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AUCTION DIARY. Saleø by DSSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. Jan. 19—At the Grosvenor Hotel-Freehold House and Land at Tarvin-road Jan. 19-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Engmeermg Works at Bagillt Feb. 12-At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street- 1 Household Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. CUNNAH ROBERTS. Jan. 22-At the Chester Smithfield-Fat and Store Cattle Jan. 23 At the Smithfield, Hooton Store Cattle Jan. 23-At Tattenhall-road Auction Mart-Fat Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, and Calves Jan. 24-At Thingwall Farm, Woodchurch- Farming Stock Ja* n. 25-At Guilden Lodge, Guilden Sutton,- Horses, Cattle, and Out-door Effects Jan. 28—At Alvanley Hall, Frodsham-Farming Stock, &c. Feb. I-At Whitby Farm-Farming Stock By MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE. Jan. 22-At Ermine Cattle Mart-Stock Jan. 25-At the Poplars, Chorlton, near Chester- Household Furniture and Farming Stock Jan. 26 —At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Freehold Dwelling-house in Halkyn-road Jan. 26—At Uie Blossoms Hotel—Villa Residence at Tarvin-road Jan 28-At the Mart, Flint—Cattle By MR. J. P. CARTER. Jan. 23—At Hooton Smithfield-Stock By MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON & CHALLINOR. Feb. 2-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Freehold Property in Chester and a Life Policy By MESSRS. ASTON & SON. Jan. 22-At the City Auction Rooms-Furniture By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. Jan. 22, 23 & 24-At the North Wales Repository, Wrexham-Horses SALES BY AUCTION. This Day (Saturday). TARVIN ROAD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, January 19th, 1901, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, subject to conditions— The very Desirable Detached Freehold DWELL- IjNG-HOUSE, known as Lygnum Cottage," situate in Chemistry-lane, off Tarvin-road, with small Itwn and large kitchen garden, greenhouse, tool and poultry houses, with runs; workshop, &c., containing in the whole 1,600 square yards or thereabouts. N.B.—Any further information may be had from the Auctioneers, Messrs. CHURTON, JSLFHICK, ROBERTS and RICHARDSON or Messrs. F. E. ROBERTS & Co., Solicitors, all of Chester. This Day (Saturday). By Order of the Mortgagee. BAGILLT, FLINTSHIRE. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. have received instructions to SELL BY AUC- TION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, January 19th, 1901, at Three o'clock p.m. punctually, in One Lot and subject to conditions to be then produeed— The Valuable Freehold PROPERTY, known as THE BAGILLT ENGINEERING WORKS, also the Dwelling-House, Cottage, Garden, Stabling, Shippons and other Outbuildings, and Two Pieces of Valuabte Land, situate between the River Dee and the London and North-Western Railway, the whole comprising an area of 5a. lr. 31p. or thereabouts. N. B. fhe whole of the valuable fixed Plant and Machinery may llf desired) be taken by the pur- chaser at a valuation, the amount of which will be named at the auction. Particulars with plan and inventory of the fixed Plant and Machinery, with orders to view, may be obtained from Messrs. SAXTON & SOli, Solicitors, 11, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C., 1:). HARLEY KOCGH. Esq., Solicitor, Shrewsbury; or the Auctioneers, Messrs. CHURTON, ELPFUCK; ROBKRTS & RICHARDSON, Chester. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. .iM. will hold their NEXT SALE of HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS on TUESDAY, 12th February, 1901. Early entries invited. On TUESDAY NEXT, Jan. 22nd, 1900. ERMINE CATTLE MART. CHESTER. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL J[. BY AUCTION 750 Head of STOCK, 6 prime fat Heifers from Mr. Hassall, Trafford Hall, Guernsey Cow close on calving, and a nearly new 41-inch wheel Cart, with thrippers. On FRIDAY NEXT, January 25th, 1901. Sale of five Cows, Horse, Poultry, Implements, Ha.y, Manure, Dairy Vessels, and portion of HHOayU, SEHOLD FURNITURE, at the POPLARS, CHORLTON, 41 miles from Chester. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE have received JL instructions from Mr. Leigh (who has sold' the farm) to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, &c. Sale to commence at 1.30 o'clock prompt. TARVIN ROAD, CHESTER. Sale of a Desirable Freehold VILLA RESIDENCE and large ORCHARD adjoining. MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 26th day of January, 1901, at 3 p.m., subject to conditions to be then and there produced- All that Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with excellent Kitchen Garden and Orchard adjoining, known as "Spring Bank," Tarvin-road, near the City of Chester, in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Bellamy. The House is a recently built semi-detached villa residence, and comprises parlour, kitchen, back kitchen (with boiler), pantry, tiled hall, and three good bedrooms. The exterior accommodation comprises double coal-house, small summer house, three fowl houses and two fowl runs protected with wire netting. The kitchen garden is in good condition, and the orchard is well stocked with about 65 valuable fruit trees. There is a good supply of water. The property is delightfully situated in an open district, and at same time within easy walk of the city. Vacant possession can be given on completion. or further particulars apply to the Auc- TIONEERS, St. Werburgh-atreet; or to E. BRASSEY, Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. ON Saturday, January 26th, 1901. HALKYN ROAD, NEWTON-BY-CHESTER. Sale of a desirable Freehold Dwelling-house and Appurtenances. MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE .l' will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, January 26th, 1901, at Three o'clock p.m. punctually,— All that very Desirable Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE, situate and being No. 3A, Halkyn-road, Newton-by-Chester, now in the occupation of Mr. Shaw as yearly tenant thereof. The house contains two entertaining rooms, two kitchens, five bedrooms, bathroom, and w.c., yard, Ac. Further particulars may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS, at their Office, St. Werburgh- street; or MR. ARTHUR E. CALDECUTT, Solicitor, 17, Newgate-street, Chester. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will hold their JL. next SALE at FLINT, on MONDAY, January 28th, 1901. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. MR. J. P. CARTER'S HOOTON STOCK J3LL SALE. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction offices 2, Newgate-street, Chester. FI ASTON & SON, CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. These Rooms are always open to receive FURNITURE and other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terms moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales conducted in town or country. S. ASTON & SON, Auctioneers, &c., Regent-street, Wrexham; Watergate-atreet, Chester. SALE FIXTURE. Tues,, Jan. 22. Furniture, Ac.. Entries invited 22nd January, 1901. CITY AUCTION ROOMS. MESSRS. ASTON AND SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at the above rooms, a large quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. (re- moved for convenience of Sale), comprising :—suite in saddlebags, suite in leather, Devan easy chair, arm chairs, Windsor chairs, bedroom chairs, brass and iron bedsteads, feather beds, wool and straw mattresses, wire-woven mattresses, satin walnut bedroom suite, chests of drawers, kitchen and scullery tables, lengths of linoleum, mail cart (nearly new), settee and easy chairs to match, 5ft. kitchen dresser, kitchen fenders, toilet set, hang- ing lamps, quantity of cutlery, and numerous other effects. Sale to commence at 1-30. Auctioneers' Office, 14, Watergate-street. Telephone No. 59. 