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HAVERFORDWEST. Children Entertained.—On Monday afternoon Miss Ada E. Thomas entertained the children of Prendergast Infants' School to tea in Hill Park Schoolroom. The children enjoyed them- selves thoroughly. The Fellows of Pembroke College, Oxford, have offered the living of Haroldston West and Lambston to the Rev. R. Rice Thomas, M.A., senior curate of Wantage, by whom it has been accepted. The Maricet, Saturday-Geese, 5s. 6d. to 6s. 6d. each: ducks, 2s. 9d. to 3s. 9d.; fowls, 2s. 3d. to 2s. 9d.; rabbits, 8d. each; beef, 5d. to 8d. per lb.; mutton, 7d. to 8 £ d.; lamb, 7d. to 8d.; pork, 2 6d. to 8d.; veal, 7d. to 8d.; butter, Is. 3d. to Is. 4d.; cheese, 4d. to 5d.; eggs, 12 for Is.; potatoes, 161bs for Is. Poor Child.—A little girl named Johns, whose parent reside on the Old Bridge, was attend- ing I rndergast Infants School, and on Wed- nesday afternoon the child was tired and sleepy, and was placed by one of the teachers in a cradle, and went to sleep. Unfortunately the child was'forgotten, and was locked up in the school. Some time afterwards the little thing was heard crying. The keys were ob- tained and the frightened youngster was soothed and restored to its parents. Bethesda.—There were crowded congregations at Bethesda Church on Sunday last, on the occasion of the second visit of the Rev. Evan Williams, the popular minister of Dalston Junc- tion, London. During the service Miss May Hewitt sang the solo "0 rest in the Lord," and the choir, under the conductorship of Mr. T. t. Thomas very effectively rendered the an- them. "I will lift up mine eyes." On Monday evening Mr. Williams lectured at the Bethes- da Chapel on "The gallows that shook America." Mr. S. W. Dawkins presided, and was supported by Rev. D. Owen Campbell (pastor), and the Rev. S. L. Connor. There was a fairly large audience. Windfall for a Former Resident.—Through the instrumentality of the Vicar of St. Mary's, Haverfordwest, Mr. John Jones, of Neath, and formerly of this town, has been acquainted of a windfall of £ 2,946. Mr. Jones's mother was, a widow when his father married her, and was then landlady of the White Horse Hotel. Mr. Jones had a half-brother named Edward Thomas, out after leaving Haverfordwest no communication was kept up between them. Mr. Edward Thomas has now died in South Africa, and Mr. Jones comes into the whole of his half-brother's estate, which is valued at £ 2,946. Mr. John Jones is an ex-sergeant and pensioner of the Royal Artillery. Oddfellows' Dinner.—The annual dinner of the Loyal Cleddau Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows was held in the Dragon Hotel on Monday evening. The tables were tastefully laid, and the supper supplied by Mr. J. Mathias. Mr. T. Rule Owen presided, and among those present were the Rev. J. H. Davies, Messrs. H. J. E. Price, Hugh J. P. Thomas, Dr. Brigstocke, Hilliard Davies, A. H. Howard, and E. H. Ellis. After the usual toasts had been proposed and honoured, songs were rendered by Messrs. H. J. P. Thomas, Hilliard Davies, A. H. Howard, W. Griffiths (The Glen), George Adams, Jack Phillips and George Harries, and a mandolin solo by Mr. W. Francis. Independent Labour Party.—The fortnightly meeting of the above was held at the Coffee Tavern. Market Street, on Friday night last, when there was a full attendance of members. A paper was read by Mr. Thomas James on "The Relation of Capital to Labour." A dis- cussion ensued as to how should existing capi- tal be disposed of? An idea which gave satis- faction to most of the members was, that capital should become the property of the na- tion after a certain number of years, in the same way as patents become the public pro- perty after the prescribed time. Arrangements for a public meeting were also made at the meeting to be held about February 20th, when Messrs. Field and Trainer, of Cardiff, will be tne speakers. Fuller information in regard to this will be given shortly. Fire Brigade Dance.-Tlie Fire Brigade tea and dance which has been revived this year was held last night (Thursday) in the Market Hall, which had been tastefully decorated for the occasion by the members of the Brigade and their wives. Tea was served downstairs from four to seven o'clock, when dancing com- menced, being presided over by the firemen's wives. The M.C. for the evening was Mr. Chas. Bowen. of Milford Haven, and the music was supplied by an orchestra composed of Miss Nellie Lewis (piano), Mr. John Lewis (cornet), Mr. T. Jenkins (violin), Mr. Geo. Lewis ('cello), and 'Mr. Chas. Cook (double bass), and con- ducted by Mr. John Lewis. Dancing was kept up till midnight. Altogether the dance was a thorough success, the hall being crowded, and ought to encourage the firemen in their efforts. Sealyham Terrier Club.—The adjourned meet- ing of this club was held in the Mariners Hotel on Saturday, Mr. Henry Rees presiding. There was a fair attendance. Several new members were emailed. A communication from the secretary of the County Canine Society reques- ting the club to nominate judges for the Sealy- ham terrier classes at the April show was con- sidered, and it was agreed to recommend the appointment of Mr. H. Rees. It was also re- solved that at the next meeting, to be held on Saturday, February 8th, the question of hold- ing annual field trials, and the desirability of rescinding a previous resolution in favour of becoming affiliated with the Kennel Club will be discussed. It was pointed out that affilia- tion with the Kennel Club would be calculated to injuriously effect the working instincts of the breed, inasmuch as this feature would in time be ignored in favour of breeding for the show bench only. Free Church Girls' Guild.—A most enjoyable meeting of the Free Church Girls Guild was held in the Hill Park Schoolroom on Wednes- day evening, when, in spite of the disagreeable weather, there was a very good muster. The meeting opened witli a hymn, prayer, and a scripture lesson, which was followed by an interesting programme, arranged by the mem- bers of the Hill Park Chapel. The items were as follows:—Gramaphone selection; solo, Miss Bessie Davies; unpunctuated reading compe- tition, winner, Miss Dolly Edwards; solo, Miss E. Jones; recitation, Miss Clara Owen; grama- phone selection; solo, Mrs. Evans; general knowledge competition; winners, Miss Laura James and Lilly Tucker; solo, Miss Bessie Davies, Solo, Miss May Hewitt. In the course of the programme refreshments were served. The next meeting of the Guild will be thel annual meeting, and will be held in Wesleyan Schoolroom on February 20th, when an address will be given by Mrs. Herbert Lewis. Whist Drive.—Another whist drive was held at St. Martin's Hall on Wednesday evening and was equally as successful as the first, a good number of tables being occupied. As before, the arrangements were very carefully looked after by Messrs. A. J. Wright, A. E. Sage, and Hugh J. P. Thomas, supported by a willing band of helpers. For the most part the games were well contested, and the gap between booby and winner, in both sections, was by no means discouraging to the former. The first prize for ladies was won by Miss Williams (at Mr. Saies's), and the second by Miss Martin; whilst the booby prize went to Miss L. Reynolds. Master Leslie Ellis secured first amongst the gentleman. There was a tie- for second between Mr. Keates Wilson and Mr. W. E; C. Lewis, and this was decided in Mr. Wilsoh's favour by the ace of spades falling to his lot when a pack of cards was dealt. The honour of being "booby" was secured by Mr. Lipscombe.







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