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BURTON. Williamston Men and Youths Club.—In De- cember a meeting of parishioners was held at the expre3:, wish of Sir O.rl.P. Scourficld, Bart., and Lady Seourrield, for the purpose of form- ing a Mel; and Youths' Club. The place of meet- ing was a building newly erected by Sir Owen and Lady ScouTfield, comprising three rooms and a cloakroom in Houghton village. Sir Owen and Lady Scourfield have agreed to let the building to the Committee at a nominal rent of 1. per annum to he used as a club house for the men and youths of Burton parish. One room is reserved for reading, a second for games such as drafts, dominoes, etc., and the third for billiards. A handsome billiard table has been furnished by the generous donors. Sir Owen and Lady Seourrield ^eeome the prosi- dents of the club, and the following gentlemen are elected vice-presidents:—The Earl Cawdor, Mr. W. F. Roch, M.P.; Mr. J. F. Lort Phillips; Mr. Hugh Allen. Mr. Hugh Thomas, Rev. W. L. Stubbs (rector); Captain Mayor, Mr. W. Hughes (Barnlake), Mr. T. Scale (Benton), and Mr. W. Morris (Llandigige;. Messrs. J. Webb and W. Elkins were elected secretary and trea- surer respectively, and a committee of ten persons was formed. The Rev. \V. Lea. brother of Lady Scourfield ,gave a lucid account of the successful working of a similar institution in h;3 parish, for which he was moat deservedly thanked. Mr. Lea kindly contributed a secre- tarial equipment to the Club, to wit, teceipt, subscription, minute and visitors' books, pens,, inks, etc., together with a few games. Mr. Webb proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Sir Owen and Lady Scoureld for their very kind thought and great generosity to the parish. The Rev. W. L. Stubbs appropriately seconded, and Messrs. M. Lucas and W. Elkins supported. Needless to say, the vote was unanimously and most enthusiastically accorded. The me" ing received a gift from Mr. J. 7tones, of Sardis, of a drum containing five gallons of oil, with much applause.




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