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AUCTION DIARY. Sales by MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. May 17-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Freehold Dwell- ing Houses at Tarvin-road May 17—At the Grosvenor Hotel-Freehold House and Premises in Newgate-street May 21-At the l Imperial Hotel, Colwyn Bay- Business Premises and Dwelling Houses at Colwyn Bay Mav 27—At the Auction Mart. Foregat^e-street— "Household Furniture and Effects Bv MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. May 20-At the Smithfield, Cheater-Fat and Store Stock May 21 At Barrow-by-Chester-Live and Dead Farming Stock May 21-At the Smithfield, Hooton-Fat and Store Cattle May 22-At the Smithfield, Chester Horses. Carriages, Harness, &c. May 22-At the Smithfield, Chester-Hides, Skins, and Fat _„ May 23-At The Lache, near Chester- Household Furniture and Effects — May 28-At the Hooton Hotel, Hooton-Farm and Building Sites at Hinderton, Neston May 28—At the Hooton Hotel, Hooton Station- Freehold Property May 29-At the Smithfield, Chester—Grazing Stock and Store Cattle May 31-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Ten Freehold Dwelling-houses May 31—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Free- hold Properties at Helsby and Chester June 7—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Family Residences June 7-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Fully- licensed Public House Bv MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE. May 20—At the Ermine Cattle Mart, Chester- Fat and Store Stock May 22 & 23—At George-street, Chester-Engines, Building Materials, &c. May24-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Dwelling- House at Bowling Green Bank May 24-At the Blossoms Hotel. Chester—Rever- sionary Interest in Freehold Property May 26 -At Liverpool-road, Neston Horses, Poultry. Wagons, Saddlery, &c May 26—At Red Lion xlotei, Little :sutton- I C Freehold Property May 28-At Red Lion Hotel, Little Sutton— Freehold Dwelling-house and Land June 7—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Freehold Dwelling-houses and Shops in Garden-lane Bv MR. J. P. CARTER. May 21-At Hooton Smithfield-Fat & Store Stock By MR. JOSEPH WRIGHT. May 21-At the Royal Oak Hotel, Kelsall—Free- hold Land at Weetwood, near Tarporley By MR. J. W. READER. June 9-At the Law Association Rooms, Liverpool —Land and Buildings at New Brighton By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. June 11, 12, 13, 18 & 19-At the Repository, WVexham—Horses SALES BY AUCTION. 'rr- '-r-r- NOTICE. THE SALE advertised to be held at 10. ASHBY JL PLACE, HOOLE, on THURSDAY NEXT, WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. This Day (Saturday). CHURTON-ROAD, OFF TARVIN-ROAD, CHESTER. Sale of Valuable Substantially-erected Freehold Dwelling-Houses, forming VICTORIA CRES- CENT. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & CO. J?LL will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Gros- venor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 17th May, 1902, at 3 o'clock p. m. punctually, in the following or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions- LOT I.-A very desirable DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 6, Victoria Crescent, Churton-road, containing lobby, parlour, kitchen, pantry, back kitchen, three good bedrooms and bath-room, with yard, and W.C in the occupation of Mr. Swindley. Total annual rent S19 10s. LOT 2 -Two DWELLING-HOUSES. Nos. 4 and 5, Victoria Crescent, each containing lobby, parlour, kitchen, pantry, back kitchen, three good bedrooms, and bath-room, with yard and w.c., in the respective occupations of Me&Jrs. WNI. Jones and Thomas Jones. Total annual rental, £ 36 8s. LOT 3.-Two similar DWELLING-HOUSES, Nos. 2 and 3 Victoria Crescent, in the respective occupations of Messrs. Alfred Mills and Alfred Ev&.w-,n. Total annual rental of £ 36 gs LOT 4 —The corner DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 1, Victoria Crescent, containing parlour, kitchen, pantry, back kitchen, three good bedrooms, bath- room, with yard and w c. -N. B. -,A iiv further information may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS or from MESSRS ROYLE & REYNOLDS, Solicitors, all of Chester. This Day (Saturday). Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Property and Business Premises in the CITY OF CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on -SATURDAY, the 17th day of May, 1902, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, punctually, subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced, the following ? Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY ) All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 28, Newgate-street, in the City of Chester, late in the occupation of Charles Stanyer. painter, plasterer, &c., and now of William Stanyer, together with the large Yard and the Two Workshops at the Tear thereof. The House contains entrance hall, two sitting- rooms, kitchen, wash-house, bath and w.c., and out- side w.c.; on the first floor three bedrooms, and on the second floor one bedroom. The whole is centrally situated, and admirably suited for business purposes. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Foregate-street; Messrs. ROBERTS and MARTYN, -Solicitors, Newgate-street; or to MESSRS. BRIDGMAN, WEAVER & WILD, Solicitors, Westminster Buildings, Newgate-street, Chester. On Wednesday Next. COLWYN BAY, NORTH WALES. To Provision Merchants, Grocers, Provender Mer- chants, Capitalists and others. Important Sale of valuable Freehold Business Premises and Dwelling-houses. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & CO. will iTi- SELL BY AUCTION, at the Imperial "Hotel, Colwyn Bay, on WEDNESDAY. 21st May, 1902, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, in two lots, or in such other lots, and in such order as may be determined upon at the time of sale, and subject to conditions, the above-mentioned valuable Free- hold PROPERTIES, viz:- LOT I.-The Extensive and Commodious BUSI- NESS PREMISES, known as "Ceylon Stores," in lease to Messrs Pryce, Williams & Co., for five years from 1st November, 1901, at a rent of JE120, comprising front shop, with office and ex- cellent storage cellars, the dwelling-house above and outbuildings at the rear; also the SHOP occupied by Messrs. R. Roberts and Son, drapers, in lease for five years from 25th March, 1901. with the "DWELLING-HOUSE, known as "Waltham House," with yard and out-offices, together with the adjoining SHOP, in the occupation of Messrs. Waterworth Brothers, fruiterers, and th? DWELLING-HOUSE o'er. known as "Ashford House." with yard and out-offices. This Lot has extensive frontages to the main Abergeleand Erskine roads, and occupies one of the best positions for trade purposes. LOT 2.—The Very Superior RESIDENCE, known as "Hawarden Tower," in the. occupation of Miss Thomas, with yard, outbuildings and front card en also Two Desirable DWELLING HOUSES adjoining, known as "St. Enoch Private Hotel," and "Brighton House," with yards, outbuildings and small tront gardens, in the respective occu- pations of Mr. William Morris and Mrs. Hawley This Lot occupies an excellent position, having frontage to Prince's Drive, and being in close proximity to the railway station. Particulars may be had from the AUCTIONEERS, Chester; at the place of sale; at the Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay; from Messrs. PORTER and AMPHLETT, Solicitors, Colwyn Bay; or Messrs. COLLINS, ROBINSON & DRIFFIELD, Solicitors, 34, Castle-street, Li verpool. A-UCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHFRTOX, ELPHICK & CO. will hold their next SALE of miscellaneous FURNITURE and EFFECTS on TUESDAY, 27th Mav, 1902. Early entries inVited. On WEDNESDAY NEXT. at One o'clock. MR. J. P. CARTER'S HOOTOX STOCK SALE. Auction Offices: .Newgate Cham!