr. J. T. Fisher (Denant); s»* cross-overs, Mrs. Hilbers: mince pies, Miss Ada *iitt JC,uaiiions> cards and sweets, Lady 8courf?eld: uri and r,,ir.v an<1 in_ firm, Mrs. Dawkius («. M .'v-i'red Green. THE INFIRMARY. The patients at the Infirmary spent a very pleasant day and the wards had been decorated in a seasonable manner by the staff. In the afternoon Archdeacon tuibers nciu a service, and was accompanied by Mrs. Hilbers and a number of ladies. Gifts for the patients were sent by Lady Scourfield, Mrs. Dawkins (Hay- lett), Mrs. Eaton Evans, Mrs. James Thomas, Miss Ada Thomas, and Mr. J. Davies (Tower Hill). On Boxing Day a number of friends gave a concert, and Mr. Brigstocke gave a number of enjoyable selections on his grama- phone. SOCIAL. An enjoyable social was held in the Weslevan Schoolroom on Boxing night in aid of the Sun- day School Funds. There was a very fair at- tendance and an excellent supper was pro- vided, at which the tables were presided over by lady members 07 the Church. After the supper the pastor (Rev. W. Reynolds), presided over an. enjoyable entertainment at which items were contributed by the following:—Pianoforte solos, Mrs. Weiler and Miss Gladys Dixon; vocal solos, Miss Annie James, Messrs. W. E. Dixon. Jack Edwards, and G. G. Weller. The company also joined in a number of games. BILLIARDS. The final round of the Christmas Handicap (200 up) at the Balfour Club was decided on Boxing Day, when the goose presented by Mr. J. Howell Walters was won by Mr. S. Morgan. Tho runners up were Messrs. J. Moodie (196), H. Mathias (150), George John. C. Barber, and W. Mortimer Thomas. The prize for the larg- est break (given by Mr. John Jones, Dew Street) was won by Mr. George John with a score of 36. Other prizes were sent by the following: Messrs. L. H. Thomas, W. H. Reynolds (High Street), Hugh Saunders, Fred Green. Ernest George, and Miss White (Market Street). The winner of the Christmas Handicap (100 up) at the Men's Institute was won by Mr. J. Davies (caretaker), who was awarded the tur- key presented by Messrs. Jenkyn Jones, Tudor Jones, and Edward Davies. On the 23rd Mr. David Evans (Cartlett House) distributed the prizes to the runners-up, and in most cases they were handed over by the winners to de- serving members of the club. The following its the prize list in order of merit:—Goose given by Mr. W. B. W. John, Mr. Howard James; goose given by Mr. J. S. Roberts, W. Jones (City Road); duck given by Mr. David Evans, Robert Edwards; fowl given by Mr. S. Richards, J. A. Lewis; ice-cake given by Mr. W. F. Thomas, T. Watts; ox tongue given by Mr. Win. Evans (Dew Street), Jack Richards; duck given by Mr. O. T. Thomas, Robert Davies; ioods given by Mr. Sidney Rees, James Rees; two cake loaves given by Mr. B. W. Thomas, Ceo. Pettit; pair of rabbits, given by Mr. A. T. Hill, Mr. Tom Davies; goods given by Mr; T. A. White, Edward Davie, Rugby Football. { HAVERFORDWEST v. BURRY PORT. The match in the Bridge Meadow on Boxing Day Attracted a good crowd of enthusiastic spectators. The teams turned out as follows: ?;Haverfordwest.—S. Watkins, back; J. M. Thomas, Ben Davies, T. Williams and H. Ed- wards, three-quarters; J. Morse, and J. Ed- wards, halves; A. Williams. R. Summers, Geo. Thomas, Elson Williams (captain), A. Rogers, B. Rees, B. Thomas, and W. James, forwards. Burry Port.—E. R. Lewis, back; D. Thomas, J. Davies, D. T. Lewis and Jenkins, three- quarters; J. L. Gower (captain), and J. S. Samuel, halves; W. D. Evans, E. Evans, T. Reeves, J. Thomas, D. M. Rees. C. James, D. P. Edwards and D. A. Williams, forwards. The referee was Mr. Dan Davies, of Burry Port. The visitors kicked off against the wind and a series of scrums took place in mid-field. The Haverfordwest team worked well in the scrums and gradually got into their opponents' terri- tory. Although some good attempts were made to get over the visitors' line the home pack were unsuccessful. The Burry men were su- perior in passing and made some good rushes down the field, but they were rarely dangerous. The homesters continued to press until half- time and although they were the faster side they were beaten by the sound defence of their better-seasoned opponents. After the interval the visiting team began to get the advantage and worked their way towards their opponents' line. Some exciting play followed and although the homesters de- fended well, W. Evans took the ball from a scrum near the line and scored the first try for the visitors, which was converted by J. Davies. From the centre kick the visitors made a dash up the field and Thomas crossed the lins and registered the second try, which was also converted by Davies. For the re- mainder of the game the Burry pack continued to press and although the homesters made good attempts to break away the game resulted in a victory for Burry Port by two converted goals (10 points) to nil. ASSOCIATION. ST. MARY'S INSTITUTE v. A PEMBROKE DOCK XI. The St. Mary's Institute were at home to a Pembroke Dock team selected by Gwin Harries, on Boxing Day. The Institute XI were in splendid form and after a fast game they gained a. decisive victory of six goals to nil over the visitors. Goals were scored by E. Baggott, M. Harries, F. S. Dagwell, and C. Edwards. PRENDERGAST WINS Aw AY. The Prendergast Lads' Club journeyed to Pembroke on Boxing Day and played an ex- citing and well-contested match against a team representing the St. Mary's Choir, whom they eventually defeated by 1 goal to nil. The win- ning goal was scored by Vincent Evans.


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