700 HORSES NEXT WEEK. Great OPENING SALES of the CENTURY in the NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD AND SONS will SELL- TUESDAY, January 22nd. 200 High-class Hunters and Harness Horses, including 15 Grand Match Pairs and about 70 made Hunters, many of excep- tional merit. WEDNESDAY, January 23rd. 200 Small Harness Horses, Hackney Show Cobs and Ponies, many noted winners. THURSDAY, January 24th. 300 Powerful Town Mares and Geldings, light Lurry Horses, Parcel Carters and young Horses. A grand selection. All descriptions guaranteed. Two days' trial for work. Parade and judging 10-30. Sales at 12 noon. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Wrexham. Crewe Quarterly Sales, February 6th, 7th & 8th, SALES BY AUCTION. On TUESDAY NEXT, at Eleven o'clock, at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CAT ILE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES, including 12 choice PIGS from Mr. Toft, Cotton. Entries are respectfully solicited. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold im their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CATTLE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES at HOOTON SMITHFIELD, entries for which are respectfully solicited. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, January 23rd, atTATTEN- HALL ROAD AUCTION MART. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold a SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. Sale to commence at One o'clock prompt. On THURSDAY NEXT, Jan. 24th, 1901. Highly Important Sale of the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock and Effects, vet THINGWALL FARM, WOODCHURCH, one mile from Storeton Station. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are .HJL favoured with instructions from Mr. J. P. Briscoe (who is leaving the farm) to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of his HOKoES, CATTLE, FARMING STOCK and EFFECTS, including 9 powerful Shire mares, geldings and fillies, com- prising five mares and geldings, 4 to 7 years old, all quiet, grand workers in all gears, and fit for town work; dark brown Shire mare, 6 years old, in foal to "Calwich Tom"; brown half-bred mare, 15hds.. quiet in harness; two-year-old cart gelding, and 5 yearling and two-year-old Shire fillies; 9 choice fat heifers and bullocks, 7 grand young dairy cows and heifers (close on calving), and three roan yearling heifers; 28 in-lamb Scotch ewes, pure-bred Leicester ram. Produce: 360 measures of Webb's Newmarket seed oats, 208 measures of Garton's Abundance seed oats, 1 ton of Main Crop sets, 35 tons of mangolds, and 40 tons of swedes; gears; carts-two 4in. wheel carts, strong dog cart; implements, tools, etc.—the Albion self-binder, combined reaper and mower, Massey Harris cultivator, with seed box; dairy utensils, poultry. Sale to commence at 11.30 punctually. Catalogues may be obtained at the AUCTION- EERS' Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On FRIDAY NEXT, January 25th. 1901. Sale of Cattle, Horses, Pigs, and Out-door Effects, at GUILDEN LoDGE, GUILDEN SUTTON, CHESTER, two-and-a-half miles from Chester. MESSRS. CUNNAH AND KOBERT5 are favoured with instructions from the Exors. of tue late Mr. C. W. Dutton, to SELL BY AUCTION, 4 pure-bred Jersey and Kerry dairy cows, 2 yearling heifers, 2 in-pig sows, chestnut mare, 8-yrs-old, 15hds. 3ins., quiet to ride and drive, and in foal to "Crusader"; chestnut yearling oolt by Crusader," 20 in-lamb Cheviot ewes, and one Leicester lamb; the out-door effects include hay shed on six pillars, with corrugated iron roof, and wood partition forming 4 pig styes; large iron water tank, 4 cucumber frame lights, lights and frame forming forcing pit, turnip pulper, long ladder, 30 cattle feedmg boxes, wheelbarrow, rabbit hutch, duck and goose pens, roll of wire netting, cart rope, slow combustion stove, corn coffer, 6 Buckley pig troughs, 2 iron pig troughs, about 20 couples young fowl, 5 geese, 6 ducks, a heap of farmyard manure, end-over-end churn, Listers hand cream separator, 6 cream mugs, etc., etc. Sale to commence as half-past one prompt. Auction Offices, Grosvenor nuildings, Chester. On MONDAY, January 28th, 1901. Highly Important Sale of the whole of the Farming Stock, Dairy Cattle, Horses, Carts, Produce, Gears, Implements, and Effects, at ALVANLEY HALL, HELiSBt, li Miles from Helsby Station (L. and N.-W.), and ii Miles from Mouldsworth tC.L.K), and o Miles from Frodsham. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are ?JL favoured with instructions from Henry Lowe, Esq. (who is retiring from farming), to SELL BY AUCilON 64 Head of Grand Yound DAIRY CATTLE, also 8 Prime Fat Heifers and Cows 15 choice well-bred Yearling Heifers, 4 Rearing Heifer Calves, and 1 Red lwo-year-old Stocii Bull. 6 PO VVE ttF UL CART MAttES, GELDINGS, and COLTS, brown filly, rising two-year-old, by "Carpenter;" roan hunter gelding, 6 years old, 16hds., good fencer; iron-grey filly, rising four years old, by Innisfail," and in-foal to "Fordham Moor;" and a brown cob, aged, 14hds.; 35 tons of prime clover, 400 measures of Giant seed oats, 374 boxes of Sutton Early Regent potatoe sets, and 355 boxes of prime Minister potatoe sets Imple- ments carts, traps, spring lurry, 2 broad-wheel carts, Scotch cart, milk float, dog cart, phoeton, light gig, 3 wheelbarrows, and mash barrow gears and harness. Sale to commence at 10.45 prompt. Catalogues may be had from the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On FRIDAY, February 1st, 1901. Sale of the whole of the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, at WHITBY FARM. MESSRS. CUNNAH <& ROBERTS are favoured with instructions from the representatives of the late Mr. Thomas Ledson, to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the STOCK and EFFECTS, including 5 horses, cattle, 2 lurries, carts, implements, gears, produce, hay, oats, straw and effects. Freehold Property, Chester, and a Life Policy. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON and ULi. CHALLINOR, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, February 2nd, 1901, at 3 p.m., subject to conditions,— LOT I.-All those Two Valuable FREEHOLD SHOPS, N os. 53 and 53A, in Frodsham-street, in the City of Chester, with the Workroom at the back of No. 53, and the DWELLING-HOUSE over, and the Cellar under both Shops, and the Yard at the rear. The Shop and Workroom No. 53 are occupied by Mr. Thomas Hutchinson. The Shop and Dwelling-house, No. 53A, with the cellar and yard, are let to Mr. Sydney Jones, as yearly tenant. The Dwelling-house con- tains sitting-room, five bedrooms, box room, kitchen, scullery and w.c. LOT 2.