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"i. ICiØ!1'¡;Æ1 l.tI'I';8 -¡ \I I | FOR LADIES ONLY, j j I' i l' ri tÀ-rlI (J I ¡ J' I I' I Tfl.n A Y I make my first display of LADIES JACKETS,  I DRESS SKIRTS & COSTUMES, to be cleared 1 at an xoptional LOW FIGURE, these are M I divided nto 3 lota aR follows :—  UaualPuce. t 5a lid to 10s 6d ? llstol5s6d I 168 to 258 LOT NO. 1. LOT NO. 2. LOTO. 3. Sale Price.  4s?f. ? 7?6?. j) 10s lid. As I have only a limited cumber of each lot to offer for Sale, perhaps I had better remind you of the old Maxim The early bird catches the worm," Yon are welcomed to come and inspect these Lots whether you boy or not SHOP-YR-ERYR, « SHOP ISAF, Blaenau Festinlog. Maentwrog. tt «


At Ddar/lenwyr a Dosbarthwyr…

I Br Coffa am y Parchcdig…

IY Pahyddion a Chwestiwn AddysgA

ISafJe Due Dyfneint. I

IU416 yn erbyn 91.11 I

t-C,—————t [Soriant Arglwydd…