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CORONATION FESTIVITIES. (See also page 7 I HAWARDEN GUARDIANS' PROPOSALS. I I ADDRESS TO THE KI?G. I INMATES' TREAT. ) r KING'S HEALTH IN BEER. I TEMPERANCE PARTY'S OPPOSITION. I On Thursday the Hawarden Board of Guardians were occupied some time discussing the arrangements for celebrating the Coronation. Mr. Wilcock raised objection to the resolution, contained in the minutes of the last meeting, to give the inmates of the workhouse two days' Coronation fare. He said there were many workingmen who bad to pay rates, and who would not be able to have a single day's treat. He gave notice of motion to rescind the resolution at the next meeting of the Board.—The Chairman pointed out that it would not be in order, as it had been passed at the last meeting unanimously. —Notice of motion was, however, handed in. The Chairman proposed that the resolution passed at the last meeting, by which tne Guardians decided to send an address to the King, be rescinded. The District Council had decided to send an address, and as the two bodies were almost identical, it would not matter much which sent it.—Mr. Wilcock seconded, and the motion was carried. Mr. Millington moved that in recognition of the Coronation each adult person in receipt of outdoor relief receive 6d. extra and each child 3d. lor one week.—Mr. Wilcock moved an amend- ment that the extra money be Is. and 6d. re- spectively.-—The amendment was carried. Miss Thom proposed that every inmate who liked should have a. glass of beer to drink the King's health in. Mr. W. Shepherd seconded. They ought. to let tne poor have Q. glass of wine if tney hked it instead of beer. Mr. Millington said that by yielding to such a resolution they only added another stick to the fire which had brought the paupers to the house. He would net do it, from principle, for the world. He considered no man a friend of the poor who forced intoxicating drink upon them. Mr. Shepherd (warmly): We don't want to force it upon them. Mr. E. Sidney laylor: Ask him to withdraw it, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Miihngton withdrew the word "force" and substituted me word "offer." -No man who offered that and withheld other things was a Iriend of the poor. Mr. Shepherd: What. have we withheld? Mr. John Jones did not think they ought to allow the meeting to degenerate into a temper- ance gathering. (Hear, hear.) They cugnt to have Mr. Tennyson Smith there. He moved that the beer be not allowed. The Rev. G. Owen thought there were many- people in the house who did not drink beer. lie moved that tobacco be substituted instead. Mr. W. Shepherd said the inmates liked a glass oi beer to IOOK forward to and to think about. Mr. A. Wright rtconded the Rev. G. Owen's motion. He agreed with what he had said. Mr. R. Roberts said it would never do them any harm, because they were past that. They had come there through it, and they would like it. Mr. J. Hampson protested against the argu- ments of the temperance folk. They seemed to think the man who proposed a glass of beer very bad indeed. It was most selfish to deprive these people of a glass of beer on Coronation day. They would only get one grass. It was the least they eculd do to give way, particularly bK,;u-e the motion had been proposed by a lady. The Chairman did not think it quite fair that because they could not see eye to eye they should be called selfish. The amendment was a direct negative. The proposition was carried by twelve vo-es to seven, amid applause. CHRISTLETON. The large and iulJy representative committee, with the Rev. L. Garnett as chairman and Mr. S. Earlarn es hon. secretary, recently appointed to arrange and carry out the Coronation celebrations in the village has commenced its work in earnest. A liberal response to an appeal for subscriptions has enabled that body to 'draw up a programme which will make it possible for practically the whole of the parishioners to par- ticipate in the day's festivities. The celebration is to be held cn Thursday, June 26th. The pro- ceedings are to include a precession through the village of school children, headed by the Christie- ton Brass Band; a special service in the parish church, conducted by the rector; sports (confined