—A POLICY OF ASSURANCE effected in the year 1898 in the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, at the annual premium of £ 2 4s. lOd., for 1200, payable at the death of a person over 34 years of age. For further particulars applyi.to the AUCTION- EERS, St. Werburgh-street, Chester; or to MESSRS. DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, Chester. JJOLAND DAWSON, 46 & 48, FOREGATE-ST., CHESTER, AND 1 & 2, WHITE HORSE YARD, PAWNBROKER, JEWELLER AND CLOTHIER, DEALER IN FURNITURE, JEWELLERY, SILVBB AND ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS. PIANOS, FURS, CARPETS, BASSINETTES, &C. Cash Advanced to any amount on any of the above class of Goods. -fl //IJ— Capital Second hand Box Spring 10/ O MATTRESS and BED combined, full size in very good order. £ JA "| I f\l ?. Very handsome SUITE, up- CIC 9 110/- holstered in saddlebags, dark green border, heavy solid walnut frames, padded backs no worse than new very cheap. I — Splendid quality silver plated "-1 LO/O DINNER CRUET, six cut glass bottles new style frame a bargain. f>1 O "1 forfeited very sweet O?JL<L? JL?/ toned PIANO, solid case, full octave, ivory keys repolished tuned and delivered free a sound reliable instrument. 38/6 Beautiful 14-day TIMEPIECE, ) under glass shade, alabaster, with gilt figure on top; perfect timekeeper. OQ ?/Had' very little wear; BATH- 6e3 3/- CHAIR, with steering rod and wheel, cushions, &c. or will hire. 7I1A -1 A | —A pair well-made Straw PALLIASSE ? _H any size.   Unredeemed good as new, and pr -| I \FI cost E12, Uent's heavy gold curb ALBERT and SEAL stamped each link. I £ A YARD.—Four yards wide best quality 6LINOLEUM. £ ap OI Well-finished solid walnut en- OS^O <3/ closed CHEST with dressing glass, &c., attached. <3 K Large size stained birch CHEST OF DRA WERS; strong. 61 A FAIR.—Forfeited; three pairs of pure I white twill SHEETS, ready hemmed, large size fine quality. O/j ~J Pretty small size BEDROOM 0?? 10/ SUITE, painted, comprises wardrobe, pair of tables, towel rail, chairs, &c. 21 A YARD.—72 inches wide, capital wearing 9striped MATTING.  Handsome well finished 0?-L JL?/ mahogany. BEDROOM SUITE, good size wardrobe with full length bevelled mirror, new shape, enclosed tables, rail, cupboard and chairs; complete; an exceptionally cheap lot. 32/6-Pretty solid walnut octogan TABLE; small size. _00 "I O l £ i. — Unredeemed magnificent 0?? JL?/?) Black Satin DRESS LENGTH, 15 yards very fine quality worth double. 00//3—Forfeited; silver demi hunter key- ?C?/L? less WATCH, by Russell & Sons"; gold joints, strong cases; a perfect time- keeper a 10 years' written guarantee given. Q A ~i Really well-made solid walnut C?w? A, 10 CABINET, new design; carved doors to cupboard, canopy top, Ac. [ £ *—Beautiful hand-painted China TEA AJJ ? SERVICE, a very pretty pattern and all perfect; 40 pieces. -g K" Large size solid mahogany QJ-| L JLO/ round TABLE, very massive, with strong stand very firm and well made. I fZdl ICt AND 16/6.-Excellent pure wool flock BEDS, full size, with well filled bolster and pillows very cheap. no O /MUSIC BOX, plays 10 Irish Airs, drnil with bells, &c. rosewood case in perfect order. ISAAC WILLIAMS & SON, REGISTERED PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, ct GAS FITTERS, CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. PLUMBERS' BRASS WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &o. Glass ia all Qualities and Patterns kept in Stock, PUBLIC NOTICES. CITY AND COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER. MARRIAGE OF HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER T AND MISS CORNWALLIS-WEST. At a Meeting held at the Town Hall, Chester, on Monday, the 14th day of January, 1901, at 12 o'clock (noon), the Right Worshipful the Mayor (Henry Thomas Brown, Esq.) in the chair, the following RESOLUTIONS were passed:- 1st—Moved by the MAYOR, seconded by the Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP OF CHESTER, and Kesolved-" That in view of the forthcoming marriage of His Grace the Duke of West- minster and Miss Cornwallis-West, the Citizens do present their cordial congra- tulations to the Duke, and testify their welcome and respect by making a suitable present to his intended Bride." 2nd-Moved by Sir THOS. G. FROST, seconded by the SHERIFF (Edgar Dutton, Esquire), and Resolved-" That a Committee, consisting of all present at this meeting (with power to add to their number), be formed to carry out the preceding resolution, and to appoint an Executive and Sub-com- mittees. 3rd-Moved by Alderman THOS. SMITH, seconded by Alderman G. A. DICKSON, and Resolved-" That a subscription list be now opened, and that a circular be issued requesting intending subscribers to pay their subscriptions to the Right Worship- ful the Mayor, at the Town Hall, as early as possible, so that the committee may know the amount of the funds placed at their disposal." 4th-Moved by the MAYOR, seconded by Alderman H. STOLTERFOTH, and Resolved-" That Mr. J. R. Thomson be requested to act as honorary treasurer, and Mr. Wm. Peers as hon. secretary." 5th-Moved by the Rev. Canon S. COOPER SCOTT, seconded by Mr. G. R. GRIFFITH, and Resolved-" That the best thanks of this meeting be given to the Mayor for con- vening and presiding at this meeting." SAML. SMITH, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Chester, 14th January, 1901. SUBSCRIPTION LIST. £ s. d. The Mayor (Alderman H. T. Brown).. 5 0 0 The Mayoress 3 0 0 The High Sheriff (Mr. B. C. Roberts) 5 0 0 Mrs. B. C. Roberts 3 0 0 Sir Thos. G. Frost 5 0 0 Lady Frost 500 John M. Frost 5 0 0 Thos. G. Frost 5 0 0 G. R. Griffith 5 0 0 George A. Dickson 5 0 0 Fred Bullin 500 Mrs. Bullin 3 0 0 James G. Frost 500 Edwd. Evans-Lloyd 5 0 0 W. H. Churton 5 0 0 F. F. Brown 5 0 0 Frank RI gby 500 Samuel H. Holme 5 0 0 John Smith and Son 5 0 0 Reginald Potts. 5 0 0 Edgar Dutton (Sheriff) 3 3 0 George Dutton & Son 3 3 0 Wm. Williams (Blacon) 3 3 0 William Rogers 3 3 0 J. Little and Sons 3 3 0 James Hobday 3 3 0 Edward Hobday 3 3 0 R. Bolland and Sons 3 3 0 R. L. Barker 3 3 0 John Thompson 3 3 0 Edward Dixon 3 3 0 R. P. Bradbury 2 2 0 John F. Lowe 220 Henry Stolterfoth 2 2 0 Mrs. Stolterfoth 110 J. R. Thomson 220 P. B. Ironside-Bax 2 2 0 John Jones, Lorne-street 2 2 0 Saml. Smith 220 Mrs. Saml. Smith 110 Charles Greenhouse 2 2 0 Charles Millington 2 2 0 Mrs. Churton, Watergate Flags 2 2 0 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Trevor 2 2 0 James Dutton (coach-builder). 2 2 0 William Lees 220 J. G. Holmes 220 Wm. Murray Dobie 220 N. Harrison 2 2 0 Haswell Bros 2 2 0 Mrs. Scotland 220 Wm. Shone 220 Pickering and Nightingale 2 2 0 Herbert Brassey 2 2 0 T. M. Lockwood and Sons 2 2 0 G. F. Nicholla 110 Alfred W. Butt 110 F. M. Granger 110 Arthur M. Archer 1 1 0 C. Cooper, 110 Wm. Williams, Halkyn-road 110 Rev. Ernest C. Lowndes 110 Rev. F. Edwards 1 1 0 T. B. Meacock 110 Robert Lamb 110 Canon S. Cooper Scott 110 J. L, Kemp 110 Jno. A. Mowle 110 ,Hart Davies & Son 1 1 0 Rd. Watkins 110 Dr. Roberts 110 R. Cecil Davies 110 James PyA 110 Canon Lynch 110 W. Welsby 110 Mrs. C. A. Ewing 110 Miss A. Mabel Ewing 1 1 0 Miss A. Grandidge 110 Major-General Adair 110 Mrs. Adair 1 1 0 George H. Rogerson 1 1 0 W. H. King 110 H. A. Jenner 110 Samuel Moss, Y.P. 110 J. T. Davies 110 J. W. Huke 110 G. H. Reynolds 110 H. Grantham 110 J. H. Hopley 110 John Douglas 110 W. A. M. Nicholls 110 Joseph Musgrave 1 1 0 F. Coplestone 110 Saml. Han-iley 110 J. E. Newman 110 Geo. P. Miln 1 1 0 F. Storr 110 W. D. Jolliffe 110 H. Jolliffe 110 Alfred Mann. 110 Col. W. B. Butlin 110 Robt. B. L. Johnston 1 1 0 Wm. Chas. Wright 110 J. R. Fuller 110 Mrs. James Dickson 110 James H. Dickson 1 1 0 Alexander Hamilton 1 1 0 James Turbett 1 1 0 G. A. Kenyon 110 John Jones (Coal Exchange) 1 1 0 Ezra Johnson and Sons 1 1 0 J. R. Hodge 110 John R. Rae 1 1 0 John Gamon 110 Miss F. A. Harrison. 