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AUCTION DIARY. salea by MESSBS. CHURTON. BLPHIOX, BOBEKTS ft tilOHArtiJSON Jan. 8 & 9-At the Auction Mart, Foregste-st- Household Furniture and Effects Jan. 10—At 75, Carlton-terrace, Parkpte-road- Household Furniture acd Effeots Jan. 19-At the Groavesor Hotel-Engineering Works at Bagilit Jan. 19-At the Grosvwior Hotel-Dwelling-house and Land at Tarvin-road By MESSRS. JUNNAH A rtOBERffc. Jan. 7—At Shotton Cottage-Famiture, Horses, Carriages, lo. Jan. 8?A?? Cheater SmithHeld—Fat and Store Cattle Jan. 9 -it the Smithfield, Hooton Store Jan. 9-At Tattenhall-road Auction Mart-Fat Cafcle, Sheep, Pigs, and Calves Jan. l-At the tirosvenor Sale Booms, Newgate- jtreet, Cheater—Household Furniture J&i. 24—At Thingwall Farm, Woodchurch- Farming Stock Jan. 28-At Alvaaley Hall, Frodsham-Farming Stock, &c. By MESSRS. PICKERING ft NIGHTINGALE. Jan. 8-At Ermine Cattle Mart-Stock Jan 14-At the Mart, Flint—Cattle By MHo. J. P. CARTER. Jan. 8-At Park House, Parkgate Household Furniture and Effects Jan. 9-At Hootoa Smlthfield-Stock By MESSRS. ASTON ft SON. Jan. 8—At the City Auction Rooms-Furniture Jan. 16—At No. 1, Volunteer-street, Cheater- Household Furniture By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD ft SONS. Jan. 22, 23 & 24-At the North Wales Repository, Wrexham-Horses SALES BY AUCTION. r- r- On Tuesday and Wednesday Next. AUCTION MA T, FOEEGATE-STBEET, CHESTER. MESSES. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will ?jL SELL BY AUC nON, on TUESDAY and WEDNESD AY, January 8th and 9th, 1901, com- mencing at 11 o'clock a.m. punctually, a large and varied assortment of superior HOUSEHOLD FUR. NITURE and EFFECTS (removed for con- venience of sale), including walnut drawing-room suites, mahogany and walnut single and double- headed couches, lounging and single chairs, antique oak, mahogany, loo and other tables, several fine-toned full-compass cottage pianofortes, in walnut oases excellent mahogany secretary bookcase, with revolving front; antique oak and mahogany corner cupboards, mahogany combined chiffonnier and bookcase, convex mirror, china and other ornaments, gold and silver watches, oil paintings and engravings, photographic enlarging camera, superior walnut and satin walnut bedroom Buites, iron and brass French bedsteads, spring and wool mattresses, feather beds, mahogany and satin walnut wardrobes, Axminater, Brussels, and other carpets, linen, bicycles, kitchen utensils, wringing and mangling machines, and other effects. N.B.—Catalogues may be had from Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON, Auctioneers, Chester. On Thursday Next. No. 75, CARLTON TERRACE, PARKGATE- KOAD, CHESTER. MESSES. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. have received instructions from Charles Edward Lewis, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION, on THURSDAY, January 10th, 1901, commencing at 11 o'clock a.m. punctually, the Valuable HOUSEHOLD FUENITUEE and EFFECTS, including drawing-room suite, upholstered in American cloth; mahogany and stained loo and other tables, walnut inlaid Davenport, oak rocking chair, with carved back; brown oak hat and umbrella stand, with mirror at back Singer's treadle sewing machine, in excellent condition; fourteen days and regulator olocks, iron and brass bedsteads, spring, hair and wool mattresses, feather beds, polished birch dressing and wash tables, ash and mahogany chests of drawers, toilet services, Brussels and other carpets, linen and blankets, china dinner and tea services, curtains, roller blinds, wringing and mangling machine, kitchen requisites and other effects. TARVIN ROAD, CHESTER. Sale of a very Desirable Dwelling-house and Garden, situate in Chemistry-lane, off Tarvin- road. MESSES, CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, January 19th, 1901, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, subject to conditions— j The very Desirable Detached Freehold DWELL- ING-HOUSE, known as Lygnum Cottage," con- taining dining and drawing rooms, two kitchens and four good bedrooms, with cellar in basement; together with yard, coal-house, wash-house, and out-offices. The grounds are well laid out and comprise small lawn and large kitchen garden, planted with shrubs and fruit trees together with greenhouse, tool and poultry houses, with runs workshop, &c., containing in the whole 1,600 square yards or thereabouts. The house is in the occupation of the owner, Mr. Bentley Dean, and may be viewed any day between 12 and 4 o'clock. The property affords a site for the erection of one or more additional houses, and is well worthy of the attention of parties desiring a quiet and pleasant residence, or of builders. N.B.—Any further information may be had from the Auctioneers, Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS and RICHARDSON or Messrs. F. E. ROBERTS & Co., Solicitors, all of Chester. By Order of the Mortgagee. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Property, known as The Bagillt Engineering Works, together with the Dwelling-House, Cottage, Garden, Stabling and other Outbuildings, and Two Pieces of Valuable Land, situate at BAGILLT, FLINTSHIRE. MESSES, CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. have JLM. received instructions to SELL BY AUC- TION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, January 19th, 1901, at Three o'clock p.m. punctually, in One Lot and subject to conditions to be then produeed- The Valuable Freehold PROPERTY, known as THE BAGILLT ENGINEERING WORKS, also the Dwelling-House, Cottage, Garden, Stabling, Shippons and other Outbuildings, and Two Pieces of Valuable Land, situate between the River Dee and the London and North-Western Railway, the whole comprising an area of 5a. lr. 31p. or thereabouts. The Property is advantageously situated for carriage of goods by road, rail and water. It adjoins the Chester and Holyhead road and the London and North- Western Railway, from which there is a aiding into the works, which are also within easy reach of quays on the river Dee estuary. The Premises are well adapted for any manu- facturing business requiring extensive works and good traffic facilities. N.B.