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I O'r PwJl Glo i r Sesedd.i…

Y Cysgwr yn y Capel.

Digon o Ddefnyddiau.

I Y Plentyn.





iriw iconis Browne's wumrr TheORIGINALand ONLY GENUINE. M m The Best Remedy known for Admitted by the>Profession ■ fM nnnrilO no IBS 9ft to 136 Most Valuable m UliU&iOd, (juLliO, Ei Eemedy ever discovered. ■ A £ TU*i A DDflMfiymO Effectually cuts short all H MAyB omA^nunbiii i lo, attacks of spasms. m V SS!' B ^^koiARRHCEfl, GOUT, RHEUMATISM. M DYSENTERY. mony accompanies eact SOLD IN JBOTThES BY ALL CUT Ml SIS, at 1/1 i. 2/9, and 4/B each. W PHILLIPS, COAL, HAY, AND POTATOE MERCHANT, NORTH BREWERY STREET. FE:aROKE POCK. .# .—"T~Z» PRESENT PRICES Best Lydney Black Coal, 27/- per ton, delivered. Five cwt. lots de livered in bags, 7s. Anthracite Coal, 27/- per ton. delivered Five cwt. lots for 7s. Culm and Slime, delivered at, Fine, 13/- per ton. Rough, 16/- der ton Hay, prices on application. Oranges, Apples, Onions, &c. at Wholesale Prices, at per Barrel, Box or Bag. Potatoes, best quality, 5/- cwt. Orders will oblige and receive best attention. no26—52 FIRE! FIRE!! Just arrived at Solva A CARGOES OF BEST HOUSE & STEAM COAL ALSO CULM. AI Apply to A. OWEN WILLIAMS, MERCHANT, ST. DAVIDS AND SOLVA. no8— ST. !D_A_tti:DS_ GROVE HOTEL, I Situated in its own Grounds Good Stabling Accommodation for 60 Horses. Motor Garage and Pit. Good centre for Shooting and Fishing (Trout). About 3,000 acres of Shooting Ground Wines, Spirits and Ales of the Best Quality. BEST HOUSE FOR COMMERCIALS. FIRST CLASS CUISINE.—Further particulars, apply, Proprietor, M R' SKRKWBV. GUINEA eOSTUMES. NOT- READY MADES, but made to FIT to YOUR Ineasurements Vou PICK THE STVbE, YOU choose the, materials; not out of a bunch of small pieces, but from the rolls. VARIETY OF SHADES IN STOCK. LOVELY AliilOl Unshrinkable, and Unspottable. Unshriiikable, and Unspottable. Selection shown in the windows for ONE MONTH. Ladies Tailoring Department: City Stores, ST TERMS-CASH. SALE! SALE!! SALE!! Great Clearance Sale to make room for NEW SEASON'S GOODS now^ at EVAN DAVIES, General Draper and Outfitter, LETTERSTON. Please Note This is a Genuine Sale, and not a lot of rubbish bought for the purpose of making one. Bargains in all Departments. A favour of a call will oblige. I SEND YOUR PRINTING i TO THE • I "GUARDIAN' OFFICES. J ADVERTISE IN THE "COUNTY GUARDIAN." I SAY I Oh, me*ehant, in thin* honr ot i 6 t, If on this paper Y88 should • • e, Take our advioa aad mow be y y Go straightway wat and Mhwt i I f; Y outU find the ptejul of 8088 o 11, Negieot wa «ff«r ■» m q q Be wtae at tmm, gmliit jwr 4 a a a. A silo* bmftom waft k k IL

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