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CORONATION FESTIVITIES. THE BONFIRES COMMITTEE. '1 K viscount uranDorne, iNi.,r., presided on xues- day evening at Westminster over a meeting of the Central Coronation Bonfires Committee. Canon Rawnsley and Mr. Griffith-Boscawcn, M.P., as hon. secretaries, reported that they were already in communication with between five and six hundred places throughout the United Kingdom, where it was proposed to light bon- fires on the night of June 26 by way of cele- brating the Coronation. It was stated that a scheme for lighting a large number of bonfires in Ireland had been organised by Colonel M'Calmonr, M.P. The committee agreed to ac-cept the offer of the Great Wheel Company to sent up rockets from the top of the Great Wheel at. Earl's Court Exhibition at five minutes to ten on the appointed nig-ht as a signal to those lighting bonfires in London and throughout the ¡ Home Counties. 1 IX CE. A meeting of ratepayers was held m the School- room on Monday night to consider in what form the Coronation should be celebrated. The Vicar presided. He informed the meeting that Mrs. Park-Yates had kindly offered to provide the festivities. It was proposed by the Rev. E. Charley and seconded by Mr. Houghton That Charl ey an d secon d e d by '? the parish do something to celebrate the King's Coronation." This was carried unanimously. It was decided that a double lamp be erected in the square, and as many single lamps as funds would allow. A committee to arrange matters was ap- pointed, consisting of Mrs. Park-Yates, the Rev. E. Charley, Messrs. T. Darlington, A. Scott, E. Littler, T. Ellams, W. Brown, W. Greenway and C. Cheers. WIRRAL PARISHES JOIN HANDS. Un Friday evening a meeting of parishioners was held in the Thornton Mission Hall, to con- sider what action should be taken to locally cele- brate the Coronation. Mr. Thorburn presided. It is understood that the Council are not desirous of levying a rate, as it is their wish to raise the necessary funds by voluntary subscriptions. There was a committee formed to ascertain whether the Little Sutton Council would be willing to join with them. The following are the members of the committee:—Mr. N. M. Barron, Mr. A. Bradley, Mr. J. E. Hughes, Mr. Prince, Mr. Latham, Mr. Walker, Mr. Morris, Mr. Osbourne. Mr. Grinisditch, Mr. Waring, Mr. Sutton, and Mr. S. Hancock. They waited upon the Little Sutton Council on Monday evening. The discussion was opened by Mr. N. M. Barron, who stated that the deputation were desirous of learning whether there was any possibility of having a general celebration on behalf of the three townships, Hooton, Childer Thornton, and Little Sutton, similar to that of the last Jubilee. —The Chairman of the Little Sutton Council (Mr. Woodward) stated that they were open to receive any suggestions the deputation might make. He informed the members of the deputa- tion that his Council had exercised the powers vested in them and had levied a rate, and inquired if Thornton Hough were prepared to guarantee ail amount equivalent tc twopence in the pound, as he was of opinion that was a fair basis to work upon. Mr. Woodward was thereupon in- formed that they were not authorised to pledge themselves for any amount, as they would have- to consult the parishioners before doing so.— Mr. Latham stated tnat in Thorntön the general impression was that no compulsory rate should be levied, but that a voluntary rate of twopence in the pound should be collected.—Mr. Wood- ward asked if the deputation were prepared to guarantee the sum of fifty pounds.—Mr. Bradley was of opinion that thGre would be no difficulty in raising the sum required.—After careful con- sideration of the matter, Mr. Woodward stated tnat his Council were quite willing to join with Thornton and Hooton, on the understanding that they contributed the sum of JE65. which would entitle them to equal representatives on all com- mittees, and thereby secure the same right- and privileges as Sutton.—The Parish Council held a special meeting in the Mission Hall on Tues- day evening to consider the report of the deputation. Mr. N. M. Barron presided.—The Chairman stated they would be glad to have the expression of opinion from the meeting as to whether they would ioin Little Sutton or not.— Mr. Hughes was of the opinion that it would be advantageous to join Little Sutton, seeing that they would be willing to accept them on equal terms with themselves.—A discussion then ensued as to whether the necessary funds could be raised without levying a rate of 2d. in the JB. Seeing- that the railway company's subscription would be equal to JB20. there was a general impression that they would not contribute unless compelled to do so. After considering the matter, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Hughes, seconded by Mr. Waring, that Mr. A. Bradley and the clerk (Mr. S. Hancock) be authorised to at once solicit subscriptions on behalf of the fund. and that the money collected be paid into Parr's Bank.—The c-lcrk was instructed to advise the Hocton Parish Council to send a representative to the next meeting, so that the feelings of the Hooton Council might be ascertained. In the event of this parish joining Little Sutton a field would be selected in the most central part- of the district for the festivities. WREXHAM. At 3- meeting of the Executive Committee re- sponsi.ble for the due celebration of the Corona- tion at Wrexham, held on Monday evening at tho Giiildhall, under the presidency of the Mayor (Mr. W. Soames), estimates of expenditure were submitted from the various committees, amount- ing to a total of £ 336. Four thousand Sunday school children are to he provided with tea, at the rate of 6d. per child, and 2d. per child is to be devoted to sports for them, on the Thursday (June 26V Eighty pounds is to be expended in providing 800 aged and poor people with a dinner; J640 is set apart for bicycle and foot races and old English sports, which are to take place on the racecourse on the Friday (June 27). The borough and local volunteer bands are to be engaged on both days. at a cost of £45, and £ 10 is to be naid for the ringing of the parish church bells. The Wrexham Church Sundav School teachers memorialised the committee with refer- ence to the age limit of the school children to be invited to the tea being fixed at 15, as it would debar 25 per cent. of the Sunday scholars. The committee decided to adhere to the age limit already agreed upon. The Mayor is going to present a medal to every school child and has also promiied a subscription of £ 25 to the funds. •  LLANDUDNO. ) The committee which, under the presidency of Councillor Robert Roberts, is preparing for the Coronation festivities at Llandudno met on Mon- day evening, when a letter was received from Lord Mostyn (chairman ci the District Council) i expressing his readiness to grant a 99 years" les.se on the Public Library building, in the event of the town's deciding to adopt the Free Libraries Act, as one form of celebrating the Coronation. Much satisfaction wa-s felt by the committee at the generous offer, and the matter was referred to a sub-ccramittee. Arrangements are being made for the festivities to cover two days, and ;n the programme will be included treats to all the poor people and the school children.