—The whole of the valuabie fixed Plant and Machinery may (if desired) be taken by the pur- chaser at a valuation, the amount of which will be named at the auction. Particulars with plan and inventory of the fixed Plant and Machinery, with orders to view, may be obtained from Messrs. SAXTON & SOS, Scjlcitors, 11, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C., S. HARLEY KOOOH, Esq., Solicitor, Shrewsbury; or the Auctioneers, Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK; ROBERTS & RICHARDSON, Chester. On TUESDAY NEXT, Jan. 8th, 1900. ERMINE CATTLE MART. CHESTER. p ICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL Jt. BY AUCTION— 750 Head of STOCK. Bacon Pigs badly wanted. Order of sale :-Calves at 11.15, Pigs at 12, and Cattle at 2 o'clock, followed by Sheep. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will hold their Jt. next SALE at the MAET, FLINT, on MONDAY, January 14th, 1901. ASTON & SON9 ks CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. These Rooms are always open to receive FURNITURE and other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terms moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales conducted in town or country. S. ASTON & SON, Auctioneers, &c.. Regent-street, Wrexham; Watergate-street, Chester. SALE FIXTURE. Tues., Jan. S Furniture Entries invited TUESDAY, January 8th, 1901. CITY AUCTION ROOMS. M ESSRS. ASTON & SON will SELL at the above rooms the usual collection of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising :—Satin walnut bedroom suite, walnut kitchen dresser, cheat and stand with bevel plate-glass and marble slab, saddlebag suite, suite in leather, round mahogany table, mahogany dining table, black- board and easel, settee, chest of drawers, sola and couches, brass and iron bedsteads, spring mattresses, feather and wool beds, wool and straw mattresses, dress basket, tarpaulin sheet, large quantity of Italian ornaments, kitchen and bed- room chairs, fenders and fire-irons, and the remainder of corrugated sheeting, together with the usual kitchen and scullery utensils. Sale to commence at 1.30 prompt. Auctioneers' OiNee:-14, Watergate-street. Chester. Telephone 59. Important Preliminary Notice. M SSES. ASTON & SON will SELL at No. on WZ.DNVOLUNTEER-STREET, CHESTER, the Hftn9p\^T> January 16th, 1901, the whole of some verj 01d VD FURNITURE, which contains Further Parti rniture. Further partway next week. Sale to commence a" 11 o'clock Auctioneers' Office' 0 C oc  Chtte. TeephSC5V 14' W'tWtMtwrt, < SALES BY AUCTION. On MONDAY NEXT, January 7th, 1901. Important Sale at SHOTTON COTTAGE, close to Shotton Station, and half-a-mile from Queen's Ferry Station. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are i'M favoured with instructions from the Exors. of the late Miss Davison to SELL BY AUCTION the Furniture, Horses, Carriages, Stock and Effects, including: — tiOi4"iES. Brown carriage mare, bay mare, 7 years old, 15bds. 2ins., quiet to ride and drive. CARRIAGES.—Handsome double brougham, Hooded park pheton. HABMiSj, etc., and stable utensils. STOCK. Two grand young dairy cows, yearling heifer, fat calf, three store pigs, 20 couples of fowls, etc.; two stacks of prime up land hay, about 13 tons. OUT-DOOR AND GARDEN EFFECTS. D&lttY UTENSILS, and the FURNITURE AND EFFECTS.—Rich Spanish mahogany sideboard, dinner wagon, eight dining chairs, telescope dining table, Chesterfield settee, easy chairs, mahogany bookcase, weathler glass, engravings, pictures, Wilton pile, Brussels, Ax minater and tapestry carpets, skin rugs, cottage pianoforte, pair of handsome antique girondoles, whatnots, pairs of curtains, brass and iron double and single bedsteads, and bedding, mahogany, walnut and painted bedroom suites, bedroom and kitchen furniture, utensils and effects, oak linen press, glass, china, dinner services, ice chest, flour bin, and miscellaneous effects. Sale to commence with Out-door Effects at Eleven o'clock and Household Furniture at One o'clock. Full particulars in catalogues, which may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS' Offices, Gros- veaor Buildings, Chester. On TUESDAY NEXT, at Eleven o'clock, at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSES. CUNNAH 4; ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CAT I'LE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES. Entries are respectfully solicited. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CATTLE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES at HOOTON SMITHFIELD, entries for which are respectfully solicited. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, Jan. 9th, at TATTEN- HALL ROAD AUCTION MART. MESSRS. CUNN AH ft ROBERTS will hold l'UL a SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP. PIGS, and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. Sale to commence at One o'clock prompt. On FRIDAY NEXT, January 11th. Sale of Household Furniture and Effects, at the GROSVENOR SALE ROOMS, NEWGATE- STBEET, CHESTER. MESSES, CUNNAH & ROBERTS are 1. IL favoured with instructions from T. Hamp- son, Esq., and others, to SELL BY AUCTION, an assortment of excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, removed for the convenience of Sale. The Furniture includes a handsome ebonised inlaid cabinet, well made ebonised sideboard, grandfather's clock, rosewood and walnut easy chairs, walnut drawing-room suite, six mahogany dining chairs, oak umbrella stand, two Chippendale arm chairs, old oak gate leg table, mahogany Pembroke table, mahogany arm chair, six oak single chairs and two arm chairs, seven valuable oil paintings, landscapes, figures, &e. mahogany and rosewood centre table, mahogany and oak corner cupboards, mahogany, deal, and kitchen tables, mahogany and painted chests of drawers, two oak linen chests, deal wardrobe, wood and iron bedsteads, feather beds, mattresses, mahogany duchesse dressing table, inlaid mahogany toilet chest of drawers, oak chest of drawers, tailoress's sewing machine (Singer's), and a quantity of books, pictures, and effects. Sale to commence at half-past One o'clock. On THURSDAY, January 24th, 1901. Important Sale of the Farming Stock and Effects at TH1NGWALL FARM, WOODCHUHCH, close to Storeton Station. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are favoured vi- with instructions from Mr. J. P. Briscoe (who is leaving the farm) to SELL BY AUCTION his HOBisES, CATTLE, IMPLEMENTS, CARTS, Gears. Mangolds, Turnips, Seed Oats, and Dairy Utensils and Effects. SALE at ALVANLEY HALL, on MONDAY, ks January 28th. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. ME. J. P. CARTER'S HOOTON STOCK ,Nl- SALE. Entries respectfully solicited. On TUESDAY NKXT, January 8, 1901, at PARK HOUSE, PARKGATE. MR. J. P. CARTER has been favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION the superior modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including six sets of brass and iron French bedsteads, with wire spring mattresses and wool beds large quantity of bed and table linen, birch washstands and toilet tables, single and double sets of gilt and white toilet ware, walnut dining room suite, in American cloth; rosewood drawing room suite, in silk tapestry fine toned full compass trichord cottage pianoforte, in hand- some ebonised and gilt case, by Gough and Co., London; Brussels carpets (nearly new), satin walnut wardrobe, with mirror door; carved walnut sideboard, bamboo furniture, valuable oil paintings and water colours, glass, china, cutlery, and miscellaneous effects. Sale to commence at 11.30 prompt. Catalogues may be had from the AUCTIONEERS' Offices, 2, Newgate-street, Chester. Telephone 323. Great OPENING SALES of the Twentieth Century in the NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. The Largest Horse Sales in the World 45 GUINEAS IN PRIZES. EEANK LLOYD & SONS invite entries for F TUESDAY, Jan. 22nd, HUNTERS and HARNESS HORSES. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 23rd, Small HORSES, COBS and PONIES. THURSDAY, Jan. 24th, HEAVY, LURRY and YOUNG HORSES. Entries finally close MONDAY, Jan. 14th. FRESH DAILY. TOMATO SAUSAGE. JOHN LITTLE & SONS. NOTICE. ARSENIC IN BEER. THE ALBION BREWERY QO., LIMITED, WIGAN, Have received the following Report and Certificate from the Public Analyst of the Boroughs of Wigan and Southport, whom they instructed to visit their Brewery to take samples of all A!es, Stouts and Brewing Materials. "I visited the Brewery of the Albion Brewery Company on November 27th, and took myself samples of Beer and Stout from stock in the cellars and from the brews in process of manu- facture, also ingredients used in the same. I Hereby Certify that all the samples were FREE FROM ARSENIC OR ANY OTHER DELE- TERIOUS MINERAL INGREDIENT. WK. JAS. ORSMAN. Public Analyst for Wigan and Southport. Gathurst, December 6th, 1900." EDGAR DUTTON & SONS, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS JJ AND COACH PROPRIETORS, 30, FRODSHAM-STREET, CHESTER, are prepared to supply Funerals Cheaper than any other firm in the City, E. D. & Sons having purchased a Select Stock of BELGIAN HORSES, splendid Glass and Closed HEARSES, MOURNING COACHES, and BROUGHAMS. Private Broughams supplied for Infants' Funerals. E. D. & Sons take the ENTIRE MANAGE- MENT OF FUNERALS, in Town or Country, with due regard to Economy and Taste. Coffins made and delivered in Town or Country at a few hours' notice. AU Lomns made on the Premises by Practical Workmen. [Infants' Funerals complete with a Pair-horse Coach from 16s.] Hearses, Broughams, & Wedding Equipages on Hire at Moderate Charges. The Trade supplied with every Requisite. PRIVATE ADDRESSES 12, UNION WALK, adjoining Stables; and WELLFIELD HOUSE, NEWTON. Established 1832. CART and LURRY TARPAULINS. LONG and LOIN CLOTHS or Horses, COAL and CORN SACKS, equal in price and quality to any in the kingdom. Ladders, Blocks, Pulleys, Rope of all sizes. Tents suitable for all purposes, Decorations if required. Prompt atten- tion to enquiries either for sale or hire of above.- Apply DAVIES & SONS, Crane-street, Victoria- road, aud 4, Coal Exchange, Chester. I PUBLIC NOTICES. INFORMATION WANTED of the Sons JL of EDWARD JONES. The said Edward Jones was the son of Robert Jones, of Crookwood, near Denbigh, and was for many years a Porter in an Ironmonger's shop in Chester. This was 30 or 40 years ago. Should this meet the eye of anyone knowing the whereabouts of the Son or Sons or Grandsons of the said Edward Jones will be thank- fully received by their cousin, and will be to their interesta.-Apply JOHN JONES, 24, Canterbury- street, Ashton-under-Lyne. 8549 GUILD OF WORK disposing of \JT exceptionally good PLAIN and FANCY WORK, and Handicrafts of every description, the work of poor and invalid gentlewomen, solicits the kind patronage of the Ladies of Chester and neigh- bourhood. Orders taken; Bazaars supplied; I Work sent on approval; Ladies own work finished. Strictly moderate prices. Work on view at present at 66, Westminster-road, Hoole, Chester. 8416 CHESTER TECHNICAL DAY SCHOOL, GROSVENOR MUSEUM. DR. ROBERT OLDFIELD'S SCHOLARSHIPS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ONE FREE SCHOLARSHIP at the above School, is open for Competition to Boys born in the Parish of St. Michael, Chester, but in default of fit Boys so qualified, the Scholarship will be freely and openly competed for by Boys born in the city of Chester. The Examination will be held on Tn URSDA. Y, January 10th, 1901, at 10 a.m. For Forms of Application, which must be filled in and returned not later than TUESDAY, January 8th, and for further particulars apply to HUBERT POTTS, Clerk to the Governors of Oldfield's Charity. Northgate House, Chester, Dec. 28, 1900. CITY A COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER. CHESTER CORPORATION TRAM- WAYS BILL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to the provisions of The Borough Funds Act, 1872" (35th and 36th Victoria, cap. 91), a SPECIAL MEETING of the COUNCIL of the City and County Borough of Cheater, being the Governing Body of the said City and County Borough, will be held in the COUNCIL CHAMBER, within the TOWN HALL, Northgate-street, Chester, on WEDNESDAY, THE 16TH DAY OF JANUARY, 1901, at Half-past Two o'clock in the afternoon, being not less than 14 days after the deposit of the above Bill in Parliament— To consider and determine on the propriety of the promotion by the Council in Parliament in the ensuing Session of the above Bill, entituled A Bill to confer powers on the Corporation of "Chester to reconstruct the existing Tramways in "the City of Chester; to construct additional Tramways in and adjacent to the City to work "Tramways; and for other purposes"; and the propriety of confirming the resolution passed at a meeting of the said Town Council, held on the 28th day of November, 1900, determining that applica- tion be made to Parliament for a Bill for the Eurposes aforesaid, and that the expenses in re- lation to the promotion thereof, be charged on the Borough Fund. Dated this 1st day of January, 1901. SAML- SMITH, Town Clerk. THE CHESTER UNITED GAS COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 