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NEW READING ROOM FOR HAKIN. OPEXIXG CKHXXOXY. On Wednesday of last week the opening cere- mony of the new Institute at Hakin took place. The movement for the provision of reading and recreation rooms was taken in hand about a month ago, and rooms nave been secured and fitted out in a manner which reflects great credit on all the gentlemen who worked so un- tiringly for the cause. The Institute is situated on sthe corner of Waterloo Road, turning down Spikes Lane, and was formerly used as a shop and dwelling house. The latter is now occupied by the caretaker, and the Institute itself comprises, on the ground floor a billiard room 18ft. x 14ft., and is neatly arranged and decorated. The billiard table is of full size, and was suppLed by Messrs. RHe. of Accringtcn, who has pre- esnted a cue for competition. Upstairs is the reading room. well furnished, and lighted, and it contains plentitude of the daily and weekly papers, periodicals and magabines, together with a library case. A library has been estab- lished, and members can borrow books at Id. per vol. pC:1' week. Adjoining is the recreation room, nulnrous games are provided. The decorations\ throughout have been carried out by Mr. A. í't. Jeffs, Robert Street. The Great Western Ruilway Company have presented two 'I large framed pictures, and roller map; the Midland Company, a framed glass picture, and the L. and X.W. Company, a framed picture. Altogether the rooms are such as should make the young folks at Hakin appreciative of the efforts of the committee. The officials are: President, Mr. C. C. Morley; chairman, Mr. A. S. Chugg; vice-chairman, Mr. E. J. Biddle- combe; treasurer, Mr. W. J. Gill; hon. secre- taries, Messrs. W. T. Davies and A. G. Laycock, with an enthusiastic committee. There was an influential company present, including a number of ladies, when Mr. J. LI. Davies, J.P., performed the opening ceremony. The Chairman. Mr. A. S. Chugg, introduced the proceedings in a happy speech. There had been, lie said, a good deal of pessimism in the minds of some who thought that nothing could succecl in Eakin.but people had Tallied to the support of the committee. in an encouraging manner. They would agreed that they had secured the right gentleman for the occasion in Mr. Davies who had often expressed to him the wish that something could be done for the young men of Hakin. Other gentlemen, such as their President, had also helped materi- ally to bring about the desired object, that. of providing means of recreation and education for the young men, such as would bring them from the streets, and it was for them in turn to put their shoulders to the wheel and help by joining. He then presented Mr. Davies with a silver key, in case. suitably inscribed, and that gentleman at once opened the doer and entered tha billiard room. Mr. Davies said he had much pleasure in de- claring the premises open. He had many times felt the necessity, net only of a reading, but also a recreation room. In order to make it a success, they must, to use a billiard term, not merely play of their own cue, but strife as far as possible to make their fellows happy. (near, hear). Selfishness was the curse of humanity, and if they would shun it, the result would be beneficial. He had had something to do with billiard rooms. They must remember that the object was recreation, and not let such evils as gambling creep in, but make others as happy as themselves, and never suffer from the selfishness of human nature. (Applause). Speaking for himself, he hoped to come up to the rooms, because he would like to know the young people of Hakin, his native place. Twenty years ago he knew every child on the street, but he was sorry he could not say that now. He then proceeded to the upstair rooms and formally opened them. On the motion of Mr T. G. Hancock, seconded I by Mr. Herbert Cole, Metropolitan Bank, and supported by Mr. Biddlecombe, a vote of thinks was passed to Mr. Davies, who replied. An interesting billiard match was then played between Mr. H. G. Hillier and Mr. T. S. McDonald. In a game of 600 up, the former gentleman conceded the latter 200 start. The players were unaccustomed to the new table and the balls, but some good playing was wit- nessed. Mr. Hillier finally won by over 150 points, his best break being 48. The hon. secre- taries, who are the embodiment of courtesy and energy, will be glad to give all informa- tion, and request the inhabitants to join the institute. The fee per quarter is: Gents, Is. 6d.; ladies, Is., in advance. The following is a list of subscribers up to date:—Mr. C. C. Morley, £10; Mr. S. M. Price, £5; Milford Docks Com- pany, £2 2s.; Colonel Roberts, £11s.; Mr. J. C. Ward, £1 Is.; Metropolitan Bank, Ltd., £1 Is.; Dr. F. R. Grenish, £1 Is.; T. H. Howell, Ltd., Newport, £1 Is.; Mr. J. L. Davies, £1 Is.; Capt. W. J. James, £1 Is.; Mr. John Rees, £1 Is.; Mr. W. M. Howell, £1 Is.; Mr. G. S. Kelvvav, £1 Is.; Mr. T. G. Hancock £1 Is.; Mr. G. Walter Davies, South Africa, £1 Is.; Mr. J. Y. Davies, South Africa, £1 Is.; Lieut. A. B. W- Stokes, £1; Messrs. James Bros., 10s. 6d.; Mr. T. D. Roberts. 10c;. 6d.; Dr. W. S. Griffith, 10s. 6d.; Messrs. William Lewis and Sons, 7s. 6d.



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