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PEIDIWCH t I fjd genych "Insurance Hat." MYN'D .I I Pe digwyddai i chwi gyfarfod â I damwsia oawseoh ODDICARTREF d{1¡mwain cawsech 1 th tra yn 5:1 yr wy nos analluog, a IT-IAA i'r perthynas agosaf ■ ?tU'?F mewn achos o farwolaeth, I 3/9 yr un. I SHOP YR ERYR, Church Street. BRiTANNIfl ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. (Formerly called British Workmans & General). ESTABLISHED 1866. Chief Offices :-BROAD STREET CORNER, BIRMINGHAM. Extracts from the Directors' Report for the Year Ending December 31st., 1906. o LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Your Directors have again the privilege of recording substantial and gratifying progress. The Premium Income amounted to C983,101 shewing an Increase of over £ 50,000. The Income from all sources amounted to £ 1,047,917, shewing an Increase of over £ 61,000. The Accumulated Funds reached the sum of f 1,564,806, shewing an Increase for the Year of £ 215,497. The Directors have particular pleasure in calling yoUr attention to the fact that the Funds have been doubled in less than four years. Acting upon the advice of the Consulting Actuary the Directors propose to allocate £ 50,000 of the surplus for division between the Participating Policy-holders (including adequate provision for those in the Accumulated Profit class) and the Shareholders. The Bonus notices will be sent out at an early date to Policy-holders entitled in the immediate Profit class, giving the usual options for dealing with the Bonus allocated. The claims paid during the Year amounted to £ 445,043, including the sum of C98,798, paid under Maturing Endowment and Endowment Assurance Policies. The Total Amount paid by the Company to its Assurants up to 31st December, 1905 was £ 4,784,704. The Total Number of New Policies issued was 513,561, at a Yearly Premium of £ 351,125. S. J. PORT, FREDK. T. JEFFERSON. SECRETARY. CHAIRMAN. P.S.—Gentlemen able to influence good business will find the Company's Agency terms very remunerative. Local District Office, Apply:-H. LLOYD, Supt. 101, High Street, Blaenau Festiniog.

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Cwmni Yswiriol y New York,

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