65th Ordinary General Meeting of the Chester United Gas Company will be held at the Company's Offices, Cuppin-street, Chester, on THURSDAY, the Seventh day of February, 1901, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the transaction of the general business of the Company. Notice is Hereby Further Given that the Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from the 25th day of January instant until the 7th day of February next, both dates inclusive. And Notice is Hereby also Given that a Special General Meeting of the said Company will in accordance with the Standing Orders of Parlia- ment be held at the same place on the same day at 11.30 of the clock in the forenoon or so soon there- after as the business of the Ordinary Meeting of the Company to be previously held on that day shall have been concluded, for the purpose of con- sidering and if so determined of approving of the undermentioned Bill deposited in Parliament, namely :— A Bill for conferring further powers upon the Chester United Gas Company." Dated this third day of January, One Thousand Nine Hundred and One. JOHN GAMON, Chairman. JAMES PYE, Secretary. WALLASEY EMBANKMENT COMMISSION. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. COMMISSIONERS' ACCOUNTS. THE WALLASEY EMBANKMENT COM- TMISSIONERS HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that in accordance with the Provisions in that If behalf contained in "The Wallasey Embankment Act, 1864," and the Clauses of The Com- missioners' Clauses Act, 1847," therewith incor- porated, the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Commissioners will be held at the WOODSIDE HOTEL, BIRKENHEAD, on FRIDAY, the 25th day of January instant, at the hour of Three of the clock in the afternoon, at which Meeting the Accounts balanced up to the 24th December last will be finally examined and settled by the Commissioners, and if the same be found just and true, will be allowed by the Commissioners and certified accordingly, under the hand of the Chairman of the said meeting. And the Commissioners FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that they have caused a full and true Statement and Account to be printed of the amount of all Kates or Assessments made, and ot all con- tracts entered into, and of all Money received and expended by virtue of the said Acts, or either of them, or by virtue of The Wallasey Embankment Act, 1894," during the preceding year, and also of all Debts then owing by the Commissioners, and that the same lie at the Office of Mr. William Calthrop Thorne, the Clerk of the said Commis- sioners, at the Dock Office, Revenue Buildings, in the City of Liverpool, ready for the inspection of the Creditors and Ratepayers, or other parties interested therein. Dated this 2nd day of January, 1901. W. C. THORNE, Clerk to the said Commissioners. TRANSVAAL WAR. ks OLDIERS' RELIEF FUND. SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ a. d. Assay Office Staff (60th donation) 13 3 Chester Chronicle Staff (61st donation). 0 10 0 Employees of W. & F. Brown & Co. and Brown & Co. (weekly) 0 2 1 Staff of Chester Courant and Observer (weekly) 0 2 0 Employees of Mowle & Meacook (weekly) 0 10 0 Employees of Guest & Wardle (weekly). 0 2 9 Employees of G.W. Ely. Looo. & Carriage Dept. (weekly). 110 Employees of Wm. Williams, Halkyn-road (19th don.). 2 10 0 Employees of L. & N.-W. Railway Loco. Dept. (3 weeks) 0 10 6 Employees of Postal Telegraphs,Engineer- ing Branch (42nd donation) 1 6 5 Shrubsole & Son (two weeks) 0 4 0 Mungo (weekly) 0 16 Employees of Hy. Vernon (4th don.) 14 6 0 Employees of Wm. Vernon (6 weeks) 211 5 The above Fund is now Closed, by order of the Committee. J. H. LAYBOURNE, Hon. Secretary. Town Hall, Chester, 4th Jan., 1901. THE CHESTER & NORTH WALES PERMANENT INVESTMENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. TO BUYERS OF PROPERTY OR PERSONS DESIROUS OF BUILDING. The above Society makes ADVANCES to enable persons TO BUILD HOUSES OR TO PURCHASE PROPERTY. THE SCALE OF REPAYMENTS HAS BEEN CONSIDERABLY REDUCED, SO THAT THE INTEREST PAYABLE IS LESS THAN FOR- MERL Y, and is charged only on the actual monthly balance remaining due. Prospectuses and Forms of Application for Advances may be obtained from the Secretaries. TO INVESTORS. Persons desirous of becoming Investing Share- holders may take up Shares at any time. PiTMEirTS—2s. 6d. per Share per Month, until the Shares are paid up (£25 each). INTEREST—3 i per cent. per annum allowed. BoNUS divided between Borrowing and Investing Shareholders yearly, in cash. Money received on Deposit at 3i per Cent. Interest, subject to one month's notioe.-Apply to MR. J. DODD, 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester, 8528 Secretary. TRUSSES! TRUSSES! J. W. HUKE, Being theoretically and practically acquainted with the nature and treatment of HERNIA, keeps always in Stock, or makes to Measure with the least possible folay, TRUSSES of every descrip- tion and quality, adjusting and fitting them with the greatest care. J W. HUKE, CHEMIST, THE DISPENSARY, 89, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER UNDER MOST DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. GRAND TRADES AND DOMESTIC EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL, CHESTER, TUESDAY, JAN. 1, TO FRIDAY, JAN. 11, INCLUSIVE. OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. TO 9.30 P.M. GRAND EXHIBIT OF JOHN WRIGHT & CO'S CELEBRATED EUREKA99 COOKERS & GAS HEATING APPARATUS. GAS FIRES SUITABLE FOR DINING, DRAWING & BEDROOMS, ALSO OFFICES, SHOPS, CHURCHES, &c. THE "EUREKA" COOKER CAN BE HIRED FROM THE CHESTER GAS COMPANY AT VERY LOW QUARTERLY RENTALS. FULL PARTICULARS AT THE EXHIBITION. ASK FOR OUR CATALOGUE. ADMISSION FREE. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S FITTED TOILET BAGS, LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S DRESSING CASES. WRITING AND LETTER CASES AND PURSES, PORTMANTEAUS, BAGS, TRUNKS, HAT CASES & FLASKS, AND ALL TRAVELLING REQUISITES, IN ALL QUALITIES AND PRICES, RIDING AND SHOOTING GAITERS. SHOW ROOMS ABOVE SHOP. SHUTTLEWORTH & SONS, PORTMANTEAU, BAG & FOOTBALL MANUFACTURERS, 40, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. VISIT THE FOR VALUE, STYLE AND QUALITY. PIONEER COMPLETE FURNISHING STORES, 9 TO 19, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. 