110 H. Taylor Harrison 1 0 0 W. E. Lindop 10 0 John Delaney. 0 10 6 O. P. Fisher 0 10 6 John Davies (Parrs Bank) 0 10 6 Rev. W. Jones, Queen's Park 0 10 0 John Mayers. 0 10 0 Miss Eggers 0 10 0 Mrs. Ingall 0 10 0 CITY AND COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER. THE BOROUGH FUNDS ACT, 1872. AT a SPECIAL MEETING of the COUNCIL of the City and County Borough of Chester, being the Governing Body of the said City and County Borough, held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall, on Wednesday, the 16th day of January, 1901, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon (being not less than 14 days after the deposit in Parliament of the aftermentioned Bill) after 10 clear days' notice by public advertisement of such meeting and of the purpose thereof, in a Local Newspaper published or circulating in the said City and County Borough, such notice having been in addition to the ordinary notices required for summoning a Council Meeting, the following RESOLUTION was passed by an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the said Council, namely:- "That this Council do determine that the Bill, entituled A Bill to confer powers on the Corporation of Chester to reconstruct the "existing Tramways in the City of Chester; to construct additional Tramways in and "adjacent to the City; to work Tramways and for other purposes,' which has by order of the Council been deposited in Parliament, be "promoted and proceeded with, and do confirm the Resolution passed at the Special Meeting of the Council, held on the 28th day of November last, determining that application be made to Parliament for a Bill for the purposes aforesaid, and that the costs and expenses of and attending the promotion of such Bill be charged on the Borough Fund." Dated this 17th day of January, 1901. SAML. SMITH, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Chester. CHESTER MUNICIPAL CHARITIES. VALENTINE BROUGHTON'S, V VERNON'S. LEWIS'S, AND OTHER CHARITIES. The Trustees are prepared to receive applica- tions for the above Charities from poor deserving and necessitous persons resident in the City of Chester. A preference will be given to Freemen of the City of Chester and members of one of the Companies of that city, Freemen of the City of Chester, Wives of Freemen, Widows of Freemen, or Sons or Daughters of Freemen. All applications must be made in writing on the prescribed Form, which may be had on application to the Clerk to the Trustees, at his Office, 45, Northgate-street, Chester. All Forms of Application, duly filled up and signed, must be returned to the Clerk, at his Office, on or before the 24th January instant, other- wise the application will not be entertained. N.B.—Canvassing by or on behalf of the Applicants render them liable to disqualiifcation. HENRY THOS. BROWN, Clerk. Chester, January, 1901. PUBLIC NOTICES. OWEN JONES' EXHIBITIONS AT THE KING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. THE Trustees of the Municipal Charities of JL Chester offer for Competition among duly qualified Candidates ONE EXHIBITION in the Junior Department at the King's School. The subjects for examination are-Knowledge of Holy Scripture, Arithmetic, History, Geography, and English Grammar. Marks will be given for Latin also. The Trustees reserve the right of withholding the Scholarship if candidates of sufficient merit do not present themselves, and no one can be elected who cannot come up to the standard mentioned in the Clauses 54 and 55 of the Scheme for the Government of the School. The Competition is open to Boys of good character and sufficient health, who are sons of persons eligible to participate in the Charity of Owen Jones. Exhibitioners will be elected for one Year only in the first instance, but the time for which they hold their Exhibitions may be extended by the Trustees at their discretion according to circum- stances. Regard will be paid to the relative ages of the Candidates in the Examination and the awarding of the Exhibitions. Candidates must be over 8 and under 15 years of age, and they must send in their applications, together with certificates of character (on forms which may be obtained from the undersigned), by the 31st instant, when they will be informed of the time of the Examination. HENRY THOMAS BROWN, Clerk to the Trustees. 45, Northgate-street, Chester, 19th January, 1901. THE CHESTER MUNICIPAL CHARITIES. QWEN JONES'S CHARITY The Trustees are prepared to receive Applica- tions for Pensions under the above Charity. All applications must be made in writing on the prescribed Form, which may be had on application to the Clerk to the Trustees, at his Office, 45, Northgate-street, Chester. The applications, duly filled up and signed, must be returned to the Clerk, at his Office, on or before the 24th instant. Any applications sent in after that date cannot be entertained. Extracts from the Scheme regulating the administration of the Charity, specifying the qualifications which entitle Applicants to the benefit of the Charity, are appended. HENRY THOMAS BROWN, Clerk. 45, Northgate-street, Chester, 12th January, 1901. CLAUSE 81.—The income of the Charity shall be applied as hereinafter provided, for the benefit in the first place of deserving and necessitous poor persons who are or have been bond-fide resident in the City of Chester, and who are Freemen of that City and Members of one of the Companies of that City, and subject to this preference the income of this Charity shall be applied in like manner for the benefit of any deserving and necessitous persons bond-fide resident in the City of Chester. CLAUSE 8,3.-f he Trustees shall, out of the income of the Charity, appropriate an annual sum not exceeding £ 500 in the payment of stipends to Pensioners, who shall be poor men of good character not in receipt of Poor Law relief, and who, from age, ill-health, accident, or infirmity, shall be unable to maintain them- selves by their own exertions, with a prefer- ence for those persons who shall have been reduced by misfortune from better circum- stances. CHARLES WILLIAM DUTTON, DECEASED. ALL Persons having any CLAIM or DEMAND Aagainst the Estate of CHARLES WILLIAM DUTTON, late of Frodsham-street, Chester, and Guilden Sutton, near Chester, Corn Dealer, &c., are requested to send to me, the undersigned, full particulars thereof forthwith. Dated the 16th day of January, 1901. E. BRASSEY. 