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Family Notices

Family Notices

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES & DEATHS BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, and DKATHS are charsred at the rate of 20 words lor Is. (prepaid). If not prepaid, the charge will be 2s. (id. The announcement, must be authenticated by the Signature or, I Addivss of the bencltr. P I R T 11 HOPKINS—12, at The ti e wife of Thomas Hopkins, B.A., JI.1J., of it daughter. MAfwJKRisoK—May 9. at Dunveiran, We'MDOiten, hon,ion, N., the wife oi T. fcl Margerison, M.A., of a daughter. MARRIAGES. LA Toucr.E—TOTTENHAM—On Wednesday, April 30. at New- castle Church, eo, Wicklow, by the Ktv. u. Drought, assisted by the Rev. M. J. Palmer, Pete: La Touche. J.P., D.L. (Major, 5th Batt. Royal Dublin Fusiliers), ot I't-ileoce, eo. Wiokicw, to Miss So 1). 1-1 Tottenham, Hciei daughter of Mafjr C. R. W. Tottenham, J.P., of Woodstock, co. Wiyklow, and Pias Berwyn, U,:n¡;olJen. PLOWRIGIIT—LEETE—May 14, at St. John'* Church, Chester, by the iiev. Canon Cooper .iVott, W. H. Pkwrig.'iC to Mary A. Leet-e, both of Chester. DEATHS. IIOLERO-x--Id-ai, 11, at his residence, TaJfcot House, Park. prate, in his 82nd year, the HOIl. Henry Holbrouk late Minister of Agriculture, Canadian Parliament lnter4fcarf at Salldbach Parish Church. JOIINSOS—May 14, suddenly, at80, Watergate Flaps, William Johnson. a;:c:d i years. For over 36 years Clerk of P0>v Trinity Church, Chester. at the Cem'etery 4 p.m., to-day (Saturday); lirst portion of service at the above church, 3.1;> p.m. M LER-May 12, at his residence, Fulliott House, Chester, Lieut.-Colonel Geo rye Thomas Miller, J.P., iar€ 4,ltli (Northamptonshire) Regiment und ith OWV Stafiord Militia, acred 08 yea; MORRIS—May 8, at Pen Ll.vn, ..jftx.-h, Anelwv, John C. Morris, eldest son ot the G-iflitf. Morns, Duiider, • Jj of this city, agec! 4D years. 1 POOLE—May 12, AT 43, ^UEVII-°' after a AND painful illness, entered into rest, Ed, ";¡"L¡!1tM of the Jate IBajab aud Margal ¡, mt y. THOMAS JVFAY 10. at JScefetftQM TILE ,NT-E ,Ohll Thomas, of Aldford, aged 78 > Thy purpose, Lord, v Vjm.f Bu: ali is wttt that i> .j. i\ xiiiv. EARKor—In loving memory of Aisnrn iiarron «rt>r> died May 13th 1893, aged 22 y, .110. (in lit,. it, death lamented.] ln KIRKTATRICK-*—In loving LH-wotj of Rot«'rt Kirkpafrick, who (?Mi May l?h, Y^l. a?t-d ^lVarg. {hit' ?. car h&s gone, MoastW we ):J ?"n, Friends may think tfK ?u)..i 4,, ItA But thev little kno-sc the eorrow Deep within our he?? leather sum ? ? ) (k=b&r &il(t !A.) L&IITFgOTJ;n bi?,d wifc u? t ?rh 'i/ J,iRhtftotp of ¡s:ect, who departed Oib Me hi??' 17 1, A-d was interred in Chester C;cw, May ?h, a? d '.& T-. vv as peace. J J A y h.? pa.-d Or W, rnis« ijel, 1, d?-.yth_i,, nkthf t?ist-cated- '< Brlir:t n: S;)' '.<1 is ',c:.led That lies w;4.it i That h?w;thit! 0? .Marts concealed. ??' sort-o? ?? Imsb:md and daughters.)  sad b:n ?v?..? memory of our dear sister, vM- arllthu a ,(?I > atties who departed this 'i{? H&y 10th. 1901, .?'M 24 ?ars, a, her rfs?cnce, ?pto? Heath, CheMM'. It is hard tc part with one We luved, But Jesus called her home From this dark world šTid aoc pain To rest upon His throne. (Fondly remembered by her le jnp mcthcr. brother, and sister —l; 'arr.)