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"T" CLEARANCE SALE a'r ? -:Ji LAMPAU A STOVES. GOSTYNGIAD MAWR. LAM.PAU Is am lOc Do. 16c am ls2c! Do. 8sam2s4-c ) Do. 4-sam8s3c J STOVES 3s 3c am 2s 9c.; Do. Do. <24s:6c am 21s :), ?S??B Do.?'iS?R??'m ??Le*'?'"?*?'? ? ARTHUR& CO., BLAENAUFFES-nNfoCT. PEn R L. L!FE ASSURANCE COMPANY, UNITED. ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31st, i908. ¡ Presented at the Forty-second Annual Meeting, held at the Offices of j the Company, London Bridge, E.G., Friday, February 16th, 1906. In presenting the Report and Statement of Accounts for the past year the attention of the Share- holde,-s is directed to the contused prosperity of the Company. The Income which iu 1901 was .£1,005,988 stood at ;&1,499,102 on December 31at. last, being an increase of nearly SO per cent in I four years. The total Assets .429,782 in 1901 were doubled during the same period, the actual nguree being JE2,857,2C8. This rate of progress has prevailed in bot& the Ordinary and Industrial Branches alike; the Ordinary Branch Income being increased from ?134,136 in 1901 tc .6224,409 the Assets being increased from .6459,223 to .S979,564. This remarkable growth fully justines the attpEtJon given by the Directors to this department of the Company's business. For the nrat time In the history of the Company the sum assured during the year in the Ordinary Branch has exceeded iamillion. A Valuation of the business as at December 31st last has been submitted to the Company's Consulting Actuary, R. M. Moore. Esq., who reports a surplus of .6560,870 after providing for all Uabilitiea. ø < INCOME. EN, Ear The Total Income for the year amounted to &1,499,102 tOs. Od., being an increase of &116,734 9s. 3d. over that of the previous year. This include £221,409 4s. 2d. income in the Ordinary Branch, which is 128,530 6s. Od. greater than the previous year. The number of Policies issued during the year in this Branch was 12,545, assuring tbe sum of £1,043,580 Os, Od., and producing a New Annual Premium Income of .644.073 7s. Od. PREMIUMS (DECEMBER 190.5). I The New Policies iasued ehu-ing the year number 1,359,086, and the Premium Income on tue Policies in force on th<' Company's books now amounts to -SL533,526 16s, ld, CLAIMS. The Company has paid 66,989 Life Claims, Grants and Matured Endowments during the year, aLmocntiEg with Bonuses, to f,461,743 lls. Od., which added to the sums previously paid in Claims since the ?stablisMnent of the Company, make a total of f-4,725,025 14,s. t<i. .ACCUMULATED FUNDS. The Total Funds, with Capital paid up now amount to £2,857,208 7s. 3d., showing an increase for the Y€8i.,fjE.428,793 14s. 7d. This is the largest annual increase to the Innda yet recorded by the Company. By Order, P. J. !=OLEY, M(ziW.fzg Dirc;c,'or. See Reports and Opinions of Preas as to the remarkable progrcsa made by the Company. Wanted, additional representatives in all Districts. To good business men liberal terms and certam success.—Apply to the Managing Director &t the Chief Omcc, Adelaide Buildings, Locdon Bridge E.G., or tu the District Superintendent, Mr. J. ELLIS, Bryn Tegid, B laonau i eatinin-g. /h8"l,tant SuperIntendents :-Mr J. H. Poborts. 2, Victoria Terrace. Llanrwst; Mr W. ä. Williams, 23, New .Market Spuare, BIaecau Festiniog. Agent, ;—Messrs. H. M. Jones, Fron Haul, Trawsfyaydd; M. D. Roberts, 3, Glynae ViHas, BI- FestiBiog; R. M Edmunds, Brynbowydd Hoase, Blaenau Festiniog; P. EvaM. Trefriw Terrace, Trefriw, 0. Terrace, BIaenau Festmiog; R. Ellia, Bowydd Cottage, Biaenau Festimog R. C. WiUiama, Llys Ystra.dau, Tanygrisiau P. Jones, Sannyside, Festiniog; D. Janes, Bryntirion, Llanrwst; W. P. Davies, Bod Iddpn, Bettwaycoed J. R. Williams, PIaBdfrwen, Pen- machno; J. !V, illiams, Pentrebont, Dolwyddelen E. Wiliiams, Bran Foinw, Dolwyddelen; J Beills, Tanygnig, LIanrwst; G. Morris, Glanypwii, Blaenau Festiniog M. Davies. Tycewydd. Ysbytt' v; Hugh Roberts, Owm, Penmachno,


Maentwrog. )