>ers, Chester. To Livery Stable Keepers, Dairymen, Laundry- men, Engineers, Veterinary Surgeons, Carriage Builders, Builders, or any whose business requires UFPER BRIGHTON, NEW BRIGHTON -N -e- W BRIGHTON.- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR..J. W. READER, at the Law Association Rooms, 14, Cook-street, Liverpool, on MONDAY, the 9th day of June, 1902, at 3 p.m. prompt, subject to conditions to be there a.nd then proclueed- 4 "D f -A-li that Piece of LAND fronting Field-road, Upper Brighton, New Brighton, with the BUILDINGS thereon erected, :md recently used as tramway stables, carriage shed, yard, &c. Area about 1,780 square yards. The Buildings consist chiefly of five ten-stall stables, one 21-stall stable, loose box, workshops, cat-shed 40 feet wide, manager's house, office, &c. Tenure free Wild, and free from ground rent. For further particulars, and to view conditions of sale, apply to the AUCTIONEER, at his Offices, 5 Cook-street, Liverpool (Telephone No. 5,182); or to the Undersigned (Telephone No. 1. Liseard). H. W. COOK. Clerk and Solicitor, Wallasey Urban District Council. Public Offices, Egremont, Cheshire, 7th May, 1902. S ASTON & SON, 8 CITY AUCTION BOOMS. 14, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. These Rooma are always open to receive FURNITURE and other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terma moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales apn £ iucted in town or country. S. ASTON & SON, Acctioneerg, &e„ )9. AGTI)N L&, A-?ctioneers, &a., Wafcergate-dtraet, Cheuter. SALES BY AUCTION. On TUESDAY NEXT, at Eleven o'clock, AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of Prime Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, & CALVES. Pigs brought from the County of Chester with a declaration can be moved back again into the county with a license to be obtained from the Inspector at the mithfield. Entries respectfully solicited In Bankruptcy, re John Wright.—By order of the Official Receiver. WEDNESDAY NEXT, 21st May, 1902. OIALE of LIVE and DEAD FARMING ? STOCK, at BARROW-BY-CHESTER. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock, at HOOTON SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CATTLE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES. Further entries respectfully solicited. On THURSDAY NEXT, 22nd May, 1902. CHESTER HORSE FAIR. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their MONTHLY SALE of HORSES, Carriages, Traps and Harness, including a large consignment of New Harness, and light running Gig, in good order, Hansom with rubber tyres nearly new, circular fronted double Brougham, by "Mason," London Pony Turnout, and dark brown Pony, 6yrs., 13 hands. Entries respectfully solicited. Sale at One o'clock with horses. On THURSDAY NEXT, May 22nd, 1902. at 3 o'clock. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will con- IV duct the usual WEEKLY SALE of HIDES, SKINS and FAT. The Prices were considerably higher this week. Consignments may be sent in any day during the week, and will be sold at current week's prices. Price lists to be had from the AUCTIONEERS, Chester. On FRIPAY NEXT, May 23rd, 1902. Important and attractive Sale of the Household Furniture and Outdoor Effects at THE LACHE, one mile from Chester. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are favoured with instructions from James Parry, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION the Choice and Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including a handsome Spanish mahogany sideboard, with large mirror back, drawers, cupboards and cellarette; mahogany dining table with four extra leaves, carved oak dining chairs, mahogany easy and occasional chairs, mahogany revolving bookcase, bearskin rug, walnut kneehole writing desk, grandfather's chiming 8-day clock in mahogany case, with brass faoo; fine-toned Boudoir Grand Piano, by I. Becillltein. mahogany music seat, bronzes and ornaments brass pedestal drawing-room lamp, brass wall lamps, convex mirror, brass French bedsteads and bedding, bed- room furniture. Mahogany, Walnut and Ash Bed- room Suites weather-glass, dinner, tea and coffee services, Brussels, Axminster and Wilton Pile carpets and hearthrugs, oilpaintings. water colors, engravings and old prints, lounge chairs, wicker arm chairs, telephone and appliances, standard half-plate camera, with tripod, &c. a cellar of choice Wines. including champagne, Madeira, Volnaz, Hock, and Scotch whiskey; wringing and mangling machine, large oil tank, perambulator, mail cart, kitchen and culinary utensils. HORSES.—Chesnut thoroughbred mare, brown two-year-old filly, set of brass-mounted cob harness, harness fittings, lamps and stable utensils; garden effects, including two lawn mowers, tennis net and poles, cucumber frames, tennis marker, garden tools, Boulton and Paul wigwam poultry run, dog kennels, runs, iron railings and gates, and miscel- laneous effects. Sale to commence at Ten o'clock punctually. Full particulars in catalogues, which may be obtained at the AUCTIONEERS Offices, Grosvenor- buildings, Chester. To close a Trust. Highly Important Sale of a valuable, compact, and charmingly situated Freehold FARM, valuable BUILDING SITES, and Accommodation Land, with modern and substantially erected Farm House and Farm Buildings, containing in the whole 104 acres 0 roods 33 perches or thereabouts, known as the New Farm," Hinderton, Neston, in the County of Chester, and now in the occupa- tion of Mr. J. Newton. i%/T ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are ?_M. favoured with instructions from the Trustees to SELL the til)ovo Farm BY AUCTION, at the Hooton Rotel, adjoining Hooton Station, in the said county, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of May, 1902, at Half-past Four p.m. punctually, in one or more lots, and subject to the general conditions of sale of the Chester and North Wales Incorporated Law Society, and to the special conditions to be then and there produced. The Farm is intersected by main roads from Chester to Heswall, or contiguous to the Neston to Birkenhead, and Neston to Raby, to all of which there are extensive frontages, forming an excep- tional opportunity of acquiring beautifully situated Building Sites, with charming views of the valley of the Dee, the Welsh mountains, and the Hundred of Wirral. For plans and particulars, permission to view, and any further information, apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester Mr. H. S. WHALLET, Hunter-street, Chester or to Mr. T. H. TOWNSEND, Solicitor, Rawtenstall. To clase an Estate. Important Sale of a very valuable compact Freehold Property, situate in the parish of GREAT NESTON, and close to the village of Raby, in the County of Chester, known as "THE UPLAND," containing 14 acres, 3 roods, 38 perches, or there- abouta, with the Farm Buildings thereon erected, and the Dwelling House at present occupied by Miss Elizabeth Gibbons to be SOLD BY AUC- TION bv ?