to parishioners) Morris's Field, kindly lent for the occasion by Mrs. Townsend Ince; and dancing, either in the field or in the Boys' School. The children are to be entertained at tea, and all the householders and others are to be invited to a meat tea. During the day merry peals will be rung on the church bells. In addition, if funds allow, the children will be presented with some memorial of the auspicious event. The members of the committee are working with such zeal and unanimity, that there is every prospect of a very successiul celebration of the Coronation 01 his Majesty King Edward VII. TARPORLEY. Mr. T. H. Gordon presided at the adjourned meeting held in the Public Hail en Wednesday. He explained that the meeting was held to receive tile scheme formulated by the cominit.ee ap- poimed at the former public meeting. On his request, Mr. Edward Cawiey, deputy clerk of the Council, read the minutes of the committee, which recorded the following resolutions:—Re solved, that Dr. Hewer, Dr. Smart, Mr. J. Marshall Brocks. Mr. J. J. Dalne, Mr. E. W. Dixon and Mr. Henry Heaid be added to the committee. Resolved, that the committee reoom- menu that the services in the church and chapels on Coronation day be held at half-past one o'clock. Resolved, that the offer of the Tar- poriey and Clotton Brass Band to play on the 26th June for LS be accepted. Resolved, that a tea be given to the children and the old people of 60 years of age and upwards, and that JUr. J. M. Brooks, of Porta], be asked to lend his riding school for the purpose, and that the Rev. W. ú M. Hughes and Mr. Deds be deputed to see him. Resolved, that Mr. Baker, oi Tattenhall. Mr. Garner, of Spurstow, Mr. E. Parker, cf Alpra- ham, Mr. P. Percival, of Northwich, Mr. A. J. Salt, of Tarporley, and Mr. Willett, of Tilstone- by-Malpas. be asked to tender for supplying the tea to the children and old people. Resolved, tnat the tea commence at half-past three. Re- solved, that the procession start trom the Manor House at half-past two. Resolved, that there be a bonfire ell the night of the 26th June, that the chairman, the Rev. W. O. M. Hughes and Mr. Edward Cawley select a bonfire committee, and that not more than about L3 be spent on the bonfire. Re-oh-ed, that there be sports, and that. the Rev. W. O. M. Hughes, Messrs. Henry Billington, J. H. Dods, T. W. Dunning, W. 1. Grafton. Martin Goulding, S. Greenway, Joseph Lewis, John Pickering, R. Symms, Fred Vernon, H. Wilson, S. Wade a.nd E. Wilkinson, with power to add to their number, constitute the sports committee. Resolved, that Mr. Edward Cawley be treasurer. Resolved, that the follow- ing be appointed collectors:—Eaton: Messrs. R. Clarke. R. Dodà. G. Piatt and Samuel Siddorn; Rushton: Messrs. Samuel Barker, T. Barker. W. Carter and F. Dodd; Tarporlev Messrs. Samuel Brooks, J. Clarke, T. Dunning, Herbert W. Dutton, J. W. Gastrell, T. H. Gordon and Herbert Wilson; Utkinton Messrs. S. Davies. J. Nicholas, J. H. Dods and R. Symms. A note that the following gentlemen had kindly promised to start the subscription books was received with applause:—Mr. Hubert Wilson (Summer Hill). JElO; Mr. T. H. Gordon, £ 5; Mr. Martin Goulding, £ 2 2s.; and Mr. Gastrt-Il, £ 1.—The Chairman said now that the work cf the committee was before the meeting, they had an opportunity of cither adopting or altering the proposals. With the exception of the adoption of a suggestion by Mr. Martin Goulding. that the procession start from the bottom of High-street, the proposals of the com- mittee were adopted. On the motion cf Mr. F. Dodd, seconded by Mr. T. Barker, it was resolved that admission to the grounds should be free. The Rev. W. O. M. H ughes reported that Mr. Brooks had given permission to use his riding school and the park, anci would also throw open his grounds for inspection. (Applause.) On the motion of Mr. Martin Goulding, seconded by Mr. II. Dods, the offer of Mr. Brooks was accepted and a resolution expressing the thanks of the meeting for his kindness was passed. It was resolved to ask the friendly societies to join in the procession and to bear the incidental ex- penses incurred by each society in doing so, also to provide a tea for the juvenile members.


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