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r LLYCADW A CiilKTAIN CURB for^aS^IL- MENTS of the EYE. Tho" LL YGDllm" Bemedies 4 RE prepared onlv from invaluable recipes, long in the possession of an old Welsh family, by < hom they were greatly treasured and strictly guarded. Prepared from rare and potent herbs found grow- ing among the upland valleys and lofty mountains of Wales, these remedies, whilst perfectly simple and harmless, have effected most wonderful cures per- sons who have completely lost their eyesight have been entirely restored to perfect vision, and all the various diseases and weaknesses of the eyes have been, and are every day, cured by these most simple and efficacious remedies. They are now offered to the public, post free, as follows:— LLYGADW OINTMENT, Is lid per box, postage lid. LLYGADW MEDICINE, Is lid per bot- tle. postage 4d. Or 2s 3d complete, postage 4d. Full directions each package. To be obtained only from EBENEZER REYNOLDS, Middle Mill, SOLVA, S. Wales. no22-13 j BOROUGH OF THE TOWN AND COUNTY OF HAVERFORDWEST. FAIRS FOR 1908. The FAIRS for 1908 will be held as fol- lows, unless unforseen circumstances shall make an alteration necessary:— JANUARY .Tuesday 14th. FEBRUARY .Tuesday, 11th. MARCH Tuesday, 17th. APRIL .Tuesday, 14th. MAY .Tuesday, 12th. JUNE (wool and stock).Tuesday, 9th. JULY Tuesday, 14th. AUGUST Tuesdav. 11th. SEPTEMBER Monday, 7th SEPTEMBER Tuesday, 22nd OCTOBER .Monday, 5th. OCTOBER (hiring) Tuesday, 20th. NOVEMBER Tuesday. 10th. DECEMBER .Tuesday, 15th. THE PIG FAIRS Will be held on the day after the Cattle Eairfl. Dealers and others attending the Haveard- west Fairs arc hereby cautioned against" the practice of Laeetrating with a Knife o<r other Instrument for the purpwe of Marking any animal, and Notice is Hereby Given that, un- der Statue 12 and 13 Vienna, Cap. 92, all persons found Lacerating any Animal will be tial.'e to a Penalty of £5. T. H. THOMAS, Mayot. THE SLADE TIMBER YARD, FISHGUARD. J. M. ~G~UILD, (Late W. Williams & Son.) Timber Merchant, AS a large and varied stock of Good Boild- T 01D& Tvlm^«r <in Pitch-pine, White and Spruce), Flooring Boards arid Match- boards, Yellow Pine, Spruce, Archangel Wlnte. American White Wood, Carolina Pine and Oak- Mwn Boards, Prepared Mouldings, comprising Architraves, Sashes,Sills, Skirting Boards, &Z also Split ane Sawn Roof and Ceiling T-nrffrT Wire-cut and other Nails. Speciality Welsh Oak, Ash, and Elm, Shafts, Spokes, aud Felloes, Shovel aDd Matfcxs Sticks, Ladders; Cart Material cut to sSe. Wheelblocks turned and rates and Barrows made to order. Estimates given to supply Buildings. OFFICES—SLADE, FISHGUARD. Brodog Timber Yard, Fishguard. W. MORGAN & SON, Beg to Inform the public geiitrajiy ttia: Liiey have OPENED BUSINESS as TIMBER MERCHANTS, And have now In stock all kinds of Timber, also general Building Materials. Sawing (brV Gas Power) done on the Premises. ORDERS RESPECTFFLLT SOUCITED. fel-61. Havertordweri and St. David's. HE City Hotel ^tamibus or Brake will, until further notioe will run on Saturdays between St David's, and Haver- fordwest, leaving St. David's at 7 a.m. re- turning from Haverfordwest on the arrival of the 2.40 train. Fares 2s. 6d. Extra charge for luggage. G. MABTIN, Proprietor. EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illus- trated Book, oonaining valuable information how all Irregularities and Obstructions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recommended by eminent Physicfens as the only Safe, Sure and Genuine Remedy. Never FaNs Thousands of Testimonials. Established 1862. MT. P. BLANCH ARD, Dais- ton Lane, London. p8fe07. ANNUAL SALE. CENUINE REDUCTIONS .11 Dress Materials. BLOUSE FABRICS, HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES, &C. PATTERNS and SALE PRICE LIST together with Ordinary PRICE LIST (clearly showing HEAVY REDUCTIONS). Post Free. Need not be returned. LUTAS LEATHLEY & CO., Dept. 2A, The Warehouse, ARMLEY, LEEDS, TO CORRESPONDENTS. It is of the utmost importance that cor- respoadents should send in their cbmmunications as promptly as pos- sible. Otherwise, insertion is yery improbable. Note Our Address :— Pembroke County Guardian, Ltd., Old Bridge, Haverfordwest. BEST ivi ltq HOF8. .u brewed from pur noted Malt always keeps well, drops 'bright quickly, and tho gr&vitj is far higher than,what is derived from ordinary Malt. GEORGE & PALMER SON, Merchants Haverford-ypsfe <