/t ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the IT 1 Hooton Hotel, adjoining Hooton Station, on WEDNESDAY, May 28th, 1902, at Half-past Four p.m. punctually, in Two or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then and there produced. The Property is nicely and conveniently situated to Neston and Hooton Stations, and has a large frontage to the Neston and Raby road. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester or to MESSRS. R. J. JONES & SEPHTON, Solicitors, Levlands Buildings. 34, Castle-st.. Liverpool. HELSBY AND CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will offer .i'" for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 31st day of May, 1902, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced, the following Freehold PROPERTIES LOT 1. All that newly-erected and charmingly situited Freehold VILLA RESIDENCE, known as Mount Villa," Helsby, with the grounds thereto, the whole comprising an area of upwards of half an acre, and in the occupation of Mr. Musgrove, the owner. The House contains on the ground floor two sitting-rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, pantry and wash-house, with an excellent cellar and on the first floor, five bedrooms, with bath (hot and cold water) and w.c. The Helsby Waterworks' water is laid on to the property, and there is a stable, coach-house, and hen-house, with the usual out-offices at the rear. The House stands in a high, healthy position and bracing neighbourhood, and commands extensive and lovely views of the surrounding country, and is approached by a good road leading from the main highway. Intending purchasers can inspect this property on application to Mr. Musgrove, the owner. LOT 2. The Valuable FIELD situate immediately behind and adjoining Lot 1, and containing 1 acre 1 rood and 22^ perches or thereabouts, also in the occupa- tion of Mr. Musgrove, the owner. This Field has an extensive frontage to the public highway, and is well adapted for building purposes. LOT 3. A Valuable Piece of Freehold BUILDING LAND, situate at Cambrian View, Chester, having an extensive frontage to Saughall-road and Gran- ville-road, containing by admeasurement (including one half of Granville-road and the back passage co-extensive therewith) 1,118 square yards or there- abouts. For further particulars, as to Lots 1 and 2, apply to Mr. Musgrove, the owner, Mount Villa, Helsbv as to Lot 3, to Messrs. LOCKWOOD & SONS, Archi- tects, Foregate-street, Chester and as to all the lots, to the AUCTIONEERS, Newgate-street; or to MESSRS. SHARPE. DAVISON & SHARPE, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. ASH GROVE AND MIDDLE CRANE- STREET, CHESTER. Important Sale of highly desirable and commodious Freehold Family Residence to be SOLD BY AUCTION by Y/| ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. a.t the L1: BloMoma Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 7th of June, 1902, at Three o'clock punctually, subject to conditions to be then produced- LOT 1. The attractive and valuable Freehold Detached FAMILY RESIDENCE, situate and being No. 3, Ash Grove, Wrexiiam-road, now in the occupation qf Mrs. Kirkpatrick. The House contains hall, drawing-room, dining- room. five bedrooms, dressing-room, kitchen, I scullery, pantry, large dry cellar, front and back staircases alio large coach-house and out-offices. There is a nice front garden and a good kitchen garden, nicely laid out and planted. Chester water and gas is laid on, and there is also a large galvanised water tank for rain water. The property is conveniently situated to the I ? I I 11 I trams, ana is In ttie most ctesiraoie residential portion of the city. Early possession can be given if desired. LOT 2. All that Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELL- ING-HOUSE, No. 24, Middle Crane-street, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. Perkins as monthly tenant at the yearly rent of C18, the tenant paying all rates, &e. The house contains parlour, lobby, kitchen, back kitchen, good yard. with w c- two cellars, five bed- rooms, dressing room, and w.c. This lot is subject to a yearly ground rent of 15s. For cards to view and any further information apply as to both lots to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester as to Lot 1 to Messrs. Boydell and Taylor, Solicitors. 2, Pepper-street, Chester and as to Lot 2 to Messrs. JOLLIFFE & JOLLIFFE, Solicitors, 13, St. John-street, Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. On THURSDAY, May 29th, 1902. Special Store Stock Sale, at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold .11 a SPECIAL SALE of GRAZING STOCK and STORE CATTLE, including 25 well-bred Shorthorn Yearling Heifers and Bullocks, three Pedigree Shorthorn Yearling Bulls, Dairy Cows and Heifers (on the point of calving), and other Stock. Further entries for which are respect- fully solicited. HANDBRIDGE, CHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY "JmJyJrL ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the J?i- Blossoms Hotel, on SATURDAY, the 31st May, 1902, at 3 p.m. punctually, subject to con- ditions TEN Freehold DWELLING-HOUSES, Nos. 6 to 24, Hartington-street, Handbridge, in the city of Chester, in the occupations of Williams and others. The Property will be offered in five lots, com- mencing with Nos. 6 and 8, Hartingtou-street, as the first lot. The property is new and substantially built, and forms a grand investment. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Newgate-street, Chester; or to JAMES C. BATE, Solicitor, Old Bank Chambers, Chester. To Brewers, Investors, and Others. ) Highly Important Sale of a Valuable Fully-licensed Freehold Corner Public House, situated in the best position and most populous part of the city, within a short distance of both railway stations and adjoining the Coal Exchange, and admirably adapted for doing a sound business and extensive beer trade. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the -irJL Blossoms Hotel, in the city of Chester, on SATURDAY, the 7th day of June, 1902, at Three o'clock punctually, subject to conditions to be then and there produced- All that Fully-licensed Free PUBLIC HOUSE, known as the "GLYNNE ARMS HOTEL," situate and being No. 100, Brook-street, and No. 1, Francis-street, in the city of Chester, and now let on an annual tenancy to the West Cheshire Brewery Company, Limited. The House contains bar, smoke-room, sitting- room, kitchen, back-kitchen, pantry, yard, and I W.c.; 8 bedrooms, sitting-room and w.c. up- stairs and good cellarage. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildinos, Chester; or to MESSRS. BOYDELL & TAYLOR, Solicitors, 2, Pepper-street, Chester. ERMINE CATTLE MART, CHESTER. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL Jt. BY AUCTION at the ERMINE SALE, NEXT TUESDAY— 600 Head of STOCK 2 Young Pedigree Yorkshire Boar PIGS All classes of stock last week met a good trade, everything very dear. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY NEXT, May 22nd and 23rd, 1902. Sale of Portable ENGINES, Mortar Mills, Circular Saw Benches, Planing Machines, Stone Breaker, and miscellaneous assortment of Builders' IRONMONGERS and MATERIALS at the YARDS, Northgate Railway Station, and GEORGE-STREET, CHESTER. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE have received I instructions from Mr. William W. Freeman JL. SELL BY AUCTION (owing to completion of several important contracts) the whole of the above- mentioned on the above named premises. Sale to commence each day at Eleven o'clock a.m. Full particulars in catalogues, which may be had on the premises or from the AUCTIONEERS, 4, New- gate-street, Chester. On Saturday, May 24th, 1902. BOWLING GREEN BANK, CHESTER. Sale of Valuable Dwelling-House, Stables and Shippons. MESSRS. PICKE hiiNG & NIGHTINGALE ?1. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, May 24th, 1902, at 3 o'clock p.m. prompt, and subject to conditions of sale to be then produced. All that Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE, with Garden, Stables, Shippons and other buildings, being No. 7, Sidney-place, Bowling Green Bank, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. Tomlinson. The Dwelling-House contains two entertaining- rooms, kitchen, milk-house, dairy, and washhouse. The Buildings comprise shippons with tying for 10 cows, 4 brick built and slated stables with lofts over, and 2 loose boxes, wooden stable with loose box, and galvanised iron roof, and wood shed. There is a large paved yard, and the whole of the property is in a thorough state of repair. For plans and particulars apply to the Auc- TIONEERS, 4, Newgate-street; or MESSRS. BARKER & ROGERSON, Solicitors, 12, White Friars, Chester. CITY OF CHESTER. Sale of a Valuable Reversionary Interest in Freehold .Property. MESSRS. BICKERING & NIGHTINGALE ?JL have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 24th day of May, 1902, at 3-0 p.m. prompt, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, the following VAJLU-AJBLR tLKVER- SION AKY INTEREST, viz. :— All that One equal undivided Third Part or Share, or other the Part Share, Estate and Interest of one E. J. R." of and in- (1) All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, SHOP and BAKEHOUSE, situate on the east side and being No. 13, Hand bridge, in the City of Chester, and now in the occupa- tion of Samuel Williams. (2) All those Four MESSUAGES or COTTAGES at the back of the last-mentioned premises, formerly Nos. 3, 6, 7 and 8, but now Nos. 2, 4, 6 and 8, Broad Entry, Handbridge aforesaid, and now in the occupation of George Great- banks and others. Subject to the life interest therein of a lady aged 58 years in June next. The gross rental of the above-mentioned Property is £ 43 6s. per annum. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Newgate-street, Chester or to E. BRASSEY, Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. On MONDAY, May 26th, 1902. Sale of Six HORSES, PON Y, 10 couple of Fowls, Wagons, Carts, Milk Float, Ralli Car, Spring Cart, two-horse Wagon, two Chaff-cutters, Saddlery and Harness, Scales and Weights, &c., at LIVERPuOL-ROAD, NESTON, close to the Central Station, on the Seacombe and Chester Railway. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE havereceived LJ instructions from Mr. John Young (who has completed his contracts with the District Council) to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the above- named. Sale to commence at Two o'clock prompt. On Wednesday, May 28th, 1902. Valuable Freehold Property, LITTLE SUTTON, CHESHIRE. MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Red Lion Hotel, Little Sutton, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of May, 1902, at 6.30 o'clock p.m. punctually, and subject to the conditions of Sale, the following Properties- Lot 1.—All that Valuable Piece of LAND, to- gether with the modern-built MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE thereon, comprising parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, and three bed- rooms and outbuildings, qomprising wash-house, wooden milk-house and wooden stable (two stalls), in the occupation of Mr. George Trueman, with a frontage to Sassey-lane, leading from Little Sutton Village, and containing 1 rood 25 perches (1.966 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot 2.—All that Plot of LAND, together with the Shippou (8 cows) bhereon, and fronting Sassey- lane aforesaid, and containing in the whole 1 rood 35 perches (2, 268 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot 3.—All that Plot of LAND, with the Poultry House thereon, and fronting Sassey-lane aforesaid, containing in the whole 1 rood 30 perches (2,117 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot 4.—All that Plot of LAND fronting Sassey- lane aforesaid, containing in the whole 2 roods 23 perches (3,115 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot 5.—All that Piece or Plot of LAND front- ing Sassey-lane aforesaid containing in the whole 2 roods 29 perches (3,267 square yards) or there- abouts. Lots 1 to 5 are all adjoining, and oontain eligible building sites. These five Lots will, in the first instance, be offered as a whole, and if unsold will then be offered in such lots as may be determined on at the time of sale. Lot 6. All that Plot of LAND, with an exten- sive frontage to Walker's-lane, Little Sutton, and containing in the whole 3 roods 18 perches (4174 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot 7.—All that Plot of LAND situate on the north side of Walker's-lane aforesaid, with good frontage thereto, and containing in the whole 3 roods 1 perch (3,660 square yards) or there- abouts. The drying shed, wooden stable, and working plant for brickmaking purposes on this lot will be sold separately. ? TAl1 that Plot of LAND, fronting W alker s-lane, aforesaid, and containing in the whole 2 roods 7 perches (2.631 sauaro v&rd«) or thereabouts.  ?-T? that Plot of LAND fronting Walker's-lane, aforesaid, and containing in the whole  ? perches (2,616 ?-? yards) or thereabouts. *;<wof 1n:31|' 'haf Pk" the south s.de of Red Lion Lane, Little Sutton, aforesaid with extensive frontage thereto, and containing in the whole 2 rODds 15 perches (2,873 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot II.-All that Plot of LAND, containing in the whole 2 roods 351 perches (3,494 square yards) or thereabouts. Lot 12- All that Plot of LAND, containing in the whole 2 roods 8 perches (2,662 square yards) or thereabouts. All the lots, 6 to 12 inclusive, adjoin each other. Lots b. 7, IS and 9 will be offered in two lots, and lots 10, 11 and 12 will be offered as a whole, and if unsold will then be offered in such lots as may be determined on at the time of Sale. AU the above lots are close to Little Sutton Railway Station, and are suitable for building purposes. A new sewer has recently been laid along Red Lion Lane and Walker's-lane, aforesaid. Lots 13, etc., comprise a Drying Shed for bricks and Wooden Stable, and the Working Plant. Stock-in-trade, with Barrows, Trestles, etc., will be sold in lots to be arranged at the time of Sale. For plans and further particulars apply to Messrs. Davies and Stephen, Estate Agents, Mollington; the Auctioneers, 4, Newgate-street, Chester; or to Mr. A. E. CALDECUTT. Solicitor, Newgate-street, Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. On Wednesday, May 28th, 1902. Sale of Freehold Dwelling-house and Land at LITTLE SUTTON, CHESHIRE. MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE M will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Red Lion Hotel, Little Sutton, near Chester, OHWEDNESDAY, May 28th, 1902, at 7.30 o'clock p.m., and subject to conditions of Sale to be then produced, the undermentioned Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE and LAND- Lot I.-All that Valuable Freehold DWEL- LING-HOUSE, with outbuildings, garden, lawn, and field, situate at Little Sutton, 7 miles from Chester, and within three minutes' walk of Little Sutton Railway Station, now in the oocupation of Mrs. Woodin, and containing in the whole 21 acres or thereabouts. The House contains three entertaining rooma, kitchen, back kitchen, coal, wash and tool houses pantry, six bed and one dressing room, bath, etc. The Outbuildings include two-stall stable, with loft over, coach-house, shippon for four cows, fowl house with runs, conservatory and summer house. The land has a good frontage to the Chester and Birkenhead highway, and is a splendid building site. Lot 2.