9, St. John-street, Chester, Solicitor for the Executors. ELECTION ADDRESSES. TO THE ELECTORS OF ST. JOHN'S WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,-A vacancy JLJ having occurred through the lamented death of Mr. C. W. Dutton, I have been requested by a large number of Ratepayers to become a Candidate to represent you in the City Council, and have much pleasure in again placing my services at your disposal. Having so recently contested the Ward, my views are already known, and should you do me the honour of electing me as one of your Repre- sentatives, I shall do all in my power to serve you faithfully. j fa.ithfully. Yours obediently, ) CHARLES G. HASWELL. ) 84, Foregate-street, Chester, January 14th, 1901. TO THE ELECTORS OF ST. JOHN'S WARD. LADIES & GENTLEMEN, If it be your JLJ pleasure to elect me, I shall esteem it an honour to serve as your Representative in the Council. Yours obediently, J. D. SIDDALL. The Cross, Chester. J)ON'T COUGH—USE J)ON'T COUGH-USE DON'T COUGH-USE There is absolutely no remedy so speedy and effectual. One Lozenge alone gives relief; can be taken by the most delicate. KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, If you cannot sleep for coughing, one Keating's Lozenge will set you right. Any Doctor will tell you they are (JTTERLT UNRIVALLED. UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. Sold everywhere in tins 13id. each, or free on receipt of stamps from THOMAS KEATINU, Chemist, London. EDUCATIONAL. ARNOLD HOUSE SCHOOL, CHESTER. REV. A. H. FISH, B.A., B.Sc. The Date (postponed) for RE-OPENING is TUESDAY, JANUARY 22ND, 1901. The School gives a Liberal Education with a view to Public Schools, Universities, or Professions. SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, 32, DUKE-ST., & CITY WALLS (Opposite Floating Bath). A Technical School for Business Training; boys, girls, adults, trained in shortest possible time, at least expense appointments found. The Junior School, open to Boys of all ages as day pupils and boarders. Sound Commercial Education, including Languages, Rapid Business Writing, Book-keeping, Shorthand, Type Writing, &c. Special preparations for all preliminary examinations-Legal, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Chartered Accountant, and Dental. Hundreds of successful candidates. Adults taught in the day or evening. No classes. Ladies or gentlemen can have a private room, enter or leave the premises without seeing or being seen by other pupils. Full prospectus, containing outline of course of study, forwarded free to any address. TERM commenced MONDAY, January 14th. LOUIS HYDE, Director. ELLESMERE COLLEGE, Shropshire. Trustees THE MARQUIS OF SALISBURY, K.G., SIR OFFLEY WAKEMAN, BART., H. MARTIN GIBBS, ESQ. A Church of England Public School which will accommodate 200 boarders. The School is healthily situated in the most beautiful part- of Shropshire. A boy's expenses need not exceed X9,98. a term. Oxford Local Examination. A large playground. Swimming bath. Cadet Corps. Lent Term begins 25th January. For illustrated prospectus, apply to the Head- master, Rev. R. BEVISS THOMPSON, M.A. THE QUEEN'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. SPRING TERM will begin on TUESDAY, January 22nd. For Prospectus, information about Boarding Houses, etc., apply to the HEADMISTRESS, who will be at home to visitors on Monday, January 21st, both morning and afternoon. HAMPTON LODGE, 12, Liverpool- JLJL road, Chester. Preparatory School for Boys and Kindergarten. Weekly and Daily Boarders received. Recent successes: Five scholarships. For terms apply MRS. GREEN. NEXT TERM will begin on TUESDAY, 22nd January. Miss GREEN receives Boarders at BASTION HOUSE, PRESTATYN, N.W. Resident and Visiting Masters. Boys prepared for the Public Schools and Entrance Scholarships. ARK VIEW, THE BARS.—SCHOOL I for GIRLS. REMOVED from 128 to 134, Foregate-street. NEXT TERM commences Jan. 21st. Principal, Miss LEATON, assisted by an efficient staff of Teachers. Visiting Masters for German, Book-keeping, Mathematics, and Elocu- tion. Kindergarten for Children under seven. MORETON HOUSE, Tarvin-road, Chester.- HOME SCHOOL FOR GIRLS AND KINDERGARTEN. English and foreign resident governesses. Miss EMILY THOMAS, Principal. School recommences 19th inst. 8712 MISS LENA ADAMS, A.L.C.M, JJUL Teacher of Pianoforte, RESUMES LESSONS January 12th. For terms apply Ashbourne," Victoria-road. 8631 MISS F. M. MEESON, Associate -IjJL in Music of Trinity Collge, London, Silver and Bronze Medallist of the London Academy of Music, Senior Royal Academy of Music, is open to give LESSONS in the following subjects:- Piano, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, and Singing. Schools and Private Families attended. For Terms apply DALE'S Music Shop, 51, Bridge- street Row. Lessons in Harmony and Counterpoint by Correspondence. 8557 MISS WEBSTER'S Classes for DANCING will Re-assemble on SATURDAY, January 19th, at the Ball-room, Grosvenor Hotel. 30, St. Martin's Fields, and Grosvenor Hotel. DAN C I N G. ME S DAM E S EDWARDS and MAJOR will RESUME their SENIOR CLASSES at the NEWGATE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on WEDNESDAY, January 9th, and the CHILDREN'S CLASS on SATURDAY, January 12th inst. Private lessons by arrange- ment.—For particulars apply to Mr. CHAPMAN, 8, St. Werburgh-street. 8564 TENDERS. CHESTER UNION. THE Guardians of the Poor of the Chester TUnion invite TENDERS for the Supply of 25 TONS OF POTATOES to be delivered at the Union Workhouse, Hoole, in Quantities of not less than 5 Tons as required. Also 50 TONS OF MANURE. Sealed Tenders to be sent to me on or before 10 a.m., on FRIDAY, the 25TH INST. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order, WILLIAM TURNOCK, Forest House, Clerk. Chester, January 15th, 1901. HOOLE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. MAIN AND OTHER ROADS. TENDERS FOR GRANITE. TT1HE Hoole Urban District Council invite TTENDERS for the Supply and Delivery of GRANITE broken to various sizes, and to be delivered in such Quantities as may be ordered by the Council's Surveyor. Particulars may be obtained from the Surveyor to the Council, Mr. Charles Atkin, Urban District Council Offices, Westminster-road, Hoole. Sealed Tenders marked Granite to be sent to me on or before the 1ST FEBRUARY, 1901. Dated this 18TH day of JANUARY, 1901. ARTHUR E. CALDECUTT, Clerk to the Council. 17, Newgate-street, Chester. TERMS: CASH ONLY. STOCK-TAKING SALE, THIS DAY & UNTIL FEB. 23. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. ??LETE THE PIONEER "SNG AT THE  STORES, 9 TO 19, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. SEND FOR SALE CATALOGUE THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS WILL INTEREST YOU. E. DALE, CHESTER AND CARNARVON, FOR XC?   SYSTEM HIGHEST CLASS   ?. ?HiRESYsTEM AND ^sY ??SH. LOWEST yf Illustrated Catalogue unt Fraa J "??\ on&ppUc&tion. COMPETITIVE .X ?Y? — PRICES PIANOS '? From ?. M.ntUy '? /?/ ORGANS ./? \?S From 5/- Monthly ''< — x ??? AU lwtmmenta Delivered Free exchanged U set approved of & *°? wsrmuted for 10 yean. y  X/?\ ? \?/ TUNING & REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. \? ?? OrderB by Poet receive prompt attention. HEAD OFFICE A SHOWROOMS— 51, BRIDGE-ST. ROW, CHESTER. FOUND. FOUND, on Wednesday, a young COLLIE DOG. If not claimed in three days will be sold.-Mp.. PARK, 18, Abbott's Mead, Parkgate- road. 8695 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS JL OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES :— HOUSES TO BE LET APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the following rates Not Exceeding Twenty Words- ONE INSERTION 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- Not Exceeding Thirty-Five Words- ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- ,i, WANTED. GROCERY.—WANTED, at once, smart LAD. G-DICNSONS STORES, Cambrian-road. 8651 WANTED, IMPROVERS in their Millinery W workroom.—Apply J. BECKETT & Co. W ANTED.-Clean, Active GIRL, about 14 T V Apply 30, Clare Avenue, Hoole. Cheate WANTED, a GIRL for house-work; to sleep out.—Apply Ashbourne," Victoria-road. W ANTED.-A Smart BOY, age 15 or 16 to TV look after pony. Apply BRADLEYS, Foregate-street. DRAPERY.—WANTED at once a respectable well-educated YOUTH as Apprentice.— Apply H. JEFFERSON, Bridge-street, Chester. CHEERS & HOPLEY, Chemists, have a vacancy J for a well-educated Youth as APPRENTICE (out-door). 8658 W ANTED, YOUNG LADY ASSISTANT to V V Gloves and Lace, &c.-Apply J. APPLETON, j Bridge-street Row. 8677 WANTED, for Engineer's office well-educated V V gentlemanly Y OUTH.—Apply by letter in first instance to 0 25, Observer Office. 8666 HOUSE WANTED, by the end of February; jLl ten minutes' walk from Northgate Station. Rent about E18.-Apply 57, Parkgate-road. 8680 W ANTED, a irespectable BOY for an Officer- V T Apply, in own handwriting,\K 44, Observer Office. 8662 WANTED, for ColwynBay, a good GENERAL. V V Apply Miss GROOMS, Bascombe, Mostyn- road. ÎIoP and HOUSE WANTED in good business o position in Chester.- Send particulars by letter addressed E. H., Observer Office, Chester. w ANTED, IMPROVERS & APPRENTICES V T to Skirts and Coats.—Apply 35, Princess- street, Chester. 8708 WANTED, SITUATION by respectable VV YOUNG MAN, as all-round man, in or near Chester. Good references.—P 40, Cuppin- street. 8709 GRASS FARM.—WANTED, by a responsible ?JT man, good GRASS FARM, 60 to 130 acres, within five miles of Chester Cross. Address Grass," office of this paper. 8647 WANTED, a YOUTH, about 18, one VT aocustomed to baking.—Apply by letter, stating wages, to W 55, Observer Office. Chaster. WANTED, a respectable GIRL to assist in V V housework, sleep out.-Apply"AaeviLLZ,' Victoria-road. 8689 ZS GOD  GENERAL SERVANT WANTED: Glight work, good wages.- Address P 51, (?oseruer Office. 8572 ENTLEMAN REQUIRES a BEDROOM, Gwith board, at a Farmhouse. State terms. —Address C 129, Jersey-street, Manchester. 8588 WANTED, a good strong GIRL for farm- V V house; to live with family very little out- side work.—Apply KERNS & COVENTRY, Estate Agents, Neston. WANTED A HORSEMAN, single, must be V V able to milk good wages to suitable man. —Apply MRS. HAYES, Backford-oross, near Chester. 8703 GENERAL Disengaged, country girl, all work, Ggood references. Also several, others at Mrs. BOWDBN'S, 66, Bridge-street, Chester. Opposite fountain. 8714 WANTED, Married Man as COWMAN and Tw general farm work. Good cottage and garden.—Apply, with references, STOKRAR, New- gate, Chester. 8694 WANTED, a Certiifcated ASSISTANT TV MISTRESS for a large Infants' Class; commencing salary £ 60.—Apply RECTOR, Ashton- on-Mersey, Manchester. 8587 DISENGAGED, excellent COOK-GENERAL, Dage 22; and Housemaid-Waitress, age 28; both country girls, with good references.—Mrs. CARTWRIGHT, Johnstown, Ruabon. 8656 WANTED, SITUATION as General SERVANT, age 21.; 18, months good character; Chester. preferred.—Apply Miss FOOTE, Steepleton Manor, Dorchester. 8675 W ANTED, to PURCHASE HOUSE in J Chester, within a mile of the Cross. Rental value about £30 per annum.—.Address B 61, Observer Office. 8525 CM OVERNESS (diplomee, certificated, age 22), I desires a DAILX ENGAGEMENT in a school or private family.—Address F 71, Observer Offioe. 8540 PPRENTICE to the PRINTING TRADE, I about 14 years of age. Must have had good education. Apply personally Observer Office, Chester. ^iLATER BROTHERS REQUIRE 50 YOUNG <? WOMEN, plain sewers; good wages, con- stant employment.—Apply at the office, Water- gate Row. 8571 M- OTHEfii;s HELP WANTED shortly for Birkenhead. Thoroughly good home. No children. No washing. Write full particulars, in strict confidence, to V 66, Observer Office, Chester. WANTED, a respectable young or middle- aged person to act as Servant and to generally look after a small house; duties light. —Address J 50, Observer Office. 8676 WANTED, VESSEL CLEANER for farm- house; good milker. Good wages to suit- able person; age about 20.—Mrs. JOHNSON, Wood Bank, Stanney. 8674 GROCERY AND PROVISION.— A smart ?JT ASSISTANT WANTED. Must have (rood reference.—Apply MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LTD., 8, Watergate-atreet, Chester. 8667 HANDBRIDGE ST. MARY'S GIRL'S JM SCHOOL, CHESTER. ASSISTANT TEACHER, qualified under Art. 50. Apply, stating salaries, with copies of testimonials, to J. P. GAMON, Solicitor, Chester. A LADY highly recommends a foreign resident AGOVERNESS of great experience. Teaches good music, thorough English; French and German acquired abroad. Highest testimonials.— Address FRAULEIN, Pontfadog Rectory, Ruabon. WANTED, an Unfurnished HOUSE, three w w reception rooms, seven or eight bedrooms, bath (hot and cold water), good kitchen and offices, small garden, in the neighbourhood of Chester; ten minutes from a station, and near a church. Rent X75 toLBU.-Messrs. LAMONT & SON. WANTED, at once, in Chester or neighbour- V V hood of Chester, SITTING ROOM and two Bedrooms, for lady and her husband and companion. Bathroom essential. Probable permanency.— Apply, stating terms, to R 69, Observer Office, Chester. 8649 MAIL CARTS FOR THE MILLION.-We are now showing a grand assortment of MAIL CARTS, Perambulators and Bassinettes for the forthcoming season. From.30 to 40 diitereut patterns to select from at extremely low figures. An inspection cordially invited, before you pur- chase elsewhere. Repairs of all kinds. Mail Carts and Bath Chairs for hire,A. WENTWORTH. Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. MRS. RED'S Registry, Abbey Buildings, Chester.—WANTED, Cooks (Ll4 to X40). 50 Generals, Waitresses (£16. to 126), Hotel and Hydro Servants, Kitchen and Scullery-maids, General, two in family (920 to. £ 25); Commercial- room Waitress, Nurse, first baby (£22 to ot2.5); Children's-maid, Head. and Under-housemaids, I First and Second Footmen ( £ 18 to 228), Vessel Cleaners and Housemaids, Housemaid-waitsess, Cook-housekeeper, one gentleman; disengaged, good Dairymaids, good milkers. 8.7.06. POSTS IN THE CIVIL SERVICE i (MALE, AND FEMALE) SECURED RX OPEN COMPETITION. CLERKSHIPS in LIVERPOOL POST OFFICE (Age 15 to ia). CLERKSHIPS in WAR OFFICE, BOARD of TRADE, &a. (Age 17 to 20). ASSISTANTSHIPS of CUSTOMS (Aga l8to21) ASSISTANTSHIPS of EXCISE (Age 19 to 22). Permanent Employment. Promotion by Merit. The most obscure Y outh may by his Ability rise to the Highest Post in the Service. Candidates are successfully prepared for the Examinations by Correspondence as well as in the Special Day and Evening Classes. The SECRETARY of SKERRY'S COLLEGE, 5, BOLU STRzaT, LIVERPOOL, will, on application, send Civil Service Guide fr%a. DRIED FISH. FINEST KIPPERS. HAM CURED HERRINGS AND SCOTCH HADDOCK. JOHN L ITTLE & SONS. TO BE LET. HOUSES TO LET. L Å M ° N T & CM N UPHOLSTERERS, FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. LIST SENT ON APPLICATION. SHOW ROOMS: EASTGATE STREET. WAREHOUSE FOR STORING FOREST HOUSE (in separate rooms). WI L L I A M E. B RO W N, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR, & VALUER. 39, PEPPER STREET. CHESTER. TO BE LET:- 82, Tarvin-road. Rent X26. 40, Bridge-street Row (West). £ 27. 7, Hamilton-street, Hoole. X26. 31, Chiohester-street. 925. 11, King-street. R35. Several offices, 84. Northgate-street. Mara Villa, Dee Banks; two sitting and four bedrooms, garden and stable. 27, Garden-lane, House and Shop, Rent R19. Union Hall, Foregate-street, Rooms for Storage and Workshops, &c. TO BE SOLD:— Valuable Building Land at Hoole, and Dwell- ing-houses in various parts of the city. JOHN ROGERS, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, & INSURANCE AGENT, 84, NORTHGATE-ST., CHESTER. TO BE LET: Rent. 11, Lorne-street, South three entertain, ing, six bedrooms, bath, &c. 8, Lumley-road (off Liverpool-road) £30 Chichester-street (Furnished) House and Shop, Garden-lane £25 10, Lorne-street, South; two entertain, ing, four bedrooms, bath, &c. Recently decorated. Key at No. 12. 3, Pearl Villas, Pearl-lane, Tarvin-roa.d.. 6f6pr. wk. Office, 84, Northgate-street (now Church of England Temperance Society) £ 12 Central Office. The Bars 4, Ash Grove, Wrexham-road; two enter- taining, five bedrooms, bath, stable, garden (to be Let or Sold; key at No. 6) 26, Middle Crane-street Tarvin-road, Chester £18 Christleton-road, Chester X20  GOOD HOUSE TO LET, 7s. a week.— AApply H. CLARE, Vicar's-lane, Chester. rTiO LET, NORTHGATE LODGE," 5, Upper TNorthgate-street. -Apply as above. 8671 TO BE LET, 20, Handbridge, a Lock-up SHOP, Twith store-room behind.-Apply J. OLD- FIELD, 107, St. Anne-street, Chester. 8658 APARTMENTS. A register of Vacant ,M Apartments is kept by JOHN. ROGERS, Estate Agent, 84, Northgate-street, Chester. 8686 TO LET, HOUSE, No. 4, Lord-street, Tarvin- Troad, containing two sitting-rooms, bath, &c' Rent 8s. 6d.-Please apply No. 2. 8672 TO LET, 99, George-street (Brook-street end). TRent 6s. weekly.-Apply 67, Foregate-street, Chester. 8669 SEVERAL COTTAGES in Boughton. Rents, k9 3s. 6d. per week.—Apply to Mr. W. E. BROWN, Estate Agent, 39, Pepper-street. 8570 TO LET, two fine OFFICES, opposite Town JL Hall.—Apply Mr. E. POWELL, Watch- maker, &e. 8568 COMFORTABLE SITTING and BEDROOM TO LET, bath, &c. Terms moderate.— Apply 5, Black Friars, Chester. 8698 ?? EGERTON STREET, CHESTER.-Sitting ? ? and Bedroom TO LET, with piano, &0. Terms moderate. 8690 nrfd LET?in Hoole, HOUSE, with bath, hot and Tcold water. 7s. per week clear.—Apply 82, Brook-street, Chester. 8665 TO LET, good spaoious OFFICES, Eastgate- JL street; immediate possession. Apply GEORGE DAY & CO. ADVERTISING SPACtS in prominent L position TO LET.—Apply A. WENTWORTH, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. L ODGINGS.-Furnished BEDROOM TO LET, t double bed; two minutes from the Cross. Address F 74, Observer Office. 8685 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS for one or two young men. Piano, bath. Moderate terms. Five minutes from station.—Address F 72, Observer Office. 8635 SITTING-ROOM and BEDROOM, with use of piano no children or other lodgers. Terms 6s. per week four minutes from General Station, Address S 47, Observer Office. 8684 TO BE LET, the premises situate at Egg- TBridge, in the. occupation of George Cock- sedge Possession can be had on the 2nd February next.—Apply to H. MEACOCK, Littleton. 8679 A LADY residing, in an open and healthy part A, of Chester has a VACANCY in her family for a Youth or Young Lady as boarder. Terms; moderate.—Address M 57, Observer Office. 8611 COTTAGE TO LET, pleasantly situated, over-, looking Cherry Orohard, four rooms, w.c., rent 3s. 6d. per week clear.—Applyi89, Christleton- road. 8681. NICE HOUSE, all, modern oonvenienoea; two. .131 sitting-rooma. Open country at rear; small garden in front. Only £ 18.—Apply Soap and Oil Stores, 82, Brook-streef, Chester. 5915 ITCHENER TERRACE, Hoole lane. Parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, four bed-, rooms, bath, hot, and cold water. Rent 7s. 6d. weekly. Apply E. NOEL HUMPHREYS, Old Bank- Buildings, Eastgate, Chester. 8713. TO BE LET, the FuUy.Licensed INN, called, T" The Old Woo)paok:' situated in Northgate- street, Chester, and close to the Market.^—For particulars apply, between 3 and 6 p.m., to. PLEVNA," Hoole-road, Chester. TO LET, Furnished SITTING ROOM, and JL BEDROOM; suitable for two young, ladies in business. Terms 5a. per week; fires included. Address 4, Bachelor's lane, Boughton Heath, Chester. 8603) TO LET. Furnished, a Superior SUITE OF JL ROOMS, viz., large drawing-room,, dining- room, breakfast-room, bath-room, &c., with several bedrooms; divided if wished, electric lightr- 98, Watergate Flags. 8634 A PARTMENTS TO LET, comfortable sitting- room, with one or two bedrooma; bath, h. and c.; two minutes from station. Terms moderate; good locality. Mrs. YORK, 13, Halkyn-road, Chester. 8668 TO LET in March, "Dyreham," Wrexlx??,r??d. TSEMI-DETACHED VILLA, containing large hall, 2 entertaining and 5 bedrooms, bath, w.c., and othez-offices, good garden back and- front, stabling for two horses, coach-house.—Apply W. C. WRIGHT, Hosier. Bridge-street Row. TO BE LET. High c?ssBUSINESS TPREMISES, situate in Br)aa'estreet Row. close to the-Cross. Possession on Lady Day. For rent and particulars apply to Messra. W EFIELD JACKSON AND DODD, Accountants, 16, Cora Exchange Chambers, Chester. TO BE LET, "STONE VILLA." T Cheynay road, Cheater, oontamiDg three entertaining-rooms, five bedrooms, kitchen, hot and cold water, w.c., wash-bouse, greenhouse, large garden. Rent £ 40.—Apply :8. TURNER, Solicitor, 9; St. Johu-street, Chester. MISCELLANEOUS. RENTS, DEBTS-why oaU the?bad ? Cowult JL?. E. A. LUMBY, CoUectoc and Commission Agent. 17, George-street. 8705 STRONG CARTS and LURRIES, with good Sheets, for REMOVING EORNITURE, at low.rates.—Apply ENGINE HOUSB,,Boughton. 8654 OF all the SEEDS G R OWN, Bound the town, 0 there's none grow hka FRANK DOBIE'S. Send, for a catalogue to Chester Market. 8715 SPAR GRAVEL, for. garden walks. Buxton (? !?d Welsh LIME, for Building, Plaetering, &C. ROBT. W. KJL&ON, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 8602 IRELIABLE WRINGUM and MANGLING. JLl> MACHINES,, at ? reaaoaaMe price.— CHARLES G. SW. 20, Eastgate-stretf. i: Telephone 244. 8562 SECOND-HAND CLOTHING A FURNITURE C5 BOUGHT AND SOLD, by Miss PRESTON, 14, Watergate-street Ro.w. Ladies waited upon at their own residences. w KICHARDSON, OR. GENTLEMEN'S ]Et CLOTHING CLEANED, Altered, Repaired, Turned. Own.MaterialsMadesip.—RICHARDSON'S, 33, Grosvenox-street. Wonderful Trousera. made to Measure, frfll. 8615 WRINGING MACHINES, new and second- ¡ W haad, &JIaa Tamed Up. All kinds of. i Repairs to, Mangles.—HASEMMIN, Wood. Turnery S and Maagle Roller Maker, Delame-street.. Chester. 8625 MAGNIFICENT CYCLE RIDING SCHOOL, Please aote our School is Open.all the year round 2or Pupils. Particulars and, reasonable,, terms on apjjjwation.—A. WENTWORTH, Central Cycle Works and Riding School, Cow.4ane Bridge, Chester. X> AT POISON.—Amongst the many preparar tious now offered for the Destruction of Rats, Mice, Moles, etc., Sanford's original Found Dead specialities are admitted by users to be the best, and are ahead of all competitors.—In boxes, 1/2, 2/ and 3/ post free. SANFORD & SON, Sandy. Sold by Chemists. 8194 Established 1332. CART and LURRY TARPAULINS, LONG and LOIN CLOTHS or Horses, COAL and CORN SACKS, equal in price and quality to any in the kingdom. Ladders, Blocks, Pulleys, Rope of all sizesv. Tents suitable for all purposes, Decorations if required. Prompt atten- tion to enquiries either for sale or hire of above.— Apply DAVIES & SONS, Crane-street, Viotoria- road, and 4, Coal Exchange, Chester. REAL OLD SILKSTONE COAL. BROWN ASH, HOT, CLBAN, DURABLE. BENJAMIN JONES, COAL AND COKE MERCHANT, NORTHGATE STATION, CHESTER. Prices on application. No canvassers, 439 TO BE SOLD. SIX-ROOMED HOUSE TO BE SOLD g3 Private Treaty.—Apply 21a, Tarvin-roa Chester. 8683 T 0 BE DISPOSED OF, an Old-established, TO PORK. BUSINESS. Satisfactory reasons tor leaving .—A^pply 1 ,Bridge-street, Chester. 8678 ■ 1(""0 000 Well-grown, Selected Thorn QUICKS for, SALE.- MCHATTIIC & CO., Grosvenor Nurseries, Chester. FOR SALE, RALLI 'CAR, Welsh PONY, and HARNESS complete. Owner going abroad. Apply Mrs. PRicLr,, tivbrpool House, Broughton. PURE CANE SUGARS (lump and granulated) » JL can be obtained from any of ALFRED EVANS'S shops. WHEAT OAT and BARLEY STRAW in large TV or small quantities.—JOHN WILLIAMS, Cuppm-street. g?go BEST ENGLISH PEAT MOSS. Four?ons Bdelivered any station 4-ERRINGTON, George- street, Chester; 8544 FOR SALE.—7-0ctave PIANO. Fine tone, and in good condition, by Waldemar, Beblin.- Apply Cestrian Hotel, City-road. 8701 ("CONFECTIONERY and RESTAURANT' ■f' BUSINESS for DISPOSAL. Splendid position. Sati. sfactory reasons for leaving.-Appiy A. S. DUTTON, 69^Foregata-street. 8670 PERAMBULATORS AND MAIL CARTS.— JL Several left over from last season to be sold, cheap.—J. E. NEWMAN, Ironmonger, 12, Bridge- street, Chester. ?r?POULTRY?EEPERS?Oystor SHELLS, Tready, ground, may be had at the Grosvenor Oyster Bar, 42, Eastgate street, Chester. Price on application. 8601 TO BE SOLD, wwerful CART HORSE, 161 JL hands, 5 years old good in all gears. Trial Neston. JOHN YOUNG, Jun., Liverpool-road, Neston. IF you want any SEED POTATOES, Garden JL Seeds, Flower Seeds, Seed Wheat, Oats, Barley, Turnip and Mangel Seeds, Clover and Grasses, go to-ERRINGTON, George-street, Chester. PIANOFORTES, second-hand, rosewood case, JL full compass, by "Ralph Allison." Walnut case, seven octaves.; bargains.—ROBQXHAM'S, 78, Northgate-street, Chester. 8559 OLD Brown Oak BUREAU, with China Cabinet on top, in beautiful condition also fine Old Brown Oak LINEN CHEST, with arched panels. -r-DAVZY, Egerton Arms, Brook-street, Chester. 8710 BR. ICKS.-Goodwire cut BUILDING BJUCKS delivered into trucks at Connah's Quay' W. M. & C. Q„ Railway, or Queen's Ferry' L.&N.-W.Rail-,vay. Prices and terms.on.appli' cation.-SHOTTON. BRICK WORES, Shotton, Flint. EXCEEDINGLY fine-toned full compass JtLL trichord COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, in handsome ebonised and gilt case, by Gough & Co., London. A splendid instrument.—Apply H. J. PRICE, Chartered Accountant, 26, Newgate-street, Chester. -'IEED POTATOES.- Sutton-'a Regent, Myaitts, ks Snowdrops, Up-to-dates, Giants, British Queens, Scottish Triumph, Magnums, Bruce, Maincrops,, Langworthy, Sutton's Abundance, Farmers' Glory. -Eftitl.-iGTON, Seed Salesman, George-street, Chester. 8700 UILDING, LAND.-TO BE SOLD by.Private Treaty, a very eligibla piece of Building Land, containing about 1,118 square yards, situate., at Cambrian-view, and having an extensive frontage to Saughall-road and Granville-road.— For particulars apply to Masars. LOCKWOOD ard SONS, Architects, or to Messis. SHARPJC, DAVISON and SHARPE,. Solicitors. all of Chester. TO BE SOLD, No. 13, Grosvenor-terrace, T. Lightfoot-street, Hoole. These desirable premises can. be used either as a private house or shop, as any, of the following businesses can be carried on, namely. Chemist, Druggist, or Herbalist, Photography, or Stationery and News, Agency. No expense has been spared in fitting, JlP, the premises with hot and. cold water, bath room, lavatory, electric bells, gas and fittings, &a.— Apply at the above address. 8650, TO-BIULDERS, INVESTORS & OTHERS.- JL. FOK SALE, in lots to suit purchasers, about 8 acres of Valuable Freehold BUILDING LAND, situate, near Queen's Ferry, having a frontage to Chemiatryrlame, also ad0nt to the Chester and Holyhead Railway and, dose to Messrs. Willans, and Robinson's new iron works.—Particulars may be had, and plans inspected, upon application to Mr.. EMAJSCEL L. SMIXH, Survey05, 14, St. Wer* » burgh-street, Chester. GALVANISED QORRUGATED ION JgOOFING.^ 1,000 TONS ALWAYS CI STOCK. 6 Feet long x 2 Fesfewide = 7 Sheets per C. i i' x »»• »i = 6 It „ 8 it X "It = 5 It It 12/- PER Cw-r. NETT OW RAILS. BURN ELL & CO., LTP.», IRONWORKS, ELLESMERE PORT. CHESHIRE* NOTICE. ARSENIC li, BEER. THE J^LBION. JJREWERX LIMT ED, WIGAN, Have received th&.fo llowiag Report and.Certific&ta from the Public* Ana. lyst of.the Boroughs of Wigan and Southport, who ai they instructed to visit their Brewery to take Bal nples of all Ales, Stents and. Brewing, Materials. "I visited the "Brewery of the Albion Brewery Company oa,No, gember 27th, and took myself samples of Beer and Stout from stock in the cellars and froa i the brews in prooess of manu- facture, also ij .gradients used in the- same. I Hereby CeztOy that all the samples were FREE FROM ARSEJttC OR ANY OTHER DELE- TERIOUS, MUXERAL INGREDIENT. WM. JAS. ORSMAN. Public Analyst for Wigan and Soothport. Gathurst.,D eperaber 6th, 1900." THE NESTON & PARKGATE TTYC&EJ .ttC LAUNDRY & CLEANING UL COMPANY,. LIMITED. LAUNDRY MEN, DYERS & FRENCH CLEANERS. SHIRT S A". COLLARS A. SPECIALITY. Speci&L..Pri, ces.qpoted,foL- Hotels, Restaurants, and Institutions. All classos of DYEING & FRENCH CLEANING donn on.the xuostiimproved principles. GEN'.s AND LADIES' CLOTHS A SPECIALITY. Ouc YMn C°yect and, Deliver Brae in Birkenhead and District, West Kirby a-id Hovlate, Hooton and Brom. borough^ Littl-a Satton,,and Chester and District. PIUGE LISTS-SENT ON. APPLICATION. WORKS: NESTON, CHESHIRE. RECJMVING OFFICE Theatre -Bnildmgs, City Road, Chester. } PilDSARDUITON & SONS, COMPLETE "f?UNE.BAL FURNISHERS V ~|J AND COACH PROPRIETORS, 30, FRODSHAM-STREET, CHESTER, are prepared to supply Funerals Cheap-y than any other firm in the City, E. D. & Sons having, purchased a Select Stock of BELGIAN HORSES, splendid Glass and Closed HEARSES, Monrwus-s COACSSS, and Broughams. Pri-YAto Brougjiama supplied for Infants'; Fun E. D, h Sons take the ENTIRE liANAGE- MENT OF FUNERALS, in Town ca: Country, with, doe regard to Economy and i Coffins macla and delivered in Town or Countay at a faw hours' notice. All Coffins made on the Premisea.by Practical Workmen. [Infants' Einerals complete with a Pair-hcrse Coach from 16s. 1 ■ Hearses, Broughams, & Wedling Equicaeas ■ on Hire at. Moderate Charges. The Trede supplied with evary Requisite. PRIVATE ADDRESSES < 12. UNION WALK, adjoining Stables,; and, WEJILFIELD HOUSE, NEWTON. MANURE. BLOOD, BONE AND BtEAT. dB3 10/- Pau TON. £ 3 10s. per Ton net cash iu. November for 4-ton. lou, zC3 0& 11 „ 11 „ „ 14 days „ $1 Delivered free within 50 miles, at nearest railway station, in 4-toa lots IMPORTANT FACTS. This Manure is ona of the bst in the. market, and Farmers will do well to bear in mind that by using this Manure they are giviag back to the land what originally came from it. Last year we were obliged to stop our Ageats from booking orders, very early, and we had te refuse many owing to e extraordinary success of the manure the season before, aad last season was even a greater success. Intending customers therefore will do well to, obtain their supplies early, in order to prevent disappointment. Ask your neighbour what the results have been. We manufacture one Manure only. ONE. QUALITY, ONE SORT, ONE PRICE. We as$, the largest manufacturers of this par- ticular Manure in this country. R. W. CONNELL, Junr., & CO., Ltd, MANURE MANUFACTURERS, la-, SOUTH CASTLE-ST., LIVERPOOL. Telegraphic Address: Telephone 075 Phosphate," Liverpool. District Agent—MR. JOHN ARNOLD. QHJSGG FACTOR, FARNDON, CHKSHIR^