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PRENDERGAST BURIAL QUESTION. On Tuesday, in the parish room, Prendergast, an inquiry was held by Mr. H. A. Reed, M.Inst.C.F. into an application for the acquisi- tion of a piece of land near Back Lane, Pren- dergast, for burial purposes. There were present:—Mr. T. H. Thomas (mayor). Mr. R. T. P. Williams (town clerk), Mr. F. J. Warren (Borough Accountant). Mr. George Davies. Mr. Hugh J. P. Thomas. Mr. Lucas, Mr. H. Rees (Springfield), Mr. Philip White. Mr. J. H. Rogers (clerk to the District Council), Rev. D. Akrill Jones (rector), Mr. J. Alfred Evans. Mr. Wm. Roberts (Glanafon), Mr. Thomas Lewis (Greenfield). Mr. George Shankland, Mr. John Bartlett. Mr. Richard Evans, Mr. John Thomas (Park Cottage), Mr. James Evans (Hermitage), Mr. W. Bevan, and Mr. W. Mortimer -Thomas. The land proposeto be acquired belongs to the Rector of Prendergast, and the price asked is £180, which is at the rate of £120 per acre. No objections had been received from anyone living within 100 yards limit of the proposed new burial grouud. Of the plot of land. it is proposed to devote three-quarters of an acre to actual burial purposes. In reply to the Inspector, the Rector said it was not proposed to divide the burial ground into consecrated, and unconsecrated portions. That had never been done in Prendergast, and he hoped that the principle would be con- tinued. Mr. Lucas said that the average number of deaths for Prendergast and Prendergast North during the last 10 years was 24. Mr. R. T. P. Wiilliams said at one time the Town Council entertained the idea of a pub- lic cemetery for the whole of the town as the mos desirable scheme, but in deference to the strong wishes of the people of Prendergast the Council abandoned that idea, and decided to support •Vti'n of Prendergast After i. -uriiig evidence the Inspector visited the land, and will report in due course. A Haverfordwest "Venture."—William Fredk. Powell .oore. an elderly man of fine stature, was charged at Bristol on Thursday ab. etining money by false pretences. The accused put up at a Bristol hotel last December, ex- plaining that he was visiting the city to secure investors, amongst friends, to the amount of £5,000 in a culm mine at Haverfordwest. He incurred a bill of £17, and obtained £3 on a promissory note, and then decamped, taking a. bottle of whisky. He was wanted at Leicester on a charge of obtaining money by a bogus pro- missory note. Defendant, who served in the East Kent Regiment and the 3rd Border Regi- ment from 1869 to 1891, retiring with the honor- ary rank of major, was sent to prison for four months. The Major was recently staying in Haverfordwest, and by all accounts certain people in the town are interested in his lte. f CONCERT AT WESLEYAN SCHOOLROOM. A most enjoyable concert was held in the Wesleyan Schoolroom last night (Thursday), when, in spite of other attractions, the school- room was well filled. The proceedings were opened by a quartette, "Good night, be oved" (Pinsuii), by Miss Amy Jones, Mr. J. Thomas, Mr. J. Adams, and Mr. G. Weller. Miss Ella Rees then sang. "Bid me discourse" (Bishop), which was excellently rendered. This was fol- lowed by a song, "Hybrias the; Cretan" (Elliott), by Mr. Parkes; song, "My ain folk" (Laura. Lemon), by .rs. J. Thomas, who was encored; song, "The sailor's grave" (Sullivan), by Rev. T. Prothero, who was loudly applauded. Mr. Trevor Hogan then gave an excellent rendering of "Sing me to sleep," on the banjo, and was encored. Miss Amy Jones, accompanied by Mr. C. Bulmer. F.R.C.O., and a violin obligato by Mr. Colin Jenkins, gave a sweet and effec- t rendering of "Sleep, my darling, sleep," r. was loudly encored. The second part of the programme was even better than the first and was opened by a pianoforte solo. "Air de bullet" (Chaminaele), by Miss Chugg. R.A.M., the accompanist for the evening. This was followed by a banjo solo, "Danse bon hon," by Mr. Hogan. who when encored gave an ex- cellent rendering of "The Holy City." Miss Ella Rees then sang "Hugo," and responded to an encore with "The worst girl in school," which delighted the audience. Then followed a song. "Blow, blow, thou winter wind," by Mr. Parkes; and song, "Three green bonnets," by Mr. Thomas, both being loudly applauded. One of the most amusing items of the evening followed, viz.. a duet, "Will you walk and talk with me," by Miss Ella Rees and Mr. J. Adams, who were encored. The Rev. r. Prothero then sang, "The City of Light" 'Adams), followed by a song. "Good-bye" (Tosti) by Miss A. Jones, accompanied by Mr. C. Bul- mer and Mr. C. Jenkins and was again encored. The last item was a quartette by Miss Amy Jones. Mr. Thomas, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Weller, who finished with the National An- them. »—'


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