-All that Valuable Piece of Freehold BUILDING LAND, situate in Station-road, Little Sutton, adjoining the Hooton and Helsby Railway, and having a frontage to the Chester and Birkenhead highway and Station-road afore- said, and containing in the whole Z,UOZ square yards or thereabouts, and which is now in the occupation of Mr. Peter Lee at the annual rent of JS1 10s. This piece of land is in the most com- manding sttuation, in the village of Little Sutton, and is suitable for the erection of first- class shops and cottages. Lot 3.-All that Freehold Piece of LAND, opposite the entrance to the Little Sutton Railway Station, and containing 30 perches or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr. Peter Lee, at a yearly rental of 10s. Lot 4.—All that Freehold FIELD, situate and joining Little Sutton Railway Station, and con- taining one acre or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Roberts, butcher, at a yearly rental of JM. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 4. Newgate-street, Chester; or Mr. Alexander Robertson, Estate Broker, 12, Lord-street, Liver- pool or Messrs. J. W. SIMPSON & MUNRO, Solicitors, 15, Lord-street, Liverpool. On Saturday, June 7th, 1902. GARDEN LANE, CHESTER. MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL BY AUCTION at The Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, June 7th, 1902, at 3 o'clock p.m. prompt, subject to conditions of Sale to be then produced, the following FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES and SHOPS. LOT I.-All that DWELLING-HOUSE, known as "Lorne Cottage," with the large Garden thereto belonging, situate off Louise-street, Garden-lane, belonging i? the occupation of Mr. T. Jones. Rent 919 19s. per annum. LOT 2.—All that DWELLING-HOUSE, known as "Woodbine Cottage," with the large Garden thereto belonging, situate off Louise-street, Garden- lane, Chester, lately occupied by Mrs. J. Smith. Rent C22 per annum.—These two Lots adjoin each other, and will in the first instance be offered in one Lot. LOT 3. All that SHOP and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate and being No. 59, Garden-lane, and No. 1, Louise-street, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. C. B. Wooley, grocer. N.B.—The shop is licensed for the sale of beer, to be consumed off the premises, and is held with the house by the tenant for the residue of a term of seven years, from the 24th June, 1899, created by an indenture of lease, dated the 23rd March, 1899. Rent £40 per annum. LOT 4.—All that SHOP and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate and being No. 57, Garden-lane, Chester, in the occupation of Mrs. Muirhead, green- grocer. Rent £ 30 per annum. LOT 5.—All that SHOP and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate and being No. 55, Garden-lane, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. J. Dawson, News- agent and Tobacconist. Rent E35 per annum. LOT G.-All that SHOP and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate and being No. 53, Garden-lane, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. W. Davidson, Chemist. The premises are held by the tenant for the residue of a term of 7 years from the 1st February, 1898. under an agreement for a lease dated 2oth March, 1898. Rent £ 35 per annum. The property is always well let, and is in very good order and repair. The tenant of Lot 3 carries on an extensive out- door trade, the district being most populous. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, 4, Newgate-street; or MR. F. B. MASON, Solicitor, 9, St. Werburgh-street, Chester. On Wednesday Next. WEETWOOD, NEAR TARPORLEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR. JOSEPH WRIGHT, at the Royal Oak r Hotel, Kelsall, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st May, 1902, at Six o'clock p.m., subject to conditions, the under mentioned Valuable FREEHOLD LAND, namely:- LOT 1.-Three Closes of PASTURE, ARABLE and ORCHARD LAND, situate at Weetwood, in the County of Chester, on the west side of and B, good frontage to the higWwoiy leading from Kelsall to Willington, and containing about 5 acres 2 roods, and 28 perches. The Orchard land is planted with choice fruit trees, now in good bearing condition. LOT 2.-Two Closes of PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, situate at Weetwood, aforesaid, on the east side of and having a good frontage to the highway leading from Kelsall to Weetwood, and containing about 4 acres, 3 roods, and 29 perches. All the Arable Land has been well and carefully sown with good seed oats, and there is an unfailing supply of excellent water on the southern boundary of each Lot. Both Lots contain very eligible building sites. Early possession can be gi ven. For further particulars and plans apply to the Auctioneer, at Alpraham or to I' MESSRS. DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, St. Oswald's Chambers, Chester. 1000 HORSES. £ 50 PRIZES. The Largest Sales in the World. GREAT JUNE SALE IN THE NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite ITJL Entries for- JUNE 11th and 12th-High-class Harness Horses and Match Pairs. JUNK 13th—Pedigree Hackneys, Show Cobs and Ponies, including 12 from Mr. Evan Jones' Manoravon Stud. SECOND WEEK. JUNE 18th and 19th—Heavy Town, Lurry, Parcel Vanners, and Young Horses. A 10 guinea Cup for the best Town Horse. In the recent March and April Sales in this Repository 75 Horses have been sold at an average of over £100 each, and the Champion Cart Horse 120 guineas. AT STUD. "ANTONIO PIERRI," By "Kendal Maid of Athens," by "Solon." Kendal," sire of "Galtee More," winner of Two Thousand Guineas, Derby, and St. Leger, He has great bone and quality, and has won many races on the flat and over hurdles. Thoroughbred Mares, P,5 5s. Half-bred Mares. £ 3 3s. Apply COWAP, Sealand-road, Chester. SEASON 1902. STUD CARDS TASTEFULLY PRINTED AT MODERATE PRICES AT THE OBSERVER POINTING WORKS THE CROSS, CHESTER. T. H. JB A N K S, FURNITURE REMOVER •(KOAD OE RAIL) AND. GENERAL CARTER. GRAVEL MERCHANT. Office 5, ST. WERBTJRGH'S MOUNT, CHESTER. R. J. & H. ELLIS, PLAIN AND DECORATIVE HOUSE PAINTERS, CHURCH DECORATORS, GILDERS, SIGN WRITERS, PAPERHANGERS. 60, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER ESTABLISHED 1859. THE NESTON & PARKGATE HYGIENIC LAUNDRY & CLEANING JJ. COMPANY, LIMITED. LAUNDRYM-EN, DYEBS & FRENCH CLEANERS. SHIRTS AND COLLARS A SPECIALITY. Special Prioes quoted for Hotels, Restaurants an Institutions. All classes of DYEING & FRENCH CLEANING done on the most improved principles. GENT'S AND LADIES' CLOTHS A SPECIALITY. Our Vans Collect and Deliver Free m Birkenhead and District, West Kirby and Hovlake, Hooton and Brom. borough, Little Sutton, aud Chester and District. PRICE LISTS SENT ON APPLICATION. WORKS: NESTON, CHESHIRE. RECEIVING OFFICE Theatre Buildings, City Road, Chester. ¡ GROSVENOR MUSEUM, CHESTER. THE 16TH ANNUAL STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS, YEAR ENDING 30TH APRIL, 1902. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. Archaeological Society. 60 0 0 Natural Science Society. 71 5 0 Schools of Science and Art 480 0 0 Subscriptions and Donations. 