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I BILE BEANS IN CHESHIRE. INTERESTING CUBE AT MACCLESFIELD. BILIOUSNESS AND SfCK HEADACHE OF LONGSTANDING ENDED. The world-famed vegetable preparation, Charles Forde'a Bile Beans for Biliousness, has effected many sensational casRs in Cheshire. A recent case which has been reported from MacclesSetd should be of int-erest to all local sufferers from bitiousness and sick headache. Every woman knows that to persons at all in- clined to be bilious the odour of cooking is particularly distressing. Miss Agnes Bull, a voung ]ady engaged as cook at West-brook, MacclesReld, interviewed by a Leek Times reporter, said A a far back as I can remember I have suffered from biliousness, but of late years I got much worse. A feeling of sickness was always with me. Then to make my state worse I began to have severe headaches. The pain was chiefly about the forehead, but now tnd again it would go aU along my head, and make it feel as though it would split. Nearly 4very morning that nasty sickly feeling would come, and when it did I knew I should be no better aU (3-1 Eatinsr was out of the Question rhe very thought of food was reputsive." Miss Bull's condition at this time can well be imagined. To do daily labour means to expend strength, and when no nourishing food is taken to replenish the energy expended, the system very soon comes to lose its strength capital, and o run up a serious account on the wrong side. So it was with Miss Bull. She became weak ,nd emaciated. Of course she tried to cure herself—tried until she was tired; but all the recipes and so called remedies proved alike useless. Her eister, who lives in Langley, recommended her to try Charles Forde's Bile Beans for Biliousness, and the sufferer obtained a box. For a day or two there was little differ- ence, and then came a change. I began to feel that I was getting better," she told the interviewer. Those who have suffered for years will know what that first realisation of improve- ment is, and will not be surprised to hear that Mias Bull, knowing what had occasioned the feeling, continued to take the Beans. Bit by bit," she says, I improved. The nausea got less and less troublesome untd it left me -'ntirely. By the time I had Snished mv RMnd box t was practically cured, and cow I am better than I have been for years. Indeed, I can say that never once from commencing to take the Beans have I had an attack of sick- headache. I am never bilious now, and never troubled by the feeling of sickness in the morn- ing. I have recovered my appetite and strength; can eat and work alike with enjoy- ment. and altogether I now enjoy better health than I have ever done before. This I owe entirely to Charles Forde's Bile Beans, and whenever I meet any sufferer I shall not esitate to recommend them you may be sure. They have done for me what nothing elaa ould." Charles Forde's Bile Beans for Bilious- ness are, without doubt, superior to all known edicines for indigestion, liver and kidney disorders, constipation, headache, debility, nervousness, female ailments, colds, chill, rheumatism, and as a preventive of innuenza. All chemists stock them, or you may obtain direct from the Bile Bean Manufacturing Company, 119. London WaH, E.C.,by sending prices Is. lid. or 2a. 9d. (2s. 9d. box contains three times Is. lid.)