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CATHEDRAL COMMEMORA- TION SERVICE. SKETCH OF THE PROGRAMME. f It is, doubtless, the intention of every good 5, citizen of Chester to be present at the grand-g funeral service to be held in the Cathedral" next Saturday at noon in commemoiacion ofM our late beloved Queen. The desire is in every & way commendable, but it is our unpleasant t duty to remind our readers that it is a physical impossibility to accommodate a tithe of the^ inhabitants within the sacred fane. It i8 regrettable, but it is at the same time a point which can be decided by a rough arithmeticalr calculation. The Cathedral in its normal con- dition is capable of seating a congregation1* well over 4,000 persons, but the unfortunate f circumstance of the south transept being :if at the present moment in the hands of the restorers and boarded up at once deprives the? public of at la"t 1.500 seats. This leaves an £ available seating area for about 2,300 chairs,? and by scheming and packing it is computed'! that, allowing tne remainder standing roomS simply, probably a conreation of 2,700 souls may be admitted. This is the utmost capacity ?S of the building in the present eircumstaneas, and from this d?uro a deduction must be made I for the space reserved for the Mayor, ? Corporation, and omcials, also for repre-? sentatives of the Military and V olun-'I teers. The latter body, which will be repre-?S sentative merely, will total 200, while the civic J procession may require room for another? hundred or two. It will thus be seen that the? general public can rely upon having accommo- 8 datioa to the extent ot only some 2,WO places, including a considerable pre-portion ot standing-J? room simply. K We commence our notice of the great event with this discouraging intel1igenc merely in? order to prevent disappointment and to explain the position in which the Cathedral authori-g; ties tind themselves. Those responsible for tile arrangements for tJ¡e gathering are only too anxious to consult the wishes or all classes of the citizens, and their regret is great;: that they cannot make everyone de- sirous of taking part in the com- memoration service welcome and comrort- able. In such a case the ticket idea 3 naturally suggests itself, but this has,) an air of exclusiveness and preferenoe| which ought not to be tolerated in anything associated with the memory of our late Queen who was above all things catholic in her treat- 1 ment of the classes and masses. The Dean) and those acting with him have therefore, | wisely in our judgment, determined to issue no A, tickets, but to give admission freely to all-J comers after the civic and Military repre-J sentatives are seated. The 200 representatIves of the Military and Volunteers will be admitted to the building not latdr than a quarter past eleven o'clock. After that the whole nave; will be trown open to the public. i'hej procession of the Mayor, magistrates, town? councillors, &e., councillors, &c., is timed to arrive at 1130, and these gentlemen will proceed to reserved seats in the choir. Once the civic representatives^ are seated, the remainder of the choir will' likewise be open for the reception of the; general body of citizens. I With reference to the service itself, we havej been enabled through the courtesy of the Precentor to gather a few pleliminary particulars of interest. The service will occupy { about one hour in duration, and will resembled in many respects that which took place when the Duke of Clarence died. The main outline will be the Burial Service, with the addition of one or two anthems, Wreaths for our Graves (Sir Arthur StLilivan), "Blest,are the Departed"^ (Spohr) and a dirge Sir John Goss composed i for the funeral of the Duke of Wellington.4 The organ, in the talented hands of Dr.; Bridge, will render several funeral marches, and a special feature will be found in some equaleki, of Beethoven's for four trombones, which were' performed in Westminster Abbey at the funeral: of the late Mr. Gladstone. The clergy taking, part in the service will include the Very Rev.3 Dean Darby, the Canon in Residence (the VtmJ Archdeacon (Barber), the Precentor (the Rev. Harold Wright), the Rev. J. M. New, the Rev. 4. A. Baxter, the Rev. E. St. Clair Weeden (minor l canons), and probably others. Altogether the service and the, congregation will combine to j make a noteworthy event. |