6 6 0 I Admission Fees 25 18 6 Fees for hire and use of rooms 14 2 6 Fees for use of Cycle Rack 3 6 0 Balance due to Bank 400 4 11 I JB1061 2 11 Examined and found correct, HENRY E. CRANE, A.C.A., Hon. Auditor. May 10th, 1902. EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. Balance from last account. 412 13 0 Salaries and Wages to Curator and Assistants. 311 18 6 Rates and Taxes. 24 3 11 Fuel, Lighting and Water. 110 9 2 General Expenses, including Repairs and Renewals, Cleaning, Printing, Station- ery, Advertising, &c. 57 5 5 Insurance on Building and Contents 17 13 3 Interest on Castle-street Mortgage and Bank Account. 36 3 8 Interest and Repayment re Oldfield's Trustees 83 15 0 Payments re Raikes: Memorial. 7 1 0 B1061 2 11 J. GOODDIE HOLMES, Chairman. J. FRATER, Hon. Treasurer. ARTHUR H. FISH, Hon. Sec. J. DODD, Hon. Clerk. CYCLES. CYCLES. CYCLES. W. MAHER, SOLE AGENT FOR RUDGE-WHITWORTH, SPECIALS 15 15 0 DO. DO. STANDARDS 10 10 0 ROYAL ENFIELD, GIRDER FRAME 15 15 0 DO. DO. MODEL B. 12 12 0 DO. DO. MODEL D. 10 10 0 ALL THE ABOVE FITTED WITH FREE WHEELS & RIM BRAKES. Also Agent for that High-class Machine, Lea-Francis. These Cycles are-the best value that money can purchase. PROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO REPAIRS. ALSO ACCESSORIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. W. MAHER, 34, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. E. DALE, CHESTER AND CARNARVON, FOR HIGHEST CLASS ./?? ? /si?STsTEM AND OR ^ASH- AND LOWEST yf Illustrated Catalogue cent Free on application. COMPETITIVE — v/ PIANOS PRICES y/ From JQJ. Monthly. IN ORGANS From 5/- Monthly. X. /?\? < All Instruments Delivered Free exchanged if not approved of; AV/ and warranted for 10 years. A\ /TUNING & REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. Orders by Post receive prompt attention. HEAD OFFICE & SHOWROOMS— 51, BRIDGE-ST. ROW, CHESTER. SOLE AGENT FOR THE PIANOLA: E. DALE, 51, BRIDGE-STREET ROW, CHESTER. INSPECTION INVITED. BOOTS BLOOD PURIFIER IS A SPLENDID REMEDY FOR All Diseases of the Blood. CLEANSES the system from all impurities. CURES pimples on the face. CURES all eruptions of,the skin, CURES bad legs and ulcers. CURES scurvy and scrofulous sores. TESTIMONIAL. I Messrs. BOOTS,—It gives me much pleasure to send you a testimonial regarding the efficiency of your Blood Purifier. I have unfortunately suffered from a bad leg and dropsy for some time, and had been in the habit of using other Blood Purifiers. The low price of yours in comparison to others led me to give it a trial, and I only think it fair that I should state to those who like myself have to study economy, that they will find, as I have done, a medicine that does what it professes to do. (Signed) G. P. SOLOMON. Prices 1/- and 1/9 per Bottle. MALT EXTRACT WITH COD LIVER OIL. An exceedingly nutritious food, furnishing a large amount of nourishment in a small space, supplying fat and assisting the digestion of other food. It is therefore specially suitable for Invalids, Delicate Persons, and weakly children. MALT EXTRACT WITH COD LIVER OIL (BARLEYCORN BRAND) IS THE BEST. Half-pound, 8id. One pound, If I!, Two pounds, l/8!. BAIRD'S BILIOUS & LIVER PILLS. A speedy, safe, and certain remedy for Biliousness, Indigestion, and Sick Headache. Price 1/1 i for 9id. COMPOUND SARSAPARILLA PACKETS. Composed of Sarsaparilla, Burdock Root, Peruvian Bark, Sassafras Bark, Guaiacum Wood, Mezereon Root, Licorice, &c. 8d per packet. MAKES ONE QUART. 'FULi,DiltF.CTio-,sENCLOSET). BY A COURSE OF WILLS' BLOOD AND SKIN POWDERS Blotches, Pimples, Boils, &c., are speedily relieved and permanently cured. Price 6d. and 9d. per box. BOOTS COAL TAR SOAP. I PURIFYING DISINFECTING BOOTS' COAL TAR SOAP is an excellent cosmetic for the preservation of the skin, and for making it delicately soft and healthy. 2id. per Tablet. Five Tablets for 1/- PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED With Pure Drugs by competent qualified assistants at an immense reduction from the usual rates. BOOTS, CA H CHEMISTS, 28, EASTGATE ROW, AND 24, EASTGATE ST., CHESTER. THE 6D. "OBSERVER"  0 CORONATION" 6 PICTURE OF KING EDWARD VII. (IN MILITARY DRESS). WONDERFUL OFFER! We have secured the sole right in Chester and District for the issue of a beautiful portrait (in fourteen colours) of the King. The picture, which measures 20in. by 30in., is in a BROAD GOLD FRAME. We shall supply those of our readers who wish to avail themselves of our offer with a FRAMED COPY of the picture for 6D.. PER WEEK FOR 10 WEEKS. '(. To bring it within the reach of every householder, we have introduced a system of Sixpenny Coupons. These Coupons will appear in the "CHESHIRE OBSERVER" For Ten Successive Weeks. The Seventh Coupon appears To-Day AT THE FOOT OF THIS ADVERTISEMENT. These Coupons (with Sixpence) may be left at our Office weekly, a Ticket being given for each Sixpence received. Ten Tickets entitle the holder to one of these Royal Pictures. CUT THIS OUT AND BRING IT TO THE "OBSERVER" OFFICE (WITH SIXPENCE) EACH WEEK. KING'S PORTRAIT COUPON. SEVENTH COUPON. Please reserve a Copy of the KING'S PORTRAIT for me. A'ai)ie Addi-ess Payment No. Total No. of Payments, 10. Payment No. Total No. of Payments, 10. I THE "OBSERVER" Q CORONATION 6D. PORTRAIT OF KING EDWARD VII. TSAAC WILLIAMS & SON, -L REGISTERED PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS & GAS FITTERS, CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. PLUMBERS' BRASS WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &c. Glass in all Qualities and Patterns kept in Stock. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS i OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES :— HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the following rates:— NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WORDS— ONE INSERTION. 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING THIRTY-FIVE WORDS— ONE INSERTION. 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- WANTED. WANTED, a strong LAD, for the kitchen.— VV Apply after 3 p.m.. City Grill Restaurant. WANTED, respectable BOY —Apply Latham, V V Foregate Bazaar. 3065 SSISTANT BARMAN WANTED.—Apply ?? Northgate Brewery, Chester WANTED, an experienced NURSE, for two V V children.—Address L 78, "Observer" Office. YOUNG LADY for Cash Desk; good writer JL and quick at figures. — Address K 51, Observer Office. 3089 GROCERY. — WANTED, smart active GJUNIOR.-Apply D. Melia & Co., Ltd., 7, Eastgate-street, Chester. 3083 WANTED, a respectable BOY as Apprentice W to the Painting and Paperhanging.—Apply Mrs. Skellern, 17, Upper Northgate-street, Chester. WANTED, a smart intelligent Youth as YV APPRENTICE to the Grocery Business.- Apply J. Grindley, 3, Eastgate-street. 3101 WANTED, a YOUTH for the Office, about 14 V t to 15 years of age. — Apply Mr. Johu Mayers, Builder, Canal Side, Queen-st., Chester, RESSMAKING.—WANTED, BODICE and DSKIRT HANDS -Apply Appleton, Bridge- street Row. 3003 WANTED, to rent FIELD, by the year, near Vw the city.—Particulars to Cheers & Hopley, Chemists. 2992 P RESSER.-WANTED a strong YOUTH. JL Apply Slater Brothers, 49, Watergate- row. 3108 W ANTED, an APPRENTICE to the Cabinet- W making.—Apply A. Rycroft, 17, Weaver- street. 3086 WANTED, at once, young Lady ASSISTANTS VV for Fancy Trade.—Apply F M. Thorp, Eastgate. 3073 WANTED, small Detached COTTAGE, in or TV near Chester. Rent under £ 20.—Address N. B., 8, Grosvenor Park-road. Chester. 2988 WANTED, an APPRENTICE to the Painting V v and Paperhanging -.1. R. Crawford & Son, 13, Lower Bridge-street, Chester. 