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FESTiftiOG COUNTY SCHOOL. CENTRAL WELSH BOARD CERTIFICATES, 1910. HONOURS CERTIFICATE, Elizabeth Ellen Roberts —History, Welsh, (The only one in the County. She thus gains a Count? Exhibition of £10 per annum and Reads! Exhibition of £ 10.) HIGHER CERTIFICATE Evan Llewelyn Lewis.-English Language, Literature,-History, Latin, Welsh. SENIOR CERTIFICATE.. Gwla&ys M. Aithur,Engl"sl- Language, Literature, History, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Latia, Welsh, Botany. Griffith Edwards -Literature,. History, Arithmetic (Distinction), Mathematics, Welsh, Chemistry. !Ary Catherine E-ars -Engisli Language, Lueritarei History, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Latin. Weleh, Botany (Distinction). William John I-luphes -English Language, Literature, History, Arithmetic (Distinction), Mathematics, Welsh, Chemistry. Evan Jones •—English Language, History, Arithmetic (Distinction), Latin, Welsh. Henzy P, Jones —Liter&tute, History, Arithmetic, Welsh, Chemistry, Margaret Roberts-English Language, Literature, History, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Latin, Welsh, Botany. P. Aubrey Roberts -English Language, Literature, Mathematics, French (with conversational power), JUNIOR CERTIFICATE, Gwyneth Davies —English Language, Literature, Histojy, Welsh, French, Bot?cy, Hvgiene, Cookery, Owen G, D?vies.—Arithmetic, Mathematics, Welsh, Physics. Chemistry. Winifred Davies.—EngHsh Lan?nags. Literature, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Welsh, Botany, Hygieiie, Cookery. F. Cytii L- c dL"I. -English Language, Literature, History, Arithmetic. French, physics, Chemistry, Geography, D, W, Evans —History, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Welsh, Physics, Chemistry, Blodwcn Griffiths—English Language, Literature, Hiitory, Arithmetic, Welsh (Distinction), Geography, Hygiene. Eva Jenkins —English Language, Literature, Histcry, Latin, Welsh, French (conv.), Botany, Hygiene, Cookery. D, Malcolm Jones—English Language, Histcry, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Welsh, Physics, Chemistry, Geography. M. Olwen Jones —English Lasgnsg*. Literature (Distinction), History, Arithmet c, Mathematics, Latin,. Welsh (Distinction), Botany, Geography, Hygiene, Cookery. R. :v1. Jones. Literature. History, Mathematics, Welsh (Distinction), Chemistry. W Emyr j6nes.—English Language, Literatnre, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Latin, Welsh, Chemistry. Edmund Morris. English Language, Literature, History, Arithmetic, Mathematics (Distinction), Latin, Welsh, Physics, Chemistry, Geography. Evan Pritchard.-Literature, History, Arithmetic, Welsh, Chemistry, Geography. Mathematics. Ella Roberts.—English Language, Literature Latin, Welsh, French (conv.), Geography, Hygiene, Cookery, Jennie P. Roberts.—English Language, Literature, History, Mathematics. Latin, Welsh (Distinction), French (Conv,), Botany, Geography, Cookery. Morris Roberts. English Language, Literature, History, Arithmetic, Welsh, Physics. Chemistry. Lizzie Rowlands. -English Language, Literature (Dist), Mathematics (Dist.), Latin, Welsh, Botany, Geography, Hygiene, Cookery. Cassie Williams.-History. Arithmetic, « Mathematics, Latin, Welsh, Botany, Hygiene, Geography, Cookery, William C. Williams -Engiish Language, j Arithmetic, Msthemaiics, Welsh, Physics.


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