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NORTH PEMBROKESHIRE FARMERS' CLUB. Annual Meeting. AUGMENTED PRIZES. Mr. J. C. Yorke, J.P., presided at the annual meeting of tHe North Pembrokeshire Farmer's Club held on Thursday last at the Commercial Hotel, Fishguard. There were more than usual present.. Mr. V. J. G. johns, sec., read summary of the accounts for the past year and preferred his re- marks by commenting upon the turdiness of some of the members in giving support. The past year had been exceptionally hard, due to the loss by death of the late Mr. John Worth ington and others whose presence and support were much missed. The loss financially would be about P-50 per annum. Mr. Worthington's demise almost deprived the society of £37 10s. every year. However, Mr. E. D. Jones, J.P., who was president, generously gave in addi- tion to the usual E5, another £10. (Hear, hear). Mr. Robdft Chambers, Glynymel, whose pre- sence that day was most encouraging, had contributed £ 5. whilst others had kindly doubled their usual annual subscription. Ap- proximately, they had a credit balance of about .£64 5s. 10d., out of which £50 were deposited to the reserve account in order to make up the L100 according to precedure. He calculated on having about k20 in hand after all liabilities had been met. (Cheers). On moving the adoption of the report the Chairman eulogised the work of their worthy secretary, Mr. V. J. G. Johns. He was sure all members were delighted with the heaitny state of the Society. Mr. Johns had accom- plished excellent work, and the best thanks of the Society were due to him. (Applause). Mr. W. G. James, J.P., Pantyphilip, had much pleasure in seconding the adoption of the general report, which was carried with ac- clamation. The Secretary reported that Messrs. Toogood nursery and seedsmen, had offered a silver and two bronze medals as first prizes for com- petition. These were accepted with the Society's best thanks. Mr. V. J. G. Johns was unanimously re- appointed secretary. The Chairman referred to their secretary's gratuitous services, but hesitated to mention an honorarium, because he hoped the time would come when Mr. Johns would accept some remuneration for his valued services. The matter had been. considered by a specially appointed committee that day, and it was decided that Mr. Johns be offered from private sources, a small intrinsic token of the Society's appreciation. He would not mention the sum there, but it had been almost sub- scribed, and they would also be able to offer Mr. Bertie Johns something for his co-opera- tive help. He (Mr. Yorke) would be pleased to see him accept remuneration. Mr. Johns, on being apprised of his re-elec- tion thanked the members, remarking that he should always be pleased to do all in his power for the progress of the Society. (Ap- plause). Mr. R. Chambers, Glynymel, was unanimous- ly elected president of the Society for the en- suing year. The vice-presidents added to the list were Mr. J. Victor Higgon, J.P., Sealyham; Mr. E. D. Jones, J.P., and General Sir Reginald Pole- Carew. Mr. W. T. Walters, manager of the London and Provincial Bank, was unanimously re- elected treasurer, and given the thanks of the Society. Among the alterations in the awards list were: That winners of £3 and upwards should subscribe Zl to the funds of the Society. The rule that no first prize animal shall be allowed to compete in two successive years for the same prize was struck out. No steward to be allowed to exhibit in the class in which he was acting as steward. The election of stewards was relegated to special committee. All horses to be measured on entering show ring. No carts to be allowed in the ring bearing owners' names, tradesmen's turnouts excepted. The annual general meeting tdbe held before Jan. 15th in each year if possible. That cups in the form of prizes be exhibited on the show grounds. That the judges' books bear printed instruction to the effect that prizes be given to the finest quality animals, rather than the most valuable from a marketable standpoint. This applies in particular to yearling steers. Those of any pure breed to be added to the catalogue in respect of boar and sow.— That a class be formed for two pigs of any pure breed five score in weight, 4el first, 10s second prize. That prizes be offered to cart foals of E2, Ll, and 10s., foals to be shown along with the brood mares.—Mr. Phillips of- ered £1 prize for pony brood mare, the society to offer a second prize of 10s.—The committee recommended that the society offer prizes of E10, and second prize of £5 for best three-year- old hunter, to be jumped and shown in saddle. —Carried.—It was decided to offer tl 10s., t.1, and 10s. respectively as prizes for foal tho- roughbred, calculated to make a hunter.—A weight-guessing competition to be added to the prize list at the discretion of the committee. The suggestion of Mr. Phillips, of Cardigan, to hold an entire Horse Show was deferred to the next meeting. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceedings, which throughout were very encouraging.


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