2939 W ANTED, at once, Senior BILLIARD VV MARKER for Liberal Club, Chester.— Apply to Secretary, between 8 and 9 p.m. 3067 WANTED. GIRL, about 18, for Shop.—Apply TV after 7 p.m., J R. Crawford & Son, 13, Lower Brid ge-street. 3080 W ANTED, YOUNG LADY in business to V* board with small family. No children. Central. -Address W 97. Observer Office. 3077 WANTED, a strong, respectable YOUTH as Apprenhce,-Apply Samuel Yates, Shoeing Smith, 5, Frodsham -street. 30H5 WANTED, respectable YOUTH, as Appren- W tice to grocery trade.—Apply Edwin Lloyd, 13, Bridge-street, Chester. 3090 DENSONS, Northgate-row. have a vacancy for an experienced YOUNG LADY for the Fancy Counter also experienced Bodice and Skirt hands in the dressmakinrr department. 3096 WANTED, immediately, thoroughly trust- worthy YOUNG WOMAN house duties and plain cooking. Small family. Girl kept.— Apply White, Bank House, Helsby. 3070 APARTMENTS. Gentleman away all day A. REQUIRES comfortable Sitting and Bed- room. Terms must be moderate.—Address S 36, Observer" Office. 3055 ANTED, at once, good SKIRT HANDS, tt also IMPROVERS to the Dress and Mantle Rooms.—Apply A. Parkes, Bridge-street Row, Chester 3102 RGANIST and CHOIR TRAINER WANTED. State experience and salary expected, with names of references.— Vicar, Ince, Chester. 3078 PAUL'S GIRLS' SCHOOL, Boughton.- t<% WANTED, an ASSISTANT to take Upper Standards. Salary if certificated £ 60. Apply Mistress. 3003 W ANTED, Good BANKER MASONS, for W Red Freestone; long job for good men.— Apply Foreman, Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Cheshire. 3046 WANTED, to Hire for eight days, small CARAVAN, or Contractor's Hut (on wheels).—State price and particulars to V 53, Observer Office. 3026 WANTED, a good country LAUNDRESS to V V take in washing of a family from 8 to 12 in number.—Apply to Mrs. C. P. Douglas, St. Martin's House, Chester. 3051 P UPILS WANTED to form SKETCHING J[. CLASS, by a well-known lady artist from Liverpool.—Terms on application to Hugo Lang and Co., The Cross, Chester. 2922 WANTED, APARTMENTS (permanency); two bedrooms and one good sitting-room, bath, in good neighbourhood.—State inclusi ve terms, by letter, to G 61, "Observer" Office, Chester. 2928 WANTED, good COWMAN, to look after V V sheep and poultry Wife to mind bothy. No children preferred. Good wages. — Apply W. L. P., Edenhurst, Roby, Liverpool. 2989 CI OOK-GENERAL WANTED at once for the ?? country, not over 22 small wash, two in family. Good wages to a smart, active girl.— ? Apply Mrs. S. C. Thompson, Claremont, Tatten- hall. 3066 WANTED, for an hotel in North Wales, a VV young Lady as BARMAID and to assist generally in the business. Experience not necessary. —Apply, by letter only, S. E., 50, Gladstone-road, Chester. 3079 ANTED, WORKING HOUSEKEEPER, v to widower, no family, to do the work of a small house in the country one cow kept, good home and wages to a suitable person.—Address S 34, office of this paper. 3039 CHESTER SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART.-WANTED, a qualified TEACHER of Bookkeeping to take evening classes.—Applica- tions to be sent (not later than 26th May) to John Dodd, Clerk to the Governing Body, 16, Corn Ex- change Chambers. MRS. RED'S Registry, Abbey Buildings, Chester.-WANTED COOKS ( £ 16 to £ 40), Lady Help, Nurses. Parlourmaids (S18 to £ 28), Kitchen and Scullerymaids, Sewingmaid, Children's- maid, Housemaid-Waitresses, Hotel and Season Servants, Butler ( £ 45 to JE50), Footmen, Groom- Gardener (£20, all found), Coachman (married), Laundrymaid (for boarding-house, £ 18), Nurse (first baby (i;m to £ 18), Cooks (near Chester, £30), Nurse- Housemaids, Head and Under Housemaids ( £ 10 to £ 24), Mother's Help ( £ 20), Cook for Scotland ( £ 40), Children's-maid ( £ 18). TO BE SOLD. To BE SOLD, Lady's TRICYCLE.-Apply JL Stoneleigh, Hamilton-street, Hoole, Chester. OR SALE, a Pure-I)red ALDERNEY JO HEIFER, near calving.—Apply D., The Lea, Mollington, near Chester. 3050 LA WN MOWERS and GARDEN RO LERS, Croquet, and all kinds of Garden Tools, at J. E. Newman's, 12, Bridge-street, Chester. "OR SALK cheap, Lady's Model de Lux FS] n,??er BICYCLE, 25-inch frame, free wheel, equal to new.—Apply 34, Bridge-street, Chester. EDIGREE LARGE WHITE YORKSHIHE -t PIGS FOR SALE, of choice breeding. Particulars apply Dodd & Sons, Mollingrton. Chester.  OOD SECOND-HAND CYCLES ON SALE. ?_y Gent.'s and Ladies' on approval.. Prices from S3 and up, at J. E. Brassey & Son, Ltd., 9, Fore- gate-street, Chester. ;1'0 BE DISPOSED OF, in a leading thorough- B fare in Chester, a SHOP with ample Work- shops behind.—Apply to Mr. W. E. Brown, Estate Agent, 39, Pepper-street, Chester. 3087 ?O BE SOLD, ROAN MARE, by Lord JL Derwent," dam by Old Bedford," 15 hands, G years old, a good hack, steady in harness, and sound.—Apply to Mr. R. L. Barker, 10, Eaton- road, Chester. > ALEIGH. X frame, modele superbe," 1901, !J1 UL) 24-inch, free wheel, eccentric bracket, metal gear case, all improvements cost ?125 n 11, Price moderate.—Address D 48, "Observer Omce. BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL (Sweets and _0 Refreshments). Position most central. Good trade done: capable of development.—Apply Mr. H. G. Hope, Solicitor, Eastgate, Chester. 3112 F Olt SALE, Gent.s ROAD RACER, £ 7 7s7; JD new Lady's SWIFT, with free wheel, two brakes. Cost £ 15 15s. sacrifice, j311 Ils.-Apply the Stables. 3, Stanley-street, any day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. 3068 JUST RECEIVED, a further supply of this Season's Pattern MAIL C AIIT S and BASSINETTES. Newest designs, latest shades, lowest prices.—R. G. Shaw & Co. (successors to J. G. Shaw & Sons), 6, Bridge-street. 3004 c]-IESTER.-FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, J the Valuable Freehold PROPERTY, known as "BOUGHTON HOUSE," with the cottage, stables, coach-house, lawn and gardens thereto belonging, all situate at Boughton. The area of the Property is about 5,625 square yards, with frontages to Christle- ton-road and Sandy-lane. Boughton House is a large and very commodious residence, containing four good rooms, kitchens, servants' hall, and house- keeper's room on the ground floor, and 16 bed and dressing rooms on the upper floors, also baths and modern conveniences. It is admirably adapted for a boys' or girls' school. Immediate possession can be given.—For price, orders to view, and further pa. ticulars apply to Messrs. Dickson, Barnes and J v-kson, Solicitors, St. Oswald's Chambers, Chester. TO BE LET. WILLIAM E. BROWN,, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR & VALUER, 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET :— 44, Granville-road, Cambrian-view. Rent 7s. lid. per week, including rates. 7, Chichester-street. £ 35. 49, Halkyn-road. R28. Moreton House," Great Boughton, two sitting and six bedrooms, large garden, &c £ 50. 35, Garden-lane. Capital House and Shop. Clg. Water Tower-view. Hoole-lane. 5s. (jd. 6, Nicholas-street, three sitting and six bedrooms, bath, &c. Rent E45. 12, Chester-street, Saltney. Rent £16. Queen's Park View, Handbridge. Rent B18. Diamond Cottage, Black Diamond-st. Rent £24. House and Shop, Watergate Row. 32, King-street. Rent £30. Union Hall, Foregate-street. Rooms for Storage and Workshops, &c. TO BE SOLD:- Valuable Building Land at Hoole, and Dwelling- Houses in various parts of the city. BERESFORD ADAMS, JL3 LICENSED VALUER, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 22, NEWGATE-STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:— House and Shop, Tarvin-road. £ 19. House. Saughall-road. £ 16. House, Brassey-street. C18. House, Vicar's Cross. £40. House and Garden, Liverpool-road. 990. House, Walpole-street. £28. Mona Cottage, Tarvin-road. S19 10s. FOR SALE:- Two Houses. £570. House, Cambrian View. JS300. Two Cottages, Saltney. E150. Three Cottages, Hoole. £675. Telephone 215. 