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Police Court.—At the Shire Hail on Thurs- day morning, before the Mayor (Mr. Isaiah Reynolds) and Mr. John Rees, Thomas James, of City Rood, was fined 10s. including costs, for being drunk and disorderly on the previous night. Weslevan Chapel.—On Sunday evening a special service was held in the- Wesleyan Chapel, when Mr. D. G. Joney was the special • preacher. The anthem, "Pilgrims of the Xight," was tastefully rendered by the choir under the leadership of Mr. Percy- Wilkins. Mr. W. E. Dixon took the solo part, and Mr. F. W, Morse presided at the organ. Rugby Football.—The spectators were de- cidedly the better off in the Bridge Meadow on Thursday afternoon, when a match was played between a poor representation of the town club and a Milford team. The ground was 'swamped (with mud, and soon after play w&s juried it was only with difficulty unit the players could be recognised.- A scrambling game resumed in a vviu for the Alii lord side by one dropped goul dour point.-) :>> Sad Death.ije PrendergEt School ga-ls and other litilo frieiodg will he d-&ti-esscd .;0 hear of the iloath of th'qir former cc.rir-arjon, and beloved nhivmate, Bvfeiius> the younger daugh- ter of P.S. Win. James, and Mr*. James, of Monkton, Pejnb'oKQ. and formerly u Haver- fordwest, which took place on Saturday last after only a week's illness. -Th^. deceased was a bright little girlc¡ 11 y0ars.- 7 months, and her death has caused gr eat sorrow to her par ents. The funeral took place -IT PTMBROIIV Dock on Wednesday. Obituary.—The death took plaC- ( n t *Jr*stmas Day of Miss Jane Morris, ionneH. (a ''j Glou- cester Terrace, who passed away at thf residence of her nephew at Swindon. The deceai ^l lady, who had attained the age of 72'0 had been a great sufferer during the last six month-, Miss Morris was of a jovial deposition, and during the many years she resided with her sister, the late Mrs. Davies, at Gloucester Terrace, en- joyed the friendship of a very wide c-irele. The interment took place at Svvmdon on A\ ednes- day.. Catholic Social.—The annual social and dance in connection with the Catholic Church was held in. the Masonic Hall 00 Tuesday night, and proved a greater sucess than ever. There were about 100 persons present, including a number from Milford Haven and district. The hall was nicely arranged, the chief workers heing Miss White (Market Street). Mr3. Whitby Lloyd, and the Rev. Father Woolfrey. The duties of M.C. were, as usual, efficiently earned out by Mr. Charles Barber, and the music for dancin was supplied by Mr. John Lewis and jjjgg Lewis. During the evening refreshments typre served, the caterer being Miss Jones, Old • 1tre. Musical items contributed by the fol- were thoroughly enjoyad. Miss Hilda jawing jjjss .leannie Bail'Leu: Mr. S. 1-1:11, ••STllr. George Lcwis' v Watehnight Services.—Tht attendances at the w&tehnight services at the various places of worship last night was an improvement on last year, and the streets were quite animated at midnight. At St. Mary's Church there was a large congregation, and the vicar (Rev. J. H. Davies) gave a short but appropriate address. A fair number stayed for Communion at the end of the service. Medical Success.—We arc pleased to hear that Mr. Alan Handle, M.B., B.S., etc., has been successful in the recent examination for the degree of M.D. (London t niversity), specialising in midwifery and disease of women. Dr. Handle was educated at the Boy's nigh School, Dunedin. New Zealand, and after six months' preparation at University College School. Lon- don, passed the London Matriculation in the first division, June, 1900. He had a brilliant university career, and in 1906 was awarded a gold medal for Gynaecology. In the same year he completed his degree of M.B., B.S., having piroviously gained the joint diplomas of M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.; and has since held several important resident appointments at University College Hospital. He is at present 25 years of n'a u £ 8. Tabernacle Social.—On Thursday evening, in the TabsInacle Scfioolroom, the tea and en- tertainment given by the Bible Class members proved an unqualified success. The room had been tastefully decorated by Mrs. Nicholson Jones. During the time occupied at the tables, which had also been nicely arranged, first- class selections were given on Mr. D. T. Rees' gramophone. The entertainment, which fol. lowed was greatly enjoyed. The programme in- cluded a pianoforte solo by Miss Mary Harries, songs by Mr. Jack Edwards. Hilda Lewis, Willie White, W. R-och James. Annie James, Maud Harries; recitation, Mr. W. Lewis; reci- tation and song, Rev. E. Nicholson Jones, who also presided. At the close of the programme the audience heartily united in singing the National Anthem and the Doxology, after which a large number of the young people remained to see the New Year in, whilmg away the in- tervening time with games. The evening's ac- companist was Mr. H. Walker, F.R.C.O., to whom. with other kind helpers, a vote of thanks was moved by the president.

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