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WISE AND OTHERWISE. BY CAUSTIC. Owing to the great demand upon the space of this paper, the English column has had to be excluded from its pages for a mcnth past, but in order to comply with the requests of a very large number of readers, Wise and Oth- erwise will once again adorn its columns, I can only hope that its contents will be so kindly received as when it was in the hands of my predecessor, whose nom de plume I have adopted by his kind permission. Meanwhile, I have to thank him for his flattering reference to myself in his last article, and to reciprocate the good wishes which he extended to me. I notice in a contemporary, an account of the good work done at Llanrwst by a number of ladies and gentlemen, in organizing free break- fasts for the poor and hungry children of the town. The committee receives, and full des- erves the support of the towns-people, but as is usual in movements of this nature, a discordant note will sometimes be sounded. A letter has been published in one of the weekly papers, endeavouring to depreciate the Committee's good work, but judging by its contents, the writer is suffering from some mental hallucina- tion, therefore no further notice need be taken of his scribble. Perhaps this individual has subscribed handsomely to the funds of the Committee Whilst I am on the topic of poor children, how many are there who shudder at the very idea of being poor. Only the other day I was cycling towards Talsarnau, when as I chanced to pass a cottage, I beheld two little mites play- ing to their hearts content, whilst their mother, from the cottagegsteps looded radiently happy. This little incident forcibly reminded me of one of Mair Hydref's poems :— I envy not the millionaire Within his stately hall, Who revels in his luxury With vassals at his call; I care not for his treasures great Though precious they may be, Were I to have my choice I'd say- My cottage home for me. Give me my own—my humble roof, From ostentation free, With God my guide, content I sing- My cottage home for me. We are requested to announce in this column that the Rev. Wynne Thomas, B.A., Aberysto with, will be preaching at the English Chapel, next Sunnay morning and evening. Mr. Thomas, we are told, is one of the rising English preachers in Wales.



Ilaith aflan yn y Tren._I


Blaenau -Ffestiniog.I