1110 BE LET, 10, ABBOT'S NOOK.—Apply within. 3060 C1OMFORTABLE LODGINGS for one or two; C bath-room, &c.—At 21, Egerton-st., Chester. DINING-ROOM and one or more BEDROOMS DTO LET all modern conveniences.—Apply 23, Raymond-street 3056 ABBOT'S NOOK. House to Let. RentjE221? 5 All modern conveniences.—Apply 109, Fore- gate-street, Chester. A PARTMENTS.—Comfortable Front Sitting- nL room and Bedroom pleasant outlook every convenience, bath, etc.—Apply Ii, Black Friars. f 110 LET, No. 97, Tarvin-road; two sitting-room? JL kitchen, scullery, 4 bedrooms and bath. Pent 918.-Apply No. 15, Lorne-street. 2956 To BE LET, BLUE BELL INN, Maesydve, JL Mold fully licensed.—Apply Northgate Brewery, Chester PARTMENTS TO LET, two bed and o? ,tx sitting-room; sunny aspect overlooking river. -11, City Walls (outh). 3111 4 1 OOD COTTAGES TO LET; one in Steele- G.street, 5s. 6d. per week.-Apply H. Jenkins, 7, Plum-terrace, Garden-lane 3100 H OOLE. TO LET, COTTAGE and Suiafl Garden. 41, Hewitt-street; rent 6s. Apply 10, Grosvenor-place, Chester. 3097 ? A 0 LET, No. 7 Clare-avenue, Hoole; g'? I six-roomed house, small garden in fi.?' Bath.—Apply No. 10. 3100 >_0 LET. Nos. 2, 3, and 4, Kimberley-terrac, I_ Saughall-road, Chester Immediate po-c?- sion.-Williaais, Accountant, Werburgh-street. 311" tIARADAY HOUSE, City-road: superb' t' APARTMENTS, close to statio?, park .u'? river; all convenience. 3019 TITO LET, 6-stall TABLE, loft and yard, St. JL James-street, Newtown Would do for storage or workshops—Apply (j, Ash Grove. 3072 CIOTTAGE TO LET, No. 17, Bishop-street, J Hoole. 4s. 3d. per week.—Apply to Oldfield, 9, Upper Northgate-street, Chester. CI OMFORTABLE APARTMEN TS TO 'J two minutes from the Cross (with or without board). Terms very moderate.— Address R J'1' "Observer" Office. 3075 mO LET, Rosslyn," on City-road, contatR"? Tthree entertaining, six bedrooms, boxro"'?' &c., bath (h. and c.), all modern convenience*. Stubbs, City-road. 3{) mO LET, new HOUSE, Chester-road, SaltIleY JL four bedrooms, bathroom (h. and c.); ti:"Llg pass.—Apply Williams, Accountant, Werburgh' street. 3093 t p. GLADSTONE-ROAD, two sitting, tl.v^ 1-51 bedrooms, bathroom, h. and c. Recent re-decorated. Farther particulars apply Burkinshaw, 50, (] HESTER. -Sandown- terrace.-Superior RE:l- J DENCE, best situation on Dee extent views; garden; boitti rig. -Apply H. F. Thon1:\oll (late Lamont & Son), Eastgate-street, Chester. rFO LET, "BRY.NFIELD," Brook-lane; tWO JL entertaining-rooms, four bedrooms, bath, kitchen, scullery, cellar, washhouse, &c.—Apply to Mr. G Bromwieh, 59, Francis-street. 0 OUEEN S PARK.—No 1, Victoria-pathway • two large entertaining and six bedroom-* bathroom (h and c.), &c.—Apply W. W. Dobcoi* and Sons St. John-street. Chester. 3054^ TTIO BE LET, ??o. 5, Crane-street, eonta.in?'? JL three entertaining-rooms, six bedrooms, et,T Apply to Messrs. Wakefield, Jackson and ])odd, 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. -= OMFORTABLE BEDROOM and uo;e of Sitting-room offered in lady's house. Very central, near river, boating, &c. Address W 9«t Observer" Office 3069 ? UEE?N?S PAHK, 1, O.UEEJN'S PARK, 1, St. John's-road; thr^ ?C? entertaining, five bedrooms, bath-room, usu;J offices, large garden. Immediate possession.—ApP'? on premises, or to Messrs. Herbert Lewis, DaA"? and Griffiths, Solicitors, Old Bank Buildings. TO LET, well appointed DWELLING-HOL'?' TNo. 14, Lord-street, rent 19 guineas; txv entertaining-rooms, four bedrooms, bathroom, h. and c. water, kitchen, soullery, and out-hou- —Apply 46, Watergate-street, Chester. TO LET (Furnished), for June, Julv, ;;tl JL August, a Coni for table HOUSE in Newton 10 minutes' walk from Chester General Station; three s'tt ii, and lin-e bedrooms, &c.- Apply to W. E. Brown, Estate Agent, 39, Pepper-street Chester. 16 CHESTER-ROAD, Saltney; two enW* taining-rooms, four bedrooms, kitchen, te-; rent E18 Two Cottages, Hoole-bnnk, 3-. t weekly.— Williams, Accountant, 9, St. \Verburgl1- street. ;30!)4 OMMERCIAL HALL, Foregate-street Frodsham-street.-TO LET, ROOMS y above hall, suitable for storage-workshops, &c., WIt! good yard room. Upper room 100 feet by 20 fe.. rent 10s. Rooms on ground floor, 2s. 1st tiùvJ, Is. M. each weekly free.—Apply to W. Will'?' 35, Foregate-street, Chester. ?1? I^ONNAH'S QUAY.-TO BE LET, HOU? ? and SHOP, situate in High-street, Conn? j Quay, known as Glasgow House." Goodcei't? position. House has a separate entrance. Shop Jd double fronted. Very commodious and well a.dlptd for business purposes. Early possession c:m be ha -Apply Hughes & Hughes, Solicitors, Co:?'' Quay. MISCELLANEOUS. -1 GREAT BARGAINS. Good Second-1?"? GCYCL-ES, from J?.—W. M&her, .34, Br?S'? street, Chester. -<f PAR GRAVEL, CHIPPINGS, MACAP??/ ? &c., for Drives and Walks.—Robt. W. ?. AI, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. RINGING MACHINES, new and seco>:(]; TV hand. Rollers turned up. All kinds f Repairs to Mangles.—Haselden, Wood Turner q Mangle Roller Maker, Delamere-st., Chester, oftiil mJL OPOULTRY KEEPERS.—Ground OY?TEH TSHELLS for SALE, in bags, Id., 2d., &1.. and Is.-Note the address: Grosvenor Oyster Bar, 42, Eastgate-street, Chester. 22:"4 SLEEPERS! SLEEPERS! SLEEPEK.s; ?.' ? posts, fencing, &e. BUXTON and WEL? LIMES.—Robt. W. Killon. Al. Coal Exchan^ Chester. Telephone 70. BARGAIN. — Stylish BuSalino Cord DR? Ð LENGTHS, in old rose, grey, brown,_ {:c: 3/11 paid; patterns free. -Hargreaves, Dress \V :1113 house, Leeds. g CHARLES CROWE, Hat Maker, & \0":r gate Row (South), Cleaned and Altered, Re-blockecl and Re-triniii' in a superior style at Moderate Charges. (CHANNEL ISLANDS^PRDDUCE(Tomato^ Fruit Salesmen can arrange for reg" I supplies from Maurice & Co., Fruit Gr(,N,el" Guernsey. 2r;j^L-( ICHARDSON, Tailor (;,EN TLE-NI iItU CLOTHING CLEANED, Altered Rei)ll" Turned. Own iiiater'als nitide 23, Grosienor-,gtre()t. Wonderful Trousers IIII measure, (is. lid. /CORONATION MEDALS, Drinki:ig?'.?! ?/ Fairy Lamps and Candles. Cheap. ;C tiJler Managers, place your orders early. Wire??t .1- from Halfpenny per yard.— W. Clarke, 52, nol; sham-street, Chester. -Z r| BANNED GARDEN NETTING. — 5,^ I_ your Peas, Seeds and Buds from frost, '?t; and ravage of birds; Nets, oiled and dressedV, 'T; square yards, Is. can be sent any width or 1?"? carriage paid on orders over 6s.—Henry RobhK/ Garden Net Works, Rye, Sussex. j ?""  KATS, Alice, Molea and Beetles pre???  j? HARRISON'S RELIABLE ?.? POISON. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vel':¡l dry up and leave no smell. Price 112, g „ 'd: postage 2d.—Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, v.-oad' street, Reading. Agents for Cheater Cheers ??? Hopley, Chemists, Northgate-street^ -—- tjEED POTATOES, grown only oneycaJ-on?-. ? Marsh land, from seed either from ScOtlan'. Yorkshire :—Challenge as grown, 45 or seed 5 50/ on l?in. riddle Puritans as grown, a^ Hebrons as grown, at 75s. Langworthy, see size, 50s.; British Queen, 55s.; Up-to-dates,^see  55s. Jubilee, seed size, 55s. Bruce, 00,s- p i ?ll 558.; Jubilee, seed size, 55s.; Bruce, oos- bafi Potatoes, 20s. per ton. All delivered to -It'ghall Station; bags charged at cost price.—API Browning, Sealand Farm, Chester.