50 SHOW ROOMS. THREE FURNISHED HOUSES SHEWN COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES FREE. FINEST SHOW OUT OF LONDON. All Purchases of 40/- and upwards are Delivered Free to any Railway Station in Great Britain. ABSTRACT OF THE ACCOUNTS OF THE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF TARVIN FOR THE HALF-YEAR ENDED 30TH SEPTEMBER, 1900. RECEIPTS. £ a. d. £ a. a. d. Balance brought forward 1322 5 81 Balance brought forward on loan account 2136 16 5 Contributions from Overseers: For General Expenses. 1792 0 0 For Special Expenses 250 0 0 Grant under Agri- cultural Rates Act, 1896 Amount applio- able to General Expenses 508 6 51 Amount applio- able to expenses separately charged on con- tributory places 6 6 ol —————— 514 12 6 Other receipts 24 10 7 -2581 3 1 1 R6040 5 21 PAYMENTS. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ a. d. In respect of Highways:- Maintena n c e and Repair of Roads 2082 15 81 Improvement of Roads. 42 16 3 Salaries. 82 18 0 Total Pay- ments in respect of Highways -2208 9 11J Sewerage Works 1 3 0 Waterworks 37 0 0 Maintenance of Patients 18 14 0 D i s i nfectants, &c 2 10 0 Notification of Infectious Diseases 17 6 Fees for Lists of Births and Deaths 0 19 2 Under the Ele- mentary Edu- cation (Blind and Deaf Children) Act 11 0 1 Repayments of Loans and Interest on Loans 165 14 0 Salaries. 182 5 0 Est ablishment Charges 55 11 7 Election Expenses. 10 5 3 —————— 486 9 7 —————— 2694 19 6! E x p e n d i ture defrayed out of Loans:— W a t erworks 1431 11 5 4126 10 111 Balance at the end of the Half-year 1208 9 3 Balance at the end of the half-year on Loan Account 705 5 0 X6040 5 2J H. GRANT BAILEY, Clerk to the Council. Crypt Chambers, Chester, 13th January, 1901. E. DALE, CHESTER AND CARNARVON, FOR Ox HIGHEST CLASS HIBE SYSTEM AND OR CASH. LOWEST Illustrated Catalogue sent Frai on application. COMPETITIVE — PRICES V X PIANOS PRICES From 101- Hoitklj IN ORGANS From 5/- MontWy y All Instruments Delivered Free axchanged if aot approved of | I AV7 and warranted for 10 years. TUNING & REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. Orders by Post receive prompt attention. HEAD OFFICE SHOWROOMS- 51, BRIDGE-ST. ROW, CHESTER. A CCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS., JlX. RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, Insured against, and FIDELITY BONDS granted by the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSUR- ANCE COMPANY. Established 1849. Claims paid £ 4,150,000. 64. COBNHILL, LONDONf A. VIAN, Secretary. AGENTS Chester. Mr. J. J. CUNNAH, Grosvenor Buildings. Mr. J. E. HASWBLL, Corn Merchant. (Agents required in unrepresented Districts.) PHCENIX FIRE OFFICE, -L 19, LOMBARD STREET, AND 57, CHARING CROSS, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1782. LOWEST CURRENT RATES. LIBERAL AND PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. ASSURED FREE OF ALL LIABILITY. ELECTRIC LIGHTING RULES SUPPLIED. AGENTS AT CHESTER: MESSRS. BROWN & DOBIE, Solicitors. MR. WM. HENRY CHURTON. Solicitor. MR. J. M. NICHOLSON, Solicitor, Cathedral Chambers. EDUCATIONAL. I T HE KING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. HEAD MASTER: REV. J. T. DAVIES, M.A. NEXT TERM begins on WEDNESDAY, January 16th, 1901, at 9 a.m. Candidates for entrance to attend at 11 o'clock. For prospectus and further particulars apply to the Clerk, Mr. F. B. MASON, 7, St. Werburgh- street, Chester. Boarders taken by the Rev. J. R. FULLER. The Head Master will attend at the School on TUESDAY, January 15th, 1901, from 11 to 12 o'clook, to interview parents. CHESTER SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART. The different departments will RESUME Work as followsi:— AT THE GROSVENOR MUSEUM. The Evening Science, Technical, and Commercial Classes and Art School will Re-open on MONDAY, 7th January. DOMESTIC DEPARTMENT, CASTLE-ST. These Classes Re-commence on MONDAY, January 7th. The Evening Continuation School for Boys will Re-open at St. John's School, Vicars-lane, on MONDAY, 7th January. Further particulars may be obtained from JOHN DODD, Clerk to Governing Body. TECHNICAL DAY SCHOOL, -L GROSVENOR MUSEUM. FEES J61 13s. 4d. per term for boys residing within the city; 92 per term for boys residing without the city. The School ILE-OPENS on 8th January, 1901. Prospectuses and full information may be obtained from the Head Master, Mr. JOHN A. MCMICHAKL, B.A., B.Sc.; or JOHN DODD, Clerk to Governing Body. WIRRAL HOUSE SCHOOL, VT CHESTER. TERM BEGINS January 15th. THE COLLEGE SCHOOL, CHESTER. NEW AND HANDSOME BUILDINGS. A HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL UNDER GOVERNMENT INSPECTION. HEAD MASTER: MR. A. E. LOVELL, M.A.. Lond., Master of Method and Lecturer on Education in the Training College. CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS MR. J. B. HALL, Art Teacher's Certificates, S. Kensington; MR. 1. RAILTON, from the Central Higher Grade School, Leeds; MR. R. ESPLIN. TERM BEGINS 7TH JANUARY. Boys admitted at any time. Fee: 6d. week. Parents and others interested in education who would like to see the boys at work in the New School will be cordially welcomed by Mr. Lovell during the month of January. FRENCH CONVERSATIONAL t CLASSES are conducted by PROFESSOR MEUNIER (Officier d'Academie); French Master at Arnold House School; author of Colloquial French," in the KING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER, every WEDNESDAY EVENING. Elementary Class, 6-45; Intermediate, 7-45; Advanced, 8-45. FEE: 21/- per term of three months. Pupils may attend the three classes for the above fee. NEXT TERM, January 9th. Prospectus from Mr. RUBY. the King's School. N.B.-Two PRIVATE CLASSES for LADIES are held at Mrs. BIBBY'S, Main-street, Frodsham, every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Beginners, 2-30; Advanced, 3-30. FEE 31/6 per term of three months. 8479 ELLESMERE COLLEGE, Shropshire. Trustees THE MARQUIS OF SALISBURY, K.G., SIR OFFLEY WAKEMAN, BART., H. MARTIN GIBBS, ESQ. A Church of England Public School which will accommodate 200 boarders. The School is healthily situated in the most beautiful part of Shropshire. A boy's expenses need not exceed P,9 9a. a. term. Oxford Local Examination. A large playground. Swimming bath. Cadet Corps. Lent Term begins 25th January. For illustrated prospectus, apply to the Head- master, Rev. R. BEVISS THOMPSON, M.A. THE QUEEN'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. SPRING TERM will begin on TUESDAY, January 22nd. For Prospectus, information about Boarding Houses, etc., apply to the HEADMISTRESS, who will be at home to visitors on Monday, January 21st, both morning and afternoon. THE CHESTER HIGHER GRADE JL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, H U N T E R S T B E E T Will RE-OPEN on MONDAY NEXT, January 7th, 1901. PARK VIEW, THE BARS.—SCHOOL for GIRLS. REMOVED from 128 to 134, Foregate-street. NEXT TERM commences Jan. 21st. Principal, Miss LEATON, assisted by an efficient staff of Teachers. Visiting Masters for German, Book-keeping, Mathematics, and Elocu- tion. Kindergarten for Children under seven. STONE VILLA, Hoole, Chester.- k3 DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS-The MISSES MORCOM will Resume Duties on THURSDAY, the 17th January, 1901. 8531 COLWYN BAY. \J WILTON HOUSE SCHOOL. Resident Pupils re-assemble on Jan. 21st, 1901. MRS. and Miss MORRIS, Principals. MISS AMY RIGBY, Teacher of JUJL PIANOFORTE, Singing, Violin, and Mandoline, RESUMES LESSONS January 7th. Pupils prepared for Trinity College and other local exams. Schools visited. Terms apply 27, Seller-street, Chester. 8552 MISS F. M. MEESON. Associate JjH- in Music of Trinity Collge, London, Silver and Bronze Medallist of the London Academy of Music, Senior Royal Academy of Music, is open to give LESSONS in the following subjects:— Piano, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, and Singing. Schools and Private Families attended. For Terms apply DALE'S Music Shop, 51, Bridge- street Row. Lessons in Harmony and Counterpoint by Correspondence. 8557 D A:N C I N G. ME S DAM E S EDWARDS and MAJOR will RESUME their SENIOR CLASSES at the NEWGATE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on WEDNESDAY, January 9th, and the CHILDKEN'S CLASS on SATURDAY, January 12th inst. Private lessons by arrange- ment.—For particulars apply to Mr. CHAPMAN, 8, St. Werburgh-street. 8564 ANEW PRACTICAL GUIDE A TO FRENCH PRONUNCIATION," BY L. B. MEUNIER. PHILIP, SON & NEPHEW. (1/-). is remarkably masterly. "-Bducatio?ial News. will enable English pupils to avoid, at least, the worst blunders. "-Glasgow Herald. M. Meunier has been entirely success- ful.Liverpoot Daily Post. 8480 SHIPPING. ORIENT LINE TO AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, TASMANIA, CALLING AT FREMANTLE FOB THE WEST AUSTRALIAN GOLDFIELDS. From LONDON & PLYMOUTH every Fortnight* ( F. GREEN & CO. Manager8, ANI)ERSUN, ANDERSON & CO. Head Offices: FENCHURCH AVENUE, LONDON For passage apply to the latter firm at 5, Fen- church Avenue, E.C., or at the West End Branch Office, 16, Cockspur-street, S. W. MANURE. BLOOD, BONE AND MEAT. JE3 10/- PER TON. RZ 10s. per Ton net cash in November for 4-ton lots. £3 Os. 14 days 11 11 11 Delivered free within 50 miles at nearest railway station, in 4-ton lots. IMPORTANT FACTS. This Manure is one of the best in the market, and Farmers will do well to bear in mind that by using this Manure they are giving back to the land Zli?tg originally came from it. Last year we were obliged to stop our Agents from booking orders, very early, and we had te refuse many owing to the extraordinary success of the manure the season before, and last season was even a greater success. Intending customers therefore will do well to obtain their supplies early, in order to prevent disappointment. Ask your neighbour what the results have been. We manufacture one Manure only. ONE QUALITY, ONE SORT, ONE PRICE. We are the largest manufacturers of this par- tioular Manure in this country. R. W. CONNELL, Junr., & CO., Ltd. MANURE MANUFACTURERS, 10, SOUTH CASTLE-ST., LIVERPOOL. Telegraphic Address Telephone 075 "Phosphate," Liverpool. District Agent—MR. JOHN ARNOLD, CHEESE FACTOR, FARNDON, CHESHIRE. LOST. LOST, on Saturday afternoon, Lady's small jj Gold Keyless GENEVA WATCH. Finder taking same to POLICE OFFICE, Chester, will be rewarded. 8518 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS p OF THE FOLLOWING CLA88BB :— HousES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the following rates Not Exceeding Twenty Words— ONB INSERTION 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THRBE INSERTIONS 21- Not Exceeding Thirty-Five Words— ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- WANTED. WANTED, YOUNG LADY ASSISTANT to I V Gloves and Lace, &c.-Apply J. Ap PLILTON, Bridge-street Row. 8526 YOUTH, WANTED, as Apprentice. Wages. JL No premiam.-STANLEY EDWARDS, Hosier, The Cross. 8603 C ONFECTIONERY. WANTED, IN-DOOR APPRENTICE to learn business; small premium.-432, New Chester-road, Rock Ferry. W ANTED, Situation as LADY HELP or VV Companion; good at needlework.-Address P 51, Observer Office. 8551 'r? RESSMAKING.-APPRENTICES WANTED Dfor the Dressmaking. — Apply BICHARD JONES, Bridge-street. |T|TANTED, a well-educated BOY as an W Apprentice to the Office. Apply to W. & F. BROWN & Co. 8535 C HESTER.-WANTED, a HOUSE, near the Northgate; rent not to exceed 919.-Addreas J 48, Observer Office. 8524 WANTED. Two well-educated YOUTHS as Apprentices to Chemist and Photographic Dealer.-GBoRGE KBMP. Bridge-street. 8510 PABTMENTS WANTED by young man. State full particulars to H 53, Observer Uffice. 8556 w ANTED, good PLAIN SEWERS. Constant T V work.—Apply to the MANAGER, Northgate Factory, Delamere-street. 8568 OOD GENEBAL SERVANT W ANTED-: light work, good wages.—Address P 51, Observer Office. 8572 WANTED, an APPRENTICE for the Mil- VV linery Showroom. Apply to JOSEPH BECKETT & Co., Chester. WANTED, a GIRL, 14 or 15; fond of children. W —Apply Mrs. STOCKTON, 103A, Christleton- road. 8488 WANTED, at onoe, strong, healthy GIRL, W about 18, as Nursemaid; fond of children. Good character.—20, Curzon Park, Chester. 8485 WANTED, to PURCHASE HOUSE in Vv Chester, within a mile of the Cross. Rental value about 230 per annum.—.Address B 61, Observer Office. 8525 AN Architect, old-established, and in good Apr"tice, has a Vacancy in his office for a well-educated YOUTH, as Pupil.—Address J 42, Observer Office, Chester. TEAMSMAN WANTED; must be sober, good Tploughman; one used to marketing preferaed. —Apply JAMES SCOTBON, Holt Farm, Gateacre, Liverpool. 8527 WANTED, a LADY HELP, for Gentleman's I V family, one child, in the neighbourhood of Birkenhead.-State age, references, and salary expected, to S 46, Observer Office. -1 -0- WANTED, Young LADY of pleasing manners VT and appearance for Shop, and to help generally.—The "Chancellor" Cafe, 29, City- road. ISS SHERRATT Servants' Registry Office, 2& 41, St. Anne-street, Chester.—Farm Servants Kitcbenmaid, and several Generals Required immediately. 8566 OVERNESS (dipléE;,tifict;d'ge 22), G desires a DAILY ENGAGEMENT in a school or private family.—Address F 71, Observer Office. 8540 WANTED, by Lady Day, a HOUSE, about V V two or three miles from Chester, containing three sitting-rooms and five or s ix bedrooms.— A. B., Hampton Croft, Malpas. 8520 APPBENTICE to the PRINTING TRADE, Aabout 14 years of age. Must have had eood education. Apply personally Observer Office, Chester. WANTED, at once, a smart YOUTH for W Stable; experienced with horses. Good character indispensable.—Address, stating wages required, to W 54, Observer Office. ANTED, a YOUNG MAN, 19 to 21 years of W age. Wages 18/ must be accustomed to cart-horses and farm-work generally.—Apply P., Edenhurst, Roby, Liverpool. 8537 WANTED, good MACHINISTS; constant  work and good wages. Hours: 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.—Apply to MANAGER, Northgate Fac- tory, Delamere-street. 8567 COACHMAN or GROOM & COACHMAN.- C Married Man. with excellent character, requires above Situation.—Apply to JAS. TURBKTT, Field House, Chester. 8538 WANTED, WOMAN to take in small family's W Washing. State price per dozen, which must be low.—Apply by letter to L 28, Observer Office. 8550 WAN'Í'-ED-i;ediatelY:-J uorËgi-os8ing WCLERK in solicitor's office. One with knowledge of shorthand preferred. — Address, stating age, &c., to Lex," Observer Office. LATEB BROTHERS REQUIRE 50 YOUNG WOMEN, plain sewers; good wages, con- stant employment.—Apply at the office, Water- gate Bow. 8571 REQUIRED. a GOVERNESS (Daily) for JLXl School, to prepare for the Locals. State lowest salary. Also a YOUNG LADY, aged about 15 or 16 (with some knowledge of teaching) for juiaiors.-D 77, Observer Office. 8560 ANTED, at Chester, a Detached or Semi" V V detached HOUSE, with two or three sitting- rooms, five bedrooms, bath, etc. Small garden. Hoole-road preferred.—Particulars to W. & F. BROWN & Co., Eastgate Row, Chester. 8541 BOY WANTED to deliver Milk and make him- Baelf generally useful; one used to horses preferred. Must be thoroughly trustworthy.— Apply to G. ARCHER, 13, Prescot-street (Faulkner- street), Hoole. 8525 CORKS.—AGENT with good selling power and connection WANTED. Good commission. First-class value given to customers and prompt execution of orders. Splendid opening for energetic salesman.—Address K 34, care Charles Birchall, Ltd., Liverpool. 8545 MBS. BED'S Registry, Abbey Buildings, I Chester.—WANTED, Cooks (X14 to £40), Generals, Waitresses, Head and Under-Nurses (LIO to X28), Kitchen and Scullery-maids, Hotel Servants, Cook for Hydro (£25), Useful Maid for Invalid Lady, Housemaid Waitress (910 to X22), Vessel Cleaners and Housemaids (good wages), Lady's Maid (two ladies, X24), Three Teamsmen (10s. per week). Farm Lads, Usefnl Assistant for Hotel, Under-Servants. Experienced Laundress Disengaged. Experienced Dairymaid. 8561 CHESTER UNION. FEMALE ASSISTANT. WANTED, a FEMALE ASSISTANT in the V V Imbecile Wards at this Union Workhouse. Salary E22 per annum, increasing zEl per annum to a maximum of X25, with the usual rations, washing, and residence. The appointment will be subject to one month's notice from either side, and to the provisions of the Poor-Law Officers Superannuation Act, 1896. Applications, in the handwriting of the can- didates, stating age, past and present occupations, and accompanied by three testimonials of recent date, to be sent to me not later than 10 a.m. on FRIDAY, the 11th inst. By Order, WILLIAM TUBNOCK, Forest House, Chester, Clerk. 2nd January, 1901. AGNIFICENT CYCLE RIDING SCHOOL. Please note our School is Open all the year round for Pupils. Particulars and reasonable terms on application. A. WENTWORTH, CENTRAL CYCLE WORKS AND RIDING SCHOOL, COW-LANE BRIDGE, CHESTER. POSTS IN THE CIVIL SERVICE (MALE AND FEMALE) SECURED BY OPEN COMPETITION. CLERKSHIPS in LIVERPOOL POST OFFICE (Age 15 to 18). CLERKSHIPS in WAR OFFICE, BOARD of TRADE, &c. (Age 17 to 20). ASSISTANTSHIPS of CUSTOMS (Age 18 to 21) ASSISTANTSHIPS of EXCISE (Age 19 to 22). Permanent Employment. Promotion by Merit. The most obscure Youth may by his Ability rise to the Highest Post in the Service. Candidates are successfully prepared for the Examinations by Correspondence as well as in the Special Day and Evening Classes. The SECBETAEY of SKERRY'S COLLEGE, 5, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL, will, on application, send "Civil Service Guide" free. R. J. & H. ELLIS, PLAIN AND DECORATIVE HOUSE PAINTERS, CHURCH DECORATORS, GILDERS, SIGN WRITERS, PAPERHANGERS. OFFICE :— I 60, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. ESTABLISHED ¡859.. ) TO BE LET. WI L L I A M E. BROWN, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, 39, PEPPER STktEET. CHESTER. TO BE LET:— 66, Brook-street, House and Shop. Bent £ 36. 82, Tarvin-road, two sitting and four bedrooms, bath, &o. -itent;C26. 40, Bridge-street Eow, convenient House. Rent, 927. Several offices, 84, Nortbgate-street. Mara Villa, Dee Banks; two sitting and four bedrooms, garden and stable. 27, Garden-lane, House and Shop. Rent X19. Union Hall, Foregate-street, Rooms for btorage and Workshops, &e. TO BE SOLD:— Valuable Building Lanu at Hoole, and Dwell-, ing-houses in various parts of the city. J OHN ROGERS, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, & INSURANCE AGENT, 84, NOETHGATE-SX., CHESTER. TO BE LET: Bent. 11, Lorne-street, South three entertain- ing, six bedrooms, bath, &c. 8, Lumley-road (off Liverpool-road) £30 Chichester-street (Furnished) House and Shop, Garden-lane £25 10, Lorne-street, South; two entertain- ing, four bedrooms, bath, &c. 3, Pearl Villas, Pearl-lane, Tarvin-road.. 6f6pr. wk. Office, 84, Northgate-street (now Church of England Temperance Society) £ 12. 'Central Office, The Bars 4, Ash Grove, Wrexham-road; two enter- taining, five bedrooms, bath, stable, garden (to be Let or Sold; key at No. 6) 26, Middle Crane-street. 105, Garden-lane, Chester Tarvin-road, Chester £18. Christleton-road, Chester 120 SEVERAL COTTAGES in Bdughton. Rente, o 3s. 6d. per week.—Apply to Mr. W. E. BROWN, Estate Agent, 39, Pepper-street. 8570 110 LET, Comfortable BEDEOOM and JL SIFTING-ROUMS; beautiful scenery; healthy neighbourhood. Terms moderate.-S., 3, Sealand-road. 8500 N' ICE HOUSE, all modern conveniences; two -N sitting-rooms. Open country at rear; small garden in front. Only t;18.-Apply Soap aud Oil Stores, 82, Brook-street, Chester. 5915 POST OFFICE, HELSBY. Comfortable P SITTING and BEDROOM TO L £ T, suit- able for one or two gentlemen, with or without board, near to station no children. LODGINGS for one or two working men; L separate bedrooms, no children. Terms 4/- each.—Apply 4, Bishop Lloyd's Palace, Watergate- street Row. 8542 BOLD SQUARE, CHESTEE.-TO BE LET,, J.) pleasantly situated and desirable HOUSE, two sitting and four bedrooms, w.c.-Addreas G. H. BROWN, 24, Newgate-street. TIO LET (Furnished), close to Chester, comfort- Table Detached b.UU; two sitting, four bedrooms, stable, garden, and greenhouse. Small paddock. Linen and plate if required. immediate possession.—Apply RAMSGATE V ILLA., Tarvin-road. f 110 LET, Furnished, a Superior SUITE  OF TROUMS, viz., large drawing-room, dining- room, breakfast-room, bath-room, &c., with several bedrooms; divided if wished, electric light.— 98, Watergate Flags. 8494 rjpO LE'i\ FURMSHED?KOOMS, with entire Tuse of kitchen if de&ired; bath, h. and c. Nice open situation, 15 minutes' walk from Cross. Low terms. Address W 53, Observer Office, Chester. 8574 TO BE LET, theFully-Licesed INN, called Tb' The Old vVoolpacK," situated in Nortbgate- street, Chester, and close to the Market.—For particulars apply, between 3 and 6 p.m., te "PLEVNA," Hooie-road, Chester. APARTMENTS TO LET, comfortable sitting- room, with one or two bedrooms; bath, h. and c. two minutes from station. Terms moderate; good locality. Mrs. YORK, 13, Halkyn-road, Chester. 8496 TO BE LET-'t Christmas, STONE VILLA7' TCheyney-road, Chester, containing three entertaining-rooms, five bedrooms, kitchen, hot and cold water, w.c., wash-house, greenhouse, large garden. Rent £ 40.—Apply F. TURNER, Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. rpO BE LET, or SOLD, "THE LIMES," JL Christleton-road, Chester, containing three large entertaining-rooms, seven bedrooms, bath- room and w.c., kitchen, scullery, three pantries, stabling for two horses, shippon, and coach-house, the whole standing on about one acre of garden land, laid down with choice fruit trees. Also greenhouse with heating apparatus.—For further particulars apply on the premises. 8445 TO BE SOLD. FOE SALE, RALLI CAR, Welsh PONY, and FHA,KNESS complete. Owner going abroad. —Apply Mrs. PRICE, Liverpool House, Broughton. A Quantity of Old RAILWAY SLEKPEES to be had cheap.—Apply ERNEST GRIFFITH, 3A, Coal Exchange, Chester. TURNIPS.—FOE SALE, about 40 tons of good Teound SWEDE TURNIPS.-Apply any time C. M. NICHOLSON, The Willows, Mollington. 8530 BEST ENGLISH PEAT MOSS. Four ?ons Bdelivered any station.-EBRINGTON, George- street, Chester. 8544 IX-ROuMED HOUSE TO BE SOLD by ks Private Treaty.—Apply 21a, Tarvin-road, Chester. 8554 IF you want any SEED POTATOES, Garden JL Seeds, Flower Seeds, Seed Wheat, Oats, Barley, Turnip and Mangel Seeds, Clover and Grasses, go to ERRINGTON, George-street, Chester. S PAR GRAVEL, for garden walks. Brixton and Welsh LIMW, for Building, Plastering, & RO-BT. W. KILLON, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 8464 P IANUFORTES, second-hand, rosewood case, JL. full compass, by" Ralph Allison." Walnut, case, seven octaves; bargains.—ROBOTHAM'S, 78, Northgate-street, Chester. 8559 CHRISTMAS AND WEDDING PRESENTS, Brass and Copper Goods, Cutlery and Electro-plated Articles, Lamps, and Coal Vases.— J. E. NEWMAN, Ironmonger, 12, Bridge-street, Chester. BUILDING LAND.-TO BE SOLD by Private BTreaty, a very eligible piece of Building Land, containing about 1,118 square yards, situate at Cambrian-view, and having an extensive frontage to Saughall-road and Granville-road.— For particulars apply to Messrs. LOCKWOOD and SONS, Architects, or to Messrs. SHARPE, DAVISON and SHARPE, Solicitors, all of Chester. To Working Men, Winter Riders, and Others. —Avoid further Puncture Troubles by riding our Popular CUoHION-TYRED SAFETIES; these are strong serviceable well-finished machines, constructed to take pneumatic wheels if required, complete lamp, bag, bell, tools, &c, £ 5 10s. On view in our windows.—A. WENTWORTH, Central Cycle Works, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. TO BUILDERS, INVESTORS & OTHERS.- FOR SALE, in lots to suit purchasers, about 8 acres of Valuable Freehold BUILDING LAND, situate near Queen's Ferry, having a frontage to Chemistry-lane, also adjacent to the Chester and Holyhead Railway and close to Messrs. Willans and Robinson's new iron works.—Particulars may be had, and plans inspected, upon application to Mr. EMANUEL L. SMITH, Surveyor, 14, St. Wer- burgh-street, Chester. -11 r GALVANISED CORRUGATED IRON ROOFING. 1,000 TONS ALWAYS IN STOCK. 6 Feet long x 2 Feet wide = 7 Sheets per Cwt. 7 u x >» it =6 8 "x "It = 5 „ „ 12/- PER CWT. NETT ON RAILS. BURNELL & CO., LTD., IUONWOKKB, ELLESMERE PORT. CHESHIRE. MISCELLANEOUS. KNIVES, FORKS, SPOONS, TEA URNS, &c. JEL FOR HIRE. Terms moderate.—CHAS. G. SSHAW, Ironmonger, 20, Eastgate-street. Tele- phone 244. d_U, 8474 YOUR FUTURE.—Brief Astrological Delinea- JL tion by letter. State birth date. Enclose Is. P.O. and stamped addressed envelope.- GAGic, 24, Wrenthem-street, Birmingham. 8546 T>ELIABLE WRINGING and MANGLING _t? MACHINES, at a reasonable price.- CHARLES G. SHAW, 20, Eastgate-street. Telephone 244. 8562 PULLIN'S, 77 and 79, Brook-street, Furniture JL Dealer and Undertaker.-FOR SALE, beautiful 6ft. Walnut Sideboard, Harmonium, and other Furniture. Bargains. 8569 WEINGING MACHINES, new and second- W hand. Rollers Turned Up. All kinds of Repairs to Mangles.—HASELDBN, Wood Turner and Mangle Roller Maker, Delamere-street, Chester. 8457 RICHABDSON, TAILOR. GENTLEMEN'S t CLOTHING CLEANED, Altered, Repaired, Turned. Own Materials Made-up.—RICHARDSON'S, 33, Grosvenor-street. Wonderful Trousers made to Measure, 6/11. 8458 NEW YEAR PEESENTS. CUTLERY, NUmbrellas, and Walking Sticks. Highest quality at lowest prices.—COTGREAVE, 36, Lower Bridge-street, Chester, and 21, Phillip-street, Hoole. 8501 WANTED, CYCLISTS TO KNOW that J. E. W BEAfcSEY & SON, Chester, have added an ENAMELLING STOVE to their Cycle Repair Shop, and are prepared during the Winter months to do Enamelling, Plating, and Overhauling Cycles on special terms. n AT POISON.-Amongst the many prepara- i tions now offered for the Destruction of Rats, Mice, Moles, etc., Sanford's original "Found Dead specialities are admitted by users to be the best, and are ahead of all competitors.—In boxes, 1/2, 2/ and 3/ post free. SANFORD & SON, Sandy. Sold by Chemists. 8194