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REMARKABLE SUCCESSES OF CHESTER SPORT- ING DOGS. A remarkable sequence of victories has just fallen to the lot of two Chester sport- ing dog owners, Messrs. G. H. Moore and Sawyer. At the Bedford Park Recreation Grounds, Rock Ferry, on Monday, Messrs. Morton and Birchall gave zCl2 10s. to be coursed for under the usual conditions, the best of five rabbits. Mr. Moore, of Wellington- street, Newtown, Chester, won two shares in the division (between four) of the money through the fine killing and running abilities of his dog Juggler and the bitch Milliner. The pair ousted from the competition some of the smartest coursers in Lancashire. Next day (Tuesday) on the same grounds in a £ 7 10e. handicap the prize money was divided between Mr. Moore's General and Mr. Sawyer's Bad Luck—a dog that is shewing improved form of late. They won their ties in good style, although the luck of the draw favoured Bad Luck. REGULARITY AND PUNCTUALITY.—Tha silver medal for six years' perfect attendance given by the managers of the Chester College Day School has been won by Frank Lee, of Glad- stone-avenue. The boy had not been absent or late during the long period from 1895 to the close of 1900. TIME TRIES ALL. For over 50 years Hewitt's Boots have stood the test of time, and are still unsurpassed and unequalled. Abbey